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I Found Peace In Your Violence

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"Welcome to Beijing, Sergeant Han."


Han Wenqing nodded at his Superintendent, Yu Wenzhou—the youngest officer to be promoted to that position after a series of successful sting operations. Han Wenqing himself had been offered a promotion to the Beijing Office and this was his first day. He carefully listened as Yu Wenzhou gave him a rundown of his duties and noted down what was directly told and indirectly implied about the political and criminal climate in the city.


"Boss, here are your reports," an officer interrupted them, handing over a file to Yu Wenzhou. 


"Thank you, Sun Xiang," Yu Wenzhou smiled politely. "This is the new Sergeant, Han Wenqing. Sergeant Han, this is the rookie I mentioned, Sun Xiang." 


Sun Xiang nodded at Han Wenqing, arrogantly looking him up and down. 


"You sure that he is one of us, boss? That face would suit a mob boss perfectly." 


"I've been told that," Han Wenqing drawled. "Many times, in fact." 


Yu Wenzhou adjusted his glasses, his expression the same as before. He dismissed Sun Xiang and then, took Han Wenqing to his office. 


"Senior Han, let me give you the unofficial, off-the-record background information," Yu Wenzhou began, once they were alone. "In Beijing, there's one group you need to be careful about. No matter what, do not get caught up in their affairs. You will not survive it."


Han Wenqing frowned. 


"The Ye family is powerful," Yu Wenzhou continued, holding the other's gaze. "They have strong connections to the criminal underworld across the world. One could even say that they influence the government too. The Triad answers to them."


"Who are they?" 


"Their organization is dual-core. The Ye Twins inherited the business from their parents—both of whom were feared when in their prime and still are. One good thing is that they manage the business abroad nowadays. When the parents come to China, that's when things are going to start burning. 


"Ye Xiu is the older twin. He ran away from home when he was younger and managed to fall in with the Blue Rain group that is based in Guangzhou. He managed to bring them into the Ye family's fold when he came back home. 


Ye Qiu, the younger twin, is the face of the organisation. He studied business abroad and is the CEO of the Golden Leaf corporation. He brought Tiny Herb which is based here in Beijing, into their fold. He is the one who interacts with the public. He is a…celebrity, one might say. The people love him," Yu Wenzhou said. 


"So, he has the public's protection, in a way," Han Wenqing deduced. 


Yu Wenzhou smiled. "Yes, he does. One more thing you need to know is that there is a turf war, you might say. Between Excellent Era, the group based in Hangzhou, and the Ye family. There's history between the two and though we have theories and suspicions, quite unfortunately, we are unable to figure out the actual truth. Any questions?"


Han Wenqing hesitated. Yu Wenzhou prompted him to speak. 


"You said we are not to intrude in their business," Han Wenqing said, questioning. 


Yu Wenzhou huffed out a dry laugh. "You're wondering why I gave you all this information if you aren't to interact with them." 


Han Wenqing hesitated and then nodded. 


"Senior Han," Yu Wenzhou said, looking at the other over the top of his glasses. "We will not be opposing them or their business, yes. We cannot. But we will be working with them, within certain limits." He paused. "If that's all, then, dismissed." 


Han Wenqing nodded again and turned to the door. Just before he opened it, Yu Wenzhou called out behind him. 


"Clear your schedule for this weekend," the Superintendent said. "You will be meeting with them."



Once the door had closed behind the newest addition to the Beijing Police Department, Yu Wenzhou leaned back in his chair, deep in thought. 


Han Wenqing, he knew, could either be a useful asset or an annoying obstacle. From what Yu Wenzhou observed, the other wasn't necessarily against working with the biggest criminal organisation in China. But, at the same time, he wasn't exactly for it either. 


Yu Wenzhou took his private phone and called his first speed-dial contact. The embossed logo of Golden Leaf Corporation glinted from the back of the phone. 




"Shaotian," Yu Wenzhou said, his usual cool smile softening at the edges, becoming warm. "Tell the boss that I'll bring the new hire over this weekend."


"Will do! What's his name? How is he? On our side or is he a threat? Oh, please tell me he isn't like that other idiot, Sun Xiang!? I still want to stab him in the dick with a blunt knife! What an asshole! Is he-" 


Yu Wenzhou's chuckle interrupted the other. 


The resulting silence had the air of embarrassment. 


"I'll see you this weekend, Shaotian," Yu Wenzhou said, in a low voice. 


"Yes," Huang Shaotian, one of the terrifyingly efficient enforcers of the Ye Twins, murmured. "I'll see you then, Wenzhou."


The line cut with a quiet click.