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Sailor Moon X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles and the Hare

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Chapter 200:

Dark Mercury emerged from the Techndrome to lead the undead army, wielding her ice-blade alongside the corrupted Raphael. The dark kingdom warriors both appeared to be in command of Metalia’s forces, ordering their countless minions to encircle the ninja turtles and sailor senshi until a horde surrounded her foes in the center of the baseball diamond with no escape in sight. They growled and snarled, drool dripping out of their mouths as they awaited the orders to begin their massacre.

“ATTACK!” Dark Mecury thrust her sword towards her enemies. The zombies converged on the mutants like rabid animals, scratching,clawing and biting their way to draw reptile and senshi blood. First, she would eradicate these fools, then she would turn her sights on the rest of this disgusting city. Metalia would devour New York, taking all of its pathetic citizens into her ranks. Once the eight million people dwelling in this cesspool were under the Supreme Evil’s control, the world would submit. No human army could suppress their sheer numbers at that point.

Leonardo waved his katana to protect his allies, but was careful not to slay any of the mindless humans with his blades. These poor fans were all innocent victims, puppets to Shredder, and he would do everything in his power to make sure they survived this catastrophe. Donatello fought with his bo staff alongside the hobbled Michelangelo. They made quick work of the deranged fanatics with their ninja weapons, but for every grotesque zombie they knocked down, three or four more took its place. It was only a matter of time before the army overwhelmed. them. Mad Raphael pushed through the horde, eager to get his hands on his brothers once again. They needed to find a way out of here, and fast.

“YOU GUYS NEED A LIFT?” Casey Jones unfurled a rope ladder from the turtle blimp hovering beneath the ominous clouds of the Supreme Evil. April O’Neil did her best to keep the aircraft stable, but was having a rough go of it in the cockpit. The clueless reporter pressed switches at random and hoped for the best. Donatello cringed at the sight of the panicky female handling his prized machine. It was a miracle that the craft had not yet crashed with her at the helm.

“GET UP!” Sailor Mars yanked a sobbing Sailor Moon out of the snow after spotting the funny-looking blimp floating overhead. Her heartbroken friend was paralyzed with a woeful mixture of fear and grief. They had a means to escape this nightmare and regroup thanks to her mentor, but they had to hurry. There was no time to mourn their loss if they wanted to live. It pained her to be so callous, but she had no choice in this situation. “WE HAVE TO GO, NOW!”

“I... CAN’T...” Usagi whimpered, not taking her eyes off her fallen companion lying just a few feet away. She broke away from Mars’ grip and rushed towards Jupiter with tears flooding down her cheeks. Sailor Moon refused to leave her guardian behind. There had to be something she could do to help. Maybe she was still alive. She couldn’t possibly be dead.

Sailor Jupiter sprang from the snow, freezing Sailor Moon in her tracks. The gravely wounded senshi retrieved her tonfa and turned towards the Moon Princess with a scowl of pure hatred. Her eyes now purple from Metalia’s presence. Jupiter was now under the Supreme Evil’s control, turned into a zombie like the rest of the fans. A piercing screech escaped from the demonic face in the smokey cloud. Metalia was mocking Sailor Moon, turning yet another companion against her to crush her spirits even further.

A tonfa spun her way before she could even blink. The wooden weapon would have smashed her skull if it wasn’t for Leonardo who bashed into the corrupted senshi with his shell. Undead Jupiter collapsed into the snow, but bounced right back up. Her battered body was nothing more than a a doll for the Supreme Evil to control. Jupiter’s skin had turned pale and grey with death and her wounds and scrapes no longer bled. Her blood had turned into a black bile and her long brown hair fell off in clumps.

“GET TO THE BLIMP!” Leonardo ordered Sailor Moon. He swung his katana, fending off the corrupted senshi’s tonfa before she could reach her former companions for revenge. Zombies jumped onto his shell, while others scratched and clawed at his arms, desperate to disarm him of the katana. His blood splattered into the snow, but he would not stop fighting until all of his allies were safely aboard the turtle blimp. He watched them scurry up the ladder one by one with the help of Michelangelo, but Jupiter took advantage of this distraction. The tonfa slammed into his side forcing him down onto his knee pads. She planted a kick into his chest, knocking him onto his shell. Zombies piled on top of the ninja turtle, tearing away at his reptilian skin.

“LEO!” Sailor Moon cried out helplessly. She wanted to get back down there and help Leonardo, but Mars and Venus pushed her up the ladder against her own will. She would not allow another to sacrifice their life for her own sake. This could not be happening. Metalia had invaded New York City and could not be stopped at this rate. It was only a matter of time before she engulfed the entire world with her dark energy. If that were to happen...