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Ye Xiu, go to bed

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10:30 PM

Autumn Tree: Ye Xiu, are you still playing? We agreed that we should go to bed early tonight, remember?

One Autumn Leaf: I remember

Autumn Tree: So are you going to get ready for bed or not?

One Autumn Leaf: I’m busy


10:50 PM

Autumn Tree: Are you done yet? 

One Autumn Leaf: I’m still busy

Autumn Tree: Look, I’m sure whatever you’re doing is not as important as sleeping. Just say you need to log off or something

One Autumn Leaf: I don’t want to

Autumn Tree: Ye Xiu, go to bed

One Autumn Leaf: Not answering anymore. Still busy

Autumn Tree: Ye Xiu?

Autumn Tree: Ye Xiu, go to bed

Autumn Tree: Ye Xiu, I’m serious, you’re going to regret it if you don’t sleep tonight

Autumn Tree: Ye Xiu, I can tell you’re reading this! Go to bed!!


10:53 PM

Autumn Tree: Can you tell Ye Xiu that he needs to sleep

Troubling Rain: Huh? What do you mean tell Old Ye he needs to sleep?

Troubling Rain:  Does he not like to sleep? Does he not need to sleep?

Troubling Rain: Wait, don’t tell me- I ALWAYS KNEW OLD YE WAS A VAMPIRE

Troubling Rain: No one would ever believe me but I knew it was true!!!!!!!!!!

Autumn Tree: No we just have an early day tomorrow and he doesn’t want to go to bed

Trouble Rain: Eh? Is he tired of living? Never fear Captain Su! I’ll bully him so bad, he’ll wish he was sleeping with the fishes!


10:55 PM

Troubling Rain: OLDYEOLDYEOLDYE!!!!

Troubling Rain: I heard that you’re a truant miscreant who needs to be bullied into going to sleep!

One Autumn Leaf: I will PK with you once if you stop talking about this

Troubling Rain: !!!!!

Troubling Rain: Wait wait wait wait! Let me go get my account card! You better not go back on your promise!


10:57 PM

Swoksaar: Ye Xiu, I would appreciate if you didn’t rile up our vice captain when he is getting ready for bed.

One Autumn Leaf: Sorry to disturb you, Captain Yu.

Swoksaar: No worries ^_^

Swoksaar: After all, you’ll repay us with a round of PK later, right?

One Autumn Leaf: ...Very sneaky, Little Yu.

Swoksaar: That’s not a no, is it? ^_^

Swoksaar: But it is getting a bit late. I hope you’ll go to sleep soon.

One Autumn Leaf: Don’t worry, Captain Yu. I will.


10:58 PM

Autumn Tree: Can you tell Ye Xiu to go to bed?

Immovable Rock: As it is almost my own bedtime, I will notify him in the morning. 

Immovable Rock: Good night, Captain Su.


10:59 PM

Autumn Tree: Can you tell Ye Xiu to go to bed

Desert Dust: ?

Autumn Tree: He doesn’t want to


11:00 PM

Desert Dust: Go to bed

One Autumn Leaf: No 💖


11:10 PM

Ashen Moon: Greetings, Senior :)

One Autumn Leaf: Oh, Little Qiao. Hello :)

Ashen Moon: I hope I’m not disturbing you if you’re about to go to sleep. I know it’s getting late. I just have a lot of things on my mind, and I saw you were online.

One Autumn Leaf: Don’t worry. I was planning on staying up for a bit longer. 

One Autumn Leaf: Would you like to run a dungeon with me? We can play and chat. I’m always happy to give advice, for in-game matters or out.

Ashen Moon: Then, if you don’t mind, Senior! 

One Autumn Leaf: Of course. Meet me in Congee City. 


11:55 PM

Vaccaria: I just passed by Qiao Yifan in the hallway. He said you were still up.

Vaccaria: Are you having trouble sleeping? I find that a cup of warm tea helps me when I can’t sleep.

One Autumn Leaf: Thanks for your concern, Big-eye. 

One Autumn Leaf: But I’m not having trouble sleeping, I just feel like staying up.

Vaccaria: Glad to hear that. You should still go to bed soon though. Sleep is important for the body.

One Autumn Leaf: I’ll keep that in mind. Hope you sleep well, Big-eye.

Vaccaria: Good night, Ye Xiu.


12:12 AM

Autumn Tree: Can you tell Ye Xiu to go sleep? He’s refusing to go to bed

Hundred Dazzling Blossoms: Dude, I was literally about to fall asleep. Why are you bothering me?

Hundred Dazzling Blossoms: Wait, I just read your message. Aren’t you guys playing us in a practice match tomorrow?

Autumn Tree: Yeah, that’s why he should be sleeping instead of playing right now

Hundred Dazzling Blossoms: Ha, why should I care. Maybe if he’s sleep deprived, we can finally see him mess up for once.


12:15 AM

Hundred Dazzling Blossoms: Don’t you dare mess up tomorrow with the excuse that you were sleep deprived!

Hundred Dazzling Blossoms: If we win because of that, I’m going to treat your three championships as null and void, you hear me?!

One Autumn Leaf: Oh no. What would I do if I were championship-less? Zhang Jiale, can you tell me?

Hundred Dazzling Blossoms: F U

One Autumn Leaf: Haha, I’m just kidding. Even if I were sleep deprived, I’d still be able to beat you 1v1. You’re lucky that tomorrow’s match is a team battle. You have more of a chance that way.

One Autumn Leaf: But you don’t have to worry about my condition. I’ll sleep soon.

Hundred Dazzling Blossoms: I’ll hold you to it.

12:30 AM

Dancing Rain: Ye Xiu, can you please go to bed soon? My brother keeps pacing around and I’m trying to fall asleep.

One Autumn Leaf: Sorry, Mucheng. I didn’t mean to affect you with this. 

One Autumn Leaf: I’m just mad at him, so I don’t want to give in just yet.

Dancing Rain: Oh.

Dancing Rain: Did he deserve it?

One Autumn Leaf: Yeah.

Dancing Rain: Then forget what I said before. Make him suffer a bit more.

One Autumn Leaf: I knew we raised you right. 

One Autumn Leaf: Try to sleep if you can. I’ll tell you about it in the morning. 

Dancing Rain: Sweet dreams.

One Autumn Leaf: Sweet dreams.


12:56 AM

Autumn Tree: Old Wu, can you tell Ye Xiu to go to bed?

Qi Breaker: Isn’t it middle of the night where you are?

Autumn Tree: yeah.

Autumn Tree: He won’t listen to me, so can you ask him? But don’t tell him I sent you.

Qi Breaker: Ah, okay.


1:01 AM

Qi Breaker: Saw you were awake. Is everything alright?

One Autumn Leaf: Did Muqiu send you?

Qi Breaker: ...

One Autumn Leaf: ...

Qi Breaker: ...No.

One Autumn Leaf: Brother Feng, you’re such a bad liar.

Qi Breaker: Okay, but it *is* getting late where you are. You should head to bed soon. We all care about you, so you should take care of yourself!

One Autumn Leaf: I’m gonna stay up a bit longer. But I’ll make sure to catch up on sleep. 

One Autumn Leaf: You take care of yourself too. Let’s PK a round and catch up sometime, okay?

Qi Breaker: Alright. I’ll be looking forward to it. Have a good night.


1:25 AM

Blue Bridge Spring Snow: God Ye.... please go to bed....

Blue Bridge Spring Snow: I’m not even a part of your guild... why am I being pestered about this?

One Autumn Leaf: What do you mean you’re not a part of the guild? You’re the guild’s number one babysitter!

Blue Bridge Spring Snow: I told you that was a spy account!

One Autumn Leaf: But you still have it don’t you? That must mean you really like being a babysitter!

Blue Bridge Spring Snow: ...

Blue Bridge Spring Snow: God Ye... please go to sleep so that God Su will let me do my real job...

One Autumn Leaf: Tsk tsk, Little Blue. It must be rough working for Blue Brook. You should come to our guild. We wouldn’t work you so hard.

Blue Bridge Spring Snow: ......You’re the source of my problems, God Ye.


2:03 AM

Windward Formation: Dude it’s like 2 AM. Why are you still up?

One Autumn Leaf: Why are you up?

Windward Formation: Touche.

Windward Formation: Wanna run a dungeon with me? I need some hidden boss materials. You can have anything I don’t need.

One Autumn Leaf: Sure. Send me the details.


2:55 AM

Autumn Tree: Okay, okay, I give up.

Autumn Tree: I’m sorry for missing dinner, okay?

Autumn Tree: But I promise it was just because I got excited about researching an additional feature for Evil Annihilation to surprise you for your birthday. 

Autumn Tree: Now will you please come to bed? 

One Autumn Leaf: Only if you let me cuddle with you.

Autumn Tree: Fine, we can cuddle.

One Autumn Leaf: ❤️

One Autumn Leaf: I’ll be there in a minute.


6:30 AM

Immovable Rock: Ye Xiu, go to bed.