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Diluc should have known his day was going to go to shit the moment he left his phone at home.

While he wasn't nearly obsessed enough that he couldn't go through a day, much less his entire 12 hour shift, without his phone but he knows his little brother would quite literally throw a fit if he so much as forgot to respond to his messages for more than a few hours, so of course it wouldn't take too long before Kaeya shows up at his workplace to harass him deliver said phone.

Diluc tries his hardest not to straight up scowl at his brother as he gets to the front of the line, Kaeya pressing both of his hands against the counter as he slightly bows his back, just so he can show off his cleavage—as though Diluc couldn't already see it from a mile away with how he wears his shirts: top three buttons popped open, sleeves rolled up to show off his arms. Diluc mentally rolls his eyes. As if he wasn't attractive enough already.

"What would you like to order, sir?" He says through gritted teeth, and if his eyes linger on Kaeya's chest, it was no one's business.

Kaeya pointedly ignores the menu and instead opts to eye him up and down, an annoyingly sultry smirk on his face. "How about you to go?"

There's a scandalized gasp from somewhere behind Kaeya which he elects to ignore. Same goes for his brother's comment.

"Are you actually here to order something or are you just here to harass me?" He allows himself an eyeroll. Surely management would allow him this much when the customer he was facing was being downright disgusting.

"Well, I was just gonna drop off your phone but now that I've seen you in your cute little uniform I just had to—"

"Annoy me," he cuts Kaeya off, trying to look over Kaeya's shoulder to signal the next customer up but fails miserably. He hates how much Kaeya's grown over the years. Oh where had his adorable little brother gone. He huffs instead, glaring up at Kaeya when he straightens to his full height. "Move, you're holding up the line."

Kaeya makes a show of putting his hand to his heart, "Oh how you wound me." He says, tugging at the V of his shirt in an attempt to distract Diluc, clearly not hurt in the slightest. It works, because of course it does. His glare lessens in intensity and Kaeya doesn't bother to hide his satisfied smirk. Damn brat.

"Fine just get me a bucket of chicken and some wine, or something."

It's a joke, Diluc knows, but he's always secretly wanted the opportunity to say the next few words so he plays along. "Kaeya, this is a KFC."

Kaeya smiles at him fondly and Diluc lets a smile, real and true, grace his face. Kaeya leans closer, clearly amused that Diluc decided to humor him. "Beer?"

Diluc snorts, endeared. He wonders when he's turned this easy for Kaeya but he's probably always been a little weak for him. But honestly, could anyone blame him when Kaeya—

He's interrupted from his thoughts by his grumpy little coworker all but scowling at him as he coughs loudly. He stares pointedly at the line gathering in his lane.


He clears his throat and schools his face to his neutral, working face. "That'll be 500 mora."

Kaeya rolls his eyes, staring down at his annoyed coworker, only tearing his eyes away when someone annoyedly groans from behind him. He pulls his wallet out and pays with the black Morax card their father gave him. Diluc once again rolls his eyes. Spoiled brat.

Kaeya turns to (finally) get out of the line when Diluc grabs at his wrist. Kaeya smiles at him lecherously.

"Miss me already?"

Diluc frowns. Yes . "No. My phone?"

Kaeya pats himself dramatically. Taking yet another opportunity to show off some skin. 

"Oh whoops," he laughs, sheepishly. "Seems like I left it in the car. Lemme just go grab it while I wait for my order."

There's another pointed cough from behind Kaeya and Diluc almost yells at them to shut up and mind their business before he remembers where he was.

"My break is almost up, just meet me out back, I'll tell them to let you in."

His coworker looks like he's about to protest at that but he takes a look at the long, clearly annoyed line, and shuts his mouth.

And with that, Kaeya finally walks away to the chorus of thank gods from the line behind him.



Ten minutes later, Diluc finds himself backed up against the break room door, Kaeya looming haughtily in front of him. 

Diluc lets out a breathy sigh and tilts his head further when Kaeya pushes closer to press a kiss to the side of his neck. Fuck was he easy.

"I still don't know why you're working at KFC of all places, Luc."

Diluc scoffs though it comes out more as a whine when Kaeya licks a stripe up against his pulse. "I want to be responsible and not just live off the allowance Father gives us."

"Oh, Luc. Always so responsible. It wouldn't hurt to live a little, you know."

"I'm letting you do this to me, aren't I?"

Kaeya grins against his neck, laughing sarcastically before nipping at the skin there. Diluc flat out moans and pulls at Kaeya's hair.

" This ," he bites again, hard enough to bruise this time. "Is hardly anything Luc."

Diluc tightens his grasp, doesn't know anymore if he's pulling Kaeya away or pushing him closer; doesn't care that his shirt collar is too low to hide the mark that Kaeya's sucking there.

"You'll let me do more, won't you?"

Kaeya presses his knee against his crotch and his uniform pants suddenly feel tighter. In a feat of heated want, he grinds against it; moaning loudly, shamelessly until Kaeya dips down to press his mouth against his, effectively swallowing his moans.

He's ridiculously close to coming, just mindlessly rutting against Kaeya's knee like this. He'd probably have let it happen, wanton and senseless as he was, until Kaeya's hand untangles itself from the grip he has on his hair to undo his pants, the sound of his zipper being undone breaking him free of his lust-induced shamelessness.

"Kaeya," he whines breathlessly as he pulls away from Kaeya's mouth. His lips feel swollen and he has no doubt his coworkers would know what he's been up to with just one look. "Not here."

Kaeya pulls away, far enough that they're no longer touching and it's only then that Diluc notices how weak he's gotten, that Kaeya was the only thing keeping him upright because he immediately sinks to the floor. His entire body feeling like jelly, shuddering violently at the self-satisfied smirk Kaeya throws his way.

"You're so cute Luc. Did you actually think you're capable of going back out when you're like this?"

Diluc groans when Kaeya presses his shoe against his crotch. He ruts against it once, twice, thrice, before he reels himself in. He sits on Kaeya's outstretched foot so he can resist the urge to rub himself against it but it proves to be the wrong thing to do because the feeling of Kaeya's foot against the cleft of his ass only makes him think of Kaeya's dick and how much he wants it inside him. He rolls his hips against it, not stopping even as Kaeya laughs at him.

"Look at you, Luc. You're so desperate for it, one would think you haven't gotten dicked in years instead of mere hours."

Kaeya tilts his shoe and traces at his cleft before he pulls away, leaving Diluc to crawl after his touch. He laughs again.

"C'mon Luc, get up. Your break's almost over, isn't it? It wouldn't be very proper if you stayed here long past it."

Diluc glares up at him, eyes red rimmed and wet with unshed tears. He must look the very image of a depraved whore right now, what with his lips as swollen as they were, face flushed as red as his hair, complete with the undeniable bulge in his pants.

"Y-You know as well as I do that I c-can't go back to work like this."

Kaeya, infuriating brat as he was, only regards him with mild interest. "And? What do you expect me to do about it, dear brother?"

Diluc shivers, letting out a tiny moan in response. He's at his wit's end. His stupid, horny brain's only thinking of Kaeya's disinterest as something hot, desirable . He feels his eyes water with want, need . He doesn't even notice he's whining loudly until Kaeya shushes him, kneeling down to kiss his tears away.

"Shhh, okay, how bout you let your bro give you a hand, hm?"

"J-Just a hand, okay?" he says, grabbing Kaeya's hand and all but shoving it down his pants.

"Just a hand." Kaeya agrees, pulling Diluc's dick out and cooing at how flushed it was. Diluc scowls at him, opening his mouth to berate him, no doubt, but Kaeya rubs his thumb against the slit and Diluc moans cutely, burying his face in the crook of Kaeya's neck.

It doesn't take much for Diluc to come. Just a few harsh strokes and a few twists this way and that, and he's keening beautifully, biting down on Kaeya's shoulder as he shudders down his high.

"Better?" Kaeya asks, pressing a kiss against Diluc's eyelid.

Diluc nods, blinking lazily, allowing himself a few moments of respite before he fixes himself up to get back to work. Kaeya, however, seems to have different plans, offering his soiled hand to Diluc to clean off.

He frowns, contemplates just ignoring it and going back to work but Kaeya did just help him out, never mind that he caused the mess in the first place.

Wordlessly, he takes Kaeya's wrist with both of his hands and gives it a few little kitten licks before he takes the digits into his mouth one by one, sucking and lapping at them loudly, smirking when Kaeya groans in response.

When he's done, he bites on Kaeya's palm before he moves to stand on unsteady feet. He's about to tuck himself in before he hears Kaeya let out a loud snort.

"What is it this time?"

Kaeya points to the sign at the door, shit eating grin pasted on his face. "Uh-oh Luc, seems like it's company policy."

Diluc looks at the sign. Employees Must Wash anus Before Returning To Work , it reads.

He doesn't have much time to process the words when Kaeya manhandles him into facing the door. He lets out a loud, undignified squawk when Kaeya pulls his pants down all the way to his knees.

"W-What the fuck," he splutters, "Are you doing? You don't even work here, what do you know about company policy?"

He has a few choice words forming on his tongue but he forgets all about them when he feels Kaeya parting his cheeks and blowing hot air at the pucker of his ass. He's just cum a little while back but he already feels himself hardening steadily, toes curling in his shoes when Kaeya licks at his hole.

"S-Stop," he protests weakly. "It's dirty."

Kaeya laughs. "It's why I'm going to wash it," he tentatively presses his tongue inside, not getting too far in with how much Diluc tightens against the intrusion. Kaeya pulls back and presses a kiss at Diluc's entrance. "Don't worry Luc, I'll be sure to be nice and thorough with my tongue."

Kaeya gets to work with eating him out, licking and sucking at his hole before he starts pressing and scissoring his fingers in to make a bigger space for himself. All the while, Diluc's scratching at the door, whining and keening at the feeling of Kaeya relentlessly bringing him closer to another orgasm with his tongue and fingers.

It feels good, great, heavenly . Kaeya's always so good with his mouth, it's almost unfair. No matter how he decides to use it, it never fails to make Diluc weak in the knees.

Kaeya eventually works him loose enough to shove three fingers in, curling them in time with an especially harsh suck has him seeing stars, painfully dizzy with want.

It's not enough though.

"Kaeya," he whines more than he breathes out. "I-I need more…"

He feels Kaeya withdrawing from his whole and he clenches at his retreating member but Kaeya still slips out, pressing a bite on his cheek, and then the other. He's about to protest, about to demand that Kaeya put something, anything back in to remedy the emptiness he feels when he feels Kaeya spit into his hole.

It's disgusting. He feels especially degraded, like he's nothing but filth that exists solely for Kaeya's use, and in a way, perhaps he was. Perhaps that was why he's always so easy for him.

Kaeya presses four fingers into him and he whines, it feels good but it's not what he wants. He shakes his hips, grabbing at Kaeya's wrist in an attempt to pull it out but all he manages to do is rut back against it.

" Kaeya, Kaeya, Kaeya, " he whines stupidly. All Kaeya does in reply is laugh at him, mean and condescending. He feels like crying. Maybe he is crying, because Kaeya shushes him again, pressing soothing kisses at his cheeks, his hole.

"Shh baby, I'm sorry, I'll stop being mean to you," Diluc doubts that's true but he chooses to believe in Kaeya anyways, letting out one last sob before he allows himself to be soothed by Kaeya's ministrations. "Tell me what you want and I'll give it to you."

"Your cock, I need," He lets out a loud whine as Kaeya twists his fingers inside him, shooting him even closer to the edge that he has to grab at his dick, squeezing at the head to keep him from toppling over the edge. " Please, please, please ."

Kaeya laughs at him again and he just sobs in reply, too tired to even be mad anymore. Kaeya pulls his fingers out before he straightens up, running his hands up and down Diluc's still clothed sides before he lets go, reaching down and pulling his pants down enough to pull his dick out and press the leaking head against Diluc's entrance.

Diluc hears Kaeya pumping his own length, satisfied at the loud, obscene squelch the movement makes. Clearly Kaeya was almost as affected as he was at his actions.

When Kaeya takes a little too long for his liking, he pulls at his cheeks and presses his ass backwards. It startles a groan out of Kaeya, low enough to send shivers down Diluc's spine.

"Fuck," Kaeya enunciates, pressing just the tip into his hole. "Patience, babe. We don't exactly have any lube here so if you push me too much, I can't guarantee I can be gentle."

Diluc finds purchase on the door and shoves himself the rest of the way down Kaeya's cock. The push is rough and painful, feeling perfectly right with how badly he needed it, his groan is almost completely drowned out by Kaeya's surprised one.

Kaeya's hands scramble to grip at his hips, squeezing tight enough to leave bruises on his porcelain skin.

"Shit, fuck, Luc," Kaeya pulls his hair to one side before he presses closer to bite at his shoulder, his neck. "Shouldn't have done that, Archons' sakes, I almost came."

"Sorry," Diluc moans unrepentantly. "Needed it, needed you so bad."

When Kaeya neglects to move, Diluc writhes against his hold, attempting to grind back. Kaeya lets go of his hold on his hip to grasp at his neck, his other hand wrapping itself around his hair and pulls.

"Behave," he grits out, hand tightening around Diluc's throat when Diluc makes another attempt at grinding himself against Kaeya's length. "I'll make it worth your while if you do, now be a good boy for your baby brother and put your hands against the door, hm?"

Diluc whines, his voice caught against the hand on his throat. It takes a while for Kaeya's words to register in his lust-addled brain but when it does, he scrambles to comply, Kaeya letting go of his throat to turn his face just enough to kiss him again.

"You're so good to me," he mumbles against his lips, hand pulling at his hair to change the angle slightly. "Now just stand there and look pretty while I give you what you need, okay?"

When Diluc nods, Kaeya lets go of his hair and puts both his hands back on his hips, squeezing at the bruises already forming there. Kaeya pulls out, letting out a shaky huff before he shoves back in, setting out a brutal pace with his thrusts, shifting the angle slightly with every push in until he finds what he's looking for, Diluc keening and tightening around him.

"Close, Kaeya please ." Diluc cries, using his hands as leverage to carelessly rut back against Kaeya's thrusts. With renewed vigor, Kaeya pistons his hips faster, harder. He's at the precipice, just waiting for Diluc to fall over before he allows himself to jump.

It only takes a few well angled thrusts before Diluc's whining, releasing all over the door. Kaeya groans. He's so, so close with how tight and warm Diluc was. He moves to pull out, letting one hand go off its hold on Diluc's hips to take himself in hand.

Diluc realizes what Kaeya's up to and cries out miserably. " Nooo, " he scrambles to pull Kaeya back in with his hands, his ass. "I need it in me, please, please, Kaeya ."

Kaeya groans, letting go and pushing back in to the hilt. "A-Are you sure?"

Diluc nods his head, knocking his head against the door at his urgency. "Please, please, please, hurry up."

And with that Kaeya lets go, releasing his hot load into him. Diluc moans at the feeling of Kaeya filling him up, his dick twitching in interest. Maybe if he wasn't completely spent, he'd have cum again solely at the feeling.

Kaeya keeps on fucking into him gently as he rides out his orgasm, lewd squelching noises filling his ears until Kaeya stops and slumps against his back. They're quiet for a moment with only the sounds of their breathing filling the room. Eventually, Kaeya grabs at his chin and turns his face around to press a kiss at the corner of his mouth. Diluc grumbles angrily, grabbing at Kaeya to press a proper kiss to his lips.

Laughing softly, Kaeya presses another kiss to his cheek and then bites at his jaw. "Aw Luc, you're a mess again. All the effort I've spent to clean you up, wasted."

Diluc only has enough energy to huff and weakly push Kaeya back with his elbows. Much to his chagrin, Kaeya lets himself be pushed off, abruptly pulling out and letting his cum drip out Diluc's loose and puffy hole.

"Fuck," he mumbles weakly, letting his arms drop down to gingerly push Kaeya's cum back inside with his fingers, ignoring the way Kaeya whistles hotly in return.

Now that his mind's a little clearer, he thinks about how bad this idea was. It was already mortifying enough that he'd let Kaeya fuck him in his break room, he also has Kaeya's cum running down his thighs, not to mention the fact that he'd defiled the door with his cum. Fuck, he really needed to wipe that off, ASAP. Smartly, he uses his shirt to clean it off.

Realizing he's pretty much a naked mess, Diluc sighs loudly. Resigned. "I can't go back to work like this."

"Yep," Kaeya agrees unhelpfully. "Guess we're gonna have to go back home to clean you up."

Diluc groans, turning around, which is kind of hard with how weak he currently felt, to fix Kaeya with a glare. "You so planned for this to happen."

Kaeya grips at his hips again to steady him, ducking down to press a kiss at his wrinkled nose.

"Not really, all I planned on doing was having a nice little quickie before I sent you back to work and I'd go on my merry way over to Childe's to feed him the chicken I promised but you just had to have my cum in you, you needy little cumslut ."

He flushes a deeper shade of red because, infuriating as it was, Kaeya's right. He doesn't admit to it though and just sulkily bats at Kaeya's chest.

"Whatever, just take me home."

Kaeya smiles, like the cat that got the cream. Diluc—in a fit of disgusting lewdness—thinks that, actually, he was said cat, the proof was all over his thighs. 

Ugh , maybe a little less Kaeya would do him some good. Clearly he's corrupted his sensibilities way too much.

If only he could bring himself to stay away from his mischievous little brother.



It comes as no surprise to anyone that Diluc gets fired the very afternoon, his coworker texting him not to show up for work the next day—or ever, actually since he and Kaeya end up getting banned from that KFC branch.

Kaeya just laughs it off, uncaring and completely unbothered that they just barely escaped getting jailed for public indecency. 

"Hey, now that you're jobless you can just stay here with me at home. You can be my pretty little housewife and all you'd have to do is take care of me and my needs."

Diluc has to admit, the concept does sound appealing. All he'd ever need to do is keep Kaeya warm and satisfied, all he'd need to think about is keeping him happy and sated.

He'd never admit it out loud though.

Not unless Kaeya forces it out of him.