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Please don't leave me

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Lan Xichen was no longer used to being alone at night. Every two weeks, either one of them would visit each other. This week, it was Jiang Cheng's turn to visit him in Cloud Recesses.

Every night, they share the same bed and he always was well-rested because Jiang Cheng was there, cradling him in his arms. There would even be nights when Jiang Cheng sang him lullabies until he fell asleep.

Lan Xichen couldn't imagine days and nights without Jiang Cheng. And it was one of those mornings that he knew that they had to rise up from bed and yet...

Something about that morning made Lan Xichen want more.

It was a yearning that had been building up in the last several months that they have been in that habit of visiting each other, and spending time, and even sharing a bed together.

They've said their good mornings and kissed a few times already that Jiang Cheng was about to get up from bed. The moment Lan Xichen felt his beloved turn, he grasped at his arm, softly saying "Please don't leave me."

It was a quiet plea from one man to his lover, a sigh at the break of dawn.

Jiang Cheng turned to face him instead of getting up from bed. His fingers traced the contours of Lan Xichen's face as he stared into those brown eyes.

"For now, I have to return to Lotus Pier, you know this." Jiang Cheng's hand reached for Lan Xichen's and interlaced their fingers together before kissing it.

"I know but..."

"But what?"

"I just wish that—"

Lan Xichen had that wistful look on his face. There was the unstoppable yearning that bubbled up from his heart and up to his lips.

"I truly want us to be together. Always."

Lan Xichen was earnestly searching into Jiang Cheng's eyes. Looking for the answer.

And he found them. In the way Jiang Cheng's lips pressed against his, and then whispering against his cheek: "Soon, my dearest."