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It Has to Be You

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In hindsight, Katsuki should have known his day was gonna be absolute shit. The quiet, oddly peaceful patrols always turned out to be the worst, and his whole week had been like this. It was only fitting that the inevitable shitstorm would be inevitably, well, shitty. 


He’d been partnered with Deku for the last few weeks, since Deku’s usual partner (in every sense of the word) was overseas on a complicated and delicate mission. In Todoroki’s absence, Katsuki was paired off with Deku and he fucking hated every minute of it. He’d tried his best to get out of it but, regrettably, it did make the most sense logistically and he and Deku did have impeccable compatibility in the field. In the end, he told himself it would just be a couple of weeks and then he wouldn’t have to see the nerd again for awhile. 


But of course, nothing could ever be easy or simple. Not when Deku was involved, because the universe fucking hated Katsuki, he was sure of it. 


It was nearing dusk on a Friday evening, and they only had one hour of patrol left. Katsuki had finagled a rare full weekend off, and he was looking forward to sleeping like the dead and hopefully doing absolutely nothing for the entire two days. He was choosing to think about that rather than listen to Deku’s incessant chattering at his side, his mumbling taking on the quality of white noise as they turned a corner and, quite unexpectedly, drew up short immediately. 


Frozen where they stood, Deku fell silent and Katsuki’s eyes widened comically. Right there, on the sidewalk in the middle of the damn city, two people were just… having sex. Loud, messy, seemingly passionate sex. Right there. As if it were normal. 


“... Kacchan.”


Katsuki grunted, and just then Kirishima’s voice sounded in their earpieces. “ Hey guys, we just got reports of public indecency at the corner of -


“Yeah, we fuckin’ see it,” Katsuki growled, stalking forward. “This is the kinda shit the cops should be dealing with, not us. Hey, fuckin’ perverts!! You’re under fuckin’ arrest!”


Meanwhile, Deku was shooing away a small crowd of bystanders that had gathered to either gawk, record, or sneer at the couple. But as Katsuki continued to approach the couple and berate them very loudly, they didn’t even stop or give any indication that they’d heard him at all. “Hey, shitheads! I’m fuckin’ talking to you!”


Finally, as if with great effort, the man currently nailing his lady friend to the sidewalk lifted his head and gasped, “I’m s-sorry, we can’t - c-can’t stop.”


Katsuki stilled, brows furrowing. Deku returned to his side, his own expression equally concerned as he asked, “Why not?”


“Well, darlings, that would be because of me.”


Both Deku and Katsuki whirled around at the feminine, seductive voice behind them, only to find a tall woman with deep red long hair and sharp violet eyes, lips plump and as red as her hair. She wore a black catsuit and had a black bag slung over her shoulder, and she gave no warning before adding, “Now why don’t you be good boys and blow off some steam?”


She then pressed her lips together and began to blow, but Deku cried Kacchan! and tossed him backwards into the air with a flash of green lightning before Katsuki could react. He cursed loudly as he set off a few small explosions to right himself, and then he blasted right back to the scene and landed on his feet to find Deku kneeling over the woman, her hands cuffed behind her back and a defeated groan leaving her shiny lips. 


“There,” Deku panted, sweat dripping down his temple, and Katsuki wondered why the hell he looked so winded. Katsuki had only been gone half a minute tops, and it took a lot to make Deku break a sweat. “You’re under arrest.”


She sighed. “Ah, phooey.”


“Deku, what the fuck was that?!” Katsuki demanded, stepping closer to them. Behind him, cops were arriving to the scene and would tend to the still-fucking couple on the sidewalk, so he didn’t spare them another thought. “You think I can’t handle one skinny little bitch of a villain?”


Deku squeezed his eyes shut, breathing even harder now as he shook his head. “N-no, I just… her quirk, I recognized her once I saw her, and I didn’t… didn’t want you to…”


“Didn’t want me to what, huh?! The fuck’s wrong with you, anyway?”


Cheek pressed to the pavement, the woman giggled. “He took the full force of an attack meant for the both of you, cutie. He’s going to be a little bit… hard up for awhile, if you get my meaning.”


“S-shut up,” Deku hissed, even as a shudder visibly wracked through his entire body. It was then that it fully dawned on Katsuki just what was happening. 


He swallowed hard. “ Oh fuck.”



Back at their agency, Deku laid writhing in a bed in its small, private infirmary. Meds had zero effect on him, and their staff’s best healer couldn’t do shit to help. 


This was bad. And it was all because that fucking villain had been on a bank robbing spree, apparently, and leaving a trail of sex-crazed victims in her wake. 


“Seriously?” Katsuki blinked at the healer after she gave him and Kirishima the news. “So, what? He just has to lay there and suffer through it? How the fuck is there nothing you can do?!”


The woman sighed. “It’s a very strong quirk, and there’s no known medical treatment for it yet.”


Before Katsuki could start raging again, Kirishima asked, “What about Eri? She could just rewind him back to before he got hit with the quirk, right?”


Eri was now 16 and enrolled in a work study at their agency, but Katsuki shook his head. “Her horn is still toast from when she saved that bus full of kids. It’s gonna take at least another week before she can use it again.”


“And Midoriya doesn’t have that kind of time,” the healer noted, to both men’s alarm. 


Kirishima asked, “What does that mean?”


“I pulled the files on previous victims,” she explained. “Most don’t even try to resist the quirk’s effects, and they all recover fully within a few days. However, the handful that tried to endure it on their own all eventually died from cardiac arrest.”


Kirishima paled, and Katsuki’s jaw dropped. 


“He’s gonna die if he doesn’t…?”


Katsuki ignored Kirishima and swallowed hard, clenching his jaw. “Then we need to get IcyHot on the phone and tell him to get his ass here.”


“Dude,” Kirishima blinked, “he’s in America and from what I’ve heard, his mission isn’t going very well. Even if he could get a flight here in time, I doubt he’d even be able to -“


“He doesn’t have a fuckin’ choice!” Katsuki declared, head whipping back to the healer. “How long does Deku have?”


“The deaths occurred around 48 hours after initial onset of symptoms,” she replied. 


Katsuki snarled and ripped out his cell phone from his pocket, walking away from the two others and dialing Todoroki’s number. Normally he answered Katsuki’s calls within seconds, because Katsuki actually calling him meant someone was either dead or actively dying, and this time was no exception. 




Katsuki clenched his jaw. “You need to get back here, now.”


“What’s going on?”


Katsuki forced his next words out, trying to ignore how bitter they tasted on his tongue. “Deku got hit with a fucked up sex quirk. Healer says if he doesn’t fuck in the next 48 hours, his heart will give out.”


Silence filled the other end of the line for a long moment. “... What?”


“Trust me, I wish I was kidding,” Katsuki admitted, leaning back against a wall and closing his eyes. “I’d have gotten hit too, if he hadn’t thrown me out of the way.”


“Shit,” Shoto cursed quietly. “Bakugo, I can’t - I’m not gonna be able to leave. I’ve lost people on this mission and we’re finally so close to… I can’t, I can’t abandon them. You know I can’t.”


“Then what the fuck is Deku supposed to do?!” Katsuki shouted furiously into the phone, making Kirishima look up sharply from across the hallway. “Huh? What, you just gonna let him die?!”


“I never said that.” Another pause, and then, “I need to talk to him.”


Katsuki gritted his teeth, wanting to throttle the bastard through the phone, but he stomped off towards Deku’s room anyway and flew through the door before he could stop himself. He paused once he entered, wholly unprepared for the sight that awaited him. 


Deku was fully in the throes of the quirk, laying naked on top of the small hospital bed - his gown was tellingly ripped to shreds on the floor - and he was flushed a deep red all over, sweating profusely from head to toe, and he had both hands wrapped around his cock. He pulled at himself fitfully, slowly as if he simply didn’t have the strength even for that, and the little broken noises leaving his lips didn’t sound very pleasant. 


Hazy, dilated green eyes opened and met stunned red ones. “ Kacchan…”


Katsuki barely held back a gasp. He’d never heard Deku say his name like that. Not outside of his wildest, most secret dreams, anyway. 


Kacchan, please, help…


Katsuki dropped his phone to the floor in shock. The sound of it clattering harshly against the tile jarred him out of his stupor, and he quickly picked it up and forced his feet to move, to take him close enough to Deku to hand him the phone. 


“S’IcyHot,” Katsuki muttered, avoiding Deku’s too-intense gaze and shoving the phone at him. But Deku couldn’t even take the damn thing from him.


“I can’t… I’m too weak, I can’t…”


Katsuki cursed lowly and then jabbed at the phone, putting it on speakerphone and dropping it on the bed, then turning around and crossing his arms. 




“Izuku,” the calm, deep voice replied, and Katsuki ground his teeth so hard it was a wonder a few didn’t shatter. “You okay, baby?”


“It hurts,” Deku whined through a small sob. “It hurts so bad and I can’t - I keep trying but I -“


“Shhh, baby, I know,” Shoto replied soothingly. “Listen, you know I’d be there for you if I could. I would move Heaven and earth to do it, but I’m so close to finishing this mission and I have to, for the people we’ve lost, I can’t -“


“I know,” Deku sniffed, each breath ragged and shaky with the tears streaming down his face. “I know, I couldn’t live with myself if you… if you left because of me.”


Shoto made a quiet, strangled kind of noise. “I’m so sorry, Izuku. I love you so much.”


“L-love you too,” Deku replied. “I’ll be okay. I’ll just… I’ll get through this on my own, somehow. I’ll figure it out and -“


“No you won’t.”


Both Katsuki and Deku stilled at Shoto’s words. 


“Izuku,” Shoto murmured, “I won’t risk losing you. You need to let someone help you.”


Izuku audibly gasped. “But I, I - I can’t, Shoto, I can’t -“


“You can,” Shoto assured him. “Don’t worry, baby, it won’t hurt me. It’ll be like your last birthday, remember? Only I won’t be there to watch this time.”


Katsuki’s ears perked up. The fuck? 


Izuku groaned, throwing an arm over his face. “This is different, this is - I didn’t ask for this and neither did you, it’s -“


“I know. I know. And I’m sorry that you’re going through this, it isn’t fair. But I’m giving you permission to do whatever it takes to survive this, okay? Even more than that - you have to, for me, Izuku. I can’t lose you. Please, promise me you won’t try to do this on your own. Promise me that you’ll live.”


Another choked-off sob, and then, “Okay. I promise.”


Shoto let out a sigh of relief. “Okay. Good. Good.” He paused. “Is Katsuki still there?”


“I’m here,” Katsuki barked over his shoulder. 


Then Shoto said six words that shook Katsuki to his core. “It has to be you, Katsuki.”


His jaw dropped in shock. Before he knew what he was doing, Katsuki whirled around and shouted, “What?! The fuck are you -“


His words died in his throat, however, when his eyes met Deku’s. Deku was even sweatier than before, his skin even more flushed, and his eyes were heavy-lidded and full of so much lust that it was visibly painful. 


As despicable as the situation was, Deku looked fucking beautiful like this. 


 “Katsuki,” Shoto said seriously, “there’s a reason I asked for you to fill in for me in as his partner while I was gone. I trust you more than anyone else, and so does he.”


Deku nodded to Katsuki, wordlessly echoing the words, and Katsuki could feel his own heart shattering in his chest. 


This was a sort of cruelty that was too much even for an asshole like him, Katsuki was sure of it. To have Deku - Izuku - offered up to him on a silver platter like this, sanctioned and approved by his own longtime boyfriend, neither of them even the slightest bit aware of how utterly sadistic such an offer was… God, Katsuki could hardly breathe. 


How long had he wanted this with Deku? How long had he watched from afar, knowing Deku could never want him like that due to their turbulent history, knowing fuckin’ IcyHot was twice the boyfriend Katsuki could ever hope to be, knowing he’d never get to touch Deku the way he he’d always secretly wanted to. Even in high school, fuck, probably in middle school too, when he’d been too emotionally immature to know the difference between love and hate. 


And now here he stood, facing the opportunity to finally have everything he’d ever wanted and absolutely nothing at the same time. He couldn’t possibly say no but how the fuck could he say yes?


Deku reached out a weak, shaky hand. “Kacchan, please. I know you don’t… I know I’m not… I’m not what you want, but I can’t… it has to be you, please.”


Katsuki almost laughed. Not what he wanted, huh? Stupid Deku. 


“It’s okay, Bakugo. Please take care of him for me.”


Katsuki closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then let it go. This was going to fucking kill him, but what choice did he have? 


“Fine,” he said, snatching his phone back up. “I’ll call you back when he’s stable.”


He ended the call, and Deku closed his eyes and moaned with relief even though he still hadn’t been touched. He was still reaching for Katsuki, fingers flexing weakly as if to grab him, and he started babbling, “Thank you, Kacchan, thank you, it hurts so bad, please make it stop, please please please -“


“Hush, nerd,” Katsuki said softly, sitting down on the side of the small bed and finally letting himself look the smaller man over fully. His whole body was trembling, drenched in sweat and tears, and his cock - God, it hurt just to look at. 


Katsuki wasn’t about to do this in a hospital bed, but Deku clearly needed some immediate relief. 


He flicked his eyes up to Deku’s. “Can’t get yourself off?”


Deku shook his head almost violently, letting out another sob. “I g-get so close but I can’t, I can’t -“


“It’s okay, breathe,” Katsuki murmured, reaching out his own shaky fingers and touching Izuku’s hip tentatively, finding the skin absolutely burning. “Fuck, you’re so hot.”


Deku moaned and thrust his hips up, likely not even aware of his own movements. “ Please touch me, Kacchan, pl-“


Katsuki wrapped his hand around that aching, painfully hard cock and watched Deku’s words turn into a sharp, shocked moan. He didn’t look away as he pumped once, twice, and the third time, Deku’s eyes rolled back and his body went rigid as he came with a scream. 


And he didn’t stop. To Katsuki’s astonishment, Deku came two more times in rapid succession before he finally shied away from Katsuki’s touch. His hand and Deku’s chest and stomach - God, even his face, what the hell - were a mess, and when Deku caught his breath again and opened his eyes, they were a lot clearer than they had been before. 


“Kacchan,” he said almost reverently, and Katsuki couldn’t take it. He couldn’t. 


He grabbed Deku’s ruined hospital gown from the floor and quickly wiped them both off with it, then began hastily wrapping Deku up in the blanket beneath him. “I ain’t doing this shit in here,” he explained before picking up the smaller man bridal style. “Come on.”


Arms strong enough now to wrap around Katsuki’s shoulders on instinct, Deku blinked teary eyes up at him and began softly, “Kacchan, I -“


“Don’t,” Katsuki cut him off sharply, giving him a look. “Don’t, okay?”


Something in Deku’s face fell, and Katsuki couldn’t even begin to understand what it was. “Okay.”


Looking away, Katsuki walked them out the door and continued to ignore the vicious ache in his heart. He’d deal with that later. 


For now, there was only one thing to do. 



Like a hospital or fire station, the agency contained a number of rooms to accommodate heroes and sidekicks on overnight or 24 hour shifts. Each one contained two bunk beds and a single bed, and Katsuki had unofficially claimed an entire room for himself over the last few years. He carried Deku to that one, and when Kirishima asked what he was doing when he walked by him, Katsuki barked at him to grab water and snacks and to leave them outside the door. 


Kirishima’s eyes went wide but he didn’t question him. The healer sighed with relief, and Katsuki pushed them both out of his head as he made his way to the room. 


By the time Katsuki got them there and locked the door before laying Deku down in the single bed, Deku was already heating back up and his eyes were losing clarity again. He started writhing and whining the minute his body hit the sheets, and Katsuki sighed before reaching under the bed and pulling out a backpack he kept stashed under there. 


Inside were a few changes of clothes, toiletries, and other basic overnight items. There was also a mostly forgotten bottle of lube buried beneath it all, kept there for the occasions when his and Kirishima’s shifts would align and allow for its usage. He never imagined he’d be digging it out to use on Deku, but fate was a twisted fucker these days. 


He tossed the bottle on the bed, then looked Deku over from head to toe. The blanket around him had completely unraveled, and Deku’s strong, scarred body was dripping in sweat and flushed all over, his dick hard and thighs clenching as they rubbed together uselessly. He had both hands pressed over his face, trying to hide his desperate and needy expressions, but that wasn’t gonna cut it. 


Katsuki swallowed, his own dick painfully hard in his pants. The fact that Deku was his for a night, spread out like a buffet just waiting to be devoured - fuck. This was gonna screw with his head and his heart for years to come, he knew it.


“Deku. Look at me.”


With a whimper, Deku pulled his hands away from his face. Teary, hazy green eyes met hard red ones, and Katsuki’s heart ached. 


Deku stared at him like he not only needed him but truly wanted him. The same way he’d seen Deku look at Shoto countless times in the past. 


“Tell me what you want.”


Another pitiful whine, and then, “I want - I just - I feel so empty, I n-need you to fuck me. Please, Kacchan.”


Unable to hide the shiver brought on by those words, Katsuki held his breath and started shucking off parts of his costume one at a time. Deku watched the whole time, licking his lips and reaching down to palm at himself as more and more skin was revealed to him, and Katsuki could almost believe that it was real and not just a result of that shithead villain’s quirk. 


When he pushed his boxers down and could no longer hide how aroused he was, Deku gasped and stared. Katsuki felt his own cheeks redden but he tried to stay focused, swallowing hard and kneeling on the bed to climb over the other man. 


Deku’s legs spread open in an instant, shaky scarred hands reaching out and landing on Katsuki’s biceps to pull him closer, skin to skin and chest to chest. Katsuki’s breath hitched, mouth falling open as their bodies pressed together and the searing heat of Deku’s skin seeped into his own. For a moment they were frozen, eyes locked and breaths coming in small pants from both men. 


Katsuki wanted to kiss him so badly it hurt. But he wasn’t sure if that was too much, too intimate and crossing a line, so for the moment he opted to roll his hips instead. 


Deku’s eyes fluttered shut, a gut-wrenching moan falling from his lips at the motion. Katsuki shuddered and shifted just enough to make their cocks rub as he did it again, and Deku’s fingers bit hard enough into Katsuki’s arms to bruise. 


Kacchan, Kacchan, oh God,” Deku trembled, throwing his head back and baring his throat, and Katsuki couldn’t resist the urge to lean down and press his lips to his pulsepoint. The added sensation had Deku squirming, and Katsuki’s hips sank into a rhythm as his senses were overwhelmed with the taste of Deku’s skin and his scent all around him. One of Deku’s hands moved to Katsuki’s hair, fingers burying themselves in soft spikes and holding him closer, and when Katsuki groaned and sunk his teeth into his flesh… Deku let out a choked moan and came again, just like that. Katsuki nearly did too, merely from feeling it. 


He lifted his head after, looking down and watching Deku pant and recover, and he couldn’t help but smirk and murmur, “Damn, Deku. You always this easy?”


Deku shuddered out an exhale. “No,” he replied softly, opening eyes that were once again clearer now that he’d come. “This is… a lot. I’m sorry, it’s just -“


“Don’t fuckin’ apologize,” Katsuki hissed. Deku nodded, blinking and, after a moment, smoothing his hands over Katsuki’s shoulders. His skin tingled in response. 


“Kacchan,” Deku whispered, eyes roving over every inch of him that he could see in their current position, “God, you’re beautiful.”


Katsuki bristled. This wasn’t fair. How dare Deku fill his head with these sweet words and sound so sincere and look at him like that when all of this wasn’t even real - 


Suddenly strong thighs clenched around Katsuki’s hips and flipped them over, catching Katsuki entirely off guard and making him blink up at Deku in shock. Deku licked his lips, clearly having regained some of his strength after another orgasm, and he bit his lower lip as he watched his own hands drag up and grope Katsuki’s pecs. 


“Mm, fuck, Kacchan,” Deku all but moaned before leaning down and burying his face between the muscles, and Katsuki gasped out loud, hands freezing in midair. Deku breathed him in deep and squeezed both pecs before kissing his way across both, licking a nipple and moaning shamelessly before wrapping his lips around it and sucking, and Katsuki slapped a hand over his mouth to keep quiet. He hadn’t expected this.  


Deku lapped and sucked like a starving man, mumbling things against his skin like so big and taste so good and it was so distracting that Katsuki barely noticed how Deku had been rutting against his thigh until he went still and cried out with yet another release. 


Katsuki stared at the ceiling with wide eyes. This was the fifth one for Deku, and Katsuki had barely done a damn thing to him yet. 


Deku laid there panting into Katsuki’s chest, momentarily boneless but still hard. Katsuki gathered up his wits as much as he could and rolled them over to lay on their sides, facing one another, with his arm wrapped around Deku. He almost immediately regretted this decision when Deku opened his eyes and smiled at him, their faces so close their noses nearly touched. 


“This is crazy,” Deku muttered, closing his eyes and leaning in, pressing their foreheads together. “How am I still hard?”


“Hush, nerd,” Katsuki murmured, reaching behind him and grabbing the bottle of lube that had been digging into his lower back for the last few minutes. “Don’t think. Just relax.”


“Okay,” Deku breathed, leaning back a few inches and biting his lip when Katsuki pulled his leg over his hip. Another moment or two later, Katsuki had a slick finger pressing inside of Deku and his lips latched to his throat once again, mostly to save himself the torture of being face to face with him. 


And Deku’s body, primed under the influence of the villain’s quirk, sucked Katsuki’s finger in greedily and clenched around it as he moaned in bliss. He added a second finger almost right away, groaning against Deku’s neck, “Fuck, Deku, what the hell? Barely even need to do this, you’re so ready for me. If you were a woman you’d be dripping right now, wouldn’t you?”


Deku moaned, rocking against his fingers to take them deeper. “Yeah, Kacchan, I would. Give me one more, go deeper.”


Katsuki growled, complying with his wishes but snarling, “Bossy little fuck. I don’t take orders from you, do I?”


Deku whined a strained no and then pulled Katsuki’s head up, bringing them eye to eye once more. Katsuki could barely stand it, could barely handle looking into those green eyes and seeing the naked desperation within them, knowing it wasn’t really for him. 


But then, as Deku’s entire body trembled with pleasure, he pulled Katsuki even closer and moaned his name so sweetly it made him ache, and then Deku closed his eyes and leaned in and…


Katsuki jerked his head back at the last minute. He then watched as Deku’s eyes opened and flashed with hurt, and Katsuki didn't expect the wave of guilt that washed over him. 


“Kacchan,” Deku whispered, brows furrowed and eyes shining with the threat of tears, “I -“


“Shut up,” Katsuki hissed, unable to look at him a single moment longer. He pulled out his fingers and shoved Deku on his hands and knees, quickly getting into position kneeling behind him and yanking up his hips where he wanted them. Deku didn’t argue, instead bracing himself against the mattress with his hands fisted into the sheets and straining to look at Katsuki over his shoulder. 


Katsuki hesitated at the last minute, eyes flickering to Deku. “You still sure about this?”


Deku nodded immediately. “Please, Kacchan, I need it so bad. Need you.”


Katsuki almost let himself slip - almost. He almost snapped back something along the lines of no you don’t, you need fuckin’ half and half - I’m just the warm body filling in for him. But instead he bit his tongue and pushed inside, completely losing his train of thought when Deku cried out in absolute bliss. 


Deku felt so good he hated it. He hated how tight and hot he was, how sweet his wanton little moans were, how beautiful he looked with his face pressed down to the bed and his ass in the air. His spine was curved so prettily, his freckles most prominent on his shoulders but still covering almost every inch of skin, and Katsuki had to take a moment to center himself. He was so close already, and he couldn’t go over and over like Deku currently could. 


“Kacchan,” Deku gasped, muffled against the sheets, “Kacchan, you… please, fuck me, fuck me -“


Katsuki gritted his teeth and shut Deku up with a hard thrust. That was when he lost what was left of his self control, and he gave in fully to his instincts as he finally gave them what they both wanted, fucking into Deku with abandon. 


And the way that Deku cried his name in ecstasy burned itself into Katsuki’s memory forever. It was both beautiful and terrible at the same time, undoubtedly the sweetest misery Katsuki would ever know. 


“More, more,” Deku chanted even as he drooled into the sheets, his words barely comprehensible. Katsuki hands tightened on his hips, fucking him harder and deeper until it wasn’t enough anymore. He needed more, needed to taste Deku, so he leaned down and planted one hand on the bed and sunk his teeth into the back of Deku’s shoulder. 


Deku’s words soon turned into nonsense, and Katsuki felt it when he came. His body tightened around Katsuki like a vice and his mouth fell open but no sound came out, and Katsuki watched him in awe until his own orgasm forced his eyes shut. He buried his face in Deku’s neck and groaned through it, the idea of filling Deku up and having him like this making it all the more blindingly intense. 


Once it was over, Katsuki sighed lazily and pressed a kiss to the nape of Deku’s neck. Deku hummed sleepily and Katsuki gently, carefully pulled out and away from him, sitting on the edge of the bed and running a hand through his hair. 


He glanced back at Deku, all happily fucked-out and exhausted, and then he clenched his jaw and got up. If Deku was gonna get through this in one piece, he needed to stay hydrated and fed. 


The water and snacks that Katsuki had asked Kirishima for were waiting just outside of the door as requested. Katsuki brought them in and grabbed a towel from his backpack while he was up, ducking into the small adjoined bathroom to first clean up himself before returning to Deku’s side. By the time he did, Deku was snoring lightly and Katsuki caught himself grinning fondly at him before he schooled his features into his usual indifference. 


“Wake up, nerd,” he murmured softly, nudging Deku over to his back. Deku yawned and blinked his eyes open as Katsuki cleaned him up, staying quiet and watching him closely enough to make Katsuki frown self-consciously. But he pushed the feeling away and, once he was done, grabbed a bottle of water and thrust it towards the other man. “You gotta drink.”


Deku muttered a quiet thanks and sat up gingerly, wincing a little, and Katsuki couldn’t help the swell of pride knowing he was the reason why. Once the water was drained, Katsuki took the empty bottle from his hand and asked, “You hungry?”


Deku shook his head. “No.” He looked down at his lap and frowned, squirming a little, and Katsuki glanced down and saw that he was already half hard again. “ Shit. Thought I’d get more of a break than that.”


Katsuki snorted, sitting next to Deku on the bed. Deku pulled the sheets over his lap self-consciously, and Katsuki almost pointed out the absurdity of it before he realized it would only embarrass the nerd more. 


“I’m really sorry about this, Kacchan,” Deku sighed. “And before you tell me not to apologize, I need you to understand that I really mean it. I’ve put you in a terrible position and I had no right to even ask you for help. If you felt pressured because of me or Shoto I’d just -“


“Stop. Just… stop it, Deku.”


Deku visibly swallowed and forced himself to meet Katsuki’s gaze. “But -“ 


“I know it’s a shit situation. But you’re the victim here, not me,” Katsuki pointed out. “And I ain’t your partner who should be here to take care of you. But I’m also not about to let you die for no good reason. So stop worrying so goddamn much, all right? It’s just fuckin’ sex, anyway. Not like m’having surgery wide awake or some shit like that.”


Deku forced a small smile at that, looking down at his hands as they fiddled in his lap. “Okay. Still, none of this is fair to you.”


Yeah, in more ways than you could possibly know. 


“When this is all over… you won’t hate me, will you, Kacchan?”


Katsuki stared at Deku like he’d grown five heads. “Deku, what the fuck? Don’t be fuckin’ stupid.”


“I just -“




Deku gasped, because Katsuki had just reached over and grabbed his now fully-hard cock through the sheets and squeezed. He leaned in close and whispered in Deku’s ear, “I can tell you’re getting fucked up again. Your face is all red and your voice is getting shaky and your eyes are fucked. So how ‘bout you shut that pretty mouth and lay back and let me do my job?”


“O-okay,” Deku stammered, laying back as ordered and watching as Katsuki dragged the sheet away from him. “... Pretty mouth?”


Flushing, Katsuki scowled at him and sneered, “What, got a problem with that, nerd?! Want me to call you mean shit instead?”


“No, no, God, I - no, I really like… nice stuff. Nice… words. Um.” He paused. “I have a… praise kink, actually.”


Katsuki’s scowl turned into a smirk. “... I can work with that. Bet you like submitting too, huh, Deku? You let IcyHot boss you around, tie you up, tell you what a good boy you are?”


Deku’s face went up in flames. Katsuki grinned and slipped between his legs, licking up a bead of sweat trailing down his abs as Deku replied shakily, “Y-yeah, actually.”


Inside, Katsuki was utterly losing it. He’d spent so long just guessing what Deku would be like in bed, fantasizing and dreaming and resigning himself to never knowing for sure, and now he was drowning in first hand knowledge and the ability to act on it. 


He was gonna feel like such spectacular shit later, but right now he was gonna feel damn good. 


“What else you like, huh?” he asked, trailing his mouth to Deku’s hipbone. He started sucking a bruise into his skin and wondered how pissed Shoto would be if the marks were still there when he returned. “Tell me.”


“I - oh - I like… um, spanking,” Deku whimpered, sounding like he was slightly humiliated to be saying these things but too aroused to be able to stop himself. “Pain. But not too much. And you already know I like bottoming.” Deku took a sharp breath as Katsuki kissed down to his muscular, surprisingly smooth inner thigh, finding his skin extra sensitive there. “And I like… um… giving pleasure. More than receiving it, sometimes.”


Interesting, Katsuki thought as he sucked another bruise at the innermost of his thigh. Maybe at some point in the night he’d put Deku on his knees and make him choke on his cock. 


“Also… kissing. I really like kissing.”


Katsuki’s heart thudded, but on the outside he showed no emotion. Instead he met Deku’s gaze and dropped the teasing, finally leaning in to run his tongue up the length of his already-leaking dick. Katsuki could kiss him here, at least. 


Kacchan,” Deku groaned almost reverently, wide green eyes locked on Katsuki as he swirled his tongue around the tip and sucked lightly. Then, to Deku’s clear surprise, Katsuki opened wide and swallowed him down and Deku half-screamed, “ Kacchan!”


The walls weren’t soundproof, and the agency ran 24/7. People, though neither could be sure who, could definitely hear them, and Katsuki couldn’t even begin to care. It was undoubtedly the quirk to blame, but Deku didn’t either. 


Katsuki liked doing this and always had. He was good with his mouth, enjoyed the fuck out of watching a man lose his mind and unravel just from Katsuki’s mouth alone, and he’d spent a lot of time over the years imagining how he’d do this to Deku. Usually it involved a lot of teasing, a slow build up, maybe some edging if he was feeling cruel, but now that the opportunity had arrived and circumstances being what they were… he found himself diving in mercilessly, not even caring how long it lasted but just wanting to see Deku fall apart and taste him. 


And Deku was helpless to do anything but grip fitfully at Katsuki’s hair and moan like it was the first time he’d ever been touched in his life. He babbled Kacchan over and over, begged and pleaded for more and oh fuck do that again and keep going don’t stop don’t stop, and then with a final hard tug at Katsuki’s hair and a sob of a moan, he came hard and Katsuki finally got to find out what he tasted like. 


He swallowed every drop and only pulled off once Deku stopped shaking like a leaf and sunk back into the bed like all his bones had turned to jelly. Katsuki wiped at his mouth with the back of a hand and grinned as he looked Deku over, immensely proud of his handiwork until he realized Deku was still hard as nails. Hadn’t even gone down a little bit. 


Katsuki growled, silently cursing that fucking villain and her wretched quirk for the umpteenth time. Then he grabbed the base of that stubborn dick and wrapped his lips around it again, and Deku nearly hit the ceiling. 


Wahhh-chan!!” he all but screeched, jolting like he’d been electrocuted. “That’s - s-stop, it’s too much!”


Katsuki pulled off without hesitation, but he raised a skeptical brow. “You really want me to stop, Deku? You’re still hard. Sure you don’t wanna be a good boy and come down my throat one more time?”


Deku’s jaw dropped, his eyes widening and cheeks heating up and fuck, he really was just the cutest thing on the face of the earth. “ Oh.”


Katsuki grinned wickedly. “That a yes? Gonna let me suck you off, you pretty little nerd?”


Deku audibly gasped at those words. “Y-yes, oh fuck, please, Kacchan -“


Deku’s words trailed off into an overwhelmed moan as Katsuki got him back in his mouth, and just as he’d predicted, Deku handled the oversensitivity like a pro and was moaning and writhing in bliss in no time at all. 


He came even faster that time, taking them both by surprise. Katsuki swallowed it all again and was panting by the time it was all over, his jaw aching and stiff but he couldn’t have given less of a damn if he tried. He laid his head on Deku’s thigh to catch his breath, closing his eyes and running his hand up and down Deku’s other thigh as he murmured, “So good, Deku. So fuckin’ good.”


Deku shivered at the words of praise, and this time his dick had the decency to actually soften a little bit for a few minutes. 


“I’m dead,” Deku groaned, an arm thrown over his eyes. “I’m… this is… fuck.”


Katsuki chuckled lightly at Deku’s ineloquence. He kept his head on Deku’s thigh, letting his eyes close for a moment or two as they each enjoyed the inevitably brief peace that had fallen over them. Katsuki half hoped that Deku would fall asleep and stay asleep until the quirk’s effect faded, but the other half of him wanted the quirk to last as long as possible. He hated both warring desires and felt the familiar urge to blow something up growing until he felt gentle fingers hesitantly begin to card through his hair. 


“Kacchan,” Deku’s slightly hoarse, sweet voice called, and Katsuki fought a shudder. God he loved that voice. “Kacchan, I -“


“Shh,” Katsuki sighed. “Don’t have to say nothin’.”


“No, that’s not… um,” Deku chuckled lightly, maybe a little embarrassed, and Katsuki opened his eyes and peered up at the other man. Deku’s cheeks were a pretty pink, and he couldn’t quite meet Katsuki’s eyes as he added, “I want to… can I… blow you?”


Katsuki’s eyes widened fractionally. He shouldn’t have been surprised, not after what Deku had said about how much he enjoyed giving pleasure, but it still caught him off guard. As he struggled to remember how to speak, Deku bit his lower lip and pulled himself up, shifting out from under Katsuki as he went on, “I’m really good at it. I actually… I really like doing it.”


Katsuki swallowed hard, watching Deku reach for him. The next thing he knew, he was sitting up against the pillows and Deku was lying between his thighs, licking his lips and staring at Katsuki’s now-fully hard cock as it stood before him. Katsuki blinked when he heard the distinct sound of Deku mumbling under his breath, narrowing his eyes as he muttered, “Deku, are you nerding out over my dick?”


Deku squeaked, his face flushing even deeper. Any more and he’d morph into an actual strawberry. “No! I mean, I’ve always wondered because I’ve never seen - I just - I was just curious and -“


Katsuki let out a breath, reaching down and silencing Deku by grabbing a fistful of his hair and pulling just enough to hurt. “Hush. How about you prove what you said about being good at this and start sucking?”


Deku’s eyes fluttered shut, a soft moan leaving his lips. Katsuki grinned - he really did love being bossed around. Could he be anymore perfect? 


“Yes, Kacchan,” was all Deku murmured before taking a breath and diving in, and Katsuki almost immediately regretted his every action that had led to this moment. 


Katsuki was no stranger to blow jobs. He hadn’t had a particularly high number of sexual partners in his life, but the ones he’d had were all pretty good at this act. Kirishima was especially skilled, but from the second Deku’s lips touched Katsuki’s dick, he knew he was screwed. After this, he was gonna be fucking ruined. 


Deku, as it turned out, sucked cock like he’d die if he stopped, like it was the only way he could keep breathing. He made needy, muffled little noises constantly, drooling and shifting his hips against the bed in search of his own friction, and all the while he alternated between furrowing his brows and closing his eyes and opening them up to stare up at Katsuki with those big green watery depths. Katsuki watched him with his jaw hanging open, eyes wide and heated and intoxicated, and just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. 


Deku had the audacity to slip spit-slick fingers down lower, first one and then two sliding inside and damn near effortlessly finding the perfect spot at the same moment that he took Katsuki all the way down and swallowed, and the sound that left Katsuki’s mouth was almost inhuman. His hands fisted in the sheets and sparked out of his control, burning holes into the fabric as Deku fell into a rhythm and the dueling sensations overwhelmed him. He came with a humiliating yelp, burning up the sheets even more as Deku swallowed with a desperately happy moan and, eventually, pulled off panting like he’d just finished the battle of his life. 


What the fuck. 


Katsuki slumped back, staring at the ceiling in bewilderment, chest heaving and body utterly singing in contented bliss. Fucking hell how did he get so good at that?


Oh, right. Fuckin’ IcyHot. 


Before his thoughts could spiral further, Deku was crawling up Katsuki’s body and kissing him everywhere, almost reverently. After a long detour at his pecs - he really liked those, clearly - Deku was kissing a line up Katsuki’s throat and, once he reached his jaw, respecting Katsuki’s boundaries and going no further. 


Deku nuzzled Katsuki’s cheek instead, breath hot and heavy against his skin as he asked softly, “Can I fuck you, Kacchan?”


It was at that moment that Katsuki’s soul officially left his body. 


Fuck,” Katsuki hissed, his spent cock giving an interested twitch at Deku’s words, and fuck if this wasn’t just the worst thing ever. He’d never preferred bottoming - only ever let Kirishima fuck him before, too, never anyone else - but suddenly all he could picture in his mind was the sight of Deku on top of him, moving inside of him, muscles tensing and flexing and body dripping with sweat and pretty face all contorted in pleasure - 


“Please,” Deku begged sweetly, nipping just under his ear. “I’ll make it good for you, I swear. Wanna feel you, Kacchan.”


Katsuki couldn’t help it - he moaned and lost his barely-there resolve to resist. He slapped at the bed blindly with both hands until he found the lube, and then he shoved it at Deku and muttered, “Better fuckin’ do it right.”


Deku smiled brightly, almost blindingly. “I will, I promise, Kacchan.”


And he lived up to that promise. By the time he was three fingers deep within him, taking his time to work him open, Katsuki was fully hard again and had to push him away before Deku made him come entirely too soon. Deku blushed and grinned with pride, and Katsuki merely glared at him and grabbed him by the hips, yanking him down and muttering, “Better hurry up and fuck me before I change my mind.”


“Oh, Kacchan, you’re perfect,” Deku sighed in a happy sort of daze, reaching down and guiding himself inside slowly. He groaned and shut his eyes tight, but Katsuki kept his own eyes wide open and fixed on Deku as he gently and carefully sank in until their bodies were flush. 


No, Katsuki almost said, you’re perfect. 


Deku held himself up over Katsuki with strong but shaky arms, breathing hard and only opening his eyes once he had fully regained control over himself. When their eyes locked again, Katsuki swallowed hard and slid his hands down to Deku’s hips, his thighs, his ass, and murmured, “Move, baby.”


Deku gasped at the term of endearment, the following rock of his hips seeming more involuntary than anything. But then he started moving slowly and increasingly deeply, falling into a rhythm as Katsuki’s hands helped guide him, and all the while they stared at each other with their lips just a breath apart, a thousand unspoken words passing between them. 


Each gentle thrust starting to feel better and better, Katsuki hummed with pleasure and watched Deku’s eyes fall to his lips. Deku looked hungry, his gaze nothing short of longing, and Katsuki’s resolve started to crack. 


“Kacchan,” Deku all but sobbed, arms visibly shaking as the quirk continued to zap his strength. He pressed his forehead to Katsuki’s, eyes clenched shut and hips rolling a little faster, grazing that spot within Katsuki. “Kacchan, please, please, just once, please, just once…”


Katsuki shattered. His hands shot into Deku’s hair and he pulled him down hard, his own heart breaking as he crashed their lips together at last. It was hard and messy and horribly perfect, and when Deku’s arms gave out and left him helpless, Katsuki rolled them over and took the reins from him. 


He was already dead, Katsuki thought, so why not just hammer the final nail into his coffin? 


Deku clung to him and all but sobbed into the kiss, kissing him back like he’d been waiting his whole life for this moment, and Katsuki had never felt such a heady mixture of ecstasy and devastation at one time. Their tongues tangled, hands gripping each other as if afraid the other might disappear at any moment, and when they finally broke for air, Katsuki opened his eyes and met Deku’s lust-addled, affectionate, heavy gaze and felt like he was looking at him for the very first time. 


Neither man said a word. Katsuki held himself up on one hand, shifting his hips and rising up and falling back down, and when Deku’s mouth opened in a moan, he leaned down and kissed him again. After that, their lips barely parted as Katsuki began to ride him in earnest, the two men completely and utterly swept up and lost to one another as they moved together like it was the most natural thing in the world. 


Deku came with a wail after only a few moments, but neither of them were finished just yet. Katsuki kept moving, bouncing on him faster, kissing him deeper, hoping he was burning a lasting imprint upon Deku the same way Deku was to him. He couldn’t be sure, but the way that Deku stared up at him with awe and heat and something that almost looked like love… he thought he might be succeeding. 


And when they finally let go, they came together in a mess of rough gasps and stuttering hips, Deku coming first and taking Katsuki over the edge with him, and it was perfect. It was so perfect, in fact, that by the time Katsuki could see straight again, Deku was deeply asleep and finally, finally, completely soft. 


Katsuki huffed a quiet laugh and brushed a sweat-soaked curl away from Deku’s forehead. Deku didn’t stir, snoring lightly as Katsuki gently traced the freckles on his cheeks and gazed at him with the sort of open love that he’d have never allowed had Deku been awake to see it. 


God this sucked. 


Katsuki eventually sighed and dropped his head, pressing a gentle kiss to Deku’s cheek. 


“I love you, you fuckin’ asshole.”


At least now he’d die someday knowing he’d said the words out loud, whether the nerd heard them or not. 



After Deku recovered from the quirk, life went on. Deku took a week off work after, and nobody questioned him. Katsuki volunteered to pick up all of his shifts, and nobody questioned that either. Deku also didn’t say a word to Katsuki during his time off, and Katsuki definitely didn’t question that. The hell was there to say?


Katsuki was determined to throw himself back into hero work and put the whole thing out of his mind forever. He refused to speak of it to anyone, even Kirishima - maybe especially Kirishima - and in his darker moments, he contemplated taking a job on the other side of the globe just so he’d never have to see Deku again. But that would be cowardice, and Katsuki was no coward, so he resolved to simply shove all those complicated feelings down even further than he had before and if he eventually simply combusted one day then oh well - it was better than the alternative. 


Maybe. He really didn’t know anymore, but whatever. 


At the end of that week of extra shifts, the day before Deku was set to return to work, Katsuki was sitting on a rooftop during his patrol and watching the sun set over the city skyline. It was a quiet day, just a handful of scuffles that sidekicks were more than able to handle, and Katsuki hated it. It was harder to stay distracted when there were no villains to kill. 




Katsuki blinked in surprise, stiffening at the sound of that particular, unmistakable voice. He turned his head and looked over his shoulder to find Todoroki walking his way, in street clothes and his hands in his pockets. 


Great. This was going to be fuckin’ great.  


Katsuki turned back to the city, grunting, “IcyHot.”


Todoroki sat down next to him, staring out into the horizon as well. He was quiet for awhile before murmuring, “Thank you. For taking care of him when I couldn’t.”


Katsuki snorted bitterly. “Uh huh, sure, whatever.”


Todoroki paused again. “I know how difficult it must have been for you, considering your feelings for him.”


Katsuki froze, blood turning to ice as he turned to stare at the other man in shock. “ The fuck did you just say to me?”


Todoroki shrugged, not bothering to meet his gaze. “You’ve always made it fairly obvious, at least to me, anyway. Izuku would never believe me when I said so, but it wasn’t surprising. You two are blind when it comes to each other.”


Katsuki clenched his jaw, eyes narrowing dangerously. “If you don’t shut the fuck up -“


“I’m not angry about it,” Todoroki continued on, as if he hadn’t heard a thing. “I didn’t exactly grow up with any real example of what love is, especially romantic love. I’ve had to figure it out as I go, and I’ve learned that it can take a lot of different shapes and forms. And sometimes they can fit together and other times they can’t.”


Katsuki blinked, not sure what the hell the bastard was going on about at this point. But that was when Todoroki finally turned to him and looked him in the eyes. 


“Izuku’s love for me doesn’t make him love you any less. And he does. Love you,” he clarified while Katsuki’s eyes grew almost comically huge. “I’m pretty sure he always has.”


Katsuki floundered, mouth opening and closing, truly at a loss and not knowing what to think, let alone what to say. Was that really true or was IcyHot just delusional? “Wh-“


“And like I said, I’m not angry about it. It’s not my place to stand in Izuku’s way. I want him to be happy and loved, and whatever that ends up looking like, I’m willing to give it a try.”


Blinking and then pressing his lips into a thin line, Katsuki narrowed his eyes again. “Stop talking in goddamn riddles or whatever - the hell are you saying?”


Todoroki offered him a small, slightly amused smile. “I’m saying it doesn’t have to be so complicated, and you don’t have to be so lonely.” Another pause, and then, “Have dinner with us tonight at our place. We can… talk.”


Katsuki swallowed, his hands suddenly shaking as comprehension dawned on him. “We… you mean me, you, and Deku.”


Todoroki nodded. “Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”


When all Katsuki did was stare at him like he had three heads, Todoroki gave him another small smile and, rather boldly, reached over and ruffled Katsuki’s hair. “Think about it. You know where to find us.”


And with that, Todoroki stood up and left without another word. Katsuki stared at him until he disappeared from sight, then turned his eyes back to the sky and the setting sun, wondering if he’d just hallucinated that whole conversation. 


Could things… really be that simple? Could that - what Todoroki had implied - really be an option? 


… Did Deku really feel that way about him, or was Todoroki just full of shit? 


There was really only one way to find out. Gathering all his courage, Katsuki pulled out his phone and pulled up his rarely-used text thread with Todoroki. 


I’ll be there. 


The rest was up to fate. Hopefully she wouldn’t be such a fickle bitch this time.