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A Drink So Divine

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There was a tale told across the land of Teyvat that spoke of a Dark Kingdom hidden in the shadows. An ancient name that many dare not utter, lest it bring upon the very darkness that overtook its kingdom. It’s inhabitants were rumored to be vampires, beings who were not quite human, yet not quite monsters either. Seemingly immortal, with powers and strength a mere human could only dream of having. Alluring beings, whose appetite could only be satiated by one thing in this land: Human Blood.

And in this kingdom lay a palace, and a prince whose eyes reflected the stars that graced Khaenri’ah and all of Teyvat.


Noise and banter flooded the main hall of the palace. What would usually mean his father would be busy for several hours, piqued a certain young vampire prince’s curiosity, as hushed whispers and raised voices filled the hall. Slipping into the giant hall, Kaeya noticed his father speaking with a palace guard in a rather upset tone. His starry gaze slowly shifted to behind the guard, seeing two unfamiliar faces, one of whom carried a rather large bundle over his shoulder. A sound of a faint heartbeat reaches his ears, taking merely moments for him to realize that it was a human residing in the bundle, currently passed out.

It is then that one of the visitors spotted him among the shadows and immediately bowed, exposing him to the rest of the company and his father, whom he feared would be upset that he was there in the first place.

“Your Highness! It is a pleasure to see you!”

Kaeya flinched, immediately looking to his father, bracing himself for the harsh words that were sure to come his way, but instead came an odd silence. He opened his eyes to see that his father was beckoning him over instead.

“Ah, Kaeya, I was about to send for you. These two wish to give you a gift of favor. Do you wish to accept it?”

Kaeya slowly walked over, eyeing the two visitors then the bundle.

A gift of favor huh?

Trying to gain approval from the prince elect even at this age seemed a bit trivial, and a bit unwarranted, but who was he to reject a free gift, and food at that.

“Hm..a human, is it not?-- let me take a gander as you know I will not accept anything less than a fair face.” Kaeya smirked, thinking he'd be able to deny the gift should it be a common faced woman. His eyes widened in surprise, as two guests bowed their heads and unraveled the bundle, removing a cloth from over the human's head, revealing a head of deep crimson that cascaded down the human’s figure framing a handsome, yet breathtaking face. Porcelain skin, that contrasted the dark colors and fine fabric that adorned the man in front of him. An indication that this was no mere human, but one that came from the upper echelons of society, just like him and his father. Perhaps another prince. He could not help but shamelessly gaze upon this “gift” that was brought to him. A delicious meal.

“Do they appease you, Highness? We caught him lost in the outer lands. He was not easy to catch either, a perfect gift for you.” the guest holding the human spoke with their head bowed as Kaeya moved in and trailed a finger down the human's cheek.

“They will do quite nicely. Very well, I accept your gift of favor. Whatever you ask, must go through Father.” Kaeya grinned, scooping the human up into his arms with ease.

The human moaned from being jostled but did not stir, earning another grin from the prince. A lost human, and one so handsomely dressed, meant that his blood would be quite exquisite. Kaeya could not wait to get to his room and figure out what to do with his new pet


A sharp pain shot through his entire skull, and down his neck as Diluc slowly regained consciousness. Groaning, he reached up to feel for wounds, stopping when he felt something suddenly snap around his neck, serving to disorient him further.

He slowly opened his eyes, vision blurry as the room span. As his vision focused, blue filled his sight, as a soft chuckle reached his ears. Cold hands cupped both of his cheeks, snapping him back to reality, the haze clearing from his mind.

“Yes, that will do nicely. Now no one can take you from me.” a soft voice spoke, followed by an amused laugh.

“Mmm-- who--” Diluc groaned, pain shooting through his head once more.

“Ah, you are awake finally? I was beginning to worry they had manhandled you too much.”

Hands caressed his cheeks once more, before slowly tracing down to his neck and chest, a shiver running down his body.

“Mmm, you seem to be in pain, this should help.” Kaeya grinned before leaning in and biting just below Diluc's ear, earning him a gasp from Diluc, before he sank his fangs into the skin, sucking gently on the malleable flesh. Warmth filled Kaeya's mouth but so did a taste he immediately committed to memory. One of embers and oak, mixed with a soft floral taste. Exquisite, and intoxicating. He drank deeply from Diluc for a moment then slowly pulled away, licking the bite clean before pressing his lips to the same spot.

Diluc softly moaned beneath him, as the pain slowly receded, replaced with a sensation that filled his face with confusion.

“Wh-What-- what did you just do?” Diluc frowned, reaching to touch the spot before a hand stopped him.

“I'm feeling generous right now, so I took your pain away, pet.”

The word made Diluc flinch before snapping his eyes shut a moment then opened them in an attempt to make them focus. The dim lighting in the room did nothing to help, yet he could see a face in front of his much clearer now.

“P-Pet? I'm no one's pet-- get off of me!” Diluc growled, trying to shift out from under his captor.

“You trespassed into our lands, and were captured. Now you belong to me.” Kaeya grinned, putting more of his weight onto his prize, eyeing the collar he had placed on him earlier, “Mmm-- and quite a tasty one at that.”

“Release me, this instant!” Diluc cried, panic setting in as he noticed the star pupils in Kaeya's eyes.

He had only heard of them from the books in his father's library, and the scary stories kids liked to tell to spook each other. Vampires with eyes that reflected the stars above, cold-hearted and vicious predators. Out of the hundreds that constantly went missing, rumors that vampires were to blame, taking fresh blood. Diluc felt his blood run cold at the realization of what the vampire above him had just done. He was to be food for this creature of the night till he grew tired of him.

“Unhand me! I will not be food for a monster like you!” Diluc cried out, trying to summon whatever strength he had left to no avail.

Kaeya simply remained on top of him as an amused smirk spread on his face, “Monster? How rude, but... I could really be one if you so desire, but I have a better idea of what to do with you.”

Diluc froze at those words, a pang of fear creeping up his spine as the vampire continued.

“There is no where you cannot go that I will not know. Run, and I will chase you down and drag you back here if I have to. Now-- tell me your name, my pet.”

“Screw you--” Diluc hissed, trying to keep up the false bravado now running through his system, but it only earned a snicker from the vampire.

“Now, that won't do at all. That is no way to answer your new master.” he sneered, fangs glistening, before grabbing Diluc by the chin and forced him to look at him.

“I am being nice and asking politely, don't make me force you to tell me, Sunshine. I took away your pain, but I can make it hurt if that’s what you want.” his warning laced in his lowered tone.

Diluc swallowed hard before glaring hard at the vampire, “Diluc Ragnvindr.”

“Such a noble name and not just any human, a Ragnvindr. My, what a delicious gift that was given to me today.”

He released him suddenly, removing himself from Diluc.

“Don't make me regret not shackling you to the wall, my pet.” A suggestive gleam in his eye.

“The pain should be nearly gone now, but sleep, your body will need it.”

Diluc remained where he lay, watching Kaeya like a hawk. An animal on edge. After a moment he took a brief glance around the room, trying to search for a way to escape. He refused to be simply food for a vampire. Despite the adrenaline running through his system, his body grew heavy as his eyes closed and sleep took him once again.


Kaeya smiled softly as he watched Diluc fall asleep. While it had been in Diluc’s interest to stop the pain, he had taken quite a bit of blood to make it happen. His mouth watered remembering the fine taste that had graced his mouth. The blood of another ancient lineage, making his taste buds tingle, looking forward to tasting the delicious crimson liquid.

Slowly sliding off the bed and grabbing a blanket, he gently covered his new pet, before admiring the unguarded look beneath him. This human had some fight to him, which meant he would have to keep a close eye on him, lest he escape

Yet, he couldn't help but feel a bit excited at the prospect of having Diluc close, and having him all to himself. Kaeya's eyes glowed softly, lost in thought as he brushed hair out of Diluc's face, before an interesting thought crossed his mind. This human had been very nicely dressed and possibly a runaway noble's child. The name Ragnvindr only serving to confirm his suspicions. Which piqued his curiosity as to how Diluc had ended up in their kingdom to begin with.

An odd feeling swept over him, something akin to possessiveness. Once word got out that he now had a new pet, there would be those desiring to have Diluc's blood. News of the appearance of his human would spread like wildfire, those of nobility would quickly figure out that this was not a regular human. His blood would tempt even the most well fed vampires, and he would not let anyone else lay a fang on him. His blood and body belonged to him, and him alone.

Kaeya let his fingers slide to the collar he had snapped onto Diluc's neck earlier. Made of solid gold with a giant sapphire in the middle, the mark of the Alberich’s, signifying to all that Diluc now belonged to him. His eyes glowed again with determination as a knock at his door shook him out of his reverie. He slid off the bed and made his way to the door, glancing back at Diluc for a moment, before heading out the door to tend to his visitor.

For the second time in a row, Diluc woke with his head spinning. His entire body felt extremely heavy, limbs refusing to move how he wanted. Slowly shifting to sit up, he noticed he was alone in the room. Survival instincts kicked in and he immediately began looking for a way out of the room, forcing himself to move. Sliding off the bed, his eyes spotted a balcony separated by large french windowed doors. The doors were not locked and as he hurried out onto the balcony, he gasped, freezing in his tracks at the sight of Kingdom of the Night in its splendor.

Khaenri’ah. Thought to have fallen ages ago, a beautiful kingdom, shrouded in darkness.

Lanterns lit the city below, giving it an ethereal glow. The moon shone above, illuminating the city faintly. Diluc found himself shivering slightly. He had only heard stories about Khaenri'ah, and its people. But he had never thought any of it to be real. His mind soon wandered, reminding him of how he ended up in this situation to begin with:

Lamp Grass.

A unique plant said only to thrive in Khaenri'ah due to no sunlight. Of course, none actually believed that Diluc would be able to find it considering Khaenri’ah was but an old folks tale, or so he thought.

It had been more of a dare from one of the knights than anything else, but Diluc was determined to bring one of the plants back, or something similar. After much travel past the border of Mondstadt, he finally came across several lantern like plants as described in the tales, eager to bring them home, unaware as to where he actually was. And he would have probably succeeded too, had he not been found by the two Khaenri'ans who knocked him out and brought him to the palace. He slowly lifted a hand to the back of his head at the thought, amazed that there was no pain.

The vampire had been truthful in that he would remove the pain. Diluc sighed before steeling himself. There was no way he would remain here and be fodder for a vampire. Not when his father was surely looking for him. He had to get back.

Looking around again, Diluc saw that he was up quite high on the balcony. The only way down would be a long fall, that he had no doubt, he would not survive. Which meant he had to find a way out via the one door that led into the room. Not knowing what was on the other side put him on edge, as he opened the door and peered into the hallway. Seeing no one, he hurried till he came to a corner and slowly peered around it again. To his relief, no one seemed to be in the hallways. He continued till he came upon a vast garden lit up by the moonlight.

Diluc paused, cautiously entering, curiosity eating at him. He soon spotted the fabled plant that he had been initially looking for and grinned seeing it. He could take one with him and be done with this place.

“Lovely aren't they, Diluc?” an all too familiar voice called behind him, causing Diluc to panic and spin around defensively.

The vampire from earlier stood right behind him, an amused smirk gracing his handsome face.

Caught you

Everything in him screamed to run, but his limbs refused to move as the vampire moved and plucked one of the flowers then gently tucked it into the soft tresses of Diluc's hair.

“Mmm, now what on earth are you doing out here? You need to be careful. I can't really protect you if you vanish on me.” the vampire mused, playing coy with him.

“I don't need your protection! Just leave me alone!” Diluc forced out, somehow finding his voice again as he backed away from the vampire, striking his hand away,

“I am not yours to begin with!” he hollered, before making a mad dash further into the garden.

A predatory look flooded Kaeya’s face as he watched him run, “Oh-- I've got a lively one don't I? I love a good chase” he hummed before his eyes shone with the moon and he vanished only to reappear in front of Diluc, halting his attempted escape.

“Do you not remember me telling you earlier? No matter where you go, or how many times you escape, I will drag you back if I have to.”

“I would rather die than be your food, vampire!” Diluc snarled, looking for something to defend himself with

“Now now, there's no need to be abrasive pet.. I know your name so let me give you mine.” he grinned, grabbing Diluc's chin with his fingers again, “You may call me Kaeya, or Prince. Either works. Though I would prefer Kaeya.” he said with a sneer on his face, eyes glinting in a way that made Diluc's blood run cold. Nails slowly pressing into his face as a warning.

“And you are coming with me, Sunshine. I'll have to find a way to punish you for trying to escape so soon.” Kaeya linked a finger under the collar around Diluc's neck and tugged, forcing the human to follow, Diluc choking slightly at the strong grip.

“U-Unhand me! I won't go with you!” Diluc cried trying to free himself but Kaeya only smiled amusedly as he overpowered the human's feeble attempts.

Soon they were back in the Prince's room as he tossed Diluc onto the bed once again, “Someone’s been a bad pet, haven’t we? How shall I punish you?” Kaeya cooed mockingly, climbing up beside Diluc.

Diluc scrambled away, trying to keep distance between him and Kaeya. His pride was on the line and he refused to give in to whatever mind control this vampire was attempting to use on him to calm him down. In his haste, he found the edge of the bed and tumbled off, with a loud grunt of pain as he held his head. Kaeya peered from over the side and chuckled softly in amusement.

“Mmm, seems punishment enough for now, you're all riled up anyway.” Kaeya chuckled again before scooping Diluc up and depositing him back on the bed before glancing over him for any further wounds.

Diluc felt himself heat up at being manhandled so easily. Peering at Kaeya, he was surprised at what seemed like genuine concern on the vampire's face as he examined Diluc, giving him a chance to get a good look at Kaeya’s face, mainly his irises.

They really did have stars in their eyes.

Curiosity started to slowly win over as he wondered why Kaeya had one blue and one gold eye. The shine of his blue eye seemed to reflect the moonlight easily and every time Kaeya looked elsewhere, his eye seemed to give off an ethereal glow, just like the lamp grass. Beautiful and mesmerizing
“See something you like?” Kaeya hummed, noticing the red-head shamelessly staring at his face.

“You’re imagining things.” Diluc sputtered out, immediately flustered, “Just-- is it normal for vampires to have two colored eyes?”

The question caught Kaeya off guard for a moment before an amused smile spread on his face,

“Mmm-- can't say it is. Probably the same chances as with humans for it to happen.”

Diluc frowned at the answer but found himself looking at the gold eye this time, studying it till Kaeya's gaze fell to one of Diluc's hands as he lifted it up only to bite into one of his fingers. That earned him a startled yelp, but he dared not pull his hand away for fear of Kaeya's fangs tearing up his finger and hand, so he shivered as he felt Kaeya suck on his finger for a moment, then pulled away, licking the bite, eliciting a soft shiver from diluc, crimson rushing to Diluc’s face.

“Like a fine wine, definitely worth savoring.” Kaeya grinned, as he gently yanked Diluc back to focus on him, “I have no intention of drinking you dry. I'd rather much enjoy you slowly. Your blood is just a bonus.

Diluc felt himself tremble ever so slightly. Whether it was out of fear or frustration he couldn't tell, as an all too skeptical laugh left him.

“I find that hard to believe. Vampires only crave blood-- isn't that why people are constantly going missing?”

Kaeya perked at the accusation, a coy grin on his face.

“Mmm-- can't say.” he grinned at the confusion on Diluc's face, as he inched forward, lips ghosting over his throat, Diluc letting out a gasp.

“I-if my blood isn’t the only thing you want, then why am I here? Just let me go.” He moved to push Kaeya away, only for him to pin his hands to bed, a hungry glint in his starred pupilled eyes.

“Ah, yes. You are to help stave off my boredom.” He let his eyes roam Diluc.

“Starting now.”