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The scandal

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Camilla and her sister Annabel were doing shopping, they had already a lot of bags in their arms, they bought some new clothes and some new sexy lingerie and Camilla could not wait to show Charles what she had bought. The two sisters were deciding where to have lunch when Annabel spotted a newspaper with Charles and Camilla's face on it and she immediately went to grab it, she quickly read the front page and paid for it, then went back to Camilla who was looking curiously to her sister who wasn't usually a fan of gossip magazines.

"Camilla, you have to look at this" - Annabel showed her sister the paper and Camilla's eyes widened in shock, her face was in the paper and the world mistress was written above it in capital letters.

"Oh my God, we need to go home" - Camilla hurried towards her car, she could not believe it, how could have they got that conversation? she was shocked and worried and thousands of thoughts were running through her minds, but for now she just wanted to go home and she hoped no one would recognize her. Once in the car, Annabel looked at Camilla worried.

"What is happening? Is this a true conversation? Did they eavesdrop on one of your conversation with Charles?" - Annabel had many questions, she knew her sister was having an affair with the Prince of Wales and she knew that things started to be a bit difficult for them after the book about Diana's life was published, but this was completely different, now everyone had the evidence of their relationship, they could not deny anything anymore and Annabel was really worried about Camilla, about her reputation and about what will now happen.

"I don't know how they got it, this is a catastrophe. I can not believe it, damn it!" - Camilla was shaking, she did not know what to think, all she could see were the words mistress and sex talk that she read in the magazine. This was a disaster, of that she was sure.

"So is it a true conversation?" - Camilla nodded slightly.

"Oh God" - Annabel looked back at the paper, opening it and reading it, she could not believe what she was seeing, the conversation was surely intimate and sexual and she was entirely positive that it will cause a big scandal.

"What are you going to do?" - they were almost home and all Camilla wanted, for now, was a cigarette and a glass of whiskey.

"I don't know" - when they finally arrived home, Camilla took the newspaper and read it carefully, she sat on the sofa and sobbed. Annabel sat next to her placing a hand on her back and stroking it softly, trying to comfort her.

"I know it will be hard, but I am here for you, you are not alone" - Camilla was grateful to have her sister and to still be loved, but she could not stop thinking about her children and her husband, it will be embarrassing for them too and she never wanted this to happen, she never wanted to hurt them and for sure she did not want Laura and Tom to read anything about her and Charles. She knew how paparazzi worked and from now on they would start to follow her and harass her for information and pictures and she was worried they would follow her children too and she could not stand it. She felt ashamed, desperate, worried, violated, and angry, that was a private conversation and they did not have any right to invade their privacy and to publish it in every paper.

"I think you should call Charles" - Annabel knew that probably the only one who could really know what Camilla was going through was Charles and she needed his support and his love. Camilla closed her eyes, Charles was going to be so angry about this she thought, this would ruin his reputation, his public image and people surely won't leave him alone and speculate even more about their relationship and his marriage and she feared what people will think about them and what his family will think about this. Camilla sighed, she knew she had to call him, but she did not know what to say to him, she did not know if she was ready to face this scandal, she did not know if she wanted to know what Charles thought about it. Camilla had tears in her eyes, for the first time in her life she did not know what to do, did she wanted to continue her relationship with Charles or did she wanted to try to repair some damage and leave him? Of course in her heart, she knew she loved him more than anything and that she wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with him, but they could never be a couple and leaving now maybe would spare them from more pain.

"I..." - at that moment the phone rang loud in the house, the two sisters looked at each other before Camilla stood up and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" - Camilla's voice sounded unsure and shaking.

"Darling, are you ok?" - Charles at the other end of the line had heard her trembling voice and was worried.

"Did you see the papers?" - he had hoped to reach her before she could see the magazines to warn her, but he had apparently failed.

"Yes" - Camilla's voice break and so did Charles' heart hearing her voice so weak and unsure.

"Darling, I think we should meet to talk about this and about what will happen. I will be at Highgrove tomorrow, could you meet me at 10?" - Charles just wanted to take her in his arms and never let her go, he just wanted to comfort her and told her how much he loved her and how much she meant to him and that this scandal will not change anything between them, but he did not want to talk about this over the phone, because clearly it wasn't safe and he did not want to have other conversations printed on paper.

"I'll be there" - Camilla wanted to say more, but she could not trust her voice, she had too many thoughts to think properly she was too shocked, it was all too fresh to think clearly and she knew that if she started talking she will cry, and she did not want Charles to hear her cry, she did not want to hurt him even more.

"Camilla, I... I love you darling" - Charles had tears in his eyes too by now, she sounded so weak and insecure, he knew he had hurt her and he had never wanted it, he had never wanted to put her in this awful position. He just hoped she still loved him and was ready to fight for their love, because he certainly wasn't ready or willing to give up on her.

"I love you too" - Camilla smiled, now she knew he wasn't angry with her, and a little hope began to form in her heart. Charles was still worried, but his heart lifted a bit, and he had to smile hearing those words.

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The next morning Camilla woke up feeling nauseous, she had not slept much and she had a headache, she had spent most of the night reading the paper again and again and crying, now she had to face Charles and she did not know if she was ready. She went to the kitchen to have some breakfast, but she wasn't hungry so she decided to just have some tea, then she got prepared and drive to Highgrove. In the car, she raises the volume of the music to relax and to stop thinking about the meeting and the magazine, she sighed, not thinking about the papers or the future will be difficult, impossible even since all the world will talk about this. Meanwhile at Highgrove Charles was walking up and down the living room thinking about the meeting, he hoped Camilla still loved him and still wanted to be with him, he did not know what he will do if she left him, he did not want to think about it, because it hurts too much, he knew he could face everything if Camilla was on his side if he had her he could do anything, but if he loses her he would be lost, he loved her too much to let her go and he hoped Camilla was ready to fight with him, fight for their love and their relationship. When Camilla arrived, she took a deep sighed and exit the car, Charles was waiting for her at the entrance of the house and he looked quite tired and sad, but when their eyes met both of them smiled, they were always happier when they were together.

"Hi, darling" - the couple stood in the entrance for a minute, looking at each other nervously but smiling.

"Hi" - Camilla answered in just a whisper, she felt so tired and tense. Charles could see the dark circles under her eyes, he knew she had cried and not sleep last night and he felt guilty, he knew it was only his fault if she had cried and if she was hurt.

"We should go inside" - Charles put his hand on Camilla's back and guided her inside the house, and in the living room, the fire was lit and hot tea with biscuits were waiting for them. Once they sat on the sofa, Charles stroked Camilla's cheek sweetly, looking at her with a loving and hopeful gaze.

"How are you, my darling?" - he was worried, she did not look like herself, she looked scared, worried and tired and his eyes burned with the thought of him being the reason, he never wanted to humiliate or damaged her, he hoped she knew.

"I am fine" - Charles looked at her not convinced, he knew she wasn't fine and he wanted to comfort her, so he did what he had thought of doing all night and all morning, he kissed her slowly and gently, trying to tell her how much he loved her.

"I am sorry, darling. I know it is all my fault, I never wanted to put you through all this" - Charles had tears in his eyes and he could not look at her anymore, he could not even think about the possibility of her leaving him.

"I am good at nothing, I am a terrible husband, a bad father, a bad prince and I am not good for you. I know you don't like public attention, I know this is a nightmare and it's all my fault. I am an idiot, I am so sorry" - Charles was crying and Camilla realized he wasn't angry, he was tired and looked defeated and all she wanted was to comfort him and to tell him that everything will be better.

"Oh darling, no no this is not your fault... listen to me. I love you, darling. We will get through this together, I promise" - Charles looked at Camilla in the eyes, she said she loved him, she said they were going to go through everything together, he smiled, he felt relieved and suddenly he felt like he could face all the insults, all the hatred and he was happy. He took Camilla in his arms, hugged her tight and kissed her hair, then he looked back into her eyes, stroking her cheek.

“I can understand if you want to leave me, I would not blame you. I know you don’t like all this attention, I know you never wanted this. I am so sorry darling, I failed you” - Charles did not want to think about not having her anymore, not only as his lover and partner but also as his friend. Because Camilla was first of all his best friend, the only person who understood him, the only one he could trust, talk to and love without fear of being laugh at or judge.

“I am never going to leave you, I am always going to be here as long as you want me to. We promise each other that this time we would fight, that we won’t leave each other" - I won’t leave him, Camilla thought, she had made up her mind, she would fight, fight for him. She wanted to be with him forever and as long as Charles wanted the same she would be there to support him and be there for him, because if there was something that Charles needed in his life, now more than ever, was love and support.

"Thank you, my love, you are truly wonderful. I love you so much my darling" - he kissed her passionately and Camilla smiled in the kiss. They had each other and that was the most important thing.

"I love you too and I don’t care what they will say, our love is stronger than anything they’ll throw at us" - Charles smiled again, he would never get tired of hearing those three words spoken by her mouth.

"I promise you, we are going to get through this, I am going to fight for you and we will be together. I promise my love, one day we will be a couple" - Camilla nodded, she was relieved to know that things between them were better than ever, but she was still worried about the future and about what this scandal will mean for them.

"What are we going to do?" - Camilla sat back on the sofa and Charles followed her placing a hand on her back and stroking it reassuringly.

"I still don't know. We have to wait and see the reaction of the public and the press, but I don't care, Camilla, all I care about is you and if you are with me then I am happy and I don't care what they say about me, but I am worried about you. I don't want you to get harassed and I don't want to hurt you. I just wish they could leave you alone, but I know they won’t. But I’ll do my best to protect you, my love" - Charles knew now that Camilla wasn't accusing him of being responsible, but he still felt that it all happened because of him and he wanted to make sure that Camilla knew she was his priority and he wanted to protect her, fight for her and never let her go. Camilla nodded and kissed Charles again, more passionately this time, when she broke the kiss Charles had a happy smile.

"Can I have another kiss?" - Charles smiled and Camilla happily obliged. The kiss became deeper, more passionate and more intense. They both knew their situation was unsure, difficult and complicated, but they had each other and they did not care about what the public will say, what the Royal Family will say or what the press will say. They loved each other, they were happy with each other and leaving without the other was surely worse than what they'll have to face now and they knew it, because they had tried to leave separate, but it never worked and never will. Charles took Camilla in his arms and brought her into his bedroom, she laughed and kissed his neck softly.

"I love you my prince" - Camilla breathed in Charles' neck and kissed him again. Charles smiled, he felt so lucky to have her. Once in the bedroom, he placed her gently on his bed and kissed her mouth lightly.

"I love you too, my darling. You are the love of my life, and I will never leave you, never" - he kissed her again with passion, love and lust, and the couple forgot everything that was going on outside that bedroom. At least for a couple of hours, they forgot every concern, every trouble and every obstacle they will have to overcome to be together.

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Charles and Camilla were naked in bed, kissing and caressing each other. Camilla was resting her head on Charles' chest and was stroking it gently, while Charles was stroking Camilla's back with devotion. They were happy and after the awful day, they had yesterday this was exactly what they needed, love, affection and each other.

"I love you, my darling, you make me so happy" - Charles smiled kissing Camilla deeply. He could never get enough of her, her kisses were like heaven. She made him feel loved and she was the only person in the world who accepted him as he was, who supported him no matter what and with her Charles did not feel pressured into being perfect, he did not feel like he needed to be the Prince of Wales, with Camilla he could be only Charles.

"You made me very happy too, when I am with you everything is perfect" - Camilla stroked Charles' cheek gently and kissed him passionately.

"You are perfect, darling and I can't live without you" - Camilla smiled, Charles was always so sweet and romantic, it always melted her heart every time he said something so nice and full of love. People were wrong about Charles, everyone pictured him as a cold man, without a heart, without the ability to love or to care for anyone, but Charles was the opposite, he was always so affectionate and caring. He always made sure she was happy and he never failed to show her how much she meant for him and how much he cared for her. Camilla felt like the most adored and lucky woman on earth, every time Charles looked at her and kissed her with so much love and passion it was unmistakable how much he loved her.

"I can't live without you either, love" - Camilla kissed Charles again, trying to show him all the love she had for him.

"We could run away, from my family and all those paparazzi" - Charles stroked Camilla's arm and looked at her with a smile.

"We can not run away, what about our children?" - Camilla laughed and gave Charles a long kiss.

"We will find a solution, you'll see. Don't worry, at least not now, we will start worrying from tomorrow" - Camilla was not sure they will be able to find a solution or overcome this obstacle, but she knew how difficult it was for Charles to see the light side of life and she wanted him to think positive and be happy, that's what she always wanted, the only thing she ever wanted, for her sweet and loving prince to be happy.

"Maybe I should just quit royal life, I gave them an heir and a spare, I could just live a normal life. We could just be Charles and Camilla, without titles or duty" - Camilla looked at Charles shocked, he could not be serious.

"You are not talking seriously, are you?" - Charles nodded.

"No, Charles, absolutely not. You love your work and you do so much for your country and I know how much it means for you. I don't want you to give up everything for me, you were born to be king and I am not going to deprive Great Britain of its best King" - Camilla looked Charles in the eyes and stroked his cheek, but he shook his head.

"No one wants me as King or even as Prince of Wales. Not my family, not the public, not the press, no one. I was always just a joke for everyone. I wasn't good enough for my father or my mother, not good enough for the public, and the press can't get enough of mocking me" - Charles had tears in his eyes. He was tired, tired of his life, of people telling him what to do and what not to do, who to marry and how to behave. Camilla did not know what to say, Charles always tended to get depressed easily, but she had never realized he felt so miserable.

"Charles looked at me. I love you, I love you so much and I am so proud of you and of how much you accomplished" - Camilla looked Charles in the eyes and took his cheeks into her hands.

At that point the phone rang, Charles groaned and picked up the phone. It was the Queen and she was furious, for several minutes the Queen lectured her son and Charles only listened getting angrier by the minute.

"What do you want me to say? Do you think I like what's going on? Do you think I want to hear all the stuff they are saying about me or Camilla? They invaded our privacy and I never wanted that, but I don't regret anything. I love Camilla and I want to be with her" - Charles was furious with his mother and with all his family, none of them cared about him or his happiness.

"You are the next king and you should start to behave like one. You have a family, a wife and two children and you should spend more time making your marriage work" - Charles looked at Camilla on the bed and finally, he made up his mind.

"My marriage never worked and it will never work. I don't love Diana, I am not happy with her and I want a divorce" - Camilla knew how Charles felt about her, but she did not expect him to talk about divorce with his mother. They have talked about it a couple of times during the years they were together, but Camilla knew he couldn't get a divorce, he was the heir to the throne and divorce was not an option.

"You will never get a divorce so you'll better work on your marriage and if you want to be king you have to stop seeing Camilla" - Charles had tears in his eyes. He was just so tired of everything. He was tired of going home to someone who hated him and mocked him every day. He was tired of being unhappy, tired of being laughed at and not be supported. He only wanted love and happiness in his life and Camilla was the only one who could make him happy and who loved him unconditionally.

"King? I don't care anymore about being king. I am done with this life, all I want is Camilla and I'll never give her up" - Charles looked at Camilla, she could saw he meant every word he was speaking and she smiled softly. She kissed his cheek and embraced him, she wanted him to know she was there for him and that she loved him.

"You are a disgrace to the family and the monarchy" - the Queen was beyond furious, she could not believe that her son, the heir to the throne was ready to give up everything for a woman. Of course, as a mother she wanted Charles to be happy, but she had hoped that he could work on his marriage over the years and fell in love with Diana, but that never happened and the Queen was afraid this would be the end of the monarchy. Everyone loved Diana, people wanted her, not Charles and if Charles divorced Diana it would be the biggest scandal since the abdication.

"I have done my duty, I married the woman you choose, I gave you an heir and a spare. Now I only want to be happy and as your son, you should support me" - it was the first time he had ever challenged his mother and he was not ready to give up now. It was the moment to fight and to stand up for what he wanted.

"Charles, you can not abdicate and you can not divorce. I am sorry if you are not happy and if it did not work with Diana, but you made a life long commitment and you can not turn your back on your duty as the Prince of Wales and as the future king" - the Queen hoped she could change his mind, forgot the scandal and all those years of lies and secrets.

"I am sorry too. I am sorry if I am not the son and heir you wanted and hoped for. I am sorry if I was a disappointment, but I can't live like this anymore. I love Camilla and I am going to fight to be with her even if I have to go against every person on the planet and every member of the family" - Charles took a deep sigh and hung up the phone. He then turned back to Camilla, kissed her deeply and hugged her.

"I love you darling. I love you so much and I promise you I am going to fight for you, always"

"I love you too, my love and I am here to fight with you" - Camilla smiled at Charles and stroked his cheek gently.

This was just the begging of the fight and it would be a long one, but they were ready to fight and most importantly they were fighting together.

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Charles was doing the first public engagement since the phone call had come out, and he was happy that everything was going smoothly so far. He was shaking hands with the public who had lined up to meet him when someone from the crowd started shouting.

"Hey Charlie, I think you need your eyes checking if you prefer that to Diana. Do you need glasses?" - people turned around to the source of the voice and started to laugh. It was clear to Charles that that was the feeling of the majority of the people, but he did not care, he was in love, and people just tend to be too superficial when it came to public figures. He wonders how many of them would have felt the same if they were in his position. He did not like people talking bad about Camilla but punching someone was not something he would ever be allowed to do, so he just looked at the man and went on with his engagement, hoping no one would talk about the scandal again.

That evening when Charles arrived back home he wasn't in a good mood, he was really tired and he could not wait to have a hot shower and an early night, but his mood got even worse when entering the living room he found Diana on the sofa watching his engagement on television and laughing.

"Oh hello, I was just watching you. It's hilarious, isn't it?" - Diana was smirking at Charles, she found the situation funny, and it was some kind of revenge for her. She liked seeing Charles so distressed and in difficulty. Charles did not answer to her provocation so Diana continued.

"How is she feeling about this? Did she already found a paper who'll give her good money to tell her side of the story?" - Diana laughed, that would be even more fun she thought. Nor Charles nor Camilla had the same effect on the public as Diana and she knew if they tried to tell their side of the story they will just get more hate, so it was going to be a win for her anyway.

"Camilla is not going to sell any details of our story to anyone, she is not interested in money, not like you. She is not with me for my money or my title, she loves me" - Charles was furious about the situation, but he was also tired of all the hate he was receiving from everyone.

"I love you too, but you were always too busy chasing after her to care" - Diana was now not laughing anymore.

"No. You loved the idea of being a princess, the future Queen. She loves Charles, the man, not the prince" - Charles did not care if he was hurting her. It was the truth and even if he never cared about how Diana felt about him, he was tired of being attacked and accused of breaking a marriage that never worked and it was never only his fault. They just did not love each other and Diana was using every opportunity and the power she had over the people and the press to make him looked like the evil in the story, but it takes two to make a marriage work and it makes to break a marriage.

"Are you sure about it? Who would ever want to love you?" - Diana was now mad at him and she just wanted to hurt him as much as possible. She had always been jealous of Charles and Camilla's relationship and when she had married Charles she had hoped he would have grown to love her because that was what she always wanted, to be loved by someone.

"You certainly never loved me. I was never enough for you, not a good enough husband or father. I tried, I really did and I am sorry but I don't love you, I never did and I never will" - Diana was now on the verge of tears, his words hurt her. Everyone loved her so why her husband couldn't?

"Why her?" - Diana asked screaming. Charles closed his eyes and shook his head. How he hated that question, so many people had asked him that same question over the last year and he was tired of answering it. No one understood, people were just so superficial sometimes, everyone was too focused on comparing Diana and Camilla's look instead of stopping even just for a second to think that a marriage can not be built on beauty.

"I love Camilla because she makes me feel wanted, loved and enough. Because she supports and encourages me, she finds me interesting, funny and I can't live without her" - a silent tear run on Charles' cheek.

"Well now everyone knows how you feel, aren't you happy?" - Charles sighed. Was he happy that everyone was talking about his private life? Was he happy that the press was haunting and humiliating Camilla? Was he happy that people were insulting her? No, he was not happy, he felt guilty and he felt like he let down the only person who loved him and who never judged him.

"No. Camilla does not deserve any of this, her only fault is to love me and to want to make me happy" - Charles then just left the room and went into his bedroom, he could not stand Diana anymore, all he wanted was to be free. Free of this marriage and free to love the woman he wanted.

He went in the shower, turned on the hot water and cried. He was so tired of the situation and tired of his life. The scandal was a disaster but maybe this would be the perfect excuse to make things clear with his family, to finally make them agree on a divorce, maybe he could finally be with Camilla. After the shower, he went to bed and stared at the ceiling, but he could not find sleep. Then suddenly his phone rang, it was Camilla.

"Hi darling" - her voice sounded cheerful and Charles could not resist but to smile.

"Hi love" - Camilla realised he did not sound happy at all.

"Are you alright?" - she was worried about her prince, she had seen him on television today and she had hoped that what that man had said did not affect him, but it did.

"I love you and I miss you" - Charles sounded so sad and defeated and Camilla's heart broke for him.

"I love you too my prince, so much" - when Charles did not answer, she continued.

"Darling, I don't care what they say about me or the situation. We are in this together, we love each other and we make each other happy, that's the only thing that matters" - Camilla was trying to reassure him, but she knew how much Charles let himself get upset over what people thought about him. She wished they could spend more time together now that everyone knew about them and was attacking them, but they couldn't because it would cause even more resentment towards them. They had agreed just to call each other to say goodnight and to exchange letters, no meetings.

"I know. But I do care about it, I don't care if they attack me, but they should not talk about you" - Charles was angry at the world and the only person who could make him feel better was miles away and he could not see her. Talking over the phone was not enough, he needed to see her to survive, to kiss her, to inhale her scent.

After saying goodnight to Camilla, Charles closed his eyes. When did my life start to go so wrong? He asked himself. Why can't they just let me be happy? Is the monarchy more important than my happiness and Camilla? No, he thought immediately. Divorce was what he wanted and he would get it, even if it would be the last thing he would do as the Prince of Wales.

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The next day Charles decided to go and see Camilla at her house. He knew they had to be careful, but he needed to see her or he would go mad. Camilla was having some tea in her living room and when she heard the doorbell she was surprised, she did not know who could it be because she wasn't expecting anyone. When she opened the door she was even more surprised to find Charles standing there looking sad and tired. Camilla stepped aside to let him in and hoped no one had seen him coming or else the papers would go crazy about it and neither of them wanted even more articles about them and their affair.

"I know I shouldn't be here, but I needed to see you. Camilla, I don't know if I can go on like this" - Charles kissed Camilla on the cheek, hugged her tightly and she looked at him with a sad smile.

"Darling..." - Camilla tried to comfort him, but Charles moved away from her and went on with his complaining.

"My family is laughing at me, everyone thinks I am just a joke. All they can do is telling me how stupid and foolish I am to risk everything for a fuck” - Charles laughed angrily. He had never considered Camilla just sex, but his family did not understand. Some of them even thought that he had every right and said they understood why he wanted a mistress, but they did not agree with the fact that he was in love with Camilla and that he wanted more than just to see her once or twice a week for sex.

“At least that's what my father continues to tell me as if he knew anything about me" - Charles was so angry with his family that he could not stand to see them or talk with them at the moment, he just wanted to be with the only person in the world who really understood him.

"They don't know anything, they don’t understand what we have and how happy you make me. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the only one I ever loved and I can’t live without you" - Charles had tears of anger and defeat in his eyes. He sat down on the couch and put his face in his hands.

"Darling, I know it's hard, but you need to resit and together we will make it" - Camilla sat down next to him and stroked his back gently, kissing his cheek with love. She then rested her head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear how much she loved him.

“I am just so tired” - Charles raised his head and looked Camilla in her beautiful blue eyes. He could always lose himself in those eyes.

“I am so sorry my darling” - he said stroking her cheek gently. He was sorry that Camilla had to go through all those insulting and disrespectful remarks from the press.

“This is not your fault, my love” - Camilla kissed him lightly and hugged him.

“I love you so much my darling” - Camilla whispered in his ear.

“I love you too my love” - the two lovers kissed passionately. Camilla started to unbutton Charles’ shirt while still kissing him deeply, Charles smiled in the kiss and did the same. Then Camilla slowly caressed his naked chest until she reached his belt, at that point Charles groaned, took Camilla in his arms, and carried her to the bedroom.

Charles laid his darling on the bed and kissed her deeply, he unhooked her bra and started to suck on her nipple. Camilla moaned loudly tousling his hair, Charles continued to massage and kiss her breast eagerly. He had always loved that part of her body, he could spend hours paying attention to he breast and he knew Camilla loved every second of it. He then went further down and removed her skirt and knickers, admiring and caressing her beautiful and firm legs. He put her legs on his shoulder and kissed them, then he bent and started to suck on her clit, Camilla's back arched and she cried out in pleasure. Charles always had a talented tongue and he could always make her see the stars. Charles loved how she tasted and the sounds she made while he was eating her out, it was so hot and it drove him absolutely wild.

"Darling please" - Camilla was out of breath and she was loving what Charles was doing, but she wanted more, she wanted to feel him completely.

Charles kissed her one last time and smiled at her. Camilla helped him remove his pants and boxers and took his cock in her hand, Charles groaned and kissed her deeply, he looked her in the eyes and whispered.

"I love you my darling" - he kissed her again and entered her slowly, they both moaned and smiled at each other.

They started to move together, first slowly enjoying the moment and the sensation of their body moving like one, but soon they quicken the pace to find relief.

"Harder darling" - Camilla squeezed Charles' bottom and moaned.

"God darling, you're so sexy" - Charles whispered on Camilla's neck. She drove him absolutely crazy, she was so exciting and sensual. Charles picked up the pace trying to give Camilla what she needed, she had her eyes closed and was moaning his name in the sexiest way Charles had ever heard.

They continue to move faster and faster, they were both panting and moaning loudly, they were close to cum, and Charles was kissing Camilla deeply caressing her leg, while Camilla was caressing his back. Soon they reached their climax together, holding on to each other and screaming each other's names. They tried to catch their breath and Charles kissed Camilla's neck, sucking it softly. They were both happy and satisfied, it was always more than sexual relief, it was about being as close as possible with each other. It was about showing each other all the love they had and how happy and blessed they felt to be with the other.

"God, I love you so much" - Charles kissed Camilla one last time before rolling to the side and taking her in his arms.

"I love you too my prince" - Camilla smiled and caressed his chest, kissing it lightly. Charles smiled and kissed her hair.

They then kissed slowly on the lips and fell asleep in each other's arms, letting go of all their sorrows, troubles, and problems. Before falling asleep Charles thought that only in Camilla's arms he felt at home, he felt safe and loved, and that was what he wanted for the rest of his life. He dreamt of the day he could fell asleep every night with Camilla in his arms and woke up every morning with Camilla still there, happy and relaxed and he told himself he would kiss her every morning and made sure she knew how blessed he felt to have her and he promised himself he would never take anything for granted. He just hoped that day would come soon because he could not wait for it.

Chapter Text

Charles was walking towards the living room of Windsor Castle. His father was waiting for him with a glass of whisky and some newspapers on the table. Charles cleared his throat and his father turned to face him.

"Sit down Charles" - Charles sat down on the sofa and took a sip of the glass of whisky that was placed in front of him. Charles waited for his father to speak, but he continued to stare at the newspapers.

"You wanted to talk?" - asked Charles trying to initiate the conversation, he felt uneasy and he knew what his father wanted to talk about and he could see that the magazines were all talking about him and Camilla or about him and his marriage to Diana.

"Yes, I wanted to give you some advice" - advice? thought Charles, of course, his father was always so full of advice and if he was honest to himself it was exactly because of one of his advice if he was in that marriage or in that situation.

"You need to stop seeing Camilla and you need to make your marriage work" - Charles sighed. His father did not understand, he did not think about him or his happiness, all he cared about, all his family cared about was the stability of the monarchy.

"This is not an advice, this sound more like an order" - Philip looked at his son for the first time. He could not understand why he was throwing everything away for a woman. He always thought Charles was a weak man, not at all how he wanted him to be and he could understand that Diana was not the perfect wife, but he needed to man up and do the right thing instead of wasting his time with another woman.

"It is. You need to stop acting like a child and take your own responsibility" - Philip was angry with his son and took a sip of his drink.

"I am not acting like a child. I am in love" - Philip laughed, in love, he thought. Charles was the Prince of Wales, the heir to the throne and he was thinking about love, he was throwing his future away for love.

"You are a father, a husband and the future king and you should start to behave like a man" - Charles looked angrily at his father, he had always thought he was not man enough, too sensible and emotional. All his life Charles had tried to please his father. He had done what he was told to be accepted, but Philip never did and he had given up the love of his life to please him. But now it was enough, he did not care about approval anymore, he wanted to be happy and to be respected.

"That's exactly what I am doing, making my own decisions and standing up for the woman I love" - Charles stood up and walked towards his father. He wanted to make sure his father knew he was not afraid of him.

"I don't understand how you can leave Diana for Camilla" - Philip had always thought Charles would fell in love with Diana, who wouldn't? The world had fallen in love with the Princess of Wales, and his son had still only eyes for his ex-girlfriend Camilla.

"Well, you would if you had lived with Diana even for a day" - Charles looked defeated and tired. Lately, he had spent most of his days arguing, with Diana, with his father, with his mother and even with Anne. They all seem to think that he was making the wrong choice and they were all ready to criticize him and told him to stop complain and put up with Diana. They did not care if living with her was a nightmare. If she was manipulative and immature. They all knew how she behaved, but they still wanted him to continue to be miserable just to save the monarchy.

"You need to think about your family, about your sons and you should stop complaining" - Charles sat down again and put his face in his hands, then he looked up at his father again.

"I had tried Papa. I tried to love Diana, to make my marriage work. I tried to forget Camilla, but I can't live like this anymore and I don't want to live like this anymore" - Charles just wanted them to understand, to be by his side. I am his son, he should take my defences, Charles thought, not Diana's.

"I understand you want a bit of distraction and comfort and I know that marriage life can be hard. I don't blame you for having a mistress, for wanting some sex and fun but..." - Charles did not let Philip finished the sentence because he was so angry with his father. He did not care if he called him weak, if he thought he was not fit to be king or if he never appreciates him. But he would not let him call Camilla his mistress, no one had the right to judge them.

"Camilla is not my mistress. I love her with all my heart and she loves me. She is the woman of my life and I can't live without her. I don't care what people say, I will fight for her." - Charles was screaming at his father and Philip looked at him, maybe really seeing his son for the first time.

"Diana may be beautiful and very good at showing off her good features, but she is not a good wife and she doesn’t love me" - Charles paused and sighed.

“She makes me feel inadequate and not good enough. She makes me feel like a bad husband, father and prince. You would have enough too” - Philip looked at his son and nodded, maybe he was right about that.

“Why do I have to continue to be so unhappy, when I know there is someone who makes me the happiest man on earth? Camilla is the one I love and she is my priority right now. She is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. She is the one I want to wake up next to, she is the one I want to kiss before going to bed. She is the one who has my heart and this will never change” - Philip could see that his son was not happy, he had seen how he was in the five years of marriage where he did not see Camilla. He knew how depressed he was with Diana and he knew his son was happy with Camilla. And as a father, even if they never got along really well and he did not understand him, all he wanted was to see his son happy and in love, but as the head of the family he did not want Charles to ruin everything they have built over the years. Philip understood that Diana at the end was not as they had thought. She was unstable, egoistic, a diva and manipulative. And he could understand why Charles wanted someone like Camilla, stable, mature, confident, not afraid to speak her mind but without having to make him feel wrong. Philip knew Camilla was good for Charles, she made him confident, encouraged him and made him feel clever and good about himself. But it could never be, they could never be together, of that Philip was sure.