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Look After You

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He saw Satoru first, standing tall and wearing a sparkling smile on the auditorium stage as he’s introduced by Principal Yaga. He looked more or less professional, like an actual teacher, in dark slacks, a pressed blue button down with the top buttons undone, glasses with dark reflective lenses, with his pale hair pushed back and sicked down. It was different from the skintight jeans, fitted t-shirt, black leather jacket and boots, the intense blue eyes peering at him through a curtain of tousled white hair, the soft smirk that seemed to shine in the smoky brightness of the bar. Different but Yuuji’s breath still caught in his throat, a hard lump he couldn’t swallow down, and he was sure his face was turning red. 

What was Satoru doing here, at his school?  

“Gojo-Sensei,” the principal says, “Has recently returned from abroad and will be reclaiming his position in our history department. Gojo, please, introduce yourself.” 

Yuuji didn’t take in a word he was saying, the beating of his own heart echoing in his ears and the memory of all the things he’d heard that man say before too loud for anything to be heard past. 

“You’re dripping wet, baby. Want me to lick it up?”

“Like that, Yuuji? How does it feel?” 

“You’re so good baby, open up nice and wide for me.”

“Touch yourself for us Yuuji. Show us that pretty pussy, hmm? Good boy.”

“Fuck, I want to knot you. Can I, Yuuji? You want me to split you open on my fat knot?” 

“Itadori?” A hand on his shoulder made him jump, head whipping around to stare at Nobara in wide eyed shock. Her expression slipped from confused to concerned and the hand on his shoulder held tighter as she leaned towards him and dropped her voice to a whisper. “Itadori what’s wrong? You look pale.” 

He started to shake his head, eyes jumping back to the stage as he tried to dredge up an excuse for what was going on. Satoru was still talking, gesturing wildly, looking out over the crowd and

He stopped. 

It was only for a beat, barely anything, but Yuuji heard it. Felt it, when the man’s hidden gaze found him in the crowd of hundreds, saw his smile falter before he caught himself and the warm drone of his voice picked back up. There was a twitch, an aborted turn of his head to the side before the teacher (His teacher?) was facing forward again. Yuuji followed the look, saw blond hair and chiseled features, a mouth-that amazing mouth- curved down into a frown-

Kento. He was sitting primly, hands folded in his lap and legs crossed at the ankle, in a pale suit and startling ugly tie. That wasn’t too different from how he’d looked when Yuuji had met him, though there had been no tie or blazer then, and his collar had been loosened, his sleeves pushed up to the elbows and he had seemed...relaxed. Amused, as he listened to Satoru murmur and purr in Yuuji’s ear, warm when he rescued from wandering hands and a greedy mouth only to lead him to the clubs bathroom, commanding and dark as he hoisted him onto the sink and pressed between his parted thoughts. 

Fond, as he pressed fingers into Yuuji’s mouth and whispered that he wanted to hear Yuuji come, before bending his head to dip the stiffened tip of his tongue inside- 

He couldn’t breathe. There was no air, he heard himself panting, and suddenly the space was too small, too hot, too full of people and muted scents. His throat tightened, convulsed, and his stomach churned angrily. 

Yuuji jumped up and, ignoring the stares and confused titters, avoiding Fushiguro’s attempt to grab him and pull him back into his seat, all but jumped over Nobara and out of his homeroom’s row in the auditorium. He hurried up the stairs to the exit, not looking up from the ground at all. Not even at the sound of Satoru over the speaks, calm and commanding, calling attention back to himself could make him turn around.

There was a bathroom close to the auditorium, thankfully, and he arrived in time to empty the contents of his stomach (dry toast and half an apple he’d forced down under his older brother’s watchful eye) into a toilet. He let himself linger, head pressed against cool porcelain, eyes and throat burning, nose running, and tried to think. His stomach gurgled; he pressed a hand to it absently, willing the wave of nausea to pass. 

How could this be happening? couldn’t be possible. He had picked up on them being teachers, they’d mentioned things like going to university together and working at schools on the opposite sides of the city when they’d graduated before Kento quit to work in an office, but Yuuji hadn’t put much thought into it. Why would he? There were dozens of high school in and around the city, and he hadn’t known they taught at a high school or-

What were the odds? 

It was crazy. Wasn’t it crazy? 

He felt crazy. 

A light rap on the door of his stall was all the warning he got before his name was being called. “Itadori? You okay in there?” 


“Hey! Open the door! If you’re dying in there I won’t forgive you!” And Nobara. In the men’s room, of course, and rattling the stall door impatiently. 

Geeze, those two.  

He pushed himself up and, after flushing, stumbled over and flipped the latch. He barely had time to let go before the door was being thrown open and his best friends were staring him down, Nobara with a hand on her hip and nose wrinkled while Fushiguro rocked back on his heels, frowning. 

Nobara looked him over quickly then, grimacing, turned to drop her bag into the sink and begin rummaging in it. Fushiguro eyed her back then, rolling his eyes, sighed. 

“You okay?” 

“Yeah.” Yuuji croaked, forcing a smile he knew looked weak. “Pre-heat.” 

Yuuji had nasty pre-heats, seemingly a trade off for mild heats. Nausea, dizziness, headaches: he had to deal with it all in the week leading up to a heat. He’d never been sick, not once in his entire life, until he’d presented omega and now he had to deal with it 4 times a year. It was truly obnoxious. 

Just this once he was grateful for it though, because it meant-

“Good,” Nobara whirled around, a bottle of water in one hand and a granola bar and box of mints in the other. “I thought you were going to tell us you were pregnant.” 

Yuuji’s heart skipped a beat; the water almost slipped from his grip. “Wha-” 

“You have to have sex to be pregnant.” Fushiguro cocked an eyebrow. “So that rules Itadori out.” 

Yuuji had never understood the term deafening silence until that moment. He stared at Nobara. Nobara stared back, lips parting in an O of shock. Fushiguro looked between them, a furrowed brow of confusion quickly lightening into understanding. 

“What? With Junpei?” Came at the same moment as Nobara’s delighted “What, you didn’t tell him about the two hot old dudes who took you home and railed you stupid that entire weekend you were ‘missing’?” 

“What?” Fushiguro’s shout echoed in the bathroom, bouncing off the tiles. Yuuji pressed a hand to his eyes, head dropping in shame. Nobara cackled. 

The sound of the door creaking open was a godsend. Yuuji glanced back, heart soaring at the interruption and how it had hopefully saved him from having to explain just had happened that fateful long weekend four weeks ago, starting with him catching his ex-boyfriend with another man’s dick down his throat and ending with him begging Nobara to tell Sukuna he’d been with her the whole time. She’d agreed to keep his secret in exchange for details, forcing him to listen to her bemoan that Maki wouldn’t touch her until she graduated, and two sushi dinners on him. 

His mistake, he now realized, had been making her swear to never tell Sukuna specifically, instead of everyone they knew. 

His joy vanished swiftly when he saw who was walking in. 

Kento didn’t look at him, gaze falling first on Nobara who, with impressive speed, grabbed her bag, mumbled an stilted apology, then fled the bathroom, then on Fushiguro. Fushiguro, to his credit, hesitated and looked at Yuuji in silent question. Yuuji wanted to tell him not to leave, to have Fushiguro lend that weird quiet steadiness of his that always made Yuuji feel like he could take on anything because he knew there would be someone watching his back, but-

“Class is starting soon. You can check on your friend in the nurse's office later.”

Yuuji just smiled crookedly and shook his head. The other boy nodded back then, with one last long look, slipped past Kento and out of the bathroom. 

Leaving them alone. 


“I have a Yuuji Itadori in my homeroom.” Kento announced by way of response. He moved around him, turning on the sink and wetting a paper towel while Yuuji watched, squeezing his granola bar into a crinkly packet of crumbs. “Is that you?” 


“How old are you, Itadori?” 

He licked his lips, grimacing at the lingering sour taste there. “” 

He hadn’t been 17 when they met, but he wasn’t sure that mattered much now. He hadn’t been a lot of things before he’d met Kento and Satoru, really. 

The man sighed. “When you said you were going to be starting as a senior at JJ Tech I assumed you were talking about the college, not the academy.” 

Yuuji blinked burning eyes. “I know.” He’d never said he was in college, but the club he’d gone to was the same that Sukuna and his band played at sometimes. The doorman had waved him right in, because everyone knew Sukuna’s brother, and everyone assumed that because they looked so much alike that the age gap between them was much smaller than it was. 

People said they looked like twins, and had since Yuuji’s last growth spurt. 

Yuuji had been nursing a beer and talking with the bartender about his brother’s next show when Satoru approached him. It was only natural to assume Yuuji was older than he was. He’d wanted it that way, chosen his words more carefully than he normally would, desperate to keep the attention of the handsome alpha who’d sought him out amongst all the people in that club. 

Kento held the paper towel out to Yuuji who stared at it dumbly for a moment before his brain clicked on. He shifted what he was holding to take it and, feeling every inch the child he was sure Kento now saw him as, wiped at his mouth. “If we had known you were...well. I thought you looked young, I should have pressed the issue more. As adults it was our responsibility to be certain before we engaged with you in that way. I apologize, Yuuji.” 

“You…” Yuuji stopped, swallowed, then tried again. “It’s my fault. I lied.”

He’d felt bad about it at the time, even, but having first one and then two older men flirting with him, touching him, looking at him like he was the most amazing thing in the room had been amazing. He’d felt special. Important. Wanted. 

Just a little time with them had washed away all of the awfulness of catching Junpei with Mahito. His ‘mentor’, he’d told Yuuji when he introduced them over the winter, an upperclassman at his school who was really helping him deal with his anxiety and the bullying. Junpei had a hard time at his school, was targeted a lot, and Yuuji hated that there was nothing he could do about it, so he’d been happy to hear his boyfriend had someone on his side. A friend, a real friend. 

He’d been thankful, so much so that he’d had Junpei bring Mahito with him to Sukuna’s New Year’s party and introduced the older boy to his brother because he claimed to be a big fan. 

He still didn’t know how he could have missed that there was something going on there. How could he have no clue, right up until he’d let himself into Junpei’s apartment and gotten an eyeful of his boyfriend on his knees between Mahito’s legs, mouth around his cock while he looked up at Mahito with big, wet eyes. 

He and Junpei hadn't done much, sex wise, still taking it slow after eight months together. Seeing his boyfriend so open and eager for someone else, like he'd never been for Yuuji, had been the worst part. What had he done so wrong to never have Junpei look at him like that?

“Itadori?” Kento’s voice was closer, lower; Yuuji blinked and he was back in the club, balanced on Kento’s knee, an arm draped over his shoulders to hold him close, words he wasn’t paying any attention to being rumbled into his ear, his scent (comforting and clean, simple but warm and strong as it wrapped around Yuuji, with little traces of smoke and burnt ozone that he’d be able to pine to Saturo eventually.) filling his lungs. “Yuuji?” 

He blinked again and he was back in the bathroom, staring up at Kento, heat rushing over him in a tingling wave from head to toe. “Nanamin-” 

Kento’s expression, concerned and unsure, shuttered. He stepped back, hand lifting to press his glasses further back onto the bridge of his nose. “Nanami-sensei, please. I will talk to Principal Yaga as soon as possible about this...matter, to work out what will be best for you. I didn’t have a chance to speak to Satoru before coming to see how you were but he’ll agree.” 

He paused, lips tilting downward, then sighed again. “I’m unsure what the solution will be, but we won’t let this become uncomfortable for you. More uncomfortable.” 

Yuuji’s mouth opened then shut; his stomach ached. “Won’t you get in trouble?” 

“We- children shouldn’t worry about the consequences adults face when they do something they shouldn’t.” Kento said. 

Yuuji bit the inside of his cheek, looking down at his shoes again. Children. Kento did see him as a child now, even though he’d happily fucked Yuuji (at the bar, in the car, all over the apartment) just a month ago. Just like that, Yuuji was a kid and wasn’t allowed to worry about what might happen because of something he’d be part of, something that was his fault. Like he could possibly stand aside and let Nanamin and Satoru get in trouble when he was the one who’d lied. 

Like he’d be able to live with that. 

How stupid. 

“I don’t want you to tell the principal. Or anyone.” The taste of blood was on his tongue, cloying and metallic, as he spoke. “I...I don’t want anyone to know what happened.” 

“The principal will be discreet-” 

“No!” Yuuji flinched at the loudness of his voice and saw, from the corner of his eye, Kento jerk back in surprise. “He’ll have to call my brother and Sukuna And I’m back with my boyfriend, now-" Kento's frown deepened. "So it’s just better if we all forget what happened. Please.” 

He saw it when Kento wavered, read the uncertainty and guilt playing out on his face, before the older man looked away, nodding stiffly. “If that’s what you want. you need to go to the nurse?” 

“No, Nanami-sensei.” Yuuji stooped to grab his bag and, hastily cramming everything inside, edged towards the door. “Thanks. I’ll...see you in class.” 

He didn’t go to the class, hiding out under a tree in the athletic field instead, staring at the sky, and wondering if he should have said something about his heat being a week late. 

But, he decided as he shoved a chunk of flattened granola bar into his mouth furiously, he was in preheat now so there was nothing to tell, was there? Yes, he’d been terrified when two weeks after sneaking out of Satoru and Kento’s apartment his heat hadn’t come on time like it usually did, and then spent the rest of his spring break switching between pretending everything was fine and being nearly sick over what to do if his heat never came, but then the usual preheat junk had started so. 

It was fine. 

He didn’t need to track anyone down and tell them that he was too young and stupid and scared and didn’t know how to tell his brother what he’d done and, also, he’d never had anyone inside of him before that dizzying first time in the club bathroom so he didn’t always take his birth control on time, or everyday, because what did it matter when your beta boyfriend only ever jerked you off, and rarely that 

And omegas couldn’t really get pregnant outside of heats anyway, right? 

He popped another piece of granola into his mouth and ignored the squirming in his belly. 

It was just pre-heat.