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Bolin Needs to Lighten Up

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Bolin had been sulking in his room all day. The only time he had ever stepped out was to shower and grab food, and even then he insisted that it be brought up to his room. Thank goodness he was also considerate enough to keep himself hygienic during this time.

It all started a weak ago, when Opal and him decided that they should call their relationship off. It was mostly Opal insisting that Bolin was never there for her, with Bolin relenting to her desires so things weren't worse between the two. Despite him saying that he understood where she was coming from, Bolin was all out of sorts since that day.

In his depression, Bolin crashed on Air Temple Island, occupying one of the empty rooms as he 'tried' to get over Opal. Though, it seemed like that wasn't the case. Usually he found himself curled up in his blankets, listening to soap operas on the radio. At this point, even Pabu felt that his master was beyond help and spent most of his time in the air bender gardens.

Mako would help, but his duty to guard Prince Wu and help restore the Earth Kingdom's reputation prevented him from coming by longer than an occasional visit or a call over the phone. It didn't do any good, however, as Bolin remained secluded in his room all day for almost two weeks.

It was policy to provide shelter to those that needed it, but Tenzin was frankly getting fed up with Bolin slumming for so long. His sour mood put some of the other air benders down, which made their training go poorly. He was on the verge of kicking the depressed man out.

Surprisingly, Ikki took it upon herself to try and convince Bolin out of his funk. Tenzin was unsure if his youngest girl was qualified, but he would take anything at this point, so he allowed her to try and assist Bolin. Plus, it did help that she had a huge crush on the guy.

The young air bender made her way to his room, already hearing the sounds of two people bickering from the radio. She gave the door a soft knock. "Bolin? Ya there?" She asked, getting a soft groan in response. She took the liberty to open the door, stepping inside and seeing the other slumped on the floor in front of the radio, blankets covering him as he did.

"What do you want?" He whined, not moving.

"Bolin, I'm gonna help you out of this!" She said confidently, standing behind him.

"How are you gonna do that?" He asked, still not budging from his spot.

"Well, first off..." She bent over, yanking the blanket off of Bolin with a grunt, causing him to flip over on his stomach. 

"Ah! Hey! What the heck?!" He whined, looking up at her from the floor before sitting up.

"Bolin, I'm gonna get you out of this gunk before it really starts messing with you!" Ikki proclaimed, pointing down at him. "Also, daddy says he'll kick you off the island if you don't lighten up, soooo yeah." 

Bolin groaned, glancing to the side, "Whatever. Let him. Not like I'm worth anything to anyone." He whined.

Ikki's eyes widened in surprise before sitting down beside him, "Why do you say that?" She asked, reaching a hand over to his shoulder.

Bolin took a breath, "I just can't find anyone that wants to be with me, apparently. Korra wanted to be with Mako, Eska was crazy, and now Opal says she's not interested in dating me anymore. I just...what am I doing wrong??" He groaned, face in his hands as he groaned against his palms.

Ikki couldn't help but frown, feeling sorry for the young man as she watched him. " doesn't sound like you're the problem, Bolin. You've just...had a bad stream of luck with girls, I guess. Which I think is very stupid, cuz you're amazing!" She beamed, now starting to scoot closer to him.

He pulled his hands back slightly, turning to the young girl. His face started to relax, "You really think so, Ikki?"

Her heart skipped a beat as she heard him say her name. "Yes! You're sweet, funny, cute, and clever." She answered, hoping the other things she said drowned out her Freudian slip.

A smile began to form on Bolin's face as he heard her praise, "Oh, you're too sweet, Ikki. Maybe you're right. I just haven't found the right girl yet. I mean, it does suck what happened before, but I can't let it get me down!" He beamed that special grin that made Ikki's heart melt.

"Doesn't matter what Opal said, I know I can find me another girlfriend more understanding of me." He said confidently, now starting to stand up.

"That's right!" Ikki nodded, looking at him intently. Well, at least he seemed out of his funk now, but it also looked like that she would have another task at hand.

Soon enough, Ikki shot to her feet as well, standing beside the young man, "Hey Bolin, I have an idea that may help you. But it's kinda...weird..." She blushed darkly, looking up at him, hands behind her back. Slowly she started to step closed to him.

"Huh? What are you saying, Ikki?" He asked, watching as the other started to lean her chin against his chest, looking up at him with a blushing smile. His own face was flushed as he stared back at her. "I-Ikki?..." He trailed off.

"Bolin...I really like you." She confessed, hands still behind her back as she did. "And I really wanna make you feel good." As she said this, Ikki reached a hand down to Bolin's crotch, cupping it lightly as she began to rub it.

He let out a surprised gasp, stepping back from the other in surprise, "Ikki! We can't do this!" He practically yelled as he held his hands out.

Ikki pouted, of course this would happen. "Why not, Bolin?"

"Well, I...I'm much older than you! It'd be too weird." He explained, face still red.

The young air bender rolled her eyes, "Bolin, I really like you, and I wanna...ya your girlfriend. I'll never ever treat you wrong, and I'll make you feel really good every day!" She proclaimed, leaning towards him. "Please, Bolin!" 

The young man felt a cold sweat run down his back. This couldn't happen, not only was she young, but she was Tenzin's kid. He was already in a bad place with him, he'd hate to actually feel the full wrath of an air bender.

"But...what if your dad found out?" 

"Then we  just won't tell him." She crossed her arms, confident in her answer.

Her face then began to slacken, a thought coming to her. "Do you...not like me?" She turned up at him, a sad look on her face as she did.

"What?! No! No, I do like you, Ikki!" Bolin said quickly, too concerned with making the other feel better rather than watch his words.

"Then why don't you wanna be together?" She asked with a slight whine, looking down at the floor, her hands wringing nervously. "I just want you to be happy, Bolin. I promise I won't ever go behind your back or be clingy or mean or whatever." She started to sniffle softly as she kept looking down.

Bolin freaked out for a second, scared that he legitimately upset her. He walked up to the young lady, kneeling down slightly as he did. He reached a hand to rest on her cheek, "Ikki, listen, it's not that I don't think you're a nice girl or anything, it's just...I'm way to older for you." 

She turned up to face him, tears starting to form in her eyes as she did. "But...But you keep dealing with girls that just don't treat you right...I want to treat you right."

He really was happy that she thought of him so highly, and it wasn't like Ikki wasn't a good kid or anything, but they couldn't possibly do what she wanted to do. Could they?

"It's okay, Ikki. I mean, I keep bouncing back from it, I'll find someone that-" Suddenly he felt Ikki run to him, arms wrapping around him tightly.

"I want to be that someone, Bolin! I want to be your girlfriend! I mean it!" She whimpered softly against him.

Bolin watched the young girl sadly. He was touched by her intentions, but he couldn't just accept her like this. And besides, it was clear from earlier she had something very specific in mind that they shouldn't be doing.

"Just once, Bolin. Just once I wanna make you feel happy." Ikki sighed against him, still holding him tight as she did.

He looked down at the young lady, whose hold on him was starting to loosen up as she leaned against him. She seems so passionate and eager, surely one time would be fine, right?

"...Just once?" He asked, watching as the other's face lit up in excitement.

"Yeah! Just once! I want you to feel really good!" She assured with a nod, a hopeful smile on her face.

Bolin took a breath, letting out a sigh, "Okay, Ikki. Just this one time."

Immediately, Ikki hugged him tight with an excited squeal. "Thank you so much, Bolin! You won't regret it!" She assured before already hopping to her knees in front of his crotch.

He let out a low hum, watching as Ikki reached over to cup his crotch, prompting another hum from the young man as she began to massage it.

"Mmm, you feel so big~" She said softly, watching and hearing him react as she kept groping him.

Finally, she reached over to his dark green pants, pulling them down along with his underwear in one quick motion.

A gasp left Bolin as he felt his hard, throbbing member pop out in front of Ikki's face. His face was red as he saw Ikki look at it, wide-eyed and amazed.

"Woooow! I knew you had to be big, but this is huge!" She exclaimed with a grin. 

"Shhh! Ikki, keep it down!" Bolin whispered, glancing at the door as he tried to quiet her.

"Pfft, don't worry about it, everyone's out training. Daddy'll keep 'em there for hours." She assured.

"I just don't wanna- Ahhh!~" He moaned out, now feeling her fingers wrap around his shaft, stroking him as his body shuddered in bliss.

Ikki couldn't help but chuckle at the reaction she got, feeling proud of how good she was making the young man feel. Her eyes then shifted to his dripping tip; opening her mouth, she took a quick lick of his pre cum. 

"Mmm~ You taste so good~" She remarked before starting wrap her lips around his tip, slowly bobbing down his member. All the while she kept stroking off the base of his cock.

Bolin was gasping hotly, a hand propped against the wall as he felt Ikki take more of his hardness down her throat. He found himself resting a hand on top of her head, slightly pushing her deeper. "Oh, fuck~" He moaned softly, his face red and his body coated in perspiration.

Ikki hummed contentedly as she felt his hand on top of her, he was absolutely loving it. And so was she. 

At this point, she took more than half of his member, forcing herself up and down it as she kept blowing him. His cock started to reach the back of her throat the more she swallowed him. The young air bender found herself rubbing the crotch of her outfit, the scent of Bolin's arousal filling her head. And it only got more intense the further she went.

"Ahh~ Ikki!~" Cried Bolin, his grip on her getting tighter as he could feel himself getting closer to climax. It had been so long since he had sex with anyone, even with Opal she was hardly ever in the mood for it.

The sounds of Bolin's cries were enough to motivate her to keep going, bobbing her head faster and deeper. At this point she was deep-throating his entire member, her eyes rolled back in pleasure as she was waiting for the other to finish down her throat. All the while, she kept humming against his shaft, overjoyed that Bolin would allow her to do this.

Bolin let out a cry of pleasure, feeling himself climax down Ikki's throat, keeping her head still there as he did. His eyes were slammed shut as he savored the bliss of it. Each throb of his cock prompted another load of seed down the other's throat.

After feeling his climax wash over him, Bolin found himself out of breath, gasping hotly into the air as he recovered. Slowly his eyes began to open, and he started to remember the situation he was in.

Suddenly he pulled away with a gasp, eyes shot open as he pulled himself out of Ikki's mouth. "Ikki! Oh, spirits, are you okay??" He asked, looking down at her worriedly.

She just turned up at him with a grin, drool and jizz dripping down her chin, "I'm feeling fantastic~"

He let out a relieved sigh, now starting to get on his knees in front of her. He remained pantsless as he did, his cock now flaccid and resting against his thigh, "Oh, thank goodness. I was worried I did something to you."

She couldn't help but giggle, now starting to lean her face against his neck, "Don't worry, Bolin, I've been practicing~" She assured, earning a dark blush from the earth bender.

"How...How do you even know about stuff like this anyway?" He asked, a hand resting on her shoulder.

"Weeell, Jinora lets me borrow her books from time to time, among other things~" She chuckled with a smirk.

Bolin gulped nervously, his face bright red as he found himself glancing at her wet crotch area. 

"See something you like?~" She teased, her arms wrapping around his neck as she began kissing it, grinding against her bare thigh.

Bolin bit her lip before grabbing Ikki's hips, suddenly pulling her away from him and pushing her down to the floor. This prompted a surprised gasp from Ikki as he watched as Bolin hovered above her, an intense look in his eyes. She could feel her heart race faster at the feeling of his gaze, her own blush starting to grow.

"...I can't just let you do something like that for me and not return the favor." He said earnestly, his gaze shifting down to her wet crotch. 

He then crawled down her body, face resting above her groin as his hands moved to remove the pesky garment. 

Ikki found herself gasping softly, watching as Bolin eagerly stripped her, taking off her pants and underwear, revealing her wet, virgin sex to him. It made the young air bender's heart race and her body shudder in delight.

Staring at it, Bolin found his mouth watering slightly at the faint smell of it. His mouth opened as he leaned closer to her crotch, tongue sticking out as he started to lap at it, earning a surprised, shrill moan from Ikki.

Her eyes slammed shut and her mouth was agape as she kept panting into the air. Her legs remained spread as she felt Bolin's eager tongue along her wet sex, earning a moan from Ikki. "Haaah~ Oh, fuck~" She moaned out, hands already reaching down to grab Bolin's head as she began grinding against his face.

He hummed against her crotch as he kept lapping at her sex, eyes closed as he savored the taste of her. All the while he could feel himself getting hard once more as he kept eating her out. As he kept tasting her arousal, Bolin found himself grinding against the mat on the floor, his cock throbbing and dripping as he did. He couldn't believe it, but he started to find himself enjoying this.

"B-Bolin, please~ Deeper~" Ikki begged shrilly into the air, gripping his hair lightly as she could feel his tongue threaten to push inside her.

He abided Ikki's wishes, pushing his tongue inside her with a hum, feeling her wet, slick, tight sex around it as he began circling inside her. Ikki's moans filled the room as he did, providing Bolin with even more stimulation as he ground against the mat. 

Ikki's moans grew more shrill as she could feel herself edging closer and closer to climax. The feeling of Bolin's tongue inside her made her body shudder and shiver in pure bliss. Sweat ran down her young form as she kept pushing the other deeper against her cunt.

"Haaah~ Bolin! I'm so close!~" She warned, her legs suddenly wrapping around his head as she felt herself edging closer and closer to orgasm. Ikki kept gasping into the air, hands now reaching under her to grab the blanket Bolin was using before, gripping it tightly.

Bolin began circling his tongue inside her faster and faster, making sure she felt as amazing as she made him feel earlier. He could feel her legs tighten around his head as he kept eating her out. He couldn't help but find himself eager to taste Ikki's climax, humming against her in excitement as he braced himself for it. He could feel her thighs quivering slightly in excitement as he kept circling faster and harder.

With an ecstatic roar, Ikki climaxed around the earth bender's tongue. Her legs wrapped as tight as they could around Bolin's head, her cunt soaking his lips and chin with her slick as she kept him pulled close.

Bolin could feel her tighten around his tongue, tasting her sweet orgasm as he was practically pinned there by the young lady. He just closed his eyes, lapping up as much of her nectar as he could. 

Ikki loosened her legs around Bolin, now laying slack on the floor as she was coming down from her climax. Sweat ran down her body as she was gasping for air, feeling Bolin pull away from her crotch. She turned up at him, watching as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. She smiled as she saw him reach out to the young girl, she then reached over and took his hand, feeling him pull the other towards him.

Now the two laid together on the floor in each other's arms. Ikki looked into Bolin's emerald eyes, who were staring back at her own grey ones. "Thanks for that, Bolin."

"No problem, Ikki. Least I could do after what you did before." He lightly began to caress her knuckles with his thumb.

Her smile started to fade away, knowing what would happen after this. "I...I know you said before that you wanted this to be a one time thing, but...I still mean what I said before, about wanting to be with you." She sighed softly.

Bolin let out a low hum, still caressing her hand as he laid with her. She really did sound committed, and it wasn't like she was a bad girl either. He did love hanging out with her and playing around with her and the other air bender kids. But her especially, and she does seem pretty serious about a relationship. Maybe he should give it a shot.

"...Alright. Let's do it."

Her eyes widened in surprise, smiling wide as she heard those words. "Really???" She asked excitedly.

Bolin nodded with a smile, "Sure, I'd like to give it a try. But I mean, you know we gotta keep it secret, right?" He asked, watching her nod quickly before lunging to him, wrapping her arms tightly around him.

"Thank you so much, Bolin! You're not gonna regret this." She assured, hugging as tight as he could. She could feel him start to hug back.

"I'm sure I won't." He added, now starting to let go before pulling back, face inches from Ikki's as the two of them laid on the floor together. 

The two kept staring at each other, both their faces flushed as they were unsure what to make of this. Ikki glanced down, noticing how hard Bolin was again.

"Mmm~ All this to myself~" She chuckled, reaching a hand down to start stroking it again, earning a soft moan from Bolin. "How many lucky ladies have had their fun with this?~" She asked, turning up at him once more.

Bolin wasn't sure if that was rhetorical or not, so just to be safe, "E-Eska and I did once, and Opal and me too." He started to feel her strokes slow down, growing worried that he just made things awkward. He looked down at her, heart racing as he felt her gaze.

As Ikki looked back at him, she couldn't help but start laughing at the serious look on his face. "I was just messing around, I don't care if you got with other girls, what matters is that I got you now~" She chuckled, continuing to stroke him off. 

Bolin let out a sigh of relief, reaching a hand over to Ikki's shoulder, "Ya know, if you're okay with it obviously, I was thinking maybe...I could put it in you next?" He asked hopefully, watching as Ikki turned to him, a smirk on her lips as she let go of his member, now starting to straddle the other's waist.

"That's all I ever wanted~" She smirked, now starting to grind her bare sex against his, earning another moan from him as she did. As she kept grinding, she stripped off the rest of her air bender outfit, tossing it to the side and exposing her bare, flat chest to him. She could feel his eyes on it, making the young lady chuckle proudly. "Like what you see?~"

"You do look very nice, Ikki." He said earnestly, making the other blush brightly. In the next moment, he began taking off his own shirt too, exposing his muscular, slightly scarred chest to her.

Ikki froze up at the sight, staring down at him as she did. Her mouth was agape and her eyes were wide. She even found herself drooling a little the more she stared at him.

Bolin couldn't help but chuckle, "You like what you see?~" He teased back, now reaching his hands to her hips, lightly grabbing them as he pulled his upper body closer to her until their chests were touching. "I think I'd like this angle better. You?" 

She was speechless, staring into Bow's eyes as she was now sitting in his lap, feeling his muscular form against her own as she held him close. Her face was bright red and her body was sweaty as she felt his hardness rub against her sex.

All Ikki could respond with was a nod and a hum, feeling herself get all wet again. Dammit, why'd he have to be so beautiful.

"Very good~" Bolin smiled, looking down at Ikki's cunt, lining himself up with her, earning a surprised squeak from her as he did. He stopped for a second, turning up to her. "You okay? We don't have to if yo-"

"I'm fine, Bolin. I'm just excited is all." She tried to assure, but in reality she found herself a tad anxious at how large he was. But she could fit him in her mouth, this should be nothing, right? She helped line the tip up to her sex, lifting herself up slightly as she started to push herself on top. Her heart was racing as she looked down at the rather imposing member. This was Ikki's first time ever, even though she's practiced before, this still was a touch imposing. But she would never know until she tried.

Bolin grit his teeth, a gritted moan escaping him as he could feel himself pushing ever so closer inside Ikki. Getting a touch impatient, he gripped Ikki's hips, pushing her down on his cock with a moan, his tip now inside her.

She immediately cried out as she felt it, her inner walls stretched around the young man's girth, her body shuddering and shivering as she held on to Bolin for dear life. Nails dug into his chiseled flesh as he found herself whimpering. Tears started to run down her face as she did her best to overcome the initial pain.

Bolin tensed up, worried that he might have seriously hurt her. He was about to pull out, when he heard Ikki call to him.

"K-Keep going!" She practically demanded, huffing against his chest as she pressed her forehead against it.

Not one to disobey orders, Bolin complied, slowly pushing more and more of himself inside her. By now he was more than halfway in. All the while, they were both grunting and huffing into the limited space between each other. Bolin held on tightly to Ikki, pushing the last of himself inside her, stopping as he did. They were both gasping for breath, looking each other in the eyes as they did.

Bolin reached a hand up to cup Ikki's cheek, wiping her tears away with his thumb. "You okay?" He asked breathlessly, watching as the other nodded.

"I'm so full~" She smiled with a chuckle, "I'm so full of you~" She remarked, reaching a hand down to her lower stomach, where she could feel his cock inside her. She also happened to notice that something red started seeping from her entrance and onto Bow's crotch. 

"Sorry..." She apologized, looking away out of embarrassment. This was her first time after all.

"Hey, it's alright. I don't mind it." He assured, still caressing her cheek with his thumb. He could feel her start to lean against his grip, a content sigh leaving her as she turned back to face him.

"I'm ready, Bolin. But go slow at first."

Bolin nodded as he set her hand back on her hip, starting to slowly pull himself out of her with a sharp inhale, hearing her whimper and grunt as she continued to hold onto him for dear life.

She watched as he pulled himself out about halfway, stopping. She turned back to him, knowing that he just wanted to give her a moment to prepare herself. Ikki took a deep breath, turning back to face Bolin, giving him a nod as she readied herself for what was to come.

With a swift thrust, Bolin slammed himself deep into Ikki once more, both of them letting out a cry of pleasure as he did. They both held on to each other, Bolin pulling back before slamming inside her once more, repeating the motion over and over.

Between his thrusts, Ikki kept practically screaming in pleasure, her head shot back as her pain was being drowned out, replaced with an indescribable pleasure. A smile was now on her face, tears still running down her cheeks as she started bouncing on his length in time with his thrusts.

"Ahhh!~ Haaah!~ B-Bolin!~" She cried out, looking into his eyes as she called out for him. Her mouth was agape as she felt his impressive cock slam into her young body.

Bolin was gasping for air, cheeks flushed as he felt Ikki's tightness squeeze his cock, making it throb and drip deep inside her. "Mmm~ Ikki~" He moaned, looking back into her eyes as his hips kept slamming inside her.

Suddenly, she crashed her lips against his, kissing the other deeply as she bounced on his hard member.

Bolin was caught off guard at first, almost hesitating, but found himself kissing her back as she held her tight. The two of them made out as Bolin kept thrusting inside Ikki's sex, moaning into each other's mouths. Pleasure coursed through their bodies as they both edged closer and closer to climax. 

Ikki pulled away from his mouth, panting hotly as she continued to bounce in time with his thrusts, "Bolin, you feel so good~" She moaned out, grunting lowly as she rode him.

"So do you, Ikki! So tight!~" The young man grunted, now slamming himself as deep and fast as he could. "Fuck~" He moaned lowly, gripping Ikki's hips tighter.

"Haaaah!~ Bolin! I'm so close! I'm gonna cum!!~" Ikki shrieked as she could feel him relentlessly slam inside her. It was a beautiful, primal pleasure that she would never forget.

"Mmgh!~ Me too!~" Bolin warned, the sound of skin smacking filling the room as he could feel himself edging closer and closer to climax. He knew he had to pull out, it was bad enough that he agreed to do this, but to have an accidental pregnancy would truly be awful. And yet, the thought of it thrilled him to no end.

"Do it, Bolin! Cum inside me!~ I wanna feel it fill me up~" She practically begged as she cried out. It was a surprise the whole island couldn't hear her.

They both held onto each other tightly, edging closer to orgasm as they let instinct take over. No words were exchanged, only grunts and moans of bliss as Bolin slammed the last few thrusts into Ikki before pushing as deep as he could inside her with a loud cry of bliss. His cock throbbed and pumped load after warm load into the young air bender. All the while, Ikki's climaxed hit her hard, her mind going hazy as she held on for dear life, a loud moan leaving her as she did.

Bolin could feel her cunt tighten around him, milking every last drop of seed from him as he came. After a few more seconds of pure ecstasy, the two of them came down from their high, collapsing on the floor, a mess of sweaty limbs.

They were both gasping in exhaustion, holding onto each other weakly. Both almost succumbed to sleep as they laid on the soft floor.

Bolin opened his eyes, looking over at the young girl laying beside him, completely out of breath, no doubt exhausted as she was gasping for air. A smile started to form on Bolin's face as she reached over to caress her cheek. 

This prompted Ikki to open her eyes, seeing Bolin softly caress her as she continued to hold onto him. "Bo...Bolin..." She managed to utter, a smile forming on her face as she began to nuzzle her face against his chest, her back to the wall as she did.

"Oh Ikki, you were wonderful." Bolin softly praised before pecking her forehead, pulling himself out of her tight cunt slowly, earning a few grunts from the air bender as he did. Already he could feel his cum start to seep out of her. But that could wait another time.

He grabbed the blanket he was using and pulled it over them, holding Ikki close as he dozed off. Maybe this relationship wouldn't be so bad after all.