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DMBJ In Space: The Star Trek AU Character Guide

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Crew Members of the Wushanju

Wu Xie 

Race: Human

Assignment: Captain

Relationships: close friends with Pangzi and Zhang Qiling; married to Zhang Qiling

Key Details:

  • Highly impulsive; Pangzi would say it’s a mystery that with a brain as big as his he still hasn’t figured out how to keep himself out of trouble on their deep space runs. Zhang Qiling would silently but emphatically agree. 
  • Cares deeply for his crew, who are unendingly loyal to him in return 
  • Known among his peers (and enemies) for being exceptionally clever and charismatic...if also a bit of a jinx when it comes to danger. 
  • Comes from a long, prestigious line of admirals who are both very good at admiraling and, also, very good at using the sparkly family name as a cover for a whole host of illegal activity. Wu Xie’s dad is an exception to the family’s criminal underbelly, having “turned it around after reforming,” and the last thing he wants is Wu Xie in space.
  • Clearly, his plan fails -- and avoiding his father’s reach is a big part of why Wu Xie is on a ship that runs contract work with the Federation, instead of simply enrolling in Starfleet


Zhang Qiling

Race: Unknown, but with Vulcan-like physiological attributes ( Sierra/Jock Headcanon: he is the closest living remnant of the Arretans, the antecedent race to Vulcans and Romulans).  

Assignment: First officer (security)

Relationships: close friends with Wu Xie and Pangzi; married to Wu Xie

Key Details:

  • Wu Xie and Pangzi exclusively call him Xiaoge, dropping the traditional honorifics associated with his position to the great discomfort of the crew. New recruits always think their captain is about to get murdered when they first hear the nickname. 
  • Is essentially responsible for bailing Wu Xie (and, by extension, Pangzi) out of 99% of the messes Wu Xie gets them into they end up in
  • In later fic, is very much married to Wu Xie. The two share a psychic bond, similar to what Betazoid and Vulcan mated pairs exhibit throughout the Star Trek series. The nascent version of this bond was formed accidentally early in their relationship, much to Zhang Qiling’s surprise and displeasure when he realized this wide-eyed youth could pick up on his subtle emotional currents. 
  • They keep their relationship relatively on the down low in order to minimize apparent weaknesses, but almost everyone knows anyway. Wu Xie is very bad at restraining his hapless “I am deeply in love” eyes, after all
  • Met Wu Xie and Pangzi when he and a meteorite crash landed onto the planet they were surveying. He had no memory and was in seemingly weak condition; Wu Xie took one (1) look at him and was like, “Take this man to medbay, he’s too hot to die alone out here.” Pangzi gained an instant concussion from smacking his forehead so hard. 


Wang Pangzi 

Race: Human-Ferengi

Assignment: Chief Engineering Officer 

Relationships: close friends with Zhang Qiling and Wu Xie; also, loves his ship very dearly

Key Details:

  • Very good at both making the ship go faster and blowing things up! Sometimes at the same time! 
  • Met Wu Xie early on, when Wu Xie got mixed up in a smuggling job gone wrong and Sanshu bailed on him, leaving him to take the fall. The two have been inseparable ever since.
  • Spends a lot of time singing quietly to the ship on his off hours. He insists that she loves his voice whenever anyone sees fit to complains. 
  • Has the highest alcohol tolerance of anyone Li Cu has ever met -- and Li Cu lived on a shady ass backwater planet for over a year.
  • Is literally desperate for Wu Xie to actually ask for a commission before he takes a job. Please. They need food. 
  • Exclusively dates red shirts. It’s not intentional, it just keeps happening. 


Bai Haotian 

Race: Betazoid

Assignment: Ensign (science) 

Relationships: mentoree to Wu Xie; close friends with Jia Kezi and Li Jiale; flirts heavily with Su Nan :)

Key Details:

  • Idolizes Wu Xie, because her goal is to be captain someday!
  • (Years down the line, when she is given her command, the entire crew shows up to support her. They’re the loudest section in the family seats by far. Bai Haotian cannot stop smiling). 


Su Nan 

Race: Bajoran

Assignment: Chief of Security 

Relationships: deeply invested in flirting with Cute Ensign Bai Haotian; reluctant best friends with Hou Daofu; sworn nemesis with her captain, Wu Xie

Key Details:

  • She and Hou Daofu get drinks every Friday evening with the explicit intention of talking shit about Wu Xie. They do this in the officer’s mess. He is also there. They Do Not Care.
  • Wryly intelligent and an expert fighter who can often be found sparring Zhang Qiling in the gym. Her greatest asset is her uniquely strategic mind.
  • Was a member of the Bajoran Resistance against the Cardassian Occupation, although (like many others) she eventually ended up floating through the galaxy as a refugee. When Bajor gained its independence, she returned home -- only to find herself somewhat lost in the new life of a planet she had fought so hard for.
  • Met Wu Xie under somewhat hazy circumstances and, against her best judgment, decided to follow him. It gives her something to do while she “processes some of the trauma of a lifetime of imperialist occupation by fucking kheet'aghs,” or at least that’s what she says.
  • Claims otherwise aside, Is actually extremely loyal to Wu Xie and has repeatedly risked life and limb to ensure his safety. 


Huo Daofu

Race: Unassigned

Assignment: Chief Medical Officer

Relationships: best friends with Su Nan, but neither of them would ever admit it

Key Details:

  • Spends 110% of his time bitching out Wu Xie for catching some crazy and previously unknown strand of Alien Disease #262.
  • Does not know how to show affection except through liberal applications of hyposprays. 


Liu Sang

Race: Romulan

Assignment: Chief Communications Officer

Relationships: more than a little bit obsessed with Zhang Qiling

Key Details:

  • Although his hearing is a great asset in communications, Liu Sang is aloof and standoffish -- behavior that can, to some degree, be identified as a preventative protection mechanism for what he assumes will be hostile reactions to his presence from the rest of the crew, who mostly hail from Federation-aligned planets.


Jia Kezi and Li Jiale 

Race: Jia Kezi is human; Li Jiale is unassigned

Assignment: Helmsmen

Relationships: Close friends with each other, as well as Bai Haotian and, once he joins the crew, Li Cu

Key Details:

  • Joined the crew at the same time, in a dual recruiting initiative from Wu Xie.
  • Sierra/Jock’s headcanon: Jia Kezi is hereditarily deaf, but was a test baby for a hearing implant prototype. Although the prototypes were discontinued due to their intense side effects (migraines, etc.), they have given Jia Kezi hearing slightly above standard human levels. Like Liu Sang, he often wears sound dampeners when on the bridge. 


Li Cu

Race: Human

Assignment: Kidnapee; eventually, engineering (ensign)

Relationships: Member of the Shit Talk Wu Xie Fridays with Su Nan and Hou Daofu; once he settles into the Wushanju , he becomes friends with Bai Haotian, Jia Kezi, and Li Jiale. Neither of them will admit to it, but Wu Xie very much becomes Li Cu’s surrogate father.  

Key Details:

  • “Recruited” (read: kidnapped) by Wu Xie, who “stumbles across him” on a backwater planet, Halka. Li Cu thinks there’s more to the story, but Wu Xie’s lips are sealed.
  • Has a chip in his shoulder and a lot to prove; he was kicked out by his dad at 18, and has spent a few years bouncing around between different planets, often using card scams and other quick fixes to keep himself afloat
  • Has a deep seated fear of spaceships, which is rooted in his claustrophobia -- his brain perceives spaceships as the ultimate enclosed space. 



Non-Wushanju Crew Characters

Wu Sanxing / Sanshu 

Race: Human

Assignment: Unknown

Relationships: Canon family relationships

Key Details:

  • Brings Wu Xie along when he joins a Starfleet-funded expedition as an “architect/archaeology expert”...and then promptly robs the expedition blind, damages the ship, and deserts, leaving Wu Xie behind to take the fall. He has been missing ever since.
  • Wu Xie still wants to believe that his uncle never actually intended to leave Wu Xie at the mercy of a court martial, and he is quick to jump at any clues about his uncle’s location.



Race: Unassigned

Assignment: Captain of her own vessel

Relationships: Former captain to Wu Xie and Pangzi

Key Details:  

  • Is the captain of a “totally legitimate” ship that absolutely does not engage in piracy 
  • Is willing to cooperate with Wu Xie and, by extension, Starfleet
  • Wu Xie served briefly on her ship alongside Pangzi after the debacle with his uncle, but they have a fractured past (she’s definitely left him to die at least once; he keeps trying to get her to give up the pirate life for good)
  • Example A of how the mostly legitimate, Starfleet-affiliated captain Wu Xie has extremely shady connections that would make even the most hardened criminal blush :)


Xiao Hua / Xie Yuchen

Race: Unassigned

Assignment: Captain of his own vessel

Relationships: Childhood friend to Wu Xie; shipmates with Xiu Xiu; Hei Yanjing is his....nemesis? Friend? Lover? He isn’t really sure.

Key Details:  

  • Runs an “officially sanctioned” ship that does cargo runs, but is also a front for his own illegal activities. 
  • At least once, Wu Xie boards Xiao Hua’s ship for sanctuary without realizing the shadier activities Xiao Hua gets up to. 


Hei Yanjing / Hei Xiazi

Race: El-Aurian (though he won’t admit it. Instead, he claims a different lineage at each meeting, including outlandish ones that very obviously do not match his features)

Assignment: Mercenary / crew of one 

Relationships: Close ~friend~ to Xiao Hua, often pestering the other man with new ideas and/or new adopted children (for Xiao Hua to bankroll). Has a friendship of mutual respect with Zhang Qiling, and exhibits concern over Wu Xie and Wang Pangzi.

Key Details:  

  • Essentially the Star Trek universe’s Mando: a one-man mercenary team who keeps accidentally adopting children wherever he goes 
  • As an El-Aurian, is exceptionally long-lived and, in many ways, unique; much of his race was wiped out by the Borg. 
  • Known for trickery and general shit-headedness


Huo Xiuxiu (she/they)

Race: Unassigned ( Sierra/Jock Headcanon: I think something insectoid would be sick )

Assignment: First officer on Xiao Hua’s ship

Relationships: Childhood friend to Xiao Hua 

Key Details:  

  • When Hei Yanjing isn’t around, she’s Xiao Hua’s enforcer -- he doesn’t particularly like to get blood on his clothes, after all 
  • Expert in infiltration, both physical and digital