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Champagne Room

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Sukuna entered the Champagne Room, closing the door and keeping his back to Yuuji, who was lounged on the red cushioned seats, stocking-clad legs crossed at the ankle. He didn’t bother locking the door— everyone knew well enough by now that they were not to be disturbed. “That was some… performance tonight, Yuuji.”

Yuuji simply hummed. “It was fun. I made lots… they sure seemed to like it.”

Sukuna grit his teeth but kept up his aloof act for now. “That so?” He stalked to the curve of seats and settled on a spot just far enough away from the brat. The reaction was instant, Yuuji frowned and stretched a lean leg towards Sukuna, tucking a foot under his thigh. Deciding to indulge the younger man for a bit, Sukuna grabbed his other foot and tugged it into his lap, massaging it. When he pressed firmly down on the centre of his foot, Yuuji hissed. Sukuna brought it up to his mouth and planted a small kiss to it. “They liked it a little too much, don’t you think?”

“Come on, Sukuna… don’t be like that.”

“Like what?”

Yuuji huffed. “It’s my job. You can’t expect me to get paid by standing around doing nothing.”

Sukuna dug his thumbs into the arch of Yuuji’s foot. “You wanna make more? First they get that whorish display and what next? You gonna be giving blowies in the bathroom like a cheap slut?”

“Wh— no! Of course not!” Yuuji yelped. He felt Yuuji try to pull his leg away and caught his ankle in a better grip.

“Mm… but it’d fetch a pretty penny…” he tugged, drawing Yuuji closer, his bare back slid against the velvet cushions. It was always difficult to watch Yuuji parade around for those vermin. As if any of them deserved to see even a morsel of what was his. Sukuna caught Yuuji’s wide-eyed expression before he leaned down to his ear. The gasp Yuuji let out made Sukuna smirk. It always sent a thrill through him when he saw the effect he could have on the boy by doing barely anything. He never got tired of seeing just how desperate he could make him.

“Pretty penny for my pretty boy,” Sukuna whispered, biting the shell of Yuuji’s ear before withdrawing. In his hand, Yuuji’s leg trembled. “S-Sukuna…” he whimpered.

Although Sukuna was the broader of the two, Yuuji was well-muscled and built like an athlete. Sukuna ran his hand up Yuuji’s stomach, savouring the softness of the lace garter belt, the quiver of his solid abdomen, the gently curving planes of his chest. He pinched a pert pink nipple, watching hungrily as Yuuji cried out.

“You gonna be good for me, baby?” Sukuna purred.



Yuuji nodded desperately. “Yes!”

Much better. He rubbed Yuuji’s thigh, which was resting on his lap, pinching the strap of the garter and letting it snap back against Yuuji’s skin. “Get on your knees,” Sukuna commanded. He sat back and spread his thighs while Yuuji slid from the seats and onto the floor. Lips parted and eyelids lowered, he wasted no time, undoing Sukuna’s belt and opening the fly of his pants to reveal his half-hard cock. Yuuji glanced up at Sukuna as he stoked him to full hardness, kissing the head a few times before licking up the prominent vein on the underside of Sukuna’s cock. Sukuna stifled a shudder and tried to keep his breathing even and relaxed, a task that was proving quite difficult while Yuuji was drooling all over him and spreading it by running his plush lips across his length, sucking along the sides and humming happily all the while.

Sukuna sighed, gently stroking Yuuji’s cheek. He was being so good. And it wasn’t just that Yuuji was excellent at giving head, he loved it. It was easy to tell how much he genuinely relished in it by how lost he got in the sensations, his unshakeable enthusiasm, his apparent lack of gag reflex. As far as Sukuna could tell, Yuuji on his knees was Yuuji in his element. “God, Yuuji you’re such a slut,” Sukuna growled, threading his hand into Yuuji’s pink hair. This seemed to encourage him enough because without a moment’s hesitation, he swallowed Sukuna down in one go. “Fuck, Yuuji…”

The boy moaned around his dick, the vibrations in his throat making Sukuna grip his hair tighter. He pulled Yuuji’s head to his hips, until his nose was pressed against his pubes, and held him there. The feeling of Yuuji’s throat constricting as he swallowed around him was just so fucking filthy it sent Sukuna’s head spinning. When he noticed Yuuji’s face flushing a bright red, he finally let go and watched as Yuuji pulled back with a gasp. He coughed a few times but dove right back down, bobbing his head, letting the tip of Sukuna’s dick hit the back of his throat again and again and again.

The tears which were gathered in the corners of Yuuji’s closed eyes slipped down his cheeks and clumped his lashes together prettily. His chin was wet with spit. It was a beautiful sight. Suddenly, Yuuji pulled back, panting. But before Sukuna could say anything, he was stopped by Yuuji’s heated, tearful gaze. He gripped Sukuna’s spread thighs, opened his mouth and spoke through swollen lips. “Fuck my mouth.”

And God his voice was wrecked and Sukuna didn’t need to be told twice. He gripped Yuuji’s hair with both hands and fucked into his delicious throat. It was rough and messy and Yuuji’s moans were just as loud as Sukuna’s grunts. “Fuck yeah, you take it so well Yuuji— moaning like a whore. You like it? Hmm?”


“Yeah, Fuck!” Sukuna pulled Yuuji off him and slapped him twice across the face. Yuuji groaned and tipped his head back, panting, babbling unintelligibly. His eyes were glazed over, his face red and lips redder. “Open your mouth.” Yuuji obeyed instantly, unhinging his jaw and sliding his tongue out. Sukuna leaned over him and spat into it. Yuuji swallowed and Sukuna just had to press his lips against Yuuji’s. The kiss was rough, teeth and tongues clashing, breaths hot between their open mouths. Sukuna could taste himself.

He was so wrapped up in what they were doing that he hadn’t noticed Yuuji fingering himself open. “Oh?” Sukuna ran his thumb across Yuuji’s slick bottom lip. “Starting without me?” Yuuji greedily sucked on Sukuna’s thumb. Apparently he’d caught him quite early since Yuuji only had one finger in. He pulled his thumb away, ignoring Yuuji’s protesting whine as he watched the string of spit that connected it to Yuuji’s tongue. He kissed Yuuji once more, tender yet firm.

“Bend over the seat for me, baby,” He purred.

While Yuuji got himself positioned, Sukuna undressed, taking a moment to retrieve the small bottle of lube in his suit jacket pocket and placing it on the floor by Yuuji’s feet. Although they both enjoyed having Sukuna fully dressed while Yuuji was completely naked, tonight he decided to humour Yuuji since he knew the boy liked the look of his muscular, tattooed chest and back.

As if on cue, Yuuji whimpered at the sight of him. Sukuna chuckled, “You like what you see, huh?”

“Sukuna please…” Yuuji was on his knees, chest laid across the red cushioned seat before him, lace-clad hips tilted up, presenting himself for Sukuna.

“Look at you… so god damn eager,” Sukuna grinned, lowering himself to his knees behind Yuuji and smoothing his hands across his back. Yuuji, for someone with a generally fit and masculine figure, had an undeniably plush ass. Sukuna brought his hands down to skim Yuuji’s flanks, relishing in the shudder he got in response. When he finally placed his hands on Yuuji’s ass, it was like something seemed to break within the pink haired boy.

“F-fuck, Suku— hng… please, please…”

Sukuna shushed him, squeezing his cheeks in each hand. “So fucking pretty, Yuuji.” He slowly unclipped the garter straps from the thigh-high stockings and slid the black lace panties off, pulling Yuuji’s legs through them one after the other. His thighs were quivering. Carefully, Sukuna clipped the garter back to the stockings and placed a kiss to one of Yuuji’s bare cheeks.

“Haah, Sukuna…” Yuuji looked back at him from over his shoulder, one fist clenched in front of his mouth, the other gripping the velvet cushion cover. His brows were furrowed.

Without looking away from those glazed brown eyes, Sukuna brought the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. The scent was musky and sweet in that distinct way Yuuji was. Instantly, a blush rose to Yuuji’s cheeks in embarrassment. “S-Sukuna! What the hell?!”

Sukuna could only chuckle as he placed them next to Yuuji on the seat. “You smell as delicious as you taste.”

Yuuji hid his face in his hands. “Christ, don’t say that stuff, just…”

He mumbled something Sukuna couldn’t catch, but didn’t need to. He decided to tease Yuuji anyway. “What was that?” he asked as he stroked Yuuji’s hip. Yuuji grumbled again, louder. “What do you want, Yuuji?”

“You know what I want…” he sighed.

“Say it.”


“Say it, Yuuji,” He squeezed Yuuji’s asscheeks and spread them with his thumbs to reveal his quivering pink hole.


Sukuna leaned down and traced his hole with his tongue. Yuuji flinched with a gasp. “Ah! Fuck—Please!” But Sukuna didn’t let up, pressing his tongue more persistently inside Yuuji. “Sukuna! Oh! Hng— want… want you.”

“Want me how?”

“In— oh God— inside me! Fuck, Sukuna!”

Sukuna let a glob of spit fall from his lips onto Yuuji’s puckered hole and used his index finger to massage it before slipping it inside all the way. Yuuji clenched around him, crying out wantonly. The brat always liked it rough. He fingered him for a few minutes, adding lube and gradually making his way up to three fingers while cooing sweet, encouraging words as he did so. He scissored his fingers, spreading Yuuji open and pushing in deeply. Yuuji jerked violently when Sukuna pressed against his prostate, letting out weak little mewls and high-pitched whines.

“Haah, nggh, Sukun— anhh, shit.”

He rubbed at Yuuji’s prostate until the brat began to fuck himself on his fingers. “Ohh, shit— hanhh, fuck—“

“Feels good?” Sukuna mumbled as he leaned over Yuuji, dropping his chest to his back and kissing his shoulders.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” Yuuji breathed, each word coming out as a moan.

“Gonna fuck you so good, fill you up with my cum til’ you’re dripping.  He said, meeting Yuuji’s backwards thrusts with his hand and spreading his fingers inside his slick passage. “Think you’re ready for me, baby?”

Yuuji nodded, letting out a desperate sob. “Fuck yeah, I’m ready for you. So ready— ngh fuck me, Sukuna, please… need your cock in me, want it so bad— ah!”

Even though Sukuna was satisfied with just that, Yuuji kept going. He begged for Sukuna while the larger man pulled his fingers out and slicked himself up, teasing Yuuji’s entrance with the head of his thick cock. He took a moment to admire the lovely image of Yuuji’s smooth ass, framed by the black lace garter and the elastic straps straining to keep the stockings up his thick thighs. But he didn’t wait long. As much as he loved seeing Yuuji like this, he was eager to rail the younger man into next week. Before he did, he growled into Yuuji’s ear: “You won’t be able to walk once I’m done with you,” then thrust all the way in. Yuuji howled, back arching, hands scrabbling for purchase on the velvet cushions as Sukuna drove into him mercilessly.

The room was filled with the filthy slap of skin, Sukuna’s grunts and low moans drowned out by Yuuji’s obscene, wanton moans. Christ, he was like a pornstar. Sukuna tried to grip Yuuji’s hips to fuck into him harder but his fingers kept slipping on the lace. Instead, he pushed the back of Yuuji’s neck down with one hand and wound the other into a tight grip on the garter. Baring his teeth with a growl, he used his grip to pull Yuuji against him, cursing under his breath when he noted how hot it was to see the lace dig into Yuuji’s supple flesh. “Fuck, Yuuji! So fucking hot— so pretty for me. Christ, look at you.” Yuuji responded with incoherent groans, panting and drooling with his tongue out like a damn bitch in heat.

“You like whoring yourself out for me, huh? Such a dirty fucking slut.”

“Oh! Suk— Ngh, Anh!”

There was something so utterly delicious about Yuuji submitting so easily to him. It set Sukuna’s body alight, something primal and aggressive coursing through his veins, filling him with a rush of possessiveness. When he fucked into Yuuji’s tight, wet passage like this, it was like he’d won— Yuuji was his, claimed, his prize. Yuuji spasmed around him and Sukuna could tell he was close. But he was being so good— so god damn good— for not touching himself yet. Sukuna’s hand moved from the back of Yuuji’s neck to grip his pink hair. He tugged Yuuji’s head back, lifting his torso up off the cushion, and Yuuji practically screamed as the arch of his back shifted the angle of Sukuna’s thrusts to hit directly against his prostate. “Ah! Shit, S’kuna— ah, fuck! Right there, God. So good, haah, anh!”

Usually, Sukuna loved it when Yuuji was vocal, but tonight he was particularly loud and it got on Sukuna’s nerves a little. He unwound his hand from the garter belt in favour of running it up Yuuji’s exposed throat, cupping his jaw before slipping two fingers into his slick mouth. He slid them across his soft tongue and skimmed them over his back teeth. Yuuji closed his lips around them and hummed. That seemed to do the trick. It was inconsistent, though, because Sukuna’s brutal thrusts kept dislodging his fingers and Yuuji was too fucked out to properly suck on them anyway.


Sukuna hooked his fingers over Yuuji’s bottom teeth, keeping his mouth open as he drooled obscenely all over himself. From the corner of his eye, Sukuna spotted Yuuji’s discarded panties. Perfect. He grabbed them and stuffed them into Yuuji’s gaping maw, muffling his moans into high-pitched mewls and whimpers. Yuuji took the hand Sukuna wasn’t using to pull his hair back to drape it across his throat. God, Yuuji always knew how to get Sukuna going in all the right ways. He tightened his grip on Yuuji’s throat, squeezing just enough to restrict his breathing without actually harming the boy. Exactly the way Yuuji liked it.

As if he were agreeing, Yuuji groaned and clenched around Sukuna’s cock. “Yeah, you fucking like that, don’t you?” Sukuna slammed his hips against Yuuji’s ass, eyes locked on where his cock disappeared into his wet, sloppy cunt. The way his ass jiggled with every thrust turned Sukuna on so much his breathing stopped for a few seconds. He marvelled at how amazing the drag of Yuuji’s hole was against him. “Amazing— God, Yuuji, you feel so good. Gorgeous, so damn beautiful. All wet and tight around me. Gonna breed you till you’re full, stuff you with my cock so good. You were made for this, made to take me, made for my cock.” He was babbling at this point but Yuuji was so hot under him and he was taking him so well. “Gonna cum in you, Yuuji. Shit— you take it so well.”

Yuuji choked and whimpered. When Sukuna let go of his throat to remove the soaked panties from his mouth, he gasped and coughed. Sukuna slithered his hand down Yuuji’s heaving chest, finally— finally— touching Yuuji’s leaking cock. Yuuji twitched and panted, writhing against all the stimulation from Sukuna pounding into his ass and stroking his dick.

They repositioned slightly so Yuuji could tip his head back against Sukuna’s shoulder. From this position, Sukuna could see Yuuji’s bright red face, his brown eyes squeezed shut, eyebrows knitted in pleasure as the force of Sukuna’s thrusts fucked Yuuji’s cock into the tight ring of his fist. With each thrust, Yuuji let out increasingly loud and high-pitched “’ah’s” from deep within his chest. Sukuna licked and sucked marks against Yuuji’s neck until he felt the younger’s hand reach behind his head and pull him into an open-mouthed kiss. He felt Yuuji’s cock twitch in his hand when he sucked on his tongue.

Pulling away, he watched Yuuji’s hand rest over Sukuna’s, loosely following the movement of his wrist as he pumped him. “Ah, fuck— m’close. Sukuna, Sukuna, Suku— AH! Gonna cum!”

“Yeah? Gonna cum for me, baby? Go ahead… cum on my cock.”

“HAAH!” Yuuji’s body tensed, stilled, and shuddered as cum spurted from his cock, all over his chest and Sukuna’s hand. Sukuna stroked him through it and slowed his thrusts while Yuuji twitched and jerked, breath hitching. “That’s it, Yuuji… you did so good,” Sukuna murmured against Yuuji’s panting lips.

Once Yuuji recovered enough, Sukuna pulled out and flipped him into his back. Yuuji loved it when Sukuna fucked him after he’d finished, relishing in the overstimulation during the afterglow of his orgasm. “You okay, baby?” Sukuna checked, his eyes meeting Yuuji’s blissed out brown ones.

“Mhm...” Yuuji reached up to pull Sukuna into a wet kiss, wrapping his legs around his hips and locking them at the ankle. He held Sukuna’s face between his hands and pressed a kiss to each eyelid. “Fill me up, S’kuna…” he sighed.

“Fuck, Yuuji…” Sukuna huffed, realigning himself and fucking into him with renewed vigour. His thrusts were fast and shallow, focused only on bringing him over the edge. He wasn’t usually the loud one during their couplings but Yuuji kept whispering: “You feel so good inside me, cock so big it’s stretching me so good. You gonna mark me up, fuck my guts out—oh, yeah— cum in me, please. I belong to you, just you. I’m yours, Sukuna…”

And fuck if that isn’t exactly what he loved to hear. He felt the tell-tale coiling sensation in his gut tighten and pressed his face against Yuuji’s neck as he came with a groan. Around him, Yuuji tightened, milking every drop of cum from his cock. Sukuna huffed, “Greedy…”
Yuuji held him, stroked his back along where he knew the dark lines of his tattoos were.

Sukuna hummed in satisfaction and Yuuji laughed, comforted by the vibration deep in his chest. They were both sated and fucked-out, catching their breaths between slow kisses.