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Road Trip

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“Stop it.” comes a gruff command from the driver’s seat.

“I’m not doing anything.” Megumi huffs, leveling his father with a bored expression to mirror his own.

They have been on the same stretch of road for miles without seeing anyone or anything except trees and a stray cow that Megumi swears looked familiar. It’s already been six hours, and they have another eight to go before they make it to the fancy new school Toji is dead set on pawning Megumi off to while he goes off on a new job for a few months.

It’s not a new concept, Toji up and deciding to disappear for weeks or months at a time, but it still irks Megumi everytime it happens and this time is no different.

Toji looks as menacing as he always does, even when behind the wheel on an hours long road trip with his son. He’s got one hand on the steering wheel and the other pressed against his cheek where he’s leaning against the door. Toji has rolled up the sleeves of his black shirt and the white linen pants he’s so fond of wearing are leaving very little to the imagination with the way his legs are spread while he drives.

They aren't the chatty type, either of them, so the majority of the car ride has been made in silence, minus a stray comment or complaint here and there. But Megumi has spent the last six hours trying to come up with a logical reason for him to accompany Toji on his next job, rather than be pawned off for god knows how long. 

He’s more than well aware whatever his father is doing isn’t exactly legal, Megumi wouldn't be surprised if he found out Toji killed people for a living, it’s honestly right up his alley. They already spend more time apart then together, it’s always been that way, but recently Megumi craves his presence more than he usually does. But it’s not exactly something he can say out loud without Toji either disappearing altogether or laughing right in his face—that’s just who he is.

Megumi has obviously been thinking too hard because an exhausted sigh comes from the driver’s seat and a pair of piercing green eyes level him with a glare. “No.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“You don’t need to. It’s been all over your face since we left.”

There’s no point in arguing, not that he doesn’t want to, but if Toji says it then it’s probably true. So, Megumi chooses to remain silent and stare out the window rather than look at Toji again—at least that was the plan. But, Megumi can’t help himself, he never can when they are together and part of him wonders if that’s why Toji chooses to disappear as often as he does...not that it really matters. When it comes down to it Toji Fushiguro has one weakness—and that’s his son.

“Daddy?” Megumi murmurs innocently, a slight tilt to his head. He watches with a barely contained grin as Toji’s hand tightens on the steering wheel, face unreadable as he stares at the road. Megumi takes it as an invitation.

He leans across the seat and lets his fingers lazily trail along the soft material of Toji’s pants. He can feel the muscles in his thigh bunch and flex at the teasing sensation and hums to himself as he lets his fingers venture further—up, up along a toned inner thigh and straight between Toji’s legs to graze gently over the half formed bulge just begging for Megumi’s attention.

“Will you miss me, Daddy?” Megumi wonders out loud. Does Toji ever miss him? Does he ever crave Megumi the way he craves Toji when they are apart?

“Be careful what you start, boy.” Toji offers in place of an answer. His father never did give straight answers.

Megumi has his elbow resting against the center console and his chin perched against his hand as he works Toji to hardness beneath his fingers. He’s thick and long and mouthwatering in a way that has Megumi moving to adjust himself in his own pants. He would say it’s unfair for his father to be blessed with such a perfect cock, but well, Megumi has been blessed to ride it, choke on it, and be fucked by it more times then he can count and that seems monumentally better if you ask him.

Toji puts up with his son’s teasing right up until he doesn’t . Megumi has migrated from light touches over Toji’s clothes to untying the drawstring securing his pants and sliding his hand inside. He’s going commando, like always, and Megumi palms the thick shaft in a way he knows feels incredibly good. He’s rolling his thumb along the head, smearing precome down the shaft as he strokes Toji slowly, just enough to get a reaction. It doesn’t take long.

Toji Fushiguro is not known for his patience.

The car comes to a screeching halt on the side of the road, the tail end still hanging haphazardly in the street, and Toji has barely put the vehicle in park before he is suddenly yanking Megumi across the car and into the driver’s seat.

“I told you to be careful what you start.” Toji snarls.

“I knew exactly what I was doing.” Megumi breathes into his mouth as he rushes to straddle Toji as best he can in the small space and smashes their lips together. 

Toji pulls him closer, sits Megumi right on his dick and moans when Megumi starts rolling his hips against him. “Don’t make a mess in my car, brat.”

“When I do you can clean it up for me, Daddy.”

Toji makes him pay for that by yanking off Megumi’s shirt and sucking punishing bruises into his pale skin. His chest is littered with them, old and new bruises from weeks worth of punishments and Toji tasting Megumi every chance he got. 

“Don’t wanna wait. Need it now.” Megumi pants out on a moan as teeth sink into his shoulder. 

“Then hurry up.”

“I need to move to get my pants off.”

“No you don’t.”  Toji grunts, and then he’s undoing Megumi’s pants and yanking them down just enough so his bare ass rubs deliciously against Toji’s cock. He pulls lube from the center console and Megumi is damn near shaking when two slick fingers are finally being worked into him. 

It’s rough and quick and Megumi would have it no other way because all he wants to do is bounce on Toji’s dick until he screams. “Ok, ok, fuck that’s enough. I don’t care if it hurts a little just put it in.”

The wonderful thing about Toji is he’s just as impatient to be inside his son as Megumi is to have him. The fingers disappear and Megumi feels Toji slick his dick up with the remaining lube on his fingers before lining the head up with Megumi’s rim. 

Megumi takes it all in one perfect motion that leaves him breathless and reaching out for anything to balance himself on. He’s got one arm braced against the roof of the car and another behind him on the dashboard. Toji has a death grip on his hips and Megumi is choking on a moan as his father holds him in place and grinds into his tight ass. 

There’s no taking it slow or easing into it. As soon as Megumi gets his bearings, he’s bouncing himself in Toji’s lap as best he can in the small car with his pants still trapped around his thighs. It’s rough and raw and the sound of skin slapping against skin echoes obscenely as it mixes with the sound of Megumi’s moans. 

Fuck , c-close.” Megumi whines against Toji’s lips, and he would be ashamed at how fast he got there if he wasn’t so desperate for it. 

He likes the way Toji feels under him and around him. All hard lines and rough edges with that feeling of danger that can only comes from the way Toji dominates him without even trying. Except when they kiss, it’s the only thing not laced with Toji’s trademark force or roughness. 

During sex, no matter how rough or heated it gets, Toji kisses Megumi like he’s precious, like he’s trying to savor every taste and memorize every inch of  Megumi’s mouth as he consumes him. And now is no different. 

The hands on his hips are holding him so tight Megumi knows he will have bruises for weeks after this, the cock splitting him in two is slamming into his ass with enough force to rock the car and pull strangled wheezes from Megumi’s lungs, but Toji’s lips are so soft, so sweet as they kiss. 

“Daddy, Daddy right there!” Megumi gasps, lips parting as Toji hits the spot deep inside him that makes his whole body light up like fireworks. Toji doesn’t hesitate to deepen the kiss, to slowly work Megumi over the edge. 

 His tongue slides into Megumi’s mouth and they both moan at the contact. They get caught up in it, they always do, kissing deeply, hungrily, until Megumi can’t hold on anymore and spills between them with a strangled cry that fills the car and has Toji sinking his teeth in Megumi’s shoulder again. 

Most of it ends up splattered across Megumi’s chest, but a few stray droplets get on Toji’s shirt and he briefly dreads having to hear about it later before suddenly none of it matters. 

Now that Megumi is spent, Toji is quickly following behind him. He’s using his grip on Megumi’s hips to fuck into his son like a glorified flesh light. Megumi is mewling from the beginnings of overstimulation when Toji finally comes with a growl that sounds more beast than man. 

He holds Megumi in place as he empties into him, the two of them struggling to catch their breath and fogging up the windows in the process. Megumi’s thighs are burning, there’s come running down his chest, and he’s never been more pleased with himself than he is right now. Toji looks like he wants to throw him in the trunk. 

“You’re a menace.”

“You like it.”

“Don’t get jizz on my seats.”

“Come clean me up and I won’t.”

Megumi doesn’t actually except him to help, he definitely doesn’t expect Toji to flip Megumi off his lap and toss him into the passenger seat face first, and he absolutely doesn’t expect the tongue in his ass as Toji ‘cleans him up’—but fuck if it’s not a great surprise. 

Toji eats him out until Megumi is squirming and whining from the sensitivity, pants still trapped around his thighs and come covered chest pressed into the passenger seat (so much for not making a mess).

When he can’t take it anymore Megumi pushes him off and gets himself together. They clean up in that weird comfortable silence they have grown accustomed to and before long they are back on the road again, nothing out of place minus the notable lack of tension in Toji’s body and the soft humming coming from Megumi’s side of the car. 


They stop for food an hour later and Megumi is on his knees in the bathroom swallowing Toji’s load before their order is even up. 

Megumi all but skips out of the bathroom. 


Two hours later they are pulled into an old rest stop that looks like it hasn’t been used in ages and Toji has Megumi stretched out on the back seat, three fingers in his ass, and his mouth wrapped around Megumi’s cock. Megumi sobs as he comes and when he looks back up again there’s a grin on Toji’s face. 


They haven’t been back on the road for more than an hour before Toji is pulling over again and fucking Megumi on the hood of the car for the world to see. He fucks him long and hard until Megumi is begging and pleading for his release. 

“Please, please , Daddy I can’t—.” Megumi cries, and Toji finally lets him come, little droplets splattered across the gravel at their feet. 

Megumi drops to his knees after, uncaring of the rocks and gravel digging into his skin, and opens his mouth to drink Toji down with a satisfied hum as a gruff “good boy” leaves his father’s lips.

Megumi can barely stand with his legs like jello, but he’s never felt this good before and that makes it worth it. 

“Thank you, Daddy.”


Megumi sleeps through the rest of the drive, though he tries to fight it, and doesn’t wake up until after they arrive. The car is empty when he cracks his eyes open and Megumi takes in the sight of what will be his home for the foreseeable future. 

The place is huge, located in the mountains as it is, and apparently on the outskirts of the city. Megumi would be impressed if he wasn’t so irritated that he was being left here in the first place, the remnants of his good mood long gone now that the real world calls again.

He catches sight of Toji a while later and gets out of the car to get his things. 

“They are waiting for you at the gate. Just walk the way I came and you will see it.” Toji offers with that same bored expression and nothing else. 

They don’t do goodbyes or emotions or whatever it is that normal families do (Megumi is more than well aware they aren’t a normal family). So, when he pulls his suit case from the trunk and turns to make his way up the path he’d just seen Toji come down, he’s caught off guard by Toji’s voice behind him. 

“Brat.” he calls, and Megumi turns to face him. He looks the same as he always does, ruggedly handsome face, piercing green eyes, lean body—he just looks like Toji and the sight of him both hurts and feels like heaven. 

“What?” Megumi asks evenly, unsure of what to expect. 


Megumi’s brow furrows in confusion and Toji doesn’t offer anything more in the silence that follows. He’s tempted to ask what Toji is saying yes to or what the hell is wrong with him, but then he’s getting back in the car and vanishing down the dirt road that brought them here as if he was never here at all. 

“Why can’t you just say bye like a normal person?” Megumi sighs. But Toji isn’t normal by anyone’s standards and expecting normalcy from him feels like a fools game. 

Megumi takes one last look in the direction Toji drove off in before making his way up the path. By the time he’s reached the gate he’s already forgotten about whatever question Toji was giving an answer to in the first place.