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Mom, are you a lesbian ?

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“Caroline, wake up!” Cassidy said into her sister’s hear. Caroline opened two sleepy eyes. “I think Andy’s here.” Cassidy whispered excitedly. Her sister groaned.

“What’s so new about that?” She asked already turning her body and trying to find a comfortable position to fall back into a peaceful sleep. She was having a great dream about a ton of waffles, and she would like to go back to it.

“She’s in mom’s bedroom.” Cassidy said and Caroline opened her eyes immediately. Well, that was interesting. It had been months (okay maybe only two) since her mom and Andy started dating, officially this time. Those two months were filled with movie and pizza nights with all of them together and a lot of other evenings just their mom and Andy having dinner outside (their mom had decided that Andrea was worth every gossip on page six and if that wasn’t love Caroline didn’t know what love was). Every time their mom went home after one of those evenings, she had a silly smile and a dreamy look on her face. It was after one of those nights that Caroline and Cassidy got their Nintendo Ds back. But still, Andrea never stayed the night and Caroline was beginning to worry. Not that she absolutely wanted her mom to have a sex life (that was disgusting thank you very much), but she was worried that Andrea would soon lose interest in their dear mother. “They’re taking their time.” Cassidy once said, when Caroline had expressed her concern. Well, Caroline didn’t have time to deal with a heartbroken mother, so Andy staying the night was sincerely a relief.

“You know Andy, I’m sure she’s going to go to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Do you want to wait there and make fun of her?”

Andrea was always hilarious when embarrassed and Caroline was sure that some of the cookies that Andrea brought a few days ago were still there, so she agreed without hesitation.

As expected, ten minutes later, soft steps could be heard from the stairs. Caroline exchanged a malicious glance with her sister, her mouth full of chocolate cookies.

“Hi Andy!” Cassidy exclaimed as soon as Andrea entered the kitchen. She jumped so high she almost lost her balance. Caroline noticed that she was wearing a silk nightgown a little bit too short for her and her hair was a mess.

“I thought you were asleep.” Andrea said one hand on her heart. “I should have known better.” She finally chuckled. She opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water.

“So, I bet that date night went well.” Cassidy said, wiggling her eyebrows. Andrea’s face turned red, and she pulled at the nightgown self-consciously.

“Oh yes very well, we had a nice dinner and then we went home to have coffee and…” Andy hesitated an instant “you know it was late, so your mom offered me to stay the night…” She trailed off, not sounding convincing at all. She must have realized it because she frowned slightly.

“Yes sure, it was late of course.” Caroline giggled; Andrea’s frown deepened.

“I hope Patricia isn’t too mad that you stole her place in mom’s bed.” Cassidy said cheekily. If it was possible, Andy’s cheeks reddened.

“I am afraid that Patricia will have to accommodate from now on.” Their mom said entering the kitchen. She could be very quiet when she wanted to. She was wearing a grey robe over her nightgown and Andrea looked at the robe with envy, pulling once again on her borrowed nightgown. Their mom placed her hand on Andrea’s lower back and the latter finally stilled her movements.

“I went down to see what was taking you so long to simply bring up some water, and I see that you have met my lovely daughters on your way.” Their mom said with a little smile and Caroline knew they weren’t in trouble to be up so late, but then their mom’s eyes fell on Cassidy’s right hand and Caroline wasn’t so sure about that anymore “and some cookies.” She drawled with pinched lips and squinted eyes. Cassidy gulped loudly.

“We only ate one each!” Cassidy tried to defend herself, but their mom picked up the empty bag of cookies with a pointed look.

“Well, maybe two…” Cassidy mumbled.

“You didn’t even leave me one!” Andrea exclaimed looking scandalized.

Their mom rolled her eyes. “You are seriously worse than the two of them Andrea. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the three of you.” She said trying to sound annoyed, but Caroline saw right through her. “Oh, come on, mom you love it don’t try to pretend otherwise.”

Miranda’s face softened and she looked at the three people in her kitchen with a tender look. “Yes, yes it’s true.” She whispered and placed a soft kiss on Andrea’s lips and then another, to the greatest dismay of both Caroline and Cassidy.

“Eww, stop kissing please.” Cassidy yelled hiding her eyes behind her hands.

“Well, that’s what you get for wandering the kitchen late at night.” Their mom teased, her right arm around Andrea’s waist. Andrea stuck out her tongue at them.

“Fine, fine, we’re going back to bed, no need to traumatize us for life.” Cassidy said, jumping from the stool.

“Thank you for the cookies Andy and see you at breakfast?” Caroline asked hopefully.

“Yes, I’ll see you at breakfast and we can have French toast.” Andy said enthusiastically.

“You know how to make French toast?” Their mom asked Andy with a perplex look.

“I don’t, but you do.” Andrea answered with a malicious grin.

“I am starting to regret my decision to pursue you, Andrea.” Their mother groaned.

Caroline left the kitchen beaming like the sun, accompanied by the happy laughter of Andrea. She wondered an instant if she should have mentioned the huge hickey on Andrea’s throat (gross). Probably not, her mom would be pissed if she knew Caroline was aware of what a hickey was in the first place.

Three years later:

Cassidy really didn’t mean to be snooping around, but she seriously had to know if Lola’s date with Mike went well, and she couldn’t do that without a phone.

She rounded her mother’s desk with apprehension. When she was about to open the first drawer her eyes fell on the frame that occupied the place of honor on the table. Nigel had offered it to her mom for Christmas last year. With a smile, she carefully picked it up. It was a lovely family picture. She was the only one who was looking at the camera, Caroline was pointing at something with her finger and Andrea’s eyes were focused on her, but her mom’s were entirely glued to Andrea. She looked like a lovesick fool, and she was beautiful.

Feeling slightly guilty, she put back the frame and opened one of the drawers. She knew she shouldn’t be digging once again into her mother’s stuff, but it was not entirely her fault. If her mother wasn’t so strict, she wouldn’t be there putting her nose into her things. Confiscating her phone for just one beer was highly exaggerated. Some of her friends in Europe had beers all the time. “Yes, but as you can see Cassidy, we’re not in Europe.” Cassidy mimicked while opening a second drawer. “It starts with a beer and ends in a coma.” She continued rolling her eyes.

Suddenly Cassidy froze. What was that? She took out of the drawer a small box. Oooh Cartier. Curiosity got the better of her and she slowly opened it. Inside laid on a soft cushion was a simple but beautiful ring with a single diamond. Cassidy’s eyes went wild when she realized that it was an engagement ring. Inside the band were engraved the words “To A. from M.” Cassidy laughed happily; her mom could be such a softie.

She carefully replaced the box inside the drawer and left the study, her phone completely forgotten.

She quickly entered Caroline’s room. “My dear sister, I have found something really interesting into mom’s office.”

Caroline raised worried eyes to her, and Cassidy burst out laughing.

The End.