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i used to worship at your altar

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Megumi had gone another spring unmated, spending his heats alone within the cold recess of a dorm bedroom. His heats were unusually severe, sometimes lasting up to two weeks, and his scent so strong that the school administration had prepared a separate room far from the other students. He found it unbearable to be away from the comfort of his own familiar bedroom but he stubbornly refused to move out permanently. He wanted some form of normalcy in his life and this is what he chose. Though, he’d still tote his blankets in advance as not to be completely miserable.

Gojo-sensei had given him some of his own clothes as well, to keep him sane. Megumi didn’t understand why Gojo-sensei hadn’t bitten him yet. Gojo-sensei claimed they should wait until he was a little older, that it wasn’t right, and that maybe he’d change his mind with age. This hurt Megumi yet he said nothing. He wished Gojo-sensei desired him as much as he desired Gojo-sensei but he was scared of being so demanding of the man who gave him everything but this.

And so, there he was again, in that horrible room that was too small to be a proper bedroom yet too large to keep him contained. He had made himself a little nest to lay in, lining the inside with Gojo’s laundry, an illusion of having company. Megumi ached for closeness, wanted what every omega deserved, wished Gojo-sensei was there to give him what he needed.

He's on his stomach, his hips canted up to present for an alpha that isn’t there, as he slowly pushes a dildo as thick as his wrist into his slick hole. He moans as it breaches him, the pressure pleasant. For now this would be enough but he dreaded when the need would inevitably grow into something carnal, something uncontrollable. Megumi had always wondered why some alphas said omegas were weak when he had to bear this alone every month. They’ve probably never known love, he thought.

He twists his wrist absently, wanting to just feel for a moment. He’s more sad than aroused. His heats always start this way until he’s crying into the sheets, unable to think of much else. Megumi supposes the dizziness is good to keep his mind off the complicated things, though maybe he wouldn’t have to consider any of this at all if he had his way.

An hour passes like that, Megumi simply fucking himself on his heat aid, until he’s red all the way down to his chest and his thighs are slippery with slick. He wouldn’t say it hurts, it’s more like a bottomless hunger, the frustration enough to reduce him to tears. He reaches for one of Gojo-sensei’s nearby shirts to nuzzle, panting for his alpha. Gojo-sensei’s scent clouds his senses and his mind goes to that cottony place where all he wants is to be bred.

Ah, Gojo-sensei, sensei, haaaah, sensei-,” Megumi cries out in vain.

A knock sounds on the door but Megumi is too lost to hear it, his head full of nothing but desire. The handle is shaken a couple times before the lock is broken with force. Megumi yelps in surprise, the frigid outside air flooding his senses. He feels like a wet dog doused in cold water. Megumi tries to get a hold of himself to close the door, stumbling on shaking legs, his dildo still nestled between his cheeks. He trips on his own slick covered legs, crying out for a fall that never comes.

Big warm hands hold him at the waist, a bare broad chest supports his unsteady body. The intruder smells like Itadori and yet not like him at all, more like gunpowder and incense.

“I've finally found you, Fushiguro Megumi,” the man says. His voice is deep and honeyed, fitting of an alpha of his stature. Megumi looks up to see the moonlight flitting through the shutters to just barely catch all four of the man’s eyes. Sukuna’s eyes. Megumi moves to halfheartedly pull away, loathe to escape his pleasant heat.

“You’ll fall if I let you go,” Sukuna says, amusement coloring his voice.

“What are you doing here?” Megumi spits back, attempting to be hostile but sounding bitter instead.

“I can smell you all the way from the brat’s room,” Sukuna replies simply. As if to demonstrate, he shifts one of his hands to thumb at the scent glands on Megumi’s throat. Megumi moans quietly, he hadn’t known it would feel this good to be touched by another during his heat. He leans into the touch. He's definitely forgetting something, though he can't remember what. He blinks a couple times before he notices Sukuna watching him intently.

"No real alpha would leave such a sweet omega wanting," Sukuna says, bending down to nose at Megumi’s neck. His lips just barely graze Megumi’s skin. The closeness to where his bonding bite should be startles him out of his heat induced stupor.

“Please leave,” Megumi says, pushing a hand against Sukuna’s firm chest. “I already have a mate.”

Sukuna laughs bitterly. He grabs Megumi by the jaw to force him to meet his eyes.

“You can't mean that foolish teacher? He should have his cock cut off for what he’s done,” Sukuna says, his lips curled into a snarl. “When I was whole, omegas were worshipped. This new world of weak, spineless alphas disgusts me. You are born to give us pleasure, why should we deny you? It would be the same as denying ourselves.”

Megumi feels a rush of slick drip out of him, his body encouraged by Sukuna’s words. Alpha, alpha, alpha, his heat calls out. He wants to be taken as if he were the only one who could give. He tries to piece together a compromise between his logic and his hunger, his muddled mind too slow to think.

“I see your heat has seized you,” Sukuna murmurs, releasing Megumi’s jaw to pick him up by the waist and move towards the bed. Megumi’s arms shoot out to cling to Sukuna’s neck so as not to fall, forcing his face closer to Sukuna’s glands. He tries to take light breaths but Sukuna’s spicy scent has already permeated his thoughts. He’s dizzy again, like he could faint if not for the insistent ache in him.

Sukuna lays Megumi down on his back, Megumi’s legs bracketing the muscular man. Megumi looks up with hazy eyes to see Sukuna’s face twisted into a scowl.

“What is that foul stench?” Sukuna asks, turning up his nose to find the source. Megumi recoils, his instincts berating him for upsetting the alpha. He wishes he weren’t so desperate to please but it was Sukuna who he lay under now, not Gojo-sensei.

Sukuna picks up a shirt with two claws and grimaces. "Are these his clothes? He thought he could satisfy you with this?"

Megumi can't look him in the eyes.

"We have no need for this garbage." Sukuna tears the shirt into shreds, flinging the pieces off the bed.

"Stop!" Megumi cries, weak hands grabbing at the clothes within Sukuna's grasp. He holds what little he could salvage against his chest. "Stop, please!"

Sukuna looks down at him with an expression Megumi can't read.

"Why? What do you see in him who leaves you to bear this alone?"

"He's kind to me," Megumi replies quietly. He feels small under Sukuna's gaze, Sukuna's truth.

"I can give you a thousand times over what he's given you, Fushiguro Megumi."

"It's not just about what he's given me."

"Then, what? Name it and I will make it true."

"You say that like it's easy."

Sukuna moves his hand to cradle Megumi's cheek and Megumi allows it. His eyes are soft and full of affection, more than what Megumi thinks he deserves.

"It will be if it's for your sake."

Megumi makes a heartbroken noise and pushes Sukuna's hand away.

"I can't."

Sukuna growls in frustration but doesn't lay a hand on Megumi. His scent offends Megumi more than anything, the pressure of an alpha's building rage too great for his defenseless omega. But Sukuna's anger is not meant for Megumi and never will be.

"Why? What must I do to please you?" Sukuna asks.

"You could leave."

"And what will you do? Suffer?"

Megumi doesn't reply, tears beading up at the corners of his eyes.

"I refuse to stand by idly as he disrespects you, as if your affections cost you nothing, as if you are worth less than a common whore-"

"That's-! That's not what's happening-"

"Is it not?" Sukuna takes Megumi's jaw with a trembling hand to expose his throat. "Then why are you left bare?"

"I don't know!" Megumi's voice breaks, tears running down his cheeks. "I don't know."

Sukuna looks at him and Megumi swears he can see his own pain reflected in Sukuna's eyes. He releases Megumi's face to kiss away his tears, as if letting even one drop spill to the ground would be a great sin. Megumi's grip on Gojo's clothes loosen with every touch, Sukuna's adoration too sweet to resist.

"Won't you try me, Fushiguro Megumi?" Sukuna asks, still laying kisses upon his wet lashes. "I will be for you what that man cannot."

Megumi takes a ragged breath. It’s just one heat, no one has to know.

"I won't stop you."

Sukuna smiles against his cheek.

"I vow to give you enough pleasure to wash away your pain." He mouths at Megumi's neck, careful not to bite just yet, sucking purple bruises into his skin. Megumi moans at the sensation. It's good, even the littlest of brushes feel so much after going so long without.

Sukuna runs a large palm down Megumi's front, just to touch because he can. The moon is as kind to Megumi as the sun is, each curve and point of his body well-loved by the soft light.

"You are beautiful, Fushiguro Megumi." Sukuna sounds reverent as if Megumi were a god and not the pitiful unwanted omega he really was.

A whine escapes Megumi's throat and he hates himself for it. He wishes he didn't crave this as much as he does.

"It's true, I'm sure even the blind can see how beautiful you are," Sukuna murmurs, fingers tracing Megumi's collarbones. "You were made without flaw, your scent sweet and your body divine."

Megumi goes red with embarrassment. He didn't expect such flowery words to fall for him, and certainly not from the lips of the King of Curses.

"You color just as prettily, too." Warm lips meet Megumi's even warmer cheek.

"St-stop, please." Megumi turns his face away from Sukuna's touch. "I don't need this kind of thing. Do what you came here for and leave."

Sukuna stills, resting his hands at Megumi's waist.

"I have lied to you not once since I entered this room. Must I say it again? I came here for you, Fushiguro Megumi." He appears genuine but Megumi is no fool, even if his cunt aches for an alpha that isn't his.

"And I'll say it again, you don't need to play boyfriend to fuck me. I said I won't stop you. Can't you smell how much I want it?" Megumi snaps, his irritation finally getting the best of him.

Sukuna barks a laugh, "You think I’m here just to fuck you? How long do you think I have lived? I wouldn't offer my all to just any omega no matter how sweet the scent. You are special, Fushiguro Megumi, and I intend to take you as my mate."

Megumi is at a loss for words. This is either a crude joke that has run its course or Sukuna means what he says. The latter doesn’t seem at all probable, and yet.

"You don't believe me."

"No, I don't, I'm in heat not stupid."

"I did not lie when I said you are talented," Sukuna says, reaching for Megumi's hands. He presses a kiss into each palm. "You hold power like no other. You will be the mother to my perfect world."

"I'm not going to bear your children."

"That is not at all what I meant, though I am not against the idea. One day you'll see."

Megumi watches in both confusion and curiosity as Sukuna kisses each one of his fingers. He touches each joint as if Megumi is more fragile than glass, massaging his wrists to soothe away an ache he doesn't have.

"I can't tell which is more beautiful, your hands or your face?" Sukuna thinks aloud. "And then there are these perfect tits." He thumbs at Megumi's nipples, bending to take a dusky nipple into his mouth.

"Oh! W-wait-" Megumi cries, hands flying up push Sukuna off but he doesn't budge, still suckling at his chest. Slick rushes out of his hole, the rim still clenching onto his dildo.

"Your scent is heavy here, just like a milk candy." Sukuna pinches a nipple and Megumi jolts like he’s coming, white hot pleasure shooting from the tip of his nipple to his cock. He feels something wet on his chest but it's too much to be Sukuna's saliva.

"I-Ahh-S-Sukuna, oh-" Megumi trembles, his knees shaking against Sukuna's body. He looks down to see a white pearly liquid dripping from his tits. "Oh my god."

“Did you just leak milk from your chest?” Sukuna laughs, warm and full of mirth. “Always full of surprises, you are.”

Megumi is sure he’s red from head to toe, shame adding to the dizziness of his heat.

“What- What did you do to me?”

“Nothing,” Sukuna’s amusement is written all over his face, though the scent of his arousal is heavy in the air. “I haven’t used some sort of lewd curse to make your tits milky, if that’s what you mean.”


Sukuna squeezes a nipple and milk spurts onto his cheek. He grins, wiping the milk off with a finger and bringing it to his mouth. “It’s good, tastes just like you.”

“I don’t- I don’t know why this is happening,” Megumi says, tears dripping from his eyes. It must be his heat that’s making him so emotional. Nothing makes sense—Gojo-sensei isn’t here, he’s going to have sex with Sukuna, and now there’s milk coming out of his nipples.

“Why do you weep? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, many alphas would kill for an omega with leaky tits.” Sukuna mouths at a nipple, his hand cupping the bottom of Megumi’s chest to demonstrate. Megumi gasps at the tingle of his milk leaving his breast. Sukuna greedily slurps it up, licking at the tender parts of his chest to catch any drops that might’ve run astray.

“Does it hurt?” Sukuna asks, already moving for Megumi’s other nipple.

“No.. I just-” Megumi wipes at his eyes, feeling pathetic that even Sukuna is concerned about his well-being. “It’s weird? I’m not- I’m not pregnant.”

“Is it pleasant when I suck at your nipples like this?”

Megumi flushes but nods anyway.

“Then I don’t see what the fuss is about. You’ll only show me this, won’t you?”

“That’s not- I never agreed to be your mate.”

“That’s no issue. I'll just have to prove myself to you,” Sukuna says before latching on to Megumi’s unmilked tit. He tongues the tip as he sucks and soon milk floods into his mouth. His other hand squeezes at Megumi’s chest, the pressure firm and yet just right. Sukuna’s hold on him warms some part of Megumi’s omega needs, the closeness everything he wanted after being alone all night. Megumi presses against Sukuna’s hands and more milk dribbles out onto his skin. Sukuna moves to lick up his chest, even mouthing at the start of his ribs, not wasting a single drop.

“Look, we can be good to one another,” Sukuna murmurs. He looks down at his work, Megumi’s nipples swollen and shiny with milk and saliva. “Beautiful.”

“Hurry up and fuck me,” Megumi says, squirming under Sukuna’s gaze. “Please.”

“Very well, I’ve been wanting to taste your soaking cunt. Did you know, I can smell you every time your slick leaks out?”

Megumi is mortified.

“You didn’t have to tell me.”

“No, I suppose I didn’t but you’re pretty when you’re embarrassed, even if I look forward to the day you see yourself for the blessing that you are.” Sukuna gets on his haunches and runs his knuckles against the length of Megumi’s cock. “A pretty cock for a pretty boy.”

Mmph! Please,” Megumi begs, lightly bucking his hips at the touch. Precome beads at the tip, dripping steadily to match the slick on his thighs.

“A little easy with some encouragement, aren’t you?”

Megumi chooses to ignore him. It’s not his fault he’s this way, and Sukuna definitely likes it.

Sukuna slides his hands down to Megumi’s hips, snaking a hand between his asscheeks. “You’ve been obediently holding onto this,” he says before pulling the dildo out with a wet squelch.

Megumi moans at the pull, his slick squirting out onto the bedding. Sukuna brings his fingers to Megumi’s entrance, pushing in slowly. His hole opens up easily, sucking hotly at Sukuna’s fingers. Sukuna pumps his fingers a couple times, bending them to rub at Megumi’s walls.

“Your cunt feels better than a mouth,” Sukuna praises, scissoring his fingers. “You are perfect and yet that man denies you.”

Megumi has had enough of Sukuna prodding at his wounded pride, whether the man is doing it knowingly or not. He sits up to grab Sukuna’s wrist and pulls his hand out of his hole. Sukuna lets him and watches as Megumi flips himself over. Megumi lifts his hips, careful not to lay too heavily on his sore tits. He spreads his legs to present his slick hole, winking the furl of his rim at Sukuna.

“Won’t you give me what you promised?” Megumi asks, pulling at a cheek to provide a better view. Sukuna’s desire is thick in the air and in turn, Megumi gets wetter. His cunt drips onto the bed, a string of slick connecting the two as his mess pools underneath him.

“And here I thought I was the one doing the tempting, Fushiguro Megumi.” Sukuna’s hands come to grip Megumi’s legs, each hand almost encircling the entire width of his thighs. Megumi moans as Sukuna licks a hot stripe down Megumi’s hole, leaking more slick to drip down his perineum.

“I could drink from you all day. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Megumi sobs in reply, his body already weak to Sukuna’s tongue. He wants to melt in this sweet pleasure, hot and heady. He’s sure that he wouldn’t be able to support his own hips were it not for Sukuna’s grip on his thighs.

Sukuna sucks at the rim of his hole before plunging his tongue inside. It feels almost impossibly long, swirling around to lick at every crevice of Megumi’s guts. Sukuna’s slurps at his slick and with what little lucidity Megumi has, he fears that he might squirt all over Sukuna’s face. Sukuna flicks his tongue inside of him and Megumi cries wetly. His fear comes true, slick noisily spurting out of his cunt.

Ahh-! Plea-nnh! S-Sukuna, I’m coming- I’m coming, please-” Megumi babbles, his body trembling within Sukuna’s hold. Sukuna doesn’t pull out, still tonguing at Megumi’s hole, and brings a hand to pump at Megumi’s cock.

“No- W-wait!” Megumi gasps, pushing his ass against Sukuna’s face. “Oh- I’m-” He jerks with a wordless cry, come shooting out of his cock to paint his tits.

Sukuna continues milking Megumi’s cock, making his come splatter all over his chest and bedding. Slick rushes out of him and Megumi drunkenly worries that he’s drowned the man. Sukuna seems unperturbed and continues to eat him out despite all his shaking.

“What-” He chokes at the touch of Sukuna’s tongue pushing down on his prostate. “Ah! H-how are you-?” Megumi tries to free himself from Sukuna’s grasp, the pleasure nothing like he’s ever felt before. He’s sure his teeth are chattering from the sensation, heat building in his abdomen to come again.

Sukuna’s tongue splits into two to scissor at Megumi’s sopping hole and Megumi arches his back to come again. He gasps for air from a breath he didn’t realize he was holding, his cock squirting like it’s the first time, his hole spasming around Sukuna’s forked tongue.

Haah- S-Sukuna- Please, please, please- Oooh!” Megumi shakes and shakes, crying as he leaks. Sukuna withdraws his tongue to lap at his twitching hole before letting go. Megumi almost falls into his mess, lying bow-legged with his cunt open in the air. He moans brokenly, too pleasured to string together any words.

“Aren’t you a pretty little thing,” Sukuna says, wiping the slick off of his wet chin. His voice is rough with arousal. “Have I sated the ache within you?” He thumbs at Megumi’s hole, pulling at the surrounding skin to reveal the pink inside. Megumi whines and uses what little strength he has to cant his hips back to a more proper position.

“Please, alpha, please,” Megumi asks, drooling a little. He feels so good but he still hasn’t been knotted yet. He’s sure Sukuna’s cock will be more than enough, especially after what his tongue can do.

“You don’t have to ask twice.” Sukuna makes quick work of his clothes, eager to finally give what he came for. He taps the tip of his cock against Megumi’s crack, sliding it around in Megumi’s slick.

“Oh,” Megumi breathes, even from the touch of Sukuna’s cock he can tell it’s thick, probably bigger than both of his wrists combined. Megumi’s never taken something so big before but he isn’t discouraged, ever a determined boy. He tries to crane his head around to look at Sukuna's cock. He can’t see much from where he is but Sukuna grins back at him knowingly.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise. I said I would give you pleasure, not pain,” Sukuna assures him. Megumi’s not sure why because he just wants Sukuna to shove it in him already.


“Alright, princess.” The head of Sukuna’s cock pops in smoothly, Megumi’s cunt drawing him in hungrily. Megumi moans at the breach, Sukuna’s cock is as fat as he expected, stretching him like nothing else. His cheeks feel like they’re being split into two, his hole accommodating the intrusion by leaking more slick.

Sukuna groans and shallowly thrusts his hips. “I’d have burned down entire kingdoms for this,” he says, pushing his cock in deeper, “No, I will burn down entire kingdoms for this if you desire it.”

Megumi wants to say he doesn’t need something so destructive but he can’t do much but stupidly drool into his pillow. Sukuna’s cock feels endless, longer than his entire forearm. The push is maddening, pressing against every part of his insides. Megumi’s cock spills like he’s pissing, his precome made plenty by how full Sukuna fills him. His head feels full of cotton, every inch of Sukuna emptying out his mind.

Sukuna keeps pushing until the base of his cock is flush to Megumi’s ass. “Is it good, darling?”

Megumi feels more slick leak from him, the whole of his body mixed up from being called darling. He’d done nothing to deserve such sweet words and yet he continues to receive. Why? Megumi doesn’t ask, only whining in reply, still breathless from the sheer girth of Sukuna’s cock.

“You still smell heavenly, I’ll never tire of your scent.” Sukuna bends down to kiss his nape. Megumi nuzzles against him, his warmth filling Megumi’s heart, too.

“I’m going to move now,” Sukuna says, his hands coming to hold Megumi’s hips firmly.

“W-Wait-” Megumi manages, he thinks he might die from pleasure if Sukuna moves.

“You have nothing to fear. I will take care of you, Fushiguro Megumi,” Sukuna says calmly before snapping his hips roughly.

AH!” Megumi wails and comes again messily. He has no chance to react, Sukuna maintaining a bruising pace. His grip is firm, holding Megumi still despite all his quivering. Sukuna’s balls smack wetly against the back of Megumi’s thighs, splattering Megumi’s slick between them. Megumi lets out little punched out cries as Sukuna fucks into him like a rag doll, his body limp in his hold.

“S-slower- p-please- S-Sukuna, pl-please-” Megumi begs, still coming down from his orgasm.

“Really? I think you like this better, darling,” Sukuna coos, angling his cock to drag the curve against Megumi’s prostate.

Megumi’s mouth hangs in an open mouthed scream. He’s not ready to come again just yet but his own slick floods his insides, unable to get past Sukuna’s thick cock. His knuckles are white with pressure, his nails digging sharply into his palms as he shakes.

“Though this won’t do, you’ll hurt your hands at this rate.” Sukuna slows to slip a hand underneath Megumi’s wrists and heals the red crescents he’s dug into himself. The feeling of that is strangely pleasant too, and Megumi’s cock jumps between his legs. Sukuna chuckles. “Maybe the pain is good for you if you have such a reaction to my healing.”

Sukuna turns his thrusts long and easy, and Megumi thinks he might’ve made a mistake, his sensitive insides now able to map out every ridge and vein of Sukuna’s cock.

“Sukuna-! Ah!

"You cry so sweetly, Fushiguro Megumi." Sukuna mouths at the line of Megumi's spine, sucking marks at every ridge of his bones. "It pleases me to hear you call my name."

Megumi truly feels the burn then, his alpha’s praise and blatant desire fulfill him beyond his physical needs. He couldn’t bring himself to think about all his doubts from before. Just for this moment, he’s content with taking what he is given and Sukuna, contrary to all his history, knows how to give. Megumi had forgotten what it was like to be wanted, though now he wasn’t sure if he had ever even known at all.

"I want-" Megumi pants, pushing back onto Sukuna despite his oversensitivity.

"What do you want, darling? Ask of me anything."

Mmmh, your knot, please, I want it,”

Sukuna groans and grinds into Megumi as deep as he can go. “Darling, you stir me up more than you know.”

“You promised-”

“I did, I did,” Sukuna reassures him, rubbing a hand at Megumi’s lower back. “Will you give me one more? You’re still so tight.”

“I don’t- I don’t think I can right now.”

“You can, I’ll make sure of it.” Sukuna speaks so tenderly Megumi almost forgets what he’s trying to convince him to do. Before Megumi can protest, Sukuna wraps a hand around his cock. Megumi wouldn't say he was particularly lacking but Sukuna’s hand is large enough to engulf his entire length. He’d been too preoccupied before to realize just how small he was compared to Sukuna.

“You’ll like this.”

“What- Oh!” Sukuna’s formed a mouth at the palm of his hand, it’s tongue just as hot and wet as Sukuna’s own. Megumi basks in the warmth, languidly rutting into Sukuna’s hand. “Is- Is that what that’s for?”

Sukuna laughs heartily and Megumi drips more precome. “No, but it can be if you wish. When we’re like this, I exist for your pleasure as yours is mine.”

Megumi can’t find the words to express how he’s feeling. Sukuna is being awfully considerate and his previous declaration echoes in Megumi’s mind. "I intend to take you as my mate." Would he give Megumi this every time he asked?

“We’ll have time to discuss the workings of my biology later, just focus on this, darling.” The tongue of his hand comes to twist around Megumi’s cock. It pokes at Megumi’s urethra, dipping in just as much as it’s allowed. Megumi writhes against Sukuna but his grip is steady, holding him flush against his cock while he licks at his precome.

“Sukuna,” Megumi gasps wetly. Everytime he thinks he’s had the best, Sukuna brings him more.

“That’s it, you’re so sweet. Won’t you come for me?” Sukuna takes Megumi’s cock into his mouth and sucks, his thrusts pushing Megumi further into the liquid heat.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming-AH!” Megumi comes deep, Sukuna’s tongue lapping up all of him.

“Good boy, perfect in every way.” Sukuna withdraws his hand from Megumi’s cock. He shallowly thrusts into Megumi’s twitching hole, waiting for Megumi’s trembling to calm.

“Sukuna. Knot please, I- I did as you asked.”

“I was just waiting for you to loosen up, princess.” Sukuna brings his fingers to Megumi’s stretched rim, prodding gently. He slips in a finger next to his cock, the both of them moaning at the intrusion. Sukuna slowly rocks his hips, waiting for Megumi’s body to adjust. Soon he’s able to slip in two more fingers. Megumi can’t stand any of it. The burn of his heat is at its height, his skin on fire where Sukuna isn’t touching, his mind spinning with desire.

“Please, I can’t- I can’t wait anymore,” Megumi sobs, drawing blood from his own hands again.

Sukuna withdraws his fingers and slick rushes out of Megumi’s hole. He cries out, trying to clench down futilely on Sukuna’s cock. He’s a little too stretched out, his insides aching for a knot. He wants to push back onto Sukuna but firm hands hold him still. Megumi doesn’t understand why the man is suddenly denying him.

“Why- Why won’t you give it to me?”

Sukuna doesn’t answer. He strokes idly at Megumi’s sides as if deep in thought.

“Won’t you be mine, Fushiguro Megumi?”

Megumi ignores him and attempts to fuck himself on Sukuna’s cock with no avail. He makes a frustrated noise, whipping his head back to look at Sukuna. “If I say no?”

“I will still give you what you are owed. I am not a man who breaks his vows.”

“Show me first. Please,” Megumi says. He’s being selfish but he doesn’t care.

“You’re always so well mannered despite your thorns,” Sukuna smells a bit dejected though his tone still carries his affection. “Very well, you may have me.” He pulls out to hit Megumi’s prostate with the wide head of his cock.

Ah! I thought- You said-!” Megumi gasps.

“I need a bit of encouragement to knot you,” Sukuna says and Megumi is sure that’s the first lie he’s told, if everything else has been true.

Sukuna batters his prostate, pushing precome out of Megumi’s cock with every thrust. He plants kisses at the curve of Megumi's neck like a worshipper at the altar, careful to cover every expanse of skin with his violet offerings. His hands form mouths at the palms of each and he brings them around to lap at Megumi's swollen tits.

"Sukuna!" Megumi cries as he trembles under Sukuna's loving administrations. It's too much and yet it's just right. Sukuna's alpha pheromones run heavy enough to penetrate Megumi's heart, his adoration reaching the core of Megumi’s soul.

“Ask me to bite you,” Sukuna says, and it sounds as close to begging as the man could get.

Tears run down Megumi’s face. He had made promises but this is so much sweeter, kinder, lovelier. How many more nights would he have to spend without? He’d be a fool to let go of Sukuna who spoils him the way he wants to be spoiled, even if he doesn’t deserve a single ounce of it.

“Ask me to bite you,” Sukuna tries again, kissing at his tears. “I swear to be an alpha worthy of your affections, Fushiguro Megumi."

“Okay-” Megumi’s voice breaks, there’s something bitter in this too but it will be worth his suffering.

“Say it so we know it’s true.”

“Bite me, please.” It comes out as a gasped whisper, a secret between lovers, though his scent will soon change with time, mixing to spill their truths.

“I vow you will not regret it.” Sukuna’s teeth are on his skin before he knows it, biting down to lay his claim.

Megumi chokes on a scream, white hot pleasure shooting through his body, sparks dancing behind his eyelids. His cock squirts without running dry and milk bursts from his chest into the waiting mouths of Sukuna's palms.

"My blessing, my treasure, my lovely mate," Sukuna chants into Megumi's ear, nursing the wound of their mating mark.

Sukuna’s knot swells inside of him, stamping out the scorch of his heat. He comes deep inside, molten and thick, sticking to Megumi's guts like milky tar.

“Good boy, you take me so well,” Sukuna says, rubbing tenderly at Megumi’s asscheek. Megumi whines in reply. His alpha is pleased with him, all of Megumi’s waiting coming to fruition. He wants to stay like this, mindless and warming his alpha’s cock, not a worry in his head.

"Feel us," he says, unwinding one of Megumi's clenched hands to bring it to his swollen stomach. Sukuna pistons his hips as much as Megumi's tight cunt will allow.

"Ah! Alpha-" Megumi jerks to come again at the feeling of Sukuna's cock poking through his stomach. He's so full and wet—slick, come, and milk dripping from his body. Even he can smell his own scent, sweet and intoxicating.

"Yes, I am yours, your alpha, and you are finally mine." Sukuna sounds a little breathless and Megumi's omega swells in pride to bring such pleasure to his mate.


"Yes, does it displease you?" Sukune rubs at the skin around his bite, almost as if he is considering erasing it at Megumi's command.

"N-no, Sukuna good mate." Megumi leans into Sukuna's touch, his eyes closed in bliss.

Sukuna groans, his cock pulsing inside of Megumi. He smells as if he just came but he's in deep enough that Megumi can't feel his spill.

"One day I hope you will give me the whole of your heart as well," Sukuna murmurs, almost like a prayer.

Megumi doesn't understand what his alpha speaks of. Why does he sound so sad when Megumi is so full and happy?

"Megumi is here," he says, taking one of Sukuna's hands to kiss the lips of his palm. "Mate is sad?"

Sukuna pauses, watching Megumi lay tender kisses into his hand. "No, I'm quite content, my darling." He presses a kiss to Megumi's brow. "Once this has gone down, will you bite me in return?"

Megumi makes a confused noise. His mate is strong but also strange. It wouldn't do anything but injure if an omega bit an alpha.

"I want to wear yours as you wear mine," Sukuna says, running a thumb at the seam of Megumi's lips. "Will you give me the honor?"

"Yes," Megumi replies, sealing his vow with a kiss.