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War of Remnant: A RWBY Anthology

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It was in the dead of night when a small group made its way towards the local dust shop. The few people that were out at this time made sure to steer clear from the group, especially who was leading them. Dressed in a stylish white coat, wearing a derby hat with a red band around it, and spinning his cane with one finger was the king of Vale’s criminal underworld. Roman Torchwick.

“Alright, listen up!” Roman turned to the goons when they were at the dust shop’s door. “We make this quick and clean. Got it?”

The goons nodded.

“Good.” Roman turned on his heels and opened the shop’s door.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was…just…about to close up…” the old shopkeeper’s voice shrunk when he recognized Roman.

“Glad to see my reputation proceeds me!” Roman smirked, then snapped his fingers, one of the goons pointed a gun at the shopkeeper. “So, I take it you won’t be difficult when it comes to giving me I need, will ya, Gramps?”

The Shopkeeper raised his hands.

“That’s what I thought.” Roman turned towards the rest of his goons. “Get the dust. All of it.” He turned back to The Shopkeeper. “No worries, my boys and I won’t lay on you.”

The goons went over to the dust dispensers, but realized they couldn’t get them open.


Roman groaned. “Whaaaaaaaat?”

“The dispensers are locked up, tight,” the goon pointed at the lid on the dust dispenser he was in front of, revealing it was padlocked.

“I told you I was going to close up,” The Shopkeeper said.

“Where’s the lock, old man?” Roman demanded.

The Shopkeeper kept quiet

“I thought you weren’t going to be difficult?” Roman rubbed his eyes.

“Sorry son, that’s not how I am.” The Shopkeeper smiled.

“Listen here, you old fart-” the goon with the gun began.

“Okay first off, old fart? Really? You find that in ‘Insults for Dummy’s 101’ or something?” Roman interrupted. “Second off, don’t hurt the old man.”

“But boss-”

“Now, now, I made a promise!” Roman took a lighter and cigar out of his pocket, putting the latter in his mouth. “You boys and I won’t hurt him.”

A small woman suddenly appeared behind the old man, grabbed him by the back of his head, and slammed him down onto the glass counter, hard enough that it broke. The sound rang through the thought-empty dust shop, alerting a young woman whose song had ended just before it happened. Turning off her scroll and taking off her headphones, the girl looked around in confusion, then she started to hear voices.

“My lady friend, Neo, on the other hand.” Roman lit up his cigar. “That wasn’t part of the promise.”

Neo raised her blade over her head and stabbed into the counter inches from The Shopkeeper’s face.

“Now, you’re going to tell us where the key is, aren’t you?” Roman blew smoke into The Shopkeeper’s face.

“I will, promise!” The Shopkeeper assured.


“Under my desk!”

“Neo?” Roman looked at Neo.

Keeping her hand on The Shopkeeper’s head, Neo looked under the desk to see a small box. Grabbing its handle, she lifted it onto the counter.

“Good, now-” Roman noticed the code lock. “Okay, tell us the code.”

“No,” The Shopkeeper said.

Neo gasped, shocked her intimidation tactic didn’t work.

“What?!” Roman glared down at The Shopkeeper.

“I promised I’d help you find the key.” The Shopkeeper smiled. “Getting it, on the other hand, wasn’t part of the promise.

One of the goons snorted.

“I’m just going to pretend I didn’t just hear that.” Roman raised finger at the goons, then he pointed at The Shopkeeper. “You think you’re funny, you old fart?”

“Hey!” The armed goon whined.

“Shut up!” Roman barked, and the armed goon quickly shut his mouth. “I have to say, you’ve got guts, most men stronger then you caved after Neo does that.”

“I’m not intimidated by thugs,” The Shopkeeper spoke, defiantly.

“You know, you remind me of my father.” Roman snatched the gun from the armed good and pushed it against The Shopkeeper’s forehead. “I hated my father!”

“Hey, get off of him!” A young voice shouted.

Roman, Neo, and the goons looked towards the small girl in red.

“Hey kid, isn’t it past your bedtime?” Roman asked, sarcastically. “Run home so mommy can read you a nice story and tuck you in.”

“Far from home,” the girl said, reaching behind her back.

“What you have there, a gun?” Roman glared at her. “Aren’t you a little young for firearms?”

“For a girl my age? Yes.” The girl nodded, pulling out her sniper rifle and aiming it behind her. “For a huntress? Never.” She fired the gun, launching herself at the shocked criminals.

“What the f-”

The girl crashed into of the goons, knocking him threw the door and causing them both to skid out onto the night street. She landed on her feet as the goon bowling-balled into a group of trash cans. Roman, Neo, and the rest of the goons all stood in shock.

“Who are you?!” Roman demanded, aiming his gun at her, but the girl shot it out of his hands. “Argh!”

“I’m Ruby Rose,” Ruby held up her sniper rifle, that changed into a scythe, “this is Crescent Rose, and we’re going to kick your butt!”

“Did she just introduce her gun and say we’re?” One goon asked.

Ruby launched herself at the questioning good, and knocked him out with blunt of her scythe.

“You take that little brat down!” Roman ordered.

Neo let go of The Shopkeeper and ran outside to join the rest of Roman’s group.

The goons readied their bats and blades, and charged Ruby. She loaded her rifle with rubber bullets, and kneecapped one of the charging goons, causing him to fall to the ground

“Oh Gods those things still really hurt!” The goon cried, gripping his knee.

Ruby dodged a bat swing from a goon, and out distance between herself and the group by using Crescent Rose’s recoil, shooting a round into the attacking goons gut in the process.

“That’s it!” Roman shouted, getting his gun. “I wanted this to be quiet and clean, but I’m done! Boys!”

The goons looked at him.

“Switch weapons.” Roman aimed his gun at Ruby. “This little brat wants to use a gun? Let’s even the playing field!”

Ruby backed up as all the guns aimed at her, she noticed a dumpster in the alleyway behind her. When the shooting started, she backed up, spinning Crescent Rose to block the bullets, then dove behind the dumpster. Ruby managed to get nicked in the shoulder, but it went straight through, allowing her aura to heal it up. That didn’t make it any less painful.

“Ow…” Ruby held her hand to the shot shoulder even after the wound had healed, that’s when the bullets stopped, Roman and his goons began reloading. “Okay, let’s do this!” She shot out from behind cover and shot one of the goons straight in the forehead, and managed to take out two more before the group reloaded. “Uh oh!”

“Move in on her, you idiots!” Roman shouted.

As Roman and the other goons supplied cover fire, two more closed in on Ruby. She was able to see just enough to realize what they were doing. Unfortunately, all that stood in front of her was a brick wall.

“Looks like we got-” Roman was cut off by a loud bang, and the goon next to him screamed before falling face first onto the ground. “What the…?” He turned to see The Shopkeeper, shotgun drawn. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me!”

The Shopkeeper aimed his shotgun at Roman, but Neo dove in front of him, and when he fired, both shattered like glass.

“Huh?” The Shopkeeper didn’t hide his confusion.

“You guys keep going after the girl, we got this old fart!” One of the goons who was beside Roman aimed his gun at The Shopkeeper.

“You low lives really need to think up better insults!” The Shopkeeper aimed his shotgun right back.


The goons were suddenly surrounded by a purple glow and lifted into the air. Ruby gasped as she looked out from behind cover to witness the sight.

“I know that power!”

Heels clicking against the road echoed through the block, until a blonde woman with glasses and a stern expression stepped under a streetlight.

“Glynda Goodwitch!” Ruby gasped.

The goons all struggled in the air, until Glynda raised her crop into the air, causing all of them to slam into each other at such a force, they were knocked unconscious. She released the goons to pile up in the middle of the street.

“Such a mess.” Glynda adjusted her glasses.

“Oh. My. Gods!” Ruby jumped out from behind cover and zipped over to Glynda. “It’s you! Glynda Goodwitch! The best teacher at Beacon! The right hand of Ozpin! The-”

“Quiet!” Glynda exclaimed, sternly.

“Eep!” Ruby shrunk back.

“Are you going to explain to me how this situation started?” Glynda demanded.

“Let me.” The Shopkeeper stepped forward. “This brave young woman saved my shop and my life with her bravery.”

“Oh…” Glynda softened. “Well, in that case, I suggest you come with me. I think someone would want to speak with you.”

“Me?” Ruby pointed at herself.

“Yes, I just need to clean this litter off the streets and talk to the police.” Glynda motioned towards the goons just as some VPD cop cars arrived, sirens blaring.

“That…hurt more then the bullet…” the goon Ruby had capped cried.

“Just, give me a few minutes.” Glynda raised the goons into the air and lead them towards the police.

Ruby watched in awe, but The Shopkeeper coughed to get her attention.

“Thank you so much, dear.” The Shopkeeper smiled at Ruby. “You’re already a huntress in my book.”

“Thank you right back.” Ruby returned the smile. “You’re the kind of brave folks I want to protect.”

“Well…that could’ve gone better…” Roman wheezed as he and Neo ran through the streets, away from the sirens.

Neo, who wasn’t tired at all, simply nodded in agreement.

After Neo saved Roman, the two took off down the nearest alleyway, knowing the gunfight would get police attention far faster then was necessary.

“Who was the idiot who started the shooting, anyway?” Roman asked, then looked to Neo, who cocked an eyebrow at him. “Oh…right…well, at least this night can’t get any-”

“What was that?”

“Didn’t even let me finish?” Roman looked up at the night sky, hopefully staring at the powers that be.


“Hey! Cinder!” Roman turned and smiled at Cinder, her amber colored eyes the only thing he could see I’m the darkness she stood in. “Might I say you’re looking lovely tonight.”

“That’s a few more pounds of dust my plans will be lacking.”

“It was a lousy old dust shop owned by an old man, it can be replaced!” Roman assured, keeping his cool. “It’s a few more pounds I can easily score up!”

“You’re lucky I was taught to be merciful,” Cinder said.

“You’re lucky, too,” Roman said. “Without me your plan would be going nowhere.”

“Don’t push it.” Cinder snapped her fingers, and a bullhead rose into the air from behind a building, landing directly behind her. “Get on.”

“How did she hide that?” Roman whispered to Neo, who just shrugged.