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That time I reincarnated and Invented Bra

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“I see so you are going to send me into Tevyat,” I said to make sure I hearing it right “To finish a certain task…”

The God of Isekai nodded

“Did you not gonna give me cheat or anything?” I begged, “that world is crazy dangerous!”

The God of Isekai shakes his head “I learn from a long time ago, it was better to give Isekai individual their cheat after they finish their task”

“Are you saying what I am thinking?”

The God of Isekai nodded “I will give you, your cheat if you managed to complete  the task I given you”

“Are you sure? You are not lying?”

The God of Isekai laughed “I didn’t have any reason to lie to a mortal”

I sighed and accepting my fate afterall I already die either The God of Isekai giving me a cheat or not I will be granted a second life


20 Year Later…

A man sat on his chair, he is one of the richest man on Tevyat. His riches was because of his invention, the funny thing is he only makes said invention because The God of Isekai giving him the task to invent it

The God of Isekai already contacted him, if he dies again he will get reincarnated with a cheat. Originally he wants the cheat asap but he already contents after becoming one of the richest people on the continent


Tevyat Times: Bringing the news into the Tevyat

Interview with Sir Aether the inventor that bring change in the last three year

I chuckled my name is the same as the name of the Genshin Protagonist, it still around a year before he/she comes to this world

I even get knighted because of my invention! I really dumbfounded on that day…

Without a cheat, I am just an ordinary boy but I at least managed to become a childhood friend with my past life waifu Jean. I honestly also like Amber but the age gap is to far…

Interviewer: Sir Aether what is your inspiration for you to make your invention?

Sir Aether: It started when me and my childhood friend Jean fighting some hillichurl tribe.

Interviewer: Wow, Sir Aether you are Acting Grandmaster childhood friend!?

Sir Aether: Yes but that is not the point, at that time when fighting I sometimes really distracted by the view, so after the fight, I asked her, ‘isn’t that really troublesome when fighting?’. Jean just shrugged saying that she already accustomed to it

Interviewer: Oh so that is the start of the wonderful invention! So how is the view?

Sir Aether: Honestly-

My reading interrupted by Jean scream outside my door

“Aether! How dare you!”

I sweated a bit…this gonna be suck

“Jean please calm down” I raise my hand in surrender “the view at that time really wonderful!”

“You talked about my breast jiggling when using Anemo on the Newspaper! On Tevyat Times!” Anemo starting converge into the tip of her sword “Any last word?”

“Can you make it painless?”


To think I become one of the richest people in Tevyat because of inventing bra...I still can't believe it. I thought before getting yeeted by Jean again. 

At least the view in real life beautiful is incomparable than seeing on the screen


Tevyat Hero History

Name: Aether

Title: Knight of Favonius, Inventor of Bra, One of The Richest Man on Tevyat, Reincarnated Person, Genius Inventor

He is one of the greatest hero ever born and walked on Tevyat, bringing many groundbreaking inventions that advancing technology by a hundred years, but his greatest invention until now is the bra, it really changing the view of the world upside down, it said many men cry the day of the inventions born and there many men hold a grudge because he is the only one that has privilege on seeing the legendary 'view'  of Jean the Legendary Dandelion Knight.