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The scandal

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Charles was walking towards the living room of Windsor Castle. His father was waiting for him with a glass of whisky and some newspapers on the table. Charles cleared his throat and his father turned to face him.

"Sit down Charles" - Charles sat down on the sofa and took a sip of the glass of whisky that was placed in front of him. Charles waited for his father to speak, but he continued to stare at the newspapers.

"You wanted to talk?" - asked Charles trying to initiate the conversation, he felt uneasy and he knew what his father wanted to talk about and he could see that the magazines were all talking about him and Camilla or about him and his marriage to Diana.

"Yes, I wanted to give you some advice" - advice? thought Charles, of course, his father was always so full of advice and if he was honest to himself it was exactly because of one of his advice if he was in that marriage or in that situation.

"You need to stop seeing Camilla and you need to make your marriage work" - Charles sighed. His father did not understand, he did not think about him or his happiness, all he cared about, all his family cared about was the stability of the monarchy.

"This is not an advice, this sound more like an order" - Philip looked at his son for the first time. He could not understand why he was throwing everything away for a woman. He always thought Charles was a weak man, not at all how he wanted him to be and he could understand that Diana was not the perfect wife, but he needed to man up and do the right thing instead of wasting his time with another woman.

"It is. You need to stop acting like a child and take your own responsibility" - Philip was angry with his son and took a sip of his drink.

"I am not acting like a child. I am in love" - Philip laughed, in love, he thought. Charles was the Prince of Wales, the heir to the throne and he was thinking about love, he was throwing his future away for love.

"You are a father, a husband and the future king and you should start to behave like a man" - Charles looked angrily at his father, he had always thought he was not man enough, too sensible and emotional. All his life Charles had tried to please his father. He had done what he was told to be accepted, but Philip never did and he had given up the love of his life to please him. But now it was enough, he did not care about approval anymore, he wanted to be happy and to be respected.

"That's exactly what I am doing, making my own decisions and standing up for the woman I love" - Charles stood up and walked towards his father. He wanted to make sure his father knew he was not afraid of him.

"I don't understand how you can leave Diana for Camilla" - Philip had always thought Charles would fell in love with Diana, who wouldn't? The world had fallen in love with the Princess of Wales, and his son had still only eyes for his ex-girlfriend Camilla.

"Well, you would if you had lived with Diana even for a day" - Charles looked defeated and tired. Lately, he had spent most of his days arguing, with Diana, with his father, with his mother and even with Anne. They all seem to think that he was making the wrong choice and they were all ready to criticize him and told him to stop complain and put up with Diana. They did not care if living with her was a nightmare. If she was manipulative and immature. They all knew how she behaved, but they still wanted him to continue to be miserable just to save the monarchy.

"You need to think about your family, about your sons and you should stop complaining" - Charles sat down again and put his face in his hands, then he looked up at his father again.

"I had tried Papa. I tried to love Diana, to make my marriage work. I tried to forget Camilla, but I can't live like this anymore and I don't want to live like this anymore" - Charles just wanted them to understand, to be by his side. I am his son, he should take my defences, Charles thought, not Diana's.

"I understand you want a bit of distraction and comfort and I know that marriage life can be hard. I don't blame you for having a mistress, for wanting some sex and fun but..." - Charles did not let Philip finished the sentence because he was so angry with his father. He did not care if he called him weak, if he thought he was not fit to be king or if he never appreciates him. But he would not let him call Camilla his mistress, no one had the right to judge them.

"Camilla is not my mistress. I love her with all my heart and she loves me. She is the woman of my life and I can't live without her. I don't care what people say, I will fight for her." - Charles was screaming at his father and Philip looked at him, maybe really seeing his son for the first time.

"Diana may be beautiful and very good at showing off her good features, but she is not a good wife and she doesn’t love me" - Charles paused and sighed.

“She makes me feel inadequate and not good enough. She makes me feel like a bad husband, father and prince. You would have enough too” - Philip looked at his son and nodded, maybe he was right about that.

“Why do I have to continue to be so unhappy, when I know there is someone who makes me the happiest man on earth? Camilla is the one I love and she is my priority right now. She is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. She is the one I want to wake up next to, she is the one I want to kiss before going to bed. She is the one who has my heart and this will never change” - Philip could see that his son was not happy, he had seen how he was in the five years of marriage where he did not see Camilla. He knew how depressed he was with Diana and he knew his son was happy with Camilla. And as a father, even if they never got along really well and he did not understand him, all he wanted was to see his son happy and in love, but as the head of the family he did not want Charles to ruin everything they have built over the years. Philip understood that Diana at the end was not as they had thought. She was unstable, egoistic, a diva and manipulative. And he could understand why Charles wanted someone like Camilla, stable, mature, confident, not afraid to speak her mind but without having to make him feel wrong. Philip knew Camilla was good for Charles, she made him confident, encouraged him and made him feel clever and good about himself. But it could never be, they could never be together, of that Philip was sure.