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“There. Right there. That’s it.” 

“Like this?” 

“Yes. Oh God, that’s perfect. Move. Let me–” 

Elliot steps away from the wall and into her personal space while Olivia stands mesmerized, arms crossed, a satisfied smile on her face. 

She’d stored the painting in a safe place high up on her closet, wrapped in paper, since Elliot gave it to her as a Christmas present, late in the night after they returned back to her place after celebrating at Maureen’s, when it was just the two of them. When she’d carefully peeled off the wrapping paper, Olivia couldn’t quite believe what she saw–couldn’t wrap her head around what Elliot had done for her, that he’d known how much this gift would mean to her.

That night she’d spilled many happy tears, had listened to Elliot tell her how he’d purchased the painting the very next day on the phone, and had it shipped to his place a week later, because he had no means of retrieving it without arousing her suspicion.  

They’d held back on talking with the kids about getting a place together (she’d asked Elliot for some time just to process, give her a chance to hint at the idea to Noah before they made it a big thing), but it had been that same night that she decided to just go for it, that there was no point in holding off when the boys would both have a say. At the end of the day it was okay with Noah, and Eli… he wasn’t overly surprised, more bothered about having to change schools than anything else. 

He slips his arms around her, breathing, “Happy?” into her ear.

A warm shudder rolling down her spine that’s in part due to his proximity and suggestive tone and in part due to her marveling at the painting that is now adorning the wall of her office in their new home. 

She leans back against him, humming in agreement. “Very.” Tilting her head she turns just enough to kiss his jaw. “More than that.” 

He‘s intrigued, now, skimming his knuckles up her arm. "Yeah? What else?“

"Hmmmm, Let‘s start with… grateful,“ she purrs. "For doing my office first.“ 

"You said you have work,“ he reasons, easily. "Work trumps a room to sleep in. Or a bed for that matter.“ 

Swatting his arm she laughs. It‘s not like she told him this office should be his first priority, just that she had, in fact, a lot of paperwork that accumulated in the past week with them painting and moving their stuff over from their respective places.

They have found this four bedroom after five months of searching. It hadn‘t been easy finding something suitable, spacious enough for a family of four, while still accessible (they aren’t getting any younger, and Olivia made it a point that this will be her last move) while close enough to their respective workplaces. There were moments when it seemed impossible they’d ever move, where they figured their budget was too small and their expectations too high, but eventually they found this little fixer-upper of a condo. It's charming with brick walls and a spacious living area and open kitchen, only one bathroom but the little patio leading out back makes up for it (it’s ragged, and Olivia has no idea when it comes to gardening but Bernie already offered her expertise). The place is a work in progress that’ll keep Elliot busy for a while, but it almost fit their budget and felt like home when they first entered it with their keys, and if it will take a couple of years until it’s perfect (she has so many ideas), then that’s absolutely fine with her. 

“Seriously though, you should get to it, and I’ll get changed, get done painting today and have the bed set up by tomorrow night. Everything’s packed up, tomorrow is moving day.” 

It sounds a little too good to be true. Olivia’s not as confident with Elliot’s time management as he is. Eli’s got his mind set on putting his stuff together on his own and helping with Noah’s (they painted their own rooms together yesterday), but even so it’s a pretty tight schedule that has her convinced she’s going to sleep on a mattress, but not in a bed. She doesn’t tell Elliot that, instead she wraps her arms around his neck, her face soft as she sways lightly in his arms, her lips tumbling awfully close to his. 

It feels like this moment has been their intended destination all along. 

“I can’t wait,” she breathes. 

When he pulls her face fully against his in a kiss it’s exhilarating and life-affirming, a moment of perfect, unadulterated bliss. 

It’s theirs to grab, to own. 

She’s finally home. 

They are home.