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(not an) illicit affair

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Like all secret rendezvous, this one is borne of just one single glance and a missable longing stare. The night falls on Mondstadt, the good citizens scurrying back into their abodes and turning in for the day. Silence reigns in the streets, and nary a whisper is heard. Even the street animals have retreated into hiding, for Mondstadt nights are not to be taken lightly. The occasional silver glint of metal announces the locations of Knights patrolling, vigilant eyes in front of them scanning for any signs of danger.


 No one ever thinks to look up.


A hooded figure moves nimbly across rooftops. They move with purpose and familiarity, knowing each and every corner of the city like the back of their hand. Silently landing in an alleyway, the figure presses its back firmly against the wall as heavy footsteps thud past just a few meters away from them.


Once the coast is clear, the shadow slips out and disappears into the streets, only to reappear in another alleyway. The bright moonlight above guides its path to dispose of any nefarious individuals threatening Mondstadt’s safety. As expected, a group of treasure hoarders have somehow found their way into the city, and the figure makes quick work of them.


Flames burn, and voices choked out in a silent scream. Soon, there is none but one left standing victorious.


The figure eyes the bodies around them and scoffs condescendingly. They’ll have to find a way to dispose of the bodies before anyone takes notice. The incompetency of the Knights to allow danger slip past their guard. Despite that, the Knights won’t stand for a vigilante showing them up.


Fire dances in a gloved palm, illuminating its dingy surroundings with a warm glow. It’ll be easier to burn the bodies than to drag them to either Cider Lake or the Whispering Woods. Just as the figure is about to set them alight, slow clapping comes from behind him.


Immediately, the fire is snuffed out. Hidden in the safety of the dark, the figure moves quickly in defence. Barbed chains sprout from the palm of the glove and wounds themselves tightly against the intruder. Against the intruder’s will, the chain yanks their arms above their head and tightens it, slamming them into the wall a few feet above the ground. To their credit, they barely flinch.


“My my, what a special welcome.” A saccharine voice breaks the silence. “And here I was, going to congratulate you on a job well done.”


For reasons unknown, the tone grates on Diluc’s nerves, and he growls. While he can discern the intruder as a male, the shadows prevent him from identifying them. That is of no matter. The only thing Diluc has to know is whether this person is a friend or foe.


“Come now, surely we can talk this out like gentlemen.” If he is a lesser man, Diluc would have fallen under the spell of the smooth voice. However, he has lived years with a liar and knows better.


“Who are you?” He snarls, pressing close to the other.


“And who are you, oh, sweet prince.” The chains tighten, causing his captive to wince. “Alright, alright, no teasing. But it’s rude to ask for someone’s name without giving your own.”


“You’re the one who interrupted me,” flows out of Diluc’s mouth before his filter kicks in.


“And you’re the one who chained me up.”


Diluc doesn’t deem it necessary to reply to that. Besides, it is true. Pushing for the captive’s identity will bear no fruit, and so he chases another line of conversation. He demands, “What’s your purpose in Mondstadt.”


His prey laughs. It’s pretty and familiar. Diluc pushes the thought away; he has more important things to focus on.


“We have the same purpose in Mondstadt. The safety of her people.” Try as he may, the sincerity in the voice convinces Diluc. Still, he knows better to let his guard down. “If you’re that suspicious of me, I promise I come unarmed.”


A hidden invitation to frisk him. Diluc would be a fool to not accept the invitation. Having no weapons does not translate to being not dangerous.


He closes the gap between them and places a hand on the male’s stomach. Muscles twitch under his touch, but aside from that, he gets no reaction. Suddenly annoyed, Diluc rips away the shirt, buttons clattering noisily to the ground beside him. He pays it no mind, attention entirely focused on the unrevealed body in front of him. A finger comes up to his mouth, and Diluc tugs the glove off with his teeth, tucking it into one of his many pockets. Without his biding, his ungloved hand runs a smooth course down the other’s chest. The skin is smooth, soft and warm underneath his palm, slightly colder than an average human’s temperature.


He hears a startled breath above him, and Diluc raises his head. The position of the chains has wrenched the intruder above him. And yet, the shadows hide his features. Only a tilt of lips can be seen.


“Like what you see?”


“I like it better when you shut up.” Diluc bites back. There is just something so familiar about this individual, but Diluc can’t place his finger on it.


His hands are still roaming unashamedly about the chest, greedily grabbing every bit of skin they can touch. Diluc sees those pretty lips part and just knows whatever will come out of them will piss him off. Without taking his eyes off, he prevents. A choked off moan echoes in the alleyway, and Diluc bites back a smirk. His fingers play with the treasure they found, rubbing the nub between them. He presses harder, and the other’s breathing gets heavier. Something burns deep inside Diluc. It’s only pure will and determination that keeps him from going feral.


Diluc shoves a thigh between the other’s legs and laughs meanly when he feels aborted movements of hips against his crotch. “You like this.”


“How can I not,” the winded reply comes from above him. Diluc narrows his eyes at the unusual phrasing of the words but decides to pursue it later.


“I could just leave you here, all trussed up and prettied for the next person who comes around.” Diluc whispers into warm skin, mouth licking and biting wherever he can. A moan tells him everything he needs to know.


“Oh, you like that, don’t you. All helpless and tied up, ready to be used by anyone. Even if it’s someone you don’t know.” Rational Diluc would be appalled at how immoral this is. Rational Diluc would also be very confused at the fever raging throughout his body since he has never reacted this way to anyone. Except for a certain someone.


However, Rational Diluc is out of the house, and Horny Diluc has taken over. He pulls away from his prize, wickedly please, when he sees the bite marks and bruises littering the other’s chest. The sign of his ownership clearly presented makes him harder. A hand has migrated away from the captive’s nipples and now is contently cupping their bulge. He presses harder against rough cloth and is rewarded with a soft whine.


How tantalizing.


“If you’re a good boy, I might just let you come.”


“Inside you?”


“That’s only a reward for really good boys.”




To say Diluc is ashamed of his actions would be an overstatement. He should have just left the intruder alone or at least gone about this in a different way in hindsight. As they all say, hindsight is twenty-twenty. However, Diluc can’t bring himself to regret what has taken in that alleyway that night. They left without a goodbye and a backward glance. Both of them have been satisfied by a stranger, and that works out. Or at least Diluc hasn’t heard any complaints otherwise.


It’s fine; he’ll never see the other individual again anyway. Mondstadt is big enough for that.


Or so he thought.


Two weeks after the incident, Diluc runs into his captive again. They fuck.


A week and a half after the second meeting, they fuck again.


A week after that, the cycle repeats itself.


It doesn’t escape his notice of how the times between their meetings are decreasing, but it doesn’t bother him for some reason. While still wary, being with his nameless sex partner bring about a certain type of comfort and safety he hasn’t felt in years since leaving Mondstadt.


Diluc doesn’t dwell on that.




“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” the other laughs, once again finding his wrists bound tightly with delusion chains. This time, however, he’s pushed back against the wall with Diluc’s ass grinding heavily against his dick.


The familiar voice bugs at him. Diluc is so tempted to find out the identity of his partner. Yet, unspoken conventions stop him from doing so - each other’s identity remains a secret. His companion seems content to allow their clandestine meetings to happen.


They run to each other, or rather his captive seeks him out. They fuck. They go their own ways.


Initially, Diluc has been very wary of the other. No matter where he is in Mondstadt, they’ll somehow meet. If he doesn’t know better, he’d say the male is stalking him. But Diluc does know better and doesn’t voice his suspicions. They, however, remain as a warning in his mind.


“I don’t hear you complaining about this during the first few times.” He groans out, lost in the heat of the moment.


“W-well –“ The break in his prey’s composure delights Diluc. “It’d be nice to have something soft to lie against for once.”


Diluc stills at the yearning in the other’s voice. It’s one he hasn’t heard in a while.


“That’s not what we do.” He says dryly. With a sigh, he pushes the male into the wall and stands up. He releases the chains and pulls on his glove, retreating a safe distance away. They may have met many times, but Diluc isn’t dumb to show his back to a stranger. The mood is broken. He has no desire to stick around if he doesn’t receive the dwindling mercurial high he is chasing after.


“But we could.” His keen ears pick up on the soft voice. Diluc buttons up his shirt and pants, patting them down to smooth out any creases before throwing his hood on.


“But we could,” comes the insistent protest. Diluc doesn’t understand why the stranger is so incessant on this. There is nothing between them to even explore or consider.


The silence between them speaks for itself. Satisfied that he doesn’t look like he came straight out from sex, Diluc prepares himself to leave this all behind.


“Don’t run away from us, Diluc. Not again.” Diluc tenses and moves.


Chains stretch out with a hiss, and the male is thrown against the wall with a surprised yelp in a sick parody of their first meeting. Diluc unsheathes a dagger and draws in, pressing the sharp tip against the other’s throat. He watches the heavy gulp and drags his eyes up towards the other’s face. Never once has seen the other’s full face during their rendezvouses. Now is no different.


“Who. Are. You.” He bites out, the dagger digging into the other’s skin with each word. Blood drips down, and he feels the other twitch underneath him.


“You don’t….” The male trails off above him before letting out an exhausted laugh. “Of course, you don’t.”


“Don’t test me. Who are you?” The laugh is so familiar. Everything about this person is so familiar, and it’s pissing Diluc off he can’t figure out what’s right underneath his nose.


“I didn’t know sunshine is willing to fuck anyone in an alley.” Mocking drips from the nickname.




There’s only one person who ever calls him that.


Diluc gapes in shock, his mind whirling as the pieces come together. In his surprise, the chains around the other’s wrists loosen. Suddenly, he finds himself pinned against the wall, their position reversed. He feels his hood pulled down and the soft breeze against his forehead tells him his mask has been removed.


Warning bells ring his heads before dying a quick death. Despite himself, Diluc’s body tenses and relaxes as if recognizing that the body against him poses no threat.




“Diluc.” It must be fate for this grand revelation to happen as the clouds blocking the moonlight slowly part, and Diluc finally sees his companion’s face for the first time.


“Kaeya…” He whispers out, eyes never once leaving his brother’s face. It’s been years since they last saw each other. Kaeya has grown up well. Kaeya’s eyes soften as he takes in Diluc’s surprised reaction. For these past years, the captain feels as if something has been missing from his life. Now he has it back in his arms, he’s never letting Diluc go again.


“Diluc…” Kaeya presses his forehead against Diluc’s before lips finally meet lips. It’s been too long.


There are minefields between them they’ll have to navigate, air to clear, things to talk about. For now, he allows himself to get swept up in the kiss. He can go back to disliking Kaeya tomorrow.


For now, everything else can wait. 


“Kaeya, my starlight…”




“Since when did you know it was me?”


“Diluc, there’s only so many red haired males running around with a pyro vision.”




“In any case, I can’t believe you would fuck anyone you meet in an alleyway.”


“Don’t flatter yourself; you’re not that special.”










“What was that, Diluc?”


“I said, you are the most annoying person I know.”


“Aww, Diluc, I know you love me.”


“Finish your drink and get out of my tavern.”