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Say Grace

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Blossoms of morning dew cling to the open panes of the winery's second-story window. The scent of ripening fruit mingles with a breeze that sends the velvet curtains rippling into the warm room. The hustle and bustle of the winery staff’s opening tasks is muffled background noise to the gentle sighs filling the room.


Diluc's face is pressed into a nest of pillows, Kaeya's fingers gently curled into his soft, unruly hair. The corners of his lips twitch with mirth when barely audible whimpers fall from Diluc's lips as he gently presses the cold plug against the bundle of nerves deep within him. Kaeya can’t help the small laugh that parts his lips at Diluc--reserved, proper Diluc--rocking his hips back into his cool touch. He pushes in further, whimpers melting into low moans until the sounds coming from Diluc are nothing more than a string of unintelligible babble. 


He’s a striking sight of crimson hair and matching rope tying his forearms to his soft, radiant thighs. The strands interweave over one another, restraining the rippling muscles of Diluc’s years of swordplay. Even as kids, Diluc was always stronger than him. But what Kaeya lacks in strength, he makes up for in wit and cunning. He knows exactly what to do to melt Diluc. Years of careful observation of one another’s bodies has made him something of an expert on Diluc Ragnvindr.


Kaeya trails kisses along the curve of his lower back, the skin beneath him slowly collecting beads of sweat. His finger catches one of the knots nestled against the crook of Diluc’s elbow, the rope holding his arms flush with either thigh. Diluc’s ass stays high in the air, ready for any musings Kaeya deems necessary. And Kaeya deems it very necessary to keep him helplessly suspended on the edge of release.


"Mmmm. I have some business I need to attend to for the Knights, but you'll be okay like this won't you, Luc?"


The pillow-muffled moans filling the room dissipate, Diluc turning his head to glare at him. Kaeya beams back at him smugly, but doesn’t relent the gentle pushing and prodding of the toy within him.


"Bastard. Don’t you dare."


"Oh?" With that Kaeya pulls the plug away from his prostate just enough for the stimulation to subside. "I didn't have this planned, but since you've been so cordial…"


Diluc sits back, incredulously observing Kaeya slipping off the bed before he locks onto a small device Kaeya is spinning between his fingers. 


"Try to keep it down. You wouldn't want Adelinde to come find you."


Before Diluc can bother with questions a sharp vibration rolls through him, sending him face-first back into the pile of pillows. Kaeya licks a stripe up his neck before kissing him sweetly on the temple.


“See you soon.”




Crescents of red bloom across his knees from where he has helplessly dug his fingernails into the smooth skin. Hours pass and all he can do is continue to use his pillows to stifle the moans spilling from him. His thighs burn from the prolonged position, but he can't fall forward anymore than he is without even greater strain on his shoulders. He tries easing back, his thighs slowly falling against his calves.


That's how Kaeya finds him when he comes back, hours later. Tears and drool are soaking into the pillows, precum painting Diluc’s chest and the silk sheets below. Diluc has given up on trying to rub his aching hardness against anything for release. His senses are shot. He’s unable to register the shifts in light from time passing, nor is he able to feel what should be a relaxing breeze occasionally drifting into his bedchamber.  


"Oh, Master Diluc, what a sight you are."


Diluc brokenly moans into the pillows, Kaeya’s voice bringing him to the closest thing that could be called consciousness. His hips shakily rise back into the air, and Kaeya simply watches as his pale thighs quiver. 


"K-kae… please…" a small jerk of his hips punctuates his pleading. It takes every ounce of restraint in Kaeya to not release him and pump Diluc to his desperate orgasm. It would only take a single touch, he knows. No matter how many times they play Kaeya’s games, in the end, Diluc is always a touch away when he degenerates into this sobbing mess.


"If only Mondstat could see their noble Diluc now," the vibrations stop as the mattress dips below him, but Diluc still doesn't turn his head. Every ounce of energy is going into keeping his hips raised.


"What would they think of you, pleading for your dear brother to fuck you?"


A wanton moan falls from Diluc as Kaeya prodes his thumb against the swollen rim clenching around the plug. It’s rare for Diluc to be reduced to this in bed. Most nights he’s quiet hums and sharp inhales. Kaeya revels in the scenarios when he can coax Diluc into situations where he knows Diluc will become more vocal. Sometimes he gasps and keens, folded against himself for Kaeya to drive into him. This time Diluc cries and moans, and Kaeya just watches as drool collects in the corners of his mouth. 


"Do you want me to untie you?"


Diluc weakly shakes his head.


"Hmm… do you want this ?" Kaeya slides the plug out devilishly slowly, watching intently at the twitches and pulls of the muscles across Diluc's thighs and back. Diluc lets out another moan, muffled by the pillows as the plug pops out completely. Kaeya could watch this for hours: Diluc's hole all red, shining with oil and ready for him, unruly hair plastered to his drenched body.




"Please what?" Kaeya coos sweetly, tilting Diluc's face to the side and brushing the hair behind his ear. He's still fully clothed, but even through blurred, watery eyes Diluc can make out his trousers pushed down just enough to know his cock is out. He presses backwards, hoping to feel for it against him, hoping that Kaeya would be merciful.


No such luck.


"You have to ask nicely." Kaeya punctuates his request with a gloved thumb rubbing against his rim, and Diluc keens. Diluc is past reservations.


"Please fuck me, dìdi . Please—"


And who is Kaeya to deny such a polite request? He slides forward, sheathing himself completely into Diluc's slick hole, and Diluc sings.  


"You've waited so long," his hands slide down Diluc's supple thighs to hook into the red ropes. "What do you want, gēge ?" He pulls away only to immediately pull the ropes and send Diluc's ass backwards against his own hips with a wet slap.


"M-make me come, dìdi ," tears stream down his red cheeks as he rubs his ass desperately against Kaeya's hips, praying for some semblance of friction. He knows what Kaeya wants to hear. If it hadn't been for the relentless onslaught of pleasure keeping him simultaneously overstimulated yet helplessly understimulated, he would probably bite out a remark about Kaeya’s complex. But he needs Kaeya's touch. He needs those hands picking him apart from within. He needs to crumble to the meticulous trails of his practiced fingers. 




If Kaeya wants to bring it up later, Diluc will just deny it. Currently, Diluc is past having shame.


 "Make me come all over myself. Please!"


Diluc continues to grind against him, trying to pull away and fuck himself on Kaeya. He needs more. He needs Kaeya, but Kaeya holds the ropes fast. Diluc only manages to move micro-amounts away before the tension stops him. 


Kaeya leans forward to kiss the tears from the corner of his eyes, the movement sending his dick deeper into Diluc. He moans loudly, eyes rolling backwards. Kaeya’s lips trail the shell of his ear.


"Anything for you."


Diluc gasps as he becomes empty. He wants to cry out in protest, but a crash of hips shoots him forward into the headboard. He screams into the pillows, Kaeya's hips setting a bruising pace.


"Yes, yes, yes— please, Kae! Ha—"


"I've been thinking about you all day, Luc. You're such a pretty picture like this. Ass presented to me like it's the only thing you're good for."


Diluc can only sob and moan at Kaeya's honey-drenched words. His own dick hurts from being hard for so long, “Please touch me.”


A ghost of a finger traces the veins on the underside of him, Kaeya’s thrusts shooting the precum dripping from his tip across his chest. Diluc cries out harder, the sound shooting straight to Kaeya’s dick, and gods if Diluc begging doesn’t jumpstart his inching into his own orgasm. He should probably be grateful that Diluc isn't always like this in bed, because he's not sure how long he would last if he had to listen to the man underneath him pleading for his dick like it was water on a regular basis. 


Kaeya's hips stutter before slender fingers wrap slowly around his leaking cock. He barely finished one stroke before Diluc comes so hard it hits his chin. His vision begins to go blurry, and Diluc can faintly feel Kaeya's arms hold him steady. His vision continues to waver as the warmth of cum filling him up lulls him down. His body goes limp and the blackness overtakes him.




Orange sunlight peeks through the cracks in the now drawn curtains, casting a warmth across Diluc's face. The winery is silent now, the breeze carrying in the sounds of the valley’s late afternoon. The sheets pooling around him are clean and dry, as are the pillows. His perception of time is skewed. Has it been an hour? A day?


Where was Kaeya? 


Diluc rolls to his side and stares at a single calla lily resting on a pillow next to him. His fingers stretch out to wrap around its stem, but he falters. The marks on his arm are almost as bright as the ropes that held him together earlier. He gazes in quiet fascination at the contrast of the color on his own skin. His memory drifts back to Kaeya asking to tie him up and his own initial dismissal of such an idea. 


The door to his bedroom opens and in strides Kaeya, tray of food and water in hand. He catches Diluc staring at the marks for a fleeting second before the arm is shoved under the blankets.


“Don’t be so modest. You wear enough clothes to make a victorian maiden look scandalous.”


He scoffs, making a point of staring at Kaeya's (always) exposed chest, “some of us like to leave some things to the imagination.”


Diluc reaches for the glass of water presented to him, eyes trailing to the plate of skewered meat and piles of potatoes, meats, and cheese.


“Lucky for me, you tied up isn’t something I have to imagine anymore.”


Diluc chokes on his water.