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The one who hugs the mountain has wings

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Xiao sighed in resignation and reached out to grab a leg of the marinated chicken. Was this really a vital part of the Lantern Rite Festival? Mortal food did not grace his lips very often and it had been a while since he had eaten anything other than almond tofu or tigerfish. "Don't you worry, Xiao, Lumine is an excellent cook, her Sweet Madame even mellows that bird boy", Paimon reassured him, misinterpreting his apprehension. An annoyed grunt was all he gave as an answer and bit into his piece aggressively. Before he could even react to his mistake, Lumine snatched a piece of crispy lotus from her companion's plate, distracting her long enough that Xiao could wipe the surprise and pain off his face, suppressing the urge to hold his tooth.

"I think next I want to learn how to de-bone a roast properly. I saw it at the Liuli Pavillion and I think it would be pretty useful", the traveller mused, thankfully resisting the urge to wink at Xiao. "That's a good idea, what with how often we cook for people. Maybe we'll hire as a cook at the Tsaritsa's court", the white-haired menace sounded excited.

Whether Lumine having foreseen this made him feel less indignant or more, he did not know. Either way he felt his karma burning with shame and he could do nothing but sneer at his own worthlessness. "Just you wait, we'll get in there one way or another", she said, puffing her cheeks in an obnoxious pout, misinterpreting his actions again. This time he chewed in silence, not reacting to her. After a moment of more pouting she went back to stuffing her black hole of a mouth.

Lumine ate quietly, opting for knife and fork instead of chopsticks for some reason. With the only noise being his chewing the voices crept back in. I wish for my shop to prosper this year... I wish for grandma to get healthy...  Please make the pain stop... It was always the worst during the Lantern Festival, all those wishes floating about, finding their way into his head. He focussed on the chicken leg, scrapig every last shred of meat off the offending bone with his teeth. He could not help them all. No matter how much he tried. There were too many humans, too many monsters causing grief. With his limits demons were all he could muster, the one thing no-one else could do.

When there was no more meat to be had he grabbed one of the steamed buns. I wish daddy wouldn't hurt mommy anymore... Xiao winced and Lumine threw him a worried look. Turning the bun he realised it was not steamed after all, rather it seemed fried with a curious hole at the front. The powdered sugar on it already coated his fingers. "Must be a dessert from Mondstadt", he thought, "or maybe her homeworld." I wish the baby would just disappear... In need of a distraction he bit deeply into the bun. Lumine's face fell as the sweet berry jam spread across his left cheek, dripping down his jaw. Paimon started opening her mouth, but immediately reconsidered, instead opting to fly off up towards the inn. The adeptus' face flushed bright red, shame burning in his cheeks. Lumine reached over with her napkin, wiping away the sticky red substance with the soft cloth. "I'm sorry, I forget sometimes berliner have a learning curve", her voice was pained; she really felt bad. Her fingers brushed against his neck and Xiao sucked in a breath. Her touch was fire and ice, tingling and soothing at the same time. Shame, confusion and relief all reached their crescendo and he felt a tear escape his eyes. "It's not your fault I've forgotten how to eat", he pressed out, jaw flexed and rigid.

The spot she had touched felt odd, something was missing there. It was like that piece of skin belonged to someone else and had simply been placed on him by mistake. At the same time it felt familiar, as though he had known that feeling a long time ago and simply forgotten. As his karma resonated with his breath he realised that what was missing from this spot, was simply pain. He had gotten so used to constant agony in every part of him that it now felt alien to be without it. He barely noticed Paimon coming back with a damp towel, but nontheless grabbed it before Lumine could think to continue cleaning him. Pain was already creeping back to cover the bit of skin, but he wondered what was going on.




"Oh no", Lumine said, looking up at the domed ceiling with the little hole on top through which she had fallen. "Are you sure you can't climb this?", Paimon asked. The traveller grabbed the side wall, only to leave her hands slick with orange slime. "Not a chance", she threw her head back in a powerless sigh, closing her eyes. Her floating companion checked the walls around them, but despite many drop-like structures to grip, the orange slime was everywhere, making any attempts futile. "We'll have to call for help. I hope he's not busy", Lumine wiped the slime off her hands with a rag. "Do you mean our favourite windy fellow?", Paimon smirked. Lumine nodded and both women raised their hands to their mouth. "Xiao!", called Lumine. "Venti!", yelled Paimon.

Confused they looked at each other and promptly broke out into laughter. "That was a bit of a miscommuniation", Lumine brought out through her giggles. "What if they both show up now?", the devilish sprite feigned worry. This threw her friend into another laughing fit and it took a while until she could draw a full breath again. "I don't think Xiao would appreciate me calling him a windy fellow either", she joked, interrupted by gasps for air.

"Indeed I don't", his voice at once brought silence to their chuckles. There stood Xiao and Venti, the one with a stern worry on his face that slowly dissipated into his usual pissed-off expression, while the other grinned like an idiot, swayed on his feet and spread an odour of wine in the cave. "Outrider Venti, reporting for duty", he saluted them. Xiao threw him an unreadable look and turned back to the two. "Usually it's sheep that need rescuing from this cave", he noted, not a hint of amusement in his voice, only exhaustion. "I'm much heavier than a sheep", Lumine patted her right triceps, which was showing quite nicely from all the climbing she had done that day.

"If I were sober I could just fly you out of here, but I can still give Xiao a lift", Venti offered and he was relieved he did not have to exert himself too much that day. "Give me your wind glider", the yaksha held out his hand. Lumine unlocked the device from its strap, allowing the adeptus to attach it to his own shoulders. "I will keep my karma from touching you, I don't want to cause you pain", he said, trying to explain what he assumed had happened to her at the lantern festival. She was about to say something, but instead opted to simply let him scoop her up into his arms. He held the corruption back as best he could and it seemed successful as no point of touch seemed to drain into her. Her thigh was warm and soft against his hand and his heart beat faster, so much he was sure she could hear it, just like he could feel her heart picking up thrugh her ribs. Did she not trust his skill? Was she afraid of falling? She drew a frightened breath, confirming his suspicion. The anemo archon started a windfield and Xiao bent his knees, aligning the glider with the updraft. He had never used such a device, but the way it lay in the air current he felt like it was part of his body. An image flashed through his mind. Had he ever had wings? He could not remember.

To distract him from that thought he drew a deep breath, however this drove Lumine's scent into his mind. It was a smell of fresh soil and herbs, baked in the Liyue sun, with an underlying sweetness, like almond blossoms. He growled, fully aware it would confuse her, but he needed to clear his mind. His body tensed and he felt her soft thigh become steel as she braced for the leap. He jumped as high as he could and to his relief the glider caught the excited air, happily lifting them through the small hole at the top. From the corner of his eye he saw Paimon and Venti flying up after them, twirling around each other in a kind of game.

The yaksha quickly set his passenger down, holding back his karma was becoming difficult with her smell distracting him. "Xiao, what did you mean when you said you didn't want to hurt me?", she gave him a puzzled look while readjusting her skirt and bodice. "Last time you touched me some of my corruption went into you. It must have been painful. I'm sorry about that", he lowered his head to look at the ground as he took off her glider, anywhere but her face. "Actually the traveller has a unique talent. She was able to cleanse Dvalin's tears just by holding them and Chalkie Walkie told me she had similar success with a cursed sword", Venti brought up. "None of those things caused me pain or made me feed bad", Lumine volunteered with a careful smile as he handed her back the windglider. "I will be getting back to Wangshu Inn", Xiao said abruptly, vanishing quickly from their sight. He needed to think about this. Paimon looked at Venti as though she was trying to figure out a puzzle. "Chalkie Walkie? Do you mean Albedo?", she wondered. The great and honoured Barbatos giggled. "You're not the only one who gets to make up nicknames", he grinned, letting himself fall against Lumine who only caught him at the last moment.




Warm summer air sat lightly on Lumine as she lay on her back watching the stars. The fire next to her had gone down to a gentle glow of embers and the former soft breeze had long since succumbed to the temperature inversion. Paimon's delicate adorable snores drifted along the distant noise of the water fall. Her gloves lay on her stomach and as she reached out to the sky it felt like the air was caressing her fingers.

"I see you're still awake", came a low voice from the dark. She turned her head and saw Xiao stepping out of the shadow. "I slept in this morning, so I get to look at the stars for a while", she said with a soft voice. "Then I guess I shouldn't bother you", he already turned to go, but he heard her body shift. "Stay", was all she said, sitting up and motioning him to sit next to her. Unsure how close she wanted him he chose a distance where there was the width of a hand between them. Still he could feel the warmth radiating from her skin.

After a while she turned her eyes away from the sky again to look at him. Her gaze was calm, but questioning, giving him room to talk about why he was here without putting him on the spot. "I thought about what... Venti said. About what happened at the Lantern Rite Festival", he looked at the grass instead of facing her. "You're wondering if I could rid you of more of your karma", she anticipated. Instead of answering he took off his left glove and held out his hand to her. "Would you touch me?", he asked, allowing foolish human sheepishness into his voice. With a mischievous smile she touched his fingertips one after another with hers. This relief, though small, let him loose control of his expression and sigh. "It's working", was her conclusion. "Only in the spots you touched", he said with a hint of disappointment. Without warning she took his entire hand into both of hers and it felt as though he was bathed in divine healing light, leading him to sigh soundlessly. "Then I will simply have to touch you everywhere", she said, locking eyes with him, no intention of letting him look away in embarrassment. His breath got caught in his throat. Did she know what that sounded like? What she was implying? Her face said yes, the expression tender and gentle, yet there was something more primal hidden beneath it. A hunger of sorts that glinted in her straw-coloured eyes.

Swallowing hard he glanced over at the sleeping food lover beside them. "You'll put her in your bed at Wangshu Inn. I will write her a note so she knows not to look for me", she pulled a small stack of paper from her backpack, along with a curious grey twig. Good morning, sleepyhead. You're probably wondering where I am or how you got to Wangshu Inn. I'm on a hot date with Xiao... "It's not a date", he breathed in exasperation, cheeks flushing. "I need to write that so she doesn't come snooping", she grinned. "W- wouldn't that make her more likely to come and want to snoop?", he furrowed his brows and Lumine feigned a silent chuckle. "She's my best friend, she knows when to give me space, even if she wants to know", she smiled happily. Maybe he had not given the little floating menace the credit she deserved. ... so I'll be gone a while. Don't let Verr Goldet serve you up, I'm the only one who's allowed to snack on you... Xiao chuckled reading that. I'm leaving you some mora for food. Love, Lumine Below it she drew a smiling winking face.

"Won't she wake up being carried", he asked, putting his glove back on. "She's a very heavy sleeper, useless as a guard", Lumine carefully lifted the marshmallow goblin off the ground and placed her in Xiao's arms. To his surprise she weighed almost nothing, now he really wondered where all that food went. He tensed when he unexpectedly felt Lumine's hand on his hip and it took him a moment to realise she was searching for his pocket. The letter and a small bag of mora were placed in it and he was sure his racing heart would wake up Paimon, but to his relief she remained asleep.

He gave a small nod before leaping through the currents to their destination. What did she have in mind exactly? Was it going to be like a massage? Or was she...? His heartbeat picked up and his whole body started tingling as he thought about what they were about to do. His thoughts were racing and he felt his trousers becoming tighter. No, no, he could not let her see him like this. What if it was not her intention? What if she would be appalled? Somehow these thoughts only made it worse. Why was he so excited anyways? It was not his first time, not by far. However it had been hundreds of years, before the pain became too much. "It's not a date!", he growled and Paimon stirred in his arms. He bit his lip. How was it he had such poor self-control?

Wangshu Inn was coming closer. Lumine had said to place her friend in his bed, but the truth was he only had a small cushion for meditation. Thankfully she was short enough to fit on it. He decided to steal a blanket from one of the storage closets in order to cover her. For a moment he stared at the bag of mora before placing it next to her. A smile crept across his face. This pastel pixie was one of the few people who could enter and leave his room of their own power. To bring the traveller here he would need to carry her again. Somehow that was also the wrong thought, all the progress he had made distracting himself was gone and in an instant his erection swelled up again. "Useless", he thought, shaking his head to at least prevent the blood from rushing to his face.

Before going back he chose to appear before Verr Goldet instead. Of course she was awake at this hour and noticed him right away as he approached the counter. "Oh, Xiao, wh-", her smile changed all of a sudden, becoming slightly forced and her eyes locked onto his, "what can I do for you tonight?" He did not let his confusion about her behaviour show. "Paimon is sleeping in my room. If the mora we left her aren't enough to feed her until I'm back... write it on my tab", he instructed her. Now he did not really have a tab, he had no need for mora, but he would get them somewhere and she knew it. "Of course, will do", she assured him, her eyes still fixed on his as though there were something special to look at.

With a nod he leapt off the balcony and as his engorged member brushed against his inner thigh the blush he had been trying to suppress came back with a vengeance. Verr Goldet hat not been looking at something. She had been trying not to look, not to comment, not to make him feel uncomfortable. All his breath was knocked out of him as he smacked right into the face of a mountain. He was not usually this distracted while travelling. An annoyed sigh was all he managed. Today was no day to be proud of.

Xiao hoped he had not been too long. As he approached he saw her lying down again, eyes closed. So he had taken too long. She had fallen asleep. Setting down his feet as softly as he could he simply looked at her, not sure what to do. But to his surprise she opened her eyes and looked at him. "I didn't expect you so soon", she said with a grin and he thought he could see a little colour in her cheeks. At least he no longer had anything for her to struggle to avoid looking at. "Do you have somewhere you'd like to go? Maybe somewhere a little more... protected?", her voice got serious towards the end. He knew what she was referring to, she was worried he might lose control. Luckily he had just the place prepared. "I'll take you there", he offered, motioning for her to come closer. This time as he scooped her up she laid a hand against his chest. "If you don't want me to know where we're going I can close my eyes", she offered. That made him chuckle. "No need, I don't mind you two going there", he said confidently and with that he jumped off towards the west.




"Rex Lapis helped me build this place, shield it, make it safe from prying eyes. For my bad days, when I can't contain the darkness", the grim explanation cleared his head again. Still he was avoiding letting any of his karma flow into her, despite what she had said. Soon they reached the little crack in the cliff that he was looking for. "Careful, it's probably too dark for your eyes", he warned her, going in ahead of her. He wished he could make light for her, but that was gated off behind corruption, like so many things. Hands held out above her head she followed him. The tight, dark cave entrance went on for quite a bit until finally it gave way to a larger cavern, walls dotted with noctilucous jade. "Usually when I'm here I can't stand the lantern, so the jade is all that lights up the place", he explained coated in familiar coarseness, trying not to let the dark memories get to him. Picking up the lantern from a corner he lit it with a swift flick of the flint. Orange light bathed the room in a much cozier hue. At the back wall ran a brook, entering through a dark hole and running a few paces along the bottom before disappearing down a small drop with a gurgle.

Lumine took the lantern from his hand, walking over to the bed that stood off to the side. "It's as wide as it is long", she said, puzzled, placing a hand on the unusually high and thick bedpost. "Sometimes he has to tie me down", the adeptus looked away from what he suspected to be her concerned face, he could not stand to see those thoughts in her eyes. In the silence of the cave he heard her heartbeat pick up and a shaky breath come out. "Well we won't have to tie you down", she said, her lips twitching around her grin as though she was debating whether to add something to that. His dark thoughts dissipated. Carefully she put down lantern and pack next to the bed, taking off her gloves as well and proceeding to neaten up the multiple duvets before sitting on it. Anxiously he sat down next to her.

She took both of his gloved hands into hers. Even now he could feel where she had touched him, the skin still feeling light and free. She looked deep into his eyes with a serious expression. "If anything hurts or is uncomfortable, just tell me", she squeezed his hands a little and he could feel the power of her touch starting to affect him, even through the gloves. "Or stay my hand... or make a face... I will try to pay attention to you", she looked down as though she was sorry for something. "I will", he said, amused that she was afraid of hurting him.

His head was starting to spin a little from her touch, when she let go. Taking off her shoes she climbed up on the bed behind him. "I will start touching you now", she breathed, unaware that she had already started. Her hands ran down from his shoulders to his hands, where she started taking off his gloves. The way she ran her fingers between his had him unable to stifle a grunt. Piece by piece she exposed his neck, shoulder and arms and when she finally touched the exposed flesh he could only draw a shaky breath and close his eyes. She stopped. "Are you okay?", she asked and as he opened his eyes to look at her he noticed he had started crying. "Don't stop. These are tears of relief", he explained, adding with a cracking voice, "It feels good." Her smile turned from happy and relieved to playful and impish.

Her fingers slipped underneath the collar of his shirt, gingerly placing his talisman inside before starting to pull it up. He raised his arms to help and at once realised she was unsure which of his adorments she was allowed to take off. There had been no hesitation with his vision, she probably knew enough about them, but the rest she had not touched. As she hung his shirt over the side of the bed he unhooked his mask and talismans, placing them next to her pack. She scooted closer to him and it dawned on him she had only stayed this far away to avoid being poked by his mask.

Lumine hugged him from behind and he felt her bare skin against his back. When had she taken off her dress? How could he not have noticed? The touch was freeing, sending bolts of lightning up and down his spine. Her hands ran over his newly exposed chest, taking joy in circling and caressing his nipples. Xiao's grunts were all the noise in the cave, reverberating in his sensitive ears. He was embarrassed by how much he was letting his enjoyment and relief show. Her fingers continued on to his stomach and his muscles tensed as she brushed over what would usually be his soft spots. Centuries of battles had left their mark, making him anticipate injury instead of tenderness. "Shh", she hushed as her fingertip dipped into his belly button. Her breath on his ear felt warm and wonderful. Slowly he relaxed into her touch, laying his head back on her shoulder.

The lightness mixed with the tingling heat, making him grow again. Breath hitching he pulled one of his legs up to hide it from her. But with a strong hand she pushed his leg back down. "Don't try to cover it up. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself", she ran a flat hand over his crotch, making it impossible to stop the moan escaping his lips. Slowly she started undoing the belts that held up his trousers. Bending down out of her reach he took off his boots so that he could slide off his last piece of clothing. "Lie down on your stomach, just make sure you're comfortable", she instructed and for the first time he turned to look at her. Her adventures showed; from her bloomer-covered hips and thighs to her abdomen and chest he could see her muscles shaping her silhouette. The only soft thing were her breasts, relaxedly drop-shaped now that they were no longer held up. His penis throbbed, sending a small drop running down his shaft, something he was eager to cover up by following her instructions, placing it against his stomach.

He heard her positioning herself over him and this time from his neck up she ran her fingers through his hair. Shivers went down his spine as she began tracing his muscles with her fingers. "Did I miss a spot?", she asked and almost made him too distracted to answer as she sat down on his thighs. Sheepishly he raised his hands over his head. "Under here", he mumbled, not looking forward to having her touch his sensitive spots. But his worry was unfounded, her touch was gentle and pleasant, using her whole hand in order to avoid tickling him. He released a breath he had not been aware he was holding. Almost habitually Lumine started massaging his back. "It's like you're tense all over", she said under her breath, more meant for her than him. But his adeptus ears could pick it up regardless. Working her hands down his body she reached his buttcheeks. Tenderly cupping and massaging his shapely bottom he drew in a sharp breath as she traced around his entrance. His penis seemed to grow even more against his stomach.

At once she got up, turned around and stood over him on all fours instead. Part of him was glad he was on his belly, making it awkward to look at her. Another part was disappointed it obstructed his view. As she caressed his feet and entered the space between his toes with her fingers he was suddenly very glad that as an adeptus he needed not worry about body odour. Her knuckles pressed into his calves, enjoying the firmness of his muscles, as she slowly inched backwards until her foot was directly in front of his face. As her attention moved on to his thighs the throbbing became more intense and he felt several drops spread on his skin. She had to know what she was doing, stopping her touch right before his testicles multiple times, leading him to grunt in frustrated anticipation. Finally she ran her finger down his buttcrack, pressing more strongly on his entrance this time, before finishing by firmly grasping his testicles. A small "ah" escaped his lips as he arched his back involuntarily.

"I think it's time for you to turn over", her voice sounded very amused and his crotch twitched in acute awareness of what he was about to see. As he turned he made sure not to knock her over and was rewarded with the sight of her crotch right in front of his face. The thin cotton clung to her every contour, already becoming transparent from moisture in certain spots and it took significant self-control not to reach out and touch her. Again she started at his feet but this time the anticipation was all the more intense. With the sight and her touch it was all he could do not to cum right then and there. He did not remember being this excitable, but he also did not remember the last time his whole body had not been in pain. Like before her hands reached the middle of his body and his thighs flexed waiting for the essential touch... but it never came. Instead he only felt her breathe on him before she got up. He let out a desperate sigh.

"I think we got just about all of your outside covered", she said with a smirk, and he dared not protest, he could not bring himself to ask her to touch him there. "It's time to reach inside you", her grin made his breath hitch again. What was she planning? Lumine pulled two bottles from her pack and set them on the ground. One stout and round stoneware with a golden brown glaze, the other a slender blue glass, made sturdy through thickness. She uncorked the shorter one, letting an amber liquid drip over her left index and middle finger. His distraught face did not pass her by and she gave him a reassuring smile. "Just a little sugar to help the medicine go down", she explained before climbing over him again, holding out her glistening fingers.

Obediently he opened his mouth, his heart racing between embarrassment and arousal. Slowly she slid her fingers into his mouth and tasted the sweet syrup. He closed his eyes as he wrapped his tongue around her fingers, not sure if what he enjoyed more was the taste or the touch, careful not to hurt her with his inhumanly sharp teeth. Her breath was on his neck. "Take me deeply", she whispered into his ear as she pushed her fingers in as much as she could. Xiao's whimper was muffled by her hand and he was glad she could not hear these pathetic noises. She was in his throat, reaching a place no-one else had touched before and yet a part of him loved this, greedily licking her fingers clean with a tongue that had not tasted without corruption in ages. She breathed a small moan by his ear, sending more blood down his body. He knew he would not be able to hold on much longer.

Gently she withdrew her fingers again, but before he could feel empty too long she replaced them with her lips. Xiao held himself back, knowing she would not appreciate the entirety of his long yaksha tongue in her mouth. All the while she was running her right hand over his face, smoothing his eyebrow with her thumb. Seperating from him again she made sure to cup the right side of his face, touching all the spots she had missed previously.

His head was swimming, elated by the way his body felt. She placed a hand on his inner thigh, pulling his leg outwards and he obliged by spreading them further as she climbed between them. Finally her hand was where he wanted it, a firm grip around his penis to hold it up for easy reach. He could not help but grunt when she placed her moist lips around his tip and as she took him completley inside it was too much. With a long throaty moan he released all he had into her mouth. There was surprise on her face, but it soon vanished and her expression became unreadable. Her lips were tight around his cock as she had him withdraw, letting not a drop escape. She moved so that her face was over his again, expression as inscrutable as ever. With a hand on his jaw she opened his mouth a little and set her own lips on it. The adeptus was confused. Then she opened her lips and let the thick lquid flow into his mouth. His heart raced and with nothing left he closed his mouth and swallowed. The taste was sharp and bitter, not at all as pleasant as he remembered.

"I'm sad", she said softly, "I thought we had more time." With a sigh she cocked her head to look at him. "Don't think I have the same restrictions as mortals", he countered, only realising a second later what he had implied. "Good", she grinned, reaching for the blue bottle, "because there's still a spot left I need to touch." With the bottle turned he was able to read the signs on it. "Wh- why do you even have that?", he was at once anxious and a little overwhelmed. "For some of the other things in my pack. But I won't use them on you", she thought for a moment, "at least not today." "I trust you", Xiao said to her, knowing his worried expression might deter her otherwise. The traveller smiled an evil smile, moving back between his legs.

Wrapping her hand around his slightly softened member she took him into her mouth again. It took but a few flicks of her slick tongue for him to become completely hard. She could hear in his moans he liked this. Pausing for a moment she opened the bottle, once again pouring liquid over her fingers. Xiao felt his heart beating in his throat. Why was he so nervous? It was not like he expected this to be painful. Lumine was gracious and took him into her mouth again before starting to slick up his anus with the lubricant. He smelled a distinct scent of violet grass from it, causing him to wonder who had made it. But his mind was not distracted for long as she started moving and sucking on him as she gently pushed inside with both fingers. This time she definitely heard his whimpering, confusion and arousal overwhelming him. She increased the pressure on his cock, making his hips buckle and his sphincter tense. Then she did something he had never felt before; she curled her fingers against a very specific spot and not only was it intense relief as the pain dissipated from it, he was suddenly brought such intense pleasure that his back arched and he moaned intensely, almost cumming again.

She did not give him any time to calm down, instead increasing the rubbing she was giving his insides, while becoming wonderfully rough with his penis. He went over the edge again and this time it was no short drop. Rather she kept going, making his moans almost turn into screams, as he released his load again into her mouth. But something else released as well and he understood that for once there was no need to hold back. No matter what he unleashed at her, she could handle it. He came back from this trip with Lumine looking at him, making a point of swallowing visibly. "Much sweeter", she commented, not knowing what was about to change, the yaksha wiping away tears he did not remember shedding.

Inhumanly swiftly he pulled her hip forwards, pushing her shoulder down, but catching her head so as to lay her down as gently as he could. With a smirk he stood over her on all fours. There was fear in her eyes, but more than that intense arousal. "Stop me", he growled. "No", she answered and all of her body agreed. He pressed her legs together, removing her bottoms from her now soaked vulva. This time he did not hold back at the sight. Holsting one of her legs over his shoulder he set his lips over her clitoris, sucking in air and finding the swollen nub with his tongue. Her moans were higher now, making him revel in her reactions. Who knew after all that she could still be this cute? Her taste was as wonderful as her smell, his tongue eagerly tasting her from every direction. It was not long before her back arched and she drew in all the air she could get, trying to go past the capacity of her lungs for a few moments before exhaling it all in one long moaning breath that made him throb.

He ran a finger between her labia, finding her dripping with juices, which he proceeded to lick off his hand, showing off the full length of his tongue. The effect was as desired and she drew a surprised breath. He moved up over her until his tip was touching her moist entrance. Her eyes saw the question in his face but instead of answering she lifted her hips, driving him just the tiniest bit inside. With a grin he deliberately showed his fangs as he thrust fully inside with a single motion. He had expected a whimper, but instead there came a deep relieved sigh. The feeling was exhilarating, she was warm and soft all around him. Slowly he found his rhythm, driving himself deep into her and finding the traveller a willing receptacle.

A quiver from her lips made him kiss her. Her mouth was as hungry as the rest of her, eagerly caressing his tongue with her own, but he needed more. Turning his head he completely lined up his lips with hers, forcing her to open her jaw a little wider, only to then penetrate her mouth with his almost monstrous tongue. Her breathing became laboured and as he filled her mouth his pace quickened. Her left hand came up to run her fingers through his hair, grabbing a handful to pull gently. Her other one had moved down her body to add some stimulation of her own, bumping against his shaft with her fingertips. This gave him a new rhythm, letting himself get further alongside her. Her tongue suddenly pressed against his, signifying she needed a break and as he drew out of her throat she started panting. Her body was tensing and relaxing, tension becoming longer each time and he felt himself approaching orgasm. The walls of her vagina tightened around him and they both rode out the other's release, the cave reverberating with their moans.

Lumine's hand dropped from his head and she lay exhustedly beneath him. He withdrew from her, but remembered to catch some of his cum with his fingers. This time he licked up but a drop, it was very pleasant in taste, just like she had said. As she had done to him he opened her mouth by her jaw, inserting his sticky fingers so she could lick them clean. A faint moan came from her as her soft tongue wrapped around them, his penis dripping a little more liquid onto her abdomen. "I think you have one more in you", he smirked, pulling out his fingers. "I underestimated the powers of the adepti", she whispered in mock awe, saliva coating her lips. If she had known what idea she was giving him, maybe she would have reconsidered.

Positioning himself next to her he pushed her side to make her turn over, pulling her up on all fours. It was quite a sight the way her little round butt was framing her pussy that had just started leaking his thick cum. This time she got no warning as he plunged inside, making the thick liquid drip down onto the bed. A surprised mewl came from her and she gripped onto the headboard. With one hand he reached around her until he found her clitoris with his fingers and as he started rubbing it he also started thrusting. She was more wound up now, her moans quickly growing desperate. Instead of giving her release he used something he had not dared touch in a long time. Lumine yelped as his penis grew thicker inside her, stretching her wide like she had never felt before. The combination of his fingers and his yaksha cock quickly made her shiver from an orgasm, but he knew better than to stop. His thrusts only went deeper as her desperate moans turned into whines, her body racked by the continuing orgasm. The spasms of her vagina finally finished him off as well and as he threw back his head with a primal growl he felt her hand encapsulating his, staying his fingers while releasing an almost pained cry.

For a moment they stayed that way, but then she slid off him, turning onto her back to look at the penis that had just ravaged her. Xiao let the energy go and it turned from a dark teal back to his usual skin colour and size. Her breath hitched and she looked down as his cum started spilling out of her. "There is so much", she said, a little light-headed. "There is much you don't know about me", he explained, getting up off the bed. "We made quite the mess", she mused, sitting up and examining the bed. "Usually it's much worse", he smirked, "at least there's no blood this time."




He set Lumine down gently on the balcony. "I think Paimon should be awake as well", she speculated, yawning and stretching the sleep from her body. "She's having breakfast right now", Verr Goldet came up to inform them. Xiao expected to feel embarrassed because of their earlier interaction, but it did not happen. He was so elated and relaxed, more than he had been in a thousand years. "Then we should join her", he offered, making her throw him a surprised look. The traveller eagerly leapt over the railing with her windglider and the adeptus jumped after her, showing off a bit by landing effortlessly on his feet.

Paimon sat at a table, a bowl of rice kongee and some mantou in front of her. "Heya, good morning!", she waved at them. The tables around her were sparsely occupied but for once the yaksha did not have to worry about harming these mortals with his karma. None of it had yet crept back to the surface. All the pain was only deep inside, none of it in his limbs, making him feel as weightless as a cloud. He was getting looks, most people here never having seen him, but instinctively feeling he was important. Usually this much attention would bother him, however today his shoulders felt lighter, his skin invincible and his steps powerful. With something almost like a smile he sat down, keeping the seat next to Paimon free for Lumine.

As she sat down he grabbed one of the smaller mantou in order to give them time to exchange pleasantries. The soft, almost skin-like texture parted readily as he slowly sank his teeth into it. Immediately the buttery wheat aroma filled his mouth, tickling taste buds that had gone unused for centuries. He suppressed a sigh. How could this possibly taste so good? "Soo... Lumine...? How did your hot date go?", Paimon asked, curious enough to set her kongee on the table. He took another bite, pretending he was entirely preoccupied with his food. "It was great", the blonde woman grinned, only to bring her mouth to her friend's ear and whisper, "I came like ten times." Xiao started coughing, slightly choking on the bread while his face flushed scarlet after all. "Did he...?", the white and pink pixie let her words trail off questioningly. "Oh my, I fear his ears are more sensitive than I anticipated", Lumine chuckled, not at all looking sorry.