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P(ass)ion of M(a)dne(ss)

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"— his phone, I might reconsider." Behind him, Dazai's voice cuts to a grinding halt. "Oh. What is this?"

"What is what?" Chuuya asks innocently and continues folding their laundry into two neat piles. (He made the mistake of mixing them once and ended up showing up at work with a shirt that was twice the size of him.)

His reply is a pair of hands grabbing his ass. Chuuya sort of expected it, but he still jerks before his surprise melts into stifled laughter as he feels his boyfriend crowding him from behind, hands squeezing the cheeks like they're trying to etch them into their memory. "This," he all but feels Dazai murmur into his ear. "Your ass is humongous."

"What do you mean?" Chuuya still doesn't turn around because if he so much as looked at Dazai, he'd burst into laughter, and the reaction video would be cut short. (Out of the two of them, Dazai has always been the better liar.) "My ass is always humongous, you idiot." There's a reason why he spends so many hours of his free time in the gym, and it's not because it smells good in there.

"It's the leggings," Dazai correctly assumes. Then Chuuya hears him drop to the floor, torn between laughing and scowling at how seriously Dazai's taking it, "isn't it? Are they new?" He settles on scowling when Dazai tugs at the waistband and lets it slap against his skin.

"...maybe." Chuuya finally allows himself to glance down on Dazai, arching his brow. "So what if they are?"

"So I'll buy you twenty more."

A beaming grin threatens to break out on his face, but Chuuya fights it, biting his cheek. "And why would you do that?"

The look on Dazai's face is pure, ravenous hunger. It's an expression Chuuya has seen many, many times throughout their relationship — and before — and it's an expression that he has come to love with all his heart. Not only because it usually means that something very good is about to happen, but also because it's genuine, something they both had to fight for to achieve.

"Because it's like seeing the most perfect, delicious cake in the display window," Dazai tells him, though given that he's staring at his ass as his fingers squeeze and move over his clothes skin, he might as well be talking to that, "and I am a starving man."

"You're ridiculous is what you are."

"This ass is ridiculously appetizing." Dazai follows it up by hugging his waist and resting his cheek against it, acting like it's a fucking pillow or something. Chuuya knows for a fact that it's not as soft as one, not with all the training he does, but he can't help but laugh anyway, driving his fingers through Dazai's hair.

"You're so weird, babe."

Dazai's eyes glimmer as he looks up at him, his gaze so enticing that Chuuya lets out a shriek when those sneaky hands grab the waistband and tug both the leggings and underwear down in one smooth movement.

"Dazai, I'm —" In the next moment, Chuuya's being half-pushed down on the bed, toppling over the laundry, and half-kneeling on the floor. "— I'm filming this, you idiot!" He feels Dazai's breathy laughter against his bare skin before lips in the shape of a smile press against his ass. "Ah, fuck."

"Filming, huh?" Dazai spreads his hands across his bare flesh, his fingers so big and long he can cup almost all of it. "Care to explain, baby?"

Chuuya buries his face in the sheets, trying to hide the evidence of blushing, not because he's embarrassed by any of this, they have long since burned that line, but because, pure and simple, Dazai makes his skin pulse. Even after years. Maybe even because of it. "It's this new TikTok trend..."

He shudders when Dazai lets his tongue drag against his asscheek, then sets his teeth into it until it stings delightfully, making Chuuya squirm with the steady waves of anticipation rolling through his body, getting him all excited and fuzzy in the head. "That app always gives you the most sinful ideas," he hears Dazai murmur before attacking another strip of skin, a tiny bit closer to where he really wants it but still galaxies away. Fucking tease. "But I suppose I can't complain when it gave me all this, huh?"

Chuuya's laughter is muffled. "Bitch, you ripped off the leggings not even a minute after." Dazai eating him out always makes him lazy, so lifting his head is quite the challenge, but with effort and pure stubbornness, Chuuya manages to shoot his boyfriend an accusing glare. "If you really ripped them —"

"Relax." He's 99% sure Dazai lets his breath ghost against his rim on purpose. "I told you I'd buy you twenty more."

"I'll relax when you stop finally teasing me. Do you want this ass or not?"

And with that, Dazai shows him how much he really wants it. His fingers squeeze his cheeks before spreading them obscenely wide, making Chuuya's cock twitch at being so exposed, blood pulsing with the knowledge Dazai loves what he sees and loves what he's about to do just as much as Chuuya loves receiving it.

The first swipe of Dazai's tongue around his hole is a bewildering mix of trembling relief and heavy, throbbing anticipation that makes his skin jump with a whimpering gasp. "God, yes." Chuuya can feel him smile, then feels him swirl his tongue around the puckered flesh of his rim, always such a fucking tease, barely even dipping inside, but still making Chuuya's fingers clench in the sheets.

"I could eat you for every meal for the rest of your life," Dazai says, voice a few octaves rougher than before, "and still never get enough of it."

The bastard's always been so fucking good with his tongue that the words feel like another caress against his skin. "That's a, uh, pretty monotonous diet," Chuuya manages to get out with coarse laughter rumbling from his heaving lungs.

"I wouldn't have to only eat this." As if to say here, don't forget about that other thing delicate fingers wrap around Chuuya's aching cock, now fully hard. Dazai's thumb digs into his slit, smearing pre-come all around the tip before giving him an agonizingly slow stroke, sliding over every sensitive part with delicate precision. "You're a five-course meal, Chuuya. Nothing monotonous about it."

Despite how freely Dazai throws around all these compliments, it's still a tentative thing between him, an unfamiliar territory in the battleground that's their relationship. So it's sometimes hard to bear, settling in his body like a drug.

Chuuya's almost grateful when Dazai uses that tongue to lick at him again, carefully plunging inside of him with skill and finesse. Half-kneeling, half-lying on the bed, Chuuya's back arches into the velvety-soft touch. The pleasure is warm, trickling into his system like gentle summer rain, making him feel light and easy. Dazai's hand around his cock is stroking him in the same rhythm as the tongue whirling in delicious circles.

The build-up is maddeningly slow, but somewhere along the line of their years together, Chuuya has realized that it's not necessarily a bad thing. There is a certain intimacy to take your time, to be so comfortable with each other that Chuuya can just lie there, eyes half-lidded, and enjoy the feeling of Dazai licking him. It's not fervent, not right now. Not an explosive firework that goes up all at once. It's slow and warm and good.

Chuuya's cock feels painfully hard every time Dazai squeezes it lightly, and his hips keep rocking back in tiny, little thrusts. A broken moan has been building in his ribcage for quite a while now, but it rips free when he feels Dazai spread him even wider, and then instead of the stretching, exploring licks, his tongue thrusts inside his tight heat, stretching him open. It's obviously a tongue, not a lizard's one either, so it can't go as deep as Chuuya's body wants it to, but the fast rhythmic thrusts make up for the lack of depth.

"Fuck," Chuuya's head hangs between his taut shoulder, every muscle in his body twitching with electric heat that's coiling in his guts. "You're so —" His legs automatically spread wider, trying to give Dazai more access, all the access in the world as he fucks him with that silver tongue of his. "— so good to — ah, yeah — to me."

Each burning-hot push inside has Chuuya groaning out his breaths. His body squirms and rolls backwards to meet him in every way possible, back and forth between pressing back into that tongue and then into the perfect, tight fist around his cock.

Dazai's tongue must be sore by now, tired at least, but he continues to eat him out like there's no tomorrow, his whole face buried in his ass.

"Fuck, I'm close."

So close.

And because he always knows what Chuuya needs, has always known in one way or another, Dazai's hand changes pace, the strokes around his cock becoming faster, a little shallow, but creating the perfect tight cage to Chuuya to fuck into as the pleasure inside him snaps.

Chuuya's hips stutter, tensing as everything around him becomes a storm of devastating white-hot pleasure, lasting for what seems like an eternity because Dazai's tongue never stops working inside him as if he's determined to lick the very soul out of him. When Chuuya's muscles go loose, he lets out a cracked gasp, cock pulsing with come that spills into Dazai's hand. The pleasure that rips through him as Dazai fucks Chuuya through his orgasm borders on painful. His hand has wandered lower to his balls now, massaging the skin for another last squeeze of come before Chuuya jerks away from him with a near-violent push.

It takes a few moments of basking in the hazy afterglow before he finds his voice again. "Best two thousand yen I have ever spent in my entire life," he murmurs and shoots Dazai a lazy smile over his shoulder.

Dazai, whose hand has disappeared in his own pants as it seems. "A good investment if I do say so —" His breath hitches a little, evoking Chuuya's blood to heat all over again. "— myself."

Chuuya moves to get up and help him, but his boyfriend shakes his head. "Stay, baby. Exactly like this." Dazai wrenches down his sweatpants, at least letting Chuuya watch as he works his hand, slick with Chuuya's come, over his own cock.

Chuuya feels another bolt of heat shoot through his dick at that sight, craving to feel Dazai's cock in his mouth, or better yet, inside him, but knowing that there will be time for that later. For now...

Chuuya spreads his legs so that it pushes his ass into a nice view, arching his back and giving Dazai a little pout. With only a crop top hanging off his frame, spread around the floor and the bed, it must make a dirty picture. It's hot.

Dazai makes a low noise in the back of his throat, rubs the head of his cock against Chuuya's hole as his fingers keep stroking. Chuuya feels the tip throb heavily. Then the first ribbon of come spills out of him, and all over Chuuya's ass and thighs.

With a tiny, satisfiedDazai ends up draping himself all over him, breathing still heavy as he says, "tell your TikTok followers thanks," with an unmistakable grin in his tone. 

Somewhere, deep down in his guts, Chuuya can feel his blood stir and get excited for another round, but for now, he manages to get up on the bed and allow himself a moment or two of peaceful quiet. He can't turn around yet because of the jizz, though. Apparently, Dazai decides to take care of that with fresh fucking laundry, wiping both of them off, and then crawling next to him, placing his head on Chuuya's ass.

"Seriously," Chuuya says, "you have got to stop doing that."

"Give me one good reason, and I'll consider it."

"I could fart one day, and then you'd stop finding me sexy."

"You could —"

Chuuya stops him with a hand on his face. "Wait, no, I don't even want to hear it!"

Dazai laughs against his fingers, breath warm and tickling, and —

Across from them, on the dresser, his phone buzzes, and Chuuya remembers that he never really stopped filming.

"Babe? I think we accidentally made a sex tape."

Later that day, Chuuya leaves a five-star review for the leggings. 

11/10. I got three orgasms out of it.