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Arknights Try

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So what are your wishes mortal?” The Reincarnation God asked “Afterall Terra is not a world that kind to normal folks, and I didn’t want for you to fail at your task

Just remember every wish comes with a price.” The Reincarnation God reminded “that was the basic law of equivalent exchange

In this vast void where time didn’t flow and space didn’t expand, the voice of The Reincarnation God echoed.

With that after asking a question and thinking about it for a moment, I state my wishes

The Reincarnation God angry, grinned, and laughed


I start to recover my past life memories around 15 years of age, my reincarnated self think it was just a dream…at least until my wishes price starting to affect him.

That was the moment my mind start to synchronize with my past life. Its good thing the synchronization went well because my past life self and reincarnated self have the same way of thinking.

No no, it is not a split of personality, its just feels like a have two data storage.

The first thing I noticed after the sync is my current orphan status…I remembered my parent died because of some kind raids or something.

That was the price of a single wish, the trigger of my reincarnated self remembering about my past life

I am the one who governs reincarnation, no soul that reincarnated by me will escape the cleansing of their past life memory!

That was my first wish, to remember the memory of past life, as expected for a god that governs the cycle of reincarnation that was the biggest heresy.

If I am not arguing that my past life memories will help me greatly to complete the task that he gives me, the price will be greater.

Fine then, I can see your argument is quite compelling, for every rule, there is an exception. The price for this wish is your new parent will die and regardless of your effort you can’t save them

I foolishly agreed, thinking it won’t affect me…but my reincarnated self that has been living with my parent for all his life cried.

The world I live in is real, it is not a game, not a story, and definitely not my story. My new parent love to me is real and they die…as a price for a selfish wish from a selfish boy.

The funeral for my parent was a small one, but I spent every bit of my savings and inheritance to honor my parent.

It was a lesson. It was a reminder. It was a wake-up call. It was a reality.

That this world is not the same world that I see on screen.


With that I start to leave my city of birth, only bringing the essential item like identification, wallet, phone, compass, and some old crossbow for decoration and self-defense

It was time for me to finish my task but first, to complete it I have to find the current location of Rhodes Island

I looked through my phone, opening the Terra world map looking for the location of nomadic cities.

In this world paper map unless the newest update one is totally worthless, all the time the terrain will change because of catastrophe, is totally possible for the same place will look totally different in a month time.

You can imagine it after a year everything will totally different, most of time paper map only noted Nation border non-nomadic city and nomadic city route prediction.

Any city that not nomadic is a mining city or is built-in an area with few catastrophe occurrences. The most village is built-in in an area with catastrophe so few that it practically nonexistent, well they are supplying major food supply for the continent, there is no city or anyone will complain

“Damn, Rhodes Island is still far away they are not yet harboring their base on Lungmen” I muttered “and because so far I still not heard the fall of Chernobog that means that canon is still far away”

“But the Reunion movement is already on the news, I believe it was in a matter of months”

I think for the quickest route “Lets go to Lungmen first, Rhodes Island still literally on Kazdel, in few months when I reach Lungmen, Rhodes Island supposed to be there ”

I after confirming it with the compass, and checking the map, and marking every non-nomadic city and village that I will visit, I start my journey on foot…

Its not that I don’t have any money to use public transportation like a plane but here in Siracusa, Infected like me having it hard. The document processing can take a month to complete just for a single plane ride.

Well, it is not that bad if compared to Chernobog, where the infected are hunted like animals…

Why I didn’t wish to become immune to Oripathy you ask? Well, unlike most as the price for my second wish making me literally will die turned to dust if not consuming originium. Either raw originium or the one that from the body of infected, The processed originium is no good. I can still eat it but it will make me get serious pain across my body.

Technically I am immune to originium, because it will slowly consumed by my unique body but the moment my body is out of originium I will die. No question asked.

What is my second wish? Well, it was-

“Hey, you there! The Green Haired Lupus!”

I look around for the source of the voice, afterall I am is the only green-haired Lupus around. My long green-haired androgynous appearance is the result of my wish.

I can remember that my parent is quite worried about why my hair is green…

“Hey, stop daydreaming!”

I finally found the source of the voice

A long white-haired with a shade of black Lupus, she wearing a black coat, white shirt, black short jeans that showing her thighs. She also brought 2 katanas. A part of the mafia?

She is infected, I mean at the level that she is lucky to still alive. Because I need to consume originium to survive I can sense them.

“I heard you are going to Rhodes Island? Can I tag along?” The lady smiled, it really cute but somehow I detected madness behind that smile…

“Sure why not?” I nodded, with her level of infection is quite common to seek a hospital for treatment, and even though Rhodes Island is a Pharmaceutical company there is a rumor that said the best doctor gathered in there.

Well is not a rumor but is more like a public secret among the infected, while some of the infected are doubting it, as a reincarnated person I can vouch for it.

And in an emergency, when there is no raw originium around, I can just drink from her blood…

“My name is Enkidu” I say offering a handshake

The girl smile, a controlled madness clearly radiating from her

“Just call me Lappland!”