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Arknights Try

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When I strike the tornado I expect it to disperse, like the simulated tornado in the science fair that I visited once when I am a kid in my past life.

I remember that I like to disperse the simulated tornado using my hand, again and again, each time it reformed, it was a really fun experience that I can remember clearly in either life.

But no, somehow the tornado is pinned to the ground by my chains and me before dispersed into oblivion

You must see it to believe it

And no matter how long I wait for the tornado to reform, the tornado not reformed. The storm cloud in the sky disperse giving the way for sunlight to pass

Thinking it for a while it kinda makes sense, Nasuverse have elemental and even ghost, if my chain can hurt a being as vague as that, it stands a reason I can do that earth-physic breaking feat to the tornado

But seriously, I can feel the physic that I studied in the high school in my past life will be worthless in here…not that it exactly useful either in my past life


My body is drained of my originium energy, I severely underestimated the energy needed to use Enkidu ‘Enuma Elish’. I literally a stop away from death, the energy in my body is barely enough to sustain my form…my Lupus form

The good thing is this is place is mining city, it literally full of raw originium in every corner, in which I consumed happily…

Its been few days since then but there is nothing changed in my relationship with Lappland. She still my traveling companion, she still my sparring partner but the intensity of my spar against her changed…

She no longer holding back, because she knows I can survive anything that she throws at me.

Afterall she witnessing my strength from the VIP seat


Lappland chanted activating her art, blackish aura covering her and she starts to attack me

Between the spars, I find out that Lappland Art: Sundial is a type of physical damage nullification, its weakness is it has the chance to fail, just like you can’t ignore your past forever.

And Lappland knows it but keeps using her suicidal fighting style, a style where she keeps attacking without regard for her own safety, ignoring any wound, dancing wildly without care of any attack. My attack.

Knowing full well the power from each of my chains

It just needs for one strong stray attack to hit her and Lappland will die but Lappland mastery of her own art is incomprehensible to my mind. She literally developing an instinct when her art will null the attack and when it won’t

Turning her suicidal fighting style into some kind of storm.

The Storm is Unpredictable, The Storm is Invincible, and  The Storm is Unstoppable.

It was a truly breathtaking sight.


“Your food can take over the world Enkidu,” Lappland said while eating her third serving

“Haha pretty funny” I replied with a hint of sarcasm while checking for the news on my phones “there no way I can take over the world with just my skill in cooking”

We already cross the border and entering Yen or to be precise Lungmen.

“I see so Lungmen technically part of Yen and also technically its own nation” I muttered at the information that I didn’t notice until now.

In canon, Rhodes Island will dock their mobile company? city? Around Lungmen. So it wiser to wait for the Rhodes Island there than going into Kazdel

But it seems my calculation was a little off, if this keeps going I and Lappland will reach Lungmen city long before Rhodes Island arrive

So that means we will stay in-

“Wow look Enkidu at the headlines! Speculation why the catastrophe in certain mining city just disappears is still on the hot debate!” Lappland grinned pointed at a headline of an online newspaper

“Its been several days, why they are still talking about it?” I frowned

Hearing my response Lappland just laughed heartily

“Be careful! If you laughed while eating you can choke!”I warn her but seriously what so funny in my response that she laughed like that?

“W..ater!” Lappland ask clearly needed it in hurry

“I told you!”  


Enkidu didn't realize the consequence of his action stopping the catastrophe. 

Keep in mind that the world Terra is frequently infested catastrophe if there some news that saying 'A catastrophe suddenly disappeared' for the scientist it was short of a miracle

Catastrophes are not normal natural disaster, you can prevent normal floods but you can't prevent catastrophe floods

So Enkidu action stopping catastrophe is a really big deal

No matter what kind of nation, they will be interested in the technology to stop a catastrophe

Why they conclude it was a technology, not a natural phenomenon?

The scientists from all over the Terra literally arrived at the mining city just 6 hours after the news made into the first headline, just a day after Enkidu and Lappland departure

Like I stated before, catastrophe disappearing was a really big deal

They are experts in catastrophe and observing nature, just from the site alone they can easily conclude.

It was a man-made event. No question asked.

And so it was the start of the beginning of most government hunt toward the unknown technology that doesn't exist

As this happening, Enkidu the culprit behind the incident is busy cooking another serving for Lappland

While Lappland can only laugh at Enkidu obliviousness at the aftermath his action


Omake: Lappland Enkidu Observation in the mining city

When Lappland tells Enkidu about the infected discrimination, about the separated public shelter, Lappland can see anger behind those gentle eyes.

But even so, the anger goes as fast as it came.

With that, they go to the public shelter and after picking a vacant spot Enkidu tells Lappland to wake him up from his sleep if something happens.

Waking Enkidu up? In Lappland humble opinion that almost impossible, afterall Enkidu didn’t even wake up when she ties him upside down on a tree

Honestly, most of her victim wakes up at moment she ties the rope

Enkidu really sleep like a log

After a certain amount of time, Lappland hears it, maybe the Ursus guard trying to say it in a whisper but the guard forgets there are many races with heightened hearing.

And Lupus is one of them, and there is Lupus among the masses

The non-infected sabotaged the infected public shelter

Their whisper quickly spread to the masses, everyone becomes tense, some crying, some angry but one thing is certain everyone is resigned at their fate, they are giving up

There someone that have an idea to fix the sabotage but creating and repairing is harder than destroying for a reason

Someone trying to incite revenge but quickly squashed up remembering that most of the infected didn’t have a proper weapon the total opposite of the non-infected

At that moment Lappland go to the public restroom in the shelter, pick a bucket of cold water and throw it at Enkidu

It took three tries before Enkidu wake up, the moment Enkidu wake up he asked about the situation

“Hear it by yourself Enkidu” Lappland sit cross-legged tense because the situation

At that moment Lappland can see Enkidu anger boiling

After that Enkidu asks a weird question in which Lappland playfully answer

Somehow Enkidu anger gone replaced by some kind of resolve

Enkidu pack his thing, Lappland followed intrigued what is he resolved to do

To bad Enkidu keep denying Lappland a chance to fight to the death against him

Not that Lappland wanted it of course

Lappland already attached to Enkidu, that was the reason Lappland following Enkidu to the path of the catastrophe

Even its not in a fight, Lappland won’t mind if she dies together with Enkidu

Lappland almost fly because of the wind but Enkidu quick to chain her feet to the ground and put a chain in her waist to make sure it did not happen again

After a while, they can see the incoming catastrophe

“Hey, Lappland you always want to see my full power right?”

Just with that sentence every clue connected in Lappland mind

Lappland laughed at the madness behind such decisions and here Lappland thought she is the mad one, to think she is the sane one among the two.

Maybe that was the reason Lappland attached to Enkidu?

“Hey, Lappland you always want to see my full power right?”

With that same sentence, before Lappland can ask why Enkidu repeated the same question, Lappland is treated by the amazing phenomena in front of her

The air shakes, the earth tremor, and even the catastrophe is near, everything around both of them is standing still

As if that place is the safest place in the world.

As if at that moment, there nothing  in the world can do to both of them

As if they are invincible.

I will awaken the breath of the planet, for I walk with humanity.

With that Lappland witnessed, Enkidu chanted for the first time since traveling with him, it closer to a poem and impractical on a real fight since chant is usually used as a routine to remember the originium art technique but…

O' Humans, Let Us Restrain the Gods!

Honestly, Lappland never hear and see something that so beautiful

Enuma Elish