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Sailor Moon X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles and the Hare

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Chapter 1:

“It’s a trap, my sons.” Master Splinter whimpered in pain. His ears twitched after he heard the faint sound of his four sons battling the foot clan down the narrow hallway leading into the Technodrome’s main command room. The old rat’s hairy limbs struggled against the metal clamps and chains that pinned him tightly against the metallic wall. His cherished students barged into the Shredder’s headquarters to save their master’s life, but they had fallen right into their archenemy’s hands. 

“This rock I stole from Krang came from Dimension X.” Shredder thrust his prize at the rat’s wet nose so he could get a glimpse of the flawless gemstone. He had disposed of the pesky brainy, tossing the freak into a prison and seizing control of the Technodrome for himself. “It possesses an enormous power that will help me conquer this rotten city once and for all!” 

“You are delving into a world that you cannot comprehend.” Splinter warned. The black stone radiated an energy so malicious that it made the rat shudder in fear. Chains clanked and rattled as the mutant turned his head to avoid the aura emanating from the crystal. “This evil is far beyond your control. Destroy it now or that crystal shall prove to be your greatest folly!”

“I’ve had enough of your fortune cookie wisdom!” Shredder brandished a poisoned dagger from his belt and thrust it into the rat’s side to silence him. It was not a killing blow, but the toxic substance coating the blade ensured that Splinter would suffer a slow and agonizing death. “You and your pesky turtles won’t be able to stop me this time!”

        Shredder towered over his gravely wounded rival and let out a thunderous laugh. He turned away, his long purple cape fluttering behind him as he carried the jet black crystal over to a high-tech cannon suspended from the ceiling of the control room. His bumbling mutants Bebop and Rocksteady flanked his sides, grunting arrogantly with guns of their own that they kept pointed at the suffering ninja master.

“Seems that my first test subjects have arrived right on schedule.” Shredder boasted as the four ninja turtles burst onto the control room’s perimeter balcony, brawling with his henchman. He inserted the crystal into a slot on his device, causing the electronic panels alongside mysterious weapon to gleam to life with flashing lights. 

    “I will finally have my revenge, Hamato Yoshi!” The gemstone pulsated with a purplish hue while he searched for his perfect shot, his fingertips resting on the red trigger button, anxiously awaiting the precise moment to fire his new toy. “Behold my awesome power and observe as I reduce your students into nothing but turtle wax! “  

“Look out for that gigantic cannon!” Leonardo ordered his brothers to fan out over the perimeter. He pointed one of his swords at the heavily armored villain, meeting the evil gaze that peered from underneath his shiny helmet. They had fallen right into the Shredder’s lap, just as he knew they would when he had kidnapped Splinter from their dojo in the sewer. Coming here was a predictable action that lacked any element of surprise. They would have to fight their way through the entire foot-clan to save their master, but it was a risk they were all willing to take. 

“A gizmo that big is kinda hard to miss, Leo!” Raphael snapped back as he drove his sai into the robotic skull of a mouser that had lunged at his throat with its sharp metal teeth. Three more of the mechanical vermin immediately took its place, but Raphael was ready for them, grunting with rage as he overpowered the annoying robots with his sai. Sprockets and computer chips burst out of the damaged creations littering the Technodrome.

 “I’ll save our sensei.” Leonardo commanded with authority. He parried a foot soldier’s strike with the katana he held in his spare hand while continuing to shout out orders."You three do your best to stop Shred-head from frying our shells!" 

Shredder swiveled the cannon and took aim at the balcony where he spotted the orange masked turtle struggling to fend off several of his henchmen with a pair of nunchucks. Seizing the opportunity, he slammed a gauntleted palm on the cannon’s red trigger button. The glow of the onyx crystal intensified, covering Shredder with a dark and evil aura as a deadly blast of energy zoomed at the exposed turtle.

“Yikes!” Michelangelo dipped his head into his shell, narrowly avoiding the dark reddish bolt of lightning that zapped right by him. The pizza loving mutant watched as the laser beam tore right through the circular ceiling and side panels of the Technodrome, cleaving through steel like a knife through butter. “That was a close one, dudes!” 

“Capture those turtles, you fools!” Shredder barked orders over a loudspeaker. His intimidating image flashed across the monitors displayed throughout the control room. The cannon’s power impressed him as he readied the device for another shot. He would have vengeance against his old rival and the turtles, even if it brought down the entire Technodrome with them. 

Donatello took a moment to inspect their surroundings and calculate their odds of success. More and more of the Shredder’s henchmen, including foot-clan and robots alike, poured through the four hallways that lined the control room. 

“That strange crystal appears to be the power source of that laser cannon!” The tech savvy Donatello remarked to his brother Raphael as he smacked his bo staff against the masked face of a foot-soldier, sending him hurtling over the balcony. “We need to remove it in order to disable that laser cannon, and we need to do it right now!”

“Easier said than done, Donnie!” Raphael could not even see his brother amongst the mayhem. He parried a sword with his sai and kicked another henchman square in the chest, desperate to reach his siblings. “They are everywhere!”