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Whore, he’d said.

Ochako puts her pen down and stares at nothing much. Her biology homework sits unfinished on her desk, answer to question four still waiting to be filled. Label all parts of the plant seed below. The diagram gets blurrier the longer she looks at it. Shame prickles the bottom of her stomach and makes her feel queasy and hot. He’d apologized, in the end. Kendou had hit him even harder than usual and Monoma had mumbled a petulant fine, sorry. He was just angry she toppled him at joint training. Ochako knows this. She’s good at martial arts and he’s a sore loser, so he’d lashed out the way he always does when their class is involved. Hands off, you two-timing slut. I don’t want your whore hands on my new suit.

She’s not two-timing, she knows logically. She’s never cheated on anyone in her life. She’s never even been in a relationship before Izuku and Katsuki, and anyway they’d been dancing around each other long before she’d entered the picture. If anything she’s more a third wheel than some kind of sex-crazed harlot. She’s not the one who even came up with the idea. That was Katsuki, who’d asked her and Izuku out in that blunt, practical way of his.

The last answer in her notebook starts to smear. Absently, she wipes a tearstain off the paper, barely feeling salty tracks making their way down her cheeks. She shouldn’t be crying about something this stupid. She shouldn’t be crying about a consensual three-way relationship even if that kind of thing is unusual. Even if it’s weird to have two boyfriends. Even if it’s been a year and she’s still afraid to tell her parents the truth.

It’s… well. It’s greedy, she supposes, needing two people instead of being satisfied with one. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt as much if they’d kept this whole thing chaste, but Monoma had sneered at her like he knew. Like he knew they’d all fallen into bed together right away, that she’s used to four hands on her body and two tongues in her mouth, that sometimes her boyfriends put on a show for her, fuck each other so she can watch them come. He’s right, she realises with a lump in her throat. Maybe she’s a freak. Maybe everyone else thinks so but they’re too polite to say it. She should never have told her friends. The news has spread and the whole school must think she’s depraved. She should have just let the boys date each other instead of outing herself as a dumb teenaged whore, and now the reputation’s going to follow her all through her career and nobody will take her seriously when they all know what she’s been up to, she can’t be a role model, she can’t be a hero

She chokes on a sob. Shaking, she puts her face in her hands and feel tears slip through her fingers, dripping onto her desk and probably smudging her homework some more. She’s an idiot. She did this to herself. She has no right to be crying about this like some kind of child. The only thing to do is ask the boys if they’d be happier without her, see if she can do some damage control before the news spreads any more.

Someone knocks on her door.

Ochako scrubs at her eyes furiously, vision still blurry and nose threatening to leak. “Yes?”

“’Chako? It’s Izuku. I just came to check on you. You seemed upset after training.”

“I’m fine!” she says and clears her throat. “Just a little bruised so I thought I’d lie down for a bit.”

There’s a pause. “Can I come in?”

Shit. “I, uhm. I’m not decent.”

“Ochako.” He sounds fond, if a little exasperated. “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen worse.”

Tears bubble up again before she can stop them. Of course he’s seen worse. Most people her age haven’t even kissed yet and she’s been naked with two boys, not even one.

The door cracks open. Ochako hides her face in her hands so he doesn’t see, silently wishing Izuku would stop being kind for once and just leave. The latch clicks behind him. There’s quiet for a tense, drawn-out second, and then he’s carefully pushing back her hair. “Are you crying?”

“No,” she sniffles weakly. “Allergies.”

Izuku sighs. His hand worms its way under her legs, and then the world moves and she’s being scooped off her chair and into his arms. He carries her to bed like she weighs nothing, plopping her in his lap like an overgrown child. “What’s wrong?”


“I can literally see you crying,” Izuku says, not unkindly. He’s grown up, Ochako thinks absently. Two years ago he would have panicked and cried with her. “Please tell me what happened, sweetheart. Are you hurt? Sick?”


“Then what?”

She doesn’t answer. Izuku folds her into his chest, one hand in her hair and heartbeat strong under her ear. Her eyes already feel puffy and hot. She’s going to start leaking snot all over Izuku’s shirt and she’ll never be able to look at him again. He murmurs something into her hair. She can’t hear the words but his voice is soothing, body rocking gently back and forth like she’s far younger than she is. She hates herself for being glad he’s here. Hates herself even more for not stopping him from pulling out his phone, for sitting still instead of locking her door so Katsuki can’t come in to coddle her too.

He steps inside frowning. Ochako buries her face in Izuku’s neck and tries to ignore them talking over her head, Katsuki asking what happened and Izuku shrugging to say I don’t know. The mattress shifts. Spiky blond hair tickles her knees. Katsuki puts his head in her lap with no hint of shyness. She can feel him watching her so she hides, curling in on herself while Izuku rubs a big, scarred hand up and down her back. She’s pathetic. She should be ashamed of herself, acting like the world’s ending just because someone said something mean.

“You know we’re not leaving until you tell us why you’re bummed, right?” says Katsuki, reaching up to poke her cheek. His finger is calloused but gentle. “You may as well cough it up now or deal with us camping out in your room all week.”

“Was it Monoma?” asks Izuku. “I saw Kendou hit him. Did he say something to you?”

Ochako winces. Katsuki seems to catch it even though she’s turned away. “’Chako, what did he do?”

“He, uhm,” she says into Izuku’s shoulder. “He called me a – he called me a two-timing whore.”

Izuku stiffens. She feels Katsuki slowly sit up, his voice going low and cold. “Oh, he did, did he?”

“He’s talking nonsense,” Izuku says. Ochako chews her lip. “He was just throwing a tantrum because you beat him again.”

“That’s not an excuse.”

“I didn’t say it was. I said it was nonsense and she shouldn’t believe it.”

“I’m okay,” Ochako mutters half to herself. She takes a deep breath, lets it go. “He’s probably not the first. I mean, I’m dating two people. Everyone probably thinks that’s weird, right?”

“So are we, Ochako,” says Izuku. “By that logic we’re all two-timing whores.”

Katsuki snorts. “Next time I see him I’m rearranging his face. Honestly, the nerve of that sexist ass. You should have broken his fucking neck.”

She sobs. Izuku squeezes her so hard she almost can’t breathe, chin resting on her head and mouth pressing soft kisses into her hair. “Ochako, honey, please don’t cry. He’s an immature moron and he has no business telling anyone how to live.”

“He’s mad nobody wants to fuck him and you have us both,” says Katsuki. Ochako manages a weak, watery laugh. “’Chako. Babe. Our lives are already weird as hell. Who gives a fuck if your love life is unorthodox? We’re happy. You’re happy. That’s all you should care about.”

“You are happy, aren’t you?” says Izuku.

Katsuki’s hand finds her chin. He tilts her head up gently to face them, messy and tear-streaked as she is. She sniffles and nods. Katsuki leans closer to kiss her, soft and slow for once instead of trying to devour her whole. “Then fuck everyone else,” he says against her mouth. “There are worse things in the world than being in a happy three-way relationship. You could be Monoma.”

“We should send him to Miss Midnight,” says Izuku seriously. “She’d have something to say about the word whore.”

Ochako giggles. She’s still teary but her heart feels just a bit lighter, nerves slowly soothed by the insistent kisses Katsuki presses all over her face. He smells like smoke and ginger shampoo. Someone’s hand slips under her shirt to rub her back. It’s warm and comforting against her bare skin.

“Thanks,” she says, voice thick. Izuku kisses her cheek and snuffles into her ear. “I feel better. I don’t know why it bothered me, he says awful things all the time.”

“Nobody blames you for taking offense,” Izuku says. “I’d be upset too.”

“I’d have killed him,” says Katsuki. “You’re both too nice. Let’s go kick his ass.”

Ochako’s hands find his shirt. She tangles her fingers in his soft cotton top, tugging him into her so they’re a tangle of limbs. Warm and messy and comforting, two bodies clinging to her like they’re trying to protect her from the world. “No. Please, just… stay with me. Just stay.”

He kisses her again. His tongue slips into her mouth and she lets him in willingly, tilting her head to let Izuku kiss his way down the side of her neck too. They hold her like she’s something fragile, something wanted, brushing hair out of her face and smothering her with unrelenting affection. Izuku tips her over ever so carefully. She lies there, all flushed face and wet lashes, hair splayed around her on galaxy-print sheets.

Katsuki pushes her shirt up to kiss her stomach. It’s silly, how it makes her heart flutter, how Izuku’s whispered I love you threatens to make her cry all over again. They’re unwrapping her from her clothes. They won’t let her hide, she thinks numbly. Won’t let her curl in on herself like she’s something dirty, Katsuki’s hands tugging off her shorts and panties so she’s naked and exposed between them. Her nipples harden in the cold bedroom air. Izuku flicks his thumb over one and curls up next to her, still fully dressed as he kisses her lips and sucks hickeys into her neck. “I love you,” he says again in her ear. She feels his voice as much as she hears it, deep and crooning and kind. Katsuki’s weight shifts on top of her. He’s kissing his way down her torso, sucking bruises to the insides of her thighs. “We both do, Ochako. There’s a lot about you to love. Are you really surprised we found our way to you, in the end?”

A wet tongue probes her skin. She’s not aroused, not yet, but Katsuki’s hot, open-mouthed kisses up and down her legs make something stir to life deep inside her. He’s teasing, being careful not to overwhelm, exploring her with his lips like this is their first time and he wants to take her apart step by step. She feels herself grow wet under him. It tingles, that familiar tickle of her nerves slowly waking up, stroked to life by expert fingers hell-bent on making her his.

Her moan is high and quiet against Izuku’s cheek. He kisses her again deeply, the hand on her breast moving to tug on her other nipple. She loves his fingers, he knows. He’s teased her before, just like this, patient and focused, sucking and playing with her tits like this for an hour while she shivered and mewled, teetering on the edge. Her left hand grips the sheets. The other clutches Katsuki’s hair, not so much guiding him as tethering herself to something solid and strong. She thinks he whispers against her too. Her name, quiet and hidden against her thigh, almost drowned out by the sound of Izuku’s lips moving against hers.

“I,” she says breathlessly. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be crying. I’m just being dumb.”

Izuku shushes her. Another tear trickles down her cheek and into her ear. He kisses it away, humming, brushing her bangs off her forehead so he can press his mouth between her brows. “You have every right to be upset. We’ll deal with him later. For now just let us take care of you.”

She shuts her eyes and lets him love her. Lets him trace his fingers across her lips and down her jaw, mapping her out like he’s trying to memorise the planes of her face. Katsuki’s breath is hot and heavy against the delicate skin of her thighs. Slowly, his kisses drift closer to her cunt, tongue darting out to snatch little tastes of salt as he goes. He’s being so careful. They both are. Slow and steady and deliberate, winding her up so she melts.

“I don’t want you to think about training,” Izuku says, pressing his lips to her shoulder. His hand is warm and insistent against her breast, kneading and massaging and teasing her nipple till it goes pebbled and shockingly sensitive. “I don’t want you to think about anyone but us. I want you here, right now, nowhere else.”

She lifts her head to try to kiss him again but he presses his fingers to her collarbone to keep her still. Instead he leans over her, propped up on one elbow, and lowers his head to press sucking, wet kisses down her chest and sternum. His mouth is soft and wonderful against the side of her breast. His tongue is velvety-smooth and slippery against her neglected right nipple, top of his curly hair obscuring most of her view. Her fingers tighten in the sheets. Her right arm’s trapped under him so she worms it free to grip Izuku’s hair instead, winding her fingers through deceptively coarse strands as he bites little fresh bruises into her skin. Like he’s marking her, gently staking a claim, leaving a subtle trail for anyone who would care to look for traces of his affection. It stings in the loveliest way. She’ll look at them later and remember that there are only two people on earth allowed to see her like this, never mind what anyone thinks. For now she takes a deep breath and leans back, letting him brand her as he sees fit.

There’s a quiet rumbling from somewhere between her legs. Katsuki’s hands have found their way to her thighs instead of skating softly around her legs. Izuku’s soft persistence has made him bolder, it seems – Katsuki’s touches are firmer now, more daring, less exploratory as he licks his way up her cunt achingly slowly. His tongue catches the rim of it but doesn’t dip in, instead working its way between her petal-soft folds to meander up to her clit. He circles it with light, fast little licks. Taps it like he’s testing her out, enjoying the swell of it in his mouth as it steadily grows firmer. Two fingers spread her open. Katsuki pulls back like he’s pausing to admire the view. He presses another kiss to her to her slit, then another and another, waiting for her to grow slick. She’s rewarded with a lick when she does. Long and slow, from the bottom of her pussy right up to the clit, the flat of his tongue firm and wet as he drags it against her. She shuts her eyes and whimpers. Katsuki’s mouth feels like it vibrates as he moans back, lips clamped around her like she’s some kind of treat.

Another pair of fingers. Izuku’s, judging from the angle, toying with her clit and helping Katsuki hold her open. Her nipple almost feels cold now he’s released it. She scrunches her nose as he pops his mouth off her ribs, squirming at the tongue curiously probing her entrance. “Missing something?” Izuku asks. Ochako opens her eyes blearily. “Don’t worry about us, baby. Go ahead. Touch wherever you want.”

She blinks at him cluelessly. His eyes, green and lidded, dart from her hand to her exposed breast. Understanding dawns slowly. She lifts her head and blushes. “Oh. You want me to – oh.”

“We want you to feel good.” Slowly, shyly, Ochako lifts her hand to her own breast. Touching her own nipple is – it’s nice, even if it’s weird to do it with an audience, and Deku hums at her approvingly. “That’s right, sweetheart, just like that. Nice and slow. Just lie back and relax, yeah?”

“Yeah,” she says hoarsely. Katsuki makes an appreciative noise as she touches herself, fingers delicately tugging her nipple and letting it go. Izuku gets back to work on the other one. His palm is hot on the mound of her pussy, fingers sliding along Katsuki’s as he plays with her cunt. “That – ah, that feels good.”

“Good,” Izuku croons back at her. Katsuki’s tongue finally, finally dips into her slit, stretching her slowly open as his nose presses against her clit. “You look so fucking sexy, Ochako. Just for us. We’re so lucky to have her, aren’t we, Kacchan? Such a beautiful girl in between us.”

Fuck yeah,” Katsuki groans against her. The rumble of his voice makes her squeak. “She tastes fantastic. Nice and wet, too, Deku. Come here and see.”

Izuku kisses him. From this angle Ochako can’t see much but the shine of slick on Katsuki’s chin, but she can hear the wet slide of their lips and Izuku’s groan when Katsuki slips in some tongue. “You’re right,” Izuku gasps, letting Katsuki lick his neck. He’s hard against Ochako’s hip and his bicep strains against his sleeve. “She’s so good, Kacchan. Let me help eat her out too.”

“Get over here, then.” Katsuki pulls off Deku’s neck with a wet pop. The look he shoots Ochako is hungry, pupils blown and lips plump and red, and he pulls Izuku down by the back of the neck to hover over her cunt. She cranes her head but can’t see. Izuku’s broad, freckled shoulders are in the way, back muscles flexing as he leans over her upside-down like they’re sixty-nining.

She reaches for the tent in his pants but he catches her wrist before she can touch him. “I said lie back,” he says, gently admonishing. “We’re taking care of you, princess, okay?”

“She’ll get the message once you stop talking and fuck her,” Katsuki says, slipping his fingers into her. She clenches around him and shudders, cunt sopping wet and aching for attention. “Gonna eat you out ‘til you forget how to move. Now put that fucking motor mouth to good use.”

Izuku bites down on her thigh. Not enough to hurt but enough to leave bruise, another mark to add to the tally of love bites he’s left on her body. Katsuki’s fingers curl inside of her in a come-hither motion. She watches his blond head descend between her legs again, fingers scissoring her open so he can force his tongue between them. 

Izuku kisses his way to her pussy. It’s wet and messy and he and Katsuki seem to vie for space, spreading her legs impossibly wider until Izuku can suck her clit into his mouth and push back the hood with his tongue. Ochako’s toes curl automatically. It’s cramped and sloppy and they both keep slipping but they’re good, fighting to taste the deepest parts of her, noses bumping and mouths hot and wet and tongues sliding all over her like they’re making out around her. Her skin prickles. She tries to clamp her legs shut, tries to trap them closer to her but they force her to stay still, strong hands and ravenous mouths working her open while she writhes. Katsuki’s fingers find her g-spot. He pistons them in and out of her while Izuku sucks harshly on her clit, both of them devouring her sopping wet cunt, twin moans vibrating against her skin and reverberating in her bones. She tweaks her own nipples mindlessly. Arches her back and lets out a soft, mewling cry, tears welling up this time from pure pleasure alone. It’s hot and she’s all flushed and sweaty. She feels blunt fingernails dig into her skin, little red welts no doubt forming next to the pretty hickeys on her hips and thighs.

“Izuku,” she hiccups weakly. “Katsuki. Please. I’m – it’s too much, I’m gonna –”

Katsuki squeezes her thigh as if to say go on. Izuku groans against her skin and sucks harder. Her clit’s hot and slick and throbbing in his mouth, his tongue pressing flat against it as he bobs his head. The fingers inside her speed up. Katsuki finger-fucks her in earnest, kissing and sucking her inner thighs, speeding up for her and slipping in a third finger when she cries out. She comes with both hands clamped over her mouth. A scream builds in her throat that she has to force back, toes curling and hips writhing and head thrown back to expose the smooth column of her neck. They don’t stop eating her out. Not until she’s panting and whining for them to let go, overstimulated even though her clit twitches valiantly under the attention.

A hand reaches up to stroke through her hair. She shivers and twitches, coming down from the high, barely registering her boys shifting to lie on either side of her. Katsuki’s touching himself as he holds her hand. Izuku does the same, peppering open-mouthed kisses up her shoulder and neck, whispering her name and shaking through his orgasm. Katsuki comes not long after. It spurts, thick and salty, on her hip. A sticky mark to match Izuku’s.

Her vision swims. Her whole body feels heavy and relaxed, pussy still throbbing gently, sparks of leftover arousal flitting all through her veins. “Fucking gorgeous,” says Katsuki against her cheek. His lips are swollen pink and shiny with saliva. “You’re perfect, Ochako. I really, genuinely don’t give a fuck what anyone says about you. You’re my girlfriend and that’s all I really care about.”

“I’m gonna tell you I love you every chance I get,” Izuku sighs. “As many times as it takes for you to believe it, okay? That you’re wonderful. You’re one of my favourite people on earth. Both of you are.”

“You deserve two boyfriends.” Katsuki slings a heavy arm around her. It’s reassuring and muscular, caging her naked body against the mattress so she’s surrounded on all sides by warmth and comfort. “No more tears over what some moron thinks. No girl of mine is gonna worry about that shit, right?”

Izuku gives her another kiss. It gets lost in a tumble of brown hair but she appreciates it, appreciated his fingers intertwining with hers. “We wouldn’t have this any other way. This relationship, with the three of us. You keep us steady. We wouldn’t work without you. So I never, ever want you to doubt that, okay?”

“Okay,” she whispers. Her eyelashes flutter as she yawns. Her nose is still sniffly and red but the lump in her throat’s disappeared, chased away by the bodies that lie bracketed around her. The ceiling fan whirrs hypnotically and cools the sweat on her skin. She should get cleaned up. She should sit up and apologise for being so emotional, promise she’ll never allow this sort of silly weakness again.

She doesn’t. Instead she shuts her eyes and listens to the steady beat of Izuku’s heart against her ear, basking in the warmth of Katsuki’s body heat pressed into her side as he languidly scatters kisses on every part of her he can reach. She’ll be fine, she thinks. The sun will rise and life will go on and her partners will still be in bed with her.

The mattress springs creak. Soft and content, Ochako shuts her eyes and lets herself drift off to sleep.









There are cookies on her desk.

Ochako inspects the package. It’s some department store-brand; not overly fancy, but it does have a pretty ribbon on the top. They’re chocolate chip flavoured. The price tag has been hastily scratched off, leaving a little sticky square right under the label. It can't be Katsuki or Izuku. They're busy arm wrestling at their desks, and anyway they’d just give her gifts instead of leaving them at her table. She looks around curiously. None of her friends are paying her attention but she does see a flash of blond hovering by the class door.

It disappears the moment she spots it. Ochako decides, smiling, that next joint practice will be just fine.

“’Chako!” Katsuki calls from his seat. “Come watch me obliterate Deku, I’m on a roll.”

“I won the last one,” says Izuku snippily. “Ochako, come cheer for me so I can win.”

She pops a cookie in her mouth and laughs. It’s sweet. “Okay, you two. I’ll be right there.”