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fallen angel

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"You're beautiful, Mayoi-san."

That's the first time I've ever heard anything like that. I'm so scared... I don't deserve his kindness yet he holds me tight as if he's scared that I'll disappear.

I fell from heaven and by the time I opened my eyes, I saw him. A priest with green hair and purple eyes, his name is Tatsumi. A fallen angel like me shouldn't be associated with a divine being like him. I'm just a sinner, but he always treats me kindly.

Tatsumi-san lets me live with him in the church and provides me with all the necessary things.

"You have beautiful wings." He said while brushing my torn wings. I can't fly and cannot go back to heaven anymore.

He always praises me with his soft and gentle voice. Everyday, I listen to his prayer. It soothes me

"I shall forgive for your sin even if the god won't." He said...


Why are you so kind to me, Tatsumi-san?