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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

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Dabi had never, never been lucky. 

So really, none of this came as a surprise. 

When he was cornering the sharp-looking woman, he did wonder: why hasn't she activated her quirk?

She just allowed herself to be pushed back. The rain pounded around them as he drove her into an alley. The league knew she had something , some big power up her sleeve. Toga had already vanished. So why was she just cowering like some pathetic child? She slipped, cracking a heel and falling onto her ass.

"Where. Is. Toga." Dabi had growled, narrowing his eyes at the woman. Just then, his phone had rung. He glanced at it to see Hawks was calling, promptly hung up, and turned back to the woman. 

Suddenly, she'd perked up. 

And then, before he knew it, his body was changing. 

The woman was cackling, and then she was running, heels in hand.

Dabi tried to chase, he did, but his feet were -- not his feet anymore.

They were spindly little things. He had claws. And he--

He was a bird. 

He caught sight of his reflection and-- a hawk. He was a hawk.

A dejected sigh left his beak. 

Dabi had never been lucky. 

"Fucking great." He thought. 



It took over an hour just to accustom himself to the new limbs. When he was confident he could fly - and he had to fly, no one was going to ignore a goddamn hawk tottering through the streets - he grabbed his phone with his beak and took off. 

He needed to get back to HQ. He could probably communicate well enough with the phone's keyboard to tell them--

"Oh my god!" A voice-- Hawks. Hawks was flying up beside him. "An actual hawk!"

On instinct, he groaned. Of course, this meant opening his beak. The phone slipped and he squawked, diving for it--

Hawks beat him to it, grabbing the phone. 

Shit . Now how would he tell the league what had happened? How does a bird communicate that it needs a fucking phone?

"Hey, bro…" Hawks was saying, voice more serious than he'd ever heard it. "This is Dabi's… where'd you find it?"

He could… tell Hawks instead? 

Did he trust Hawks? That was the real question. 

"'kay, bro, you're coming with me." He said gently, "You ain't too common round here. I'm willing to bet you're chipped, hm? And I need to know where you got this phone, I'm afraid. C'mon, please?" Hawks held an arm out, offering it to him.

Well, what were his options, really?

Dabi landed gently on Hawks' arm. 

Hawks positively beamed .

"I can't believe that fucking worked oh my god thank you birdie!" He cooed excitedly. 

He veered them towards some fancy looking high rise apartments, landing on the balcony. Letting himself in, he flicked the lights on. The apartment was nice, if a bit bland. The room before them was clearly a living space; a large fancy white sofa sat to their right, facing the wall with a huge TV stuck to it. The kitchen was on their left, open plan and beside a corridor clearly leading to the other rooms.

"Aight, daddy needs to get changed so wait here!" He cooed, holding his arm out by the sofa armrest. Dabi rolled his eyes, moving onto the armrest and settling there.

Hawks practically squealed with excitement.

"It's like you understand me!" He marvelled. 

He shut the balcony door and started stripping out of his soaked clothes. When he came back, he was wearing a pair of jogging bottoms, towel swung around his neck. He was also topless… being in this bird body meant he could stare all he wanted and Hawks wouldn't notice. Silver linings. 

"Alright, let's look at you." He patted his lap, sitting beside Dabi. 

Dabi rolled his eyes yet again, lacking the physical ability to be any more disparaging. He hopped into Hawks lap.

"Hey… do you actually understand me?" He asked quietly, beginning to card through Dabi's feathers, looking for signs of a chip or tracker. 

Dabi tried to nod, but Hawks didn't seem to register it. 

"Hm… right wing up, for yes?"

He had the sense to devise a system! That was a pleasant surprise. He raised his right wing. Hawks gaped. 

"Oh my god." He whispered. "I did wonder-- cause a lot of quirks like mine, they come with communication. But birds never got me! You get me, Hawky buddy?"

How many nicknames was he going to get?

He raised his right wing.

Hawks squealed.

"Okay. Okay, I don't understand you though so let's do yes and no questions, yeah? Right for yes and left for no." 

He raised his right wing. 

"Perfect! Do you have, like, a chip or a tracker?"

He raised his left. Hawks deflated.

"Oh… uh… do you remember where you got the pho--" Music began to blare from his discarded clothes. "oh. Shit, hold up."

Hawks set Dabi down and went over to where his soaked clothes were in a heap on the floor. He grabbed the phone from his pockets, sighing and answering it. He put it on speaker as he came back to continue fussing over Dabi. He started preening his feathers, just grooming now.

"Hawks?" A woman's voice spoke, after a beat.

"Yes, ma'am. I can speak, the rain damaged Skeptic's comms." 

Wait… what?

"Excellent. I need a report, your last message was… concerning."

"Yeah…" He sighed. "Dunno what to tell ya, ma'am. Toga is missing. And I--" he glanced at Dabi's phone on the coffee table in front of them, "...I have reason to believe another member may have been taken tonight."

Oh. Oh, Hawks is a spy. Hawks is a fucking spy .

"What?" The woman seemed incredibly alarmed, "What on earth could possibly-- the league have evaded us for months-"

"Yes, yes, I know, it seems crazy. It is crazy." He sighed and slumped back against the couch, gently tugging Dabi closer to his chest. "There's no real transparency in the league though. Information is need-to-know, I don't have any leads on this new threat. I'll update you when I do." 

"Good. Who's the new victim?"

He hesitated.

"I… don't think I can say with any certainty just yet." He lied. Why did he lie? 

"Okay. I expect to be kept informed."


The line went dead. Hawks sighed.

"Was that stupid?" He asked the bird. Dabi didn't respond. He didn't know what to do with this new information, not in his decidedly very vulnerable state. Can't go picking a fight when he's this easy to kill. He tested his quirk, trying to feel the fire in his blood, but he definitely couldn’t use it. 

"I should've said it was Dabi… but they never told me jack shit." He said bitterly, "Fucking commission… heralding that fucker as the number 1 hero ? Makes me sick… I still can't believe it… and honestly, Dabi goes missing the same night I find out he's Touya?" He shook his head, "That's not a coincidence. They never call me, either. She called me. Why's she fucking calling me when I'm on a high risk undercover?"

Hawks is a spy. Hawks knows he was a Todoroki. Hawks is… mad at the hero commission for covering his Dad?

That's… a lot to take in. 

Hawks fingers gently card through his feathers.

"I need to find him." And he sounded… genuinely concerned. "I need to find him before the commission and I need to find him before the league." 


"The league probably don't know who he is… if this disappearance is related, then… then shit might be about to hit the fan. He could be in some serious trouble."

He… cares?

“Ugh, the commission might already have him though--” He sighed frustratedly. 

Now, Dabi was not an idiot. He'd seen the way Hawks' eyes would follow him around a room, linger in all the wrong places. He knows the difference between sizing up your enemy and eyes that refuse to behave. He'd always thought it was an act, though. Dabi was probably the only one in the league who still doubted Hawks' intentions, it had felt like just another tactic to have him lower his guard. 

Hawks continued to think out loud, "It's a damn shame you’re not tagged or anything… I wish you could tell me more…"

Before he could think better of it, Dabi squawked. 

Hawks glanced at him, "You… know where he is?" 

Dabis hesitated, then. He shouldn't be giving himself away, really. This was a prime opportunity to find out what the hell Hawks was up to. 

But… this quirk was a total wildcard. He didn't know what its terms were at all, he needed to get his body back. And besides, hadn't he heard enough already?

He made a decision, and raised his right wing. 

Hawks eyes lit up, "Really? Oh, bird, that's amazin g-- hold up, actually, uh, can you… this is probably really stupid, but you understand me, yeah? Does that mean, maybe, you can… spell?" 

He raised his right wing. 

Hawks looked delighted. 

"Oh! Oh, shit, wow, okay, two minutes, give me two minutes!" He set Dabi down again before rushing off. 

This time, curiosity had Dabi flying up into the room, looking around the apartment. It was a really nice place, as expected of the no. 2 hero. He glided down the hall, peering into the different rooms. Hawks was zipping around the master bedroom, laptop open as he printed something. The other rooms were a bathroom (complete with a really nice looking bath, better than even the Todoroki house's), guest room, training room and study. He noticed with grim amusement the training room was hooked up with flamethrowers - practicing for a fight against him, probably? 

"Bird-bro!" Hawks called down the hall, "Birdie, I'm ready!" 

Dabi flew back over diligently, perching on the back of the sofa as Hawks taped printouts of the hirigana and katakana alphabets to the coffee table. 

"Okay, speak to me!" 

Dabi had to admit, he was lucky to have run into this guy, of all people. He was proving to be incredibly level headed and resourceful, even if he was a fucking spy. Or maybe it was because he was a spy. Whatever. It was helpful.

Dabi wasted no time in hopping over the characters, spelling a simple message: I am here. 

Hawks laughed. "Jesus, even you're an All Might fan? He says watashi ga kita usually though, birdie."

As Hawks pointed out the grammatical differences, Dabi tried to groan. Of course, all he could produce was a squawk.

Hawks reached across to scratch his head and-- actually, the scratching and the petting of his feathers and all that, it was actually kind of… nice? He was never admitting that one out loud. 

"Okay bird, where's Dabi?"

His mind kept flicking back to the concern that had been in this man's voice and - he doesn't think anyone has ever been worried about him his whole life. He thinks of burning flesh and vomit and tears and all he remembers is… backs, turned away from him. 

That said.. was it a good idea to answer that question when they couldn't really talk? Maybe that All Might misunderstanding was a blessing in disguise… he needed to focus on the quirk. Get his body back before Hawks learned what he'd heard. 

He hopped over the characters again. 

"A… bad… quirk?" Hawks read, scrawling the characters into a notepad as Dabi tapped them. "Woman… is… key. Name… Anita… Reya. Well, shit, bird. Wanna join my agency? You're better than half my sidekicks." Hawks joked, hopping to his feet and rushing into his room. Dabi followed him, watching Hawks slide effortlessly into a spare set of his hero outfit. He threw his laptop open and started looking for information on the woman. 

Dabi's jaw nearly dropped at the sheer volume of data Hawks had access to. It was a goldmine of quirks, citizens, everything. He found the woman in an instant. Even with the name, it'd taken the League a while to track her down.

"Ya know," Hawks was saying, "Maybe you shouldn't be coming… heck, I probably shouldn't be going alone… the information on her quirk is real sketchy… no way she just has a minor telepathy quirk…" 

Telepathy! Is that what it is? She can turn you into whatever animal you think of? Damn, if that was it, Hawks could be in trouble… maybe they'd be safe if they were out of sight. Telepathy normally needed eyes on the target, right? Yeah. It would explain why it took her so long to use her quirk on him, too. His fire was usually between them, until the rain had hit.

Dabi took off, heading into the front room. Hawks followed quickly, sputtering questions before he realised his new bird-bro had landed on the alphabet. He grabbed his notepad. 

"I'm listening, buddy!" Dabi began to spell again, "Stay… out… of… sight. Needs… the… telepathy… to… use… rest… of… ability? What do you mean buddy? What else can she do?"

Dabi hesitated. Saying it was animal transformation would more than likely give him away… he began to spell again.

"Danger… to… body." Hawks expression fell. "Shit… you better be alright, fire-for-brains." He muttered, heading towards the balcony. "Aight, we can be careful. I have a few leads. Where do you think we should try first, bird? Right wing for her address, left for the best friends, both for the workplace." 

Well, Dabi cornered her at her workplace. Even if she wanted to hide away from her home, she'd need to pack stuff. He raised his right wing. 

"Me too! Don't fly too far from me, 'kay?" He swung open the balcony door. Dabi internally grimaced when he saw it was still raining, but Hawks didn't seem to mind. He flew out, and Dabi had a newfound appreciation for the ease and grace of his movements; he took careful note of the other man's form in an attempt to better use his own wings, before taking off behind him. 



The flight wasn't long; Dabi learnt very quickly that Hawks really was the man who moved too fast. He could barely keep up. Hawks landed on a roof opposite the house, where a light was on in an upper window. 

“Wish I had backup… can’t fucking trust anyone these days, though…” he was mumbling to himself, shuffling around on the roof and crouching to get a better look into the house. Dabi stayed perched on the roof beside him, out of sight. “I don’t see Dabi… “ He looked over at the bird. 

“Should he be with her?” 

He raised his left wing. 

“Does she know where he is?” 

He raised his right wing. 

“Okay… so live capture, then.” He was looking back at the window already, a steely expression on his face. “Wait here, gorgeous.” Hawks shot him a soft, genuine smile. “I’m gonna grab her and then we’re gonna fly back, I don’t want you getting caught up in anything.” He reached across to scratch his head affectionately. Was this what it felt like having the help of a hero?

Without another word, Hawk launched himself onto the roof of the building beside Anita’s. Dabi saw a look of pure, concentrated anger cross his features before feathers flew from his wings into the room. There was a strangled yelp that, even with his now-advanced hearing skill, he could barely make out. Then, Dabi’s clothes were being pulled out of the house by feathers. Dabi was really not sure what he made of her going back for those, that was… weird. The feathers then retrieved the limp, unconscious body of Anita Reya. Hawks tied her up with some rope from his belt, then launched himself back onto the roof Dabi was on.

“Well, we caught the right villain.” He said dryly. He was dragging Anita by the rope, using his arms to cradle Dabi’s belongings carefully. “C’mon, birdie, I think we’ll just have to do this at my place. I ain’t risking her being in cahoots with the commission.” He launched himself into the air, and Dabi scrambled to follow. 



Dabi did not think it possible for Hawks to fly faster, especially now that he was carrying dead weight, but he somehow managed it. He landed them on the balcony and tossed the woman carelessly into the apartment.

He set Dabi’s clothes gently on the coffee table, then got to work tying the woman up in the training room. He blindfolded her, probably as an anti telepathy measure. Dabi watched silently, admiring the anger rolling off Hawks in waves. He had never seen the chirpy hero get this worked up before. It was definitely entertaining. 

When he was done, he looked over at the bird, and some of his anger seemed to melt.

“...sorry, birdie, I probably don’t look much like a hero right now.” He gestured vaguely to the woman. “It’s just… his clothes ? Those are his clothes… I…. what the fuck--” he was snarling, “what the fuck has she done to him that required him to be--” 


“The worst kind of people deserve the worst kind of treatment.” He said finally, voice a low growl. If he wasn’t currently in the body of a bird, Dabi wondered briefly if he would’ve swooned, or done something equally embarrassing. It was a very attractive look on Hawks, this whole angry-vengeful thing. The fact it was for his benefit certainly helped, too. 

The woman began to stir and Dabi quickly moved out of sight. She’d know it was him, after all. Hawks spoke. 

“Wanna tell me what Dabi’s clothes were doing in your flat?” His voice was dripping venom, dangerous and violent. God, how Dabi wished he could record this. 

“You’re… the winged hero, Hawks---" she must've recognised his voice, "oh. Oh, he-- the call he got, it was you. I thought a Hawk was a strange animal to think of…” 

Oh, this might give him away after all. 

“Whatever the fuck you’ve done to him, undo it. Now.” Hawks growled, ignoring her comments.

A smirk slid up her lips, “Oh I’m sorry, do you miss your boyfriend?” 

Hawks sent a feather straight into her shoulder. She screamed. 

“I’m not playing any games with you. Let him go. I’m willing to bet killing you would end it, anyway.” Hawks took one of his longer feathers into his hands, red blade glinting in the low lights of the room. 

The woman shifted in place, uncomfortable, “...okay. I’ll let him go.” She clicked her fingers. “There. Done.” She lied. 

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?” Hawks held the point of a blade to the woman’s neck. Good bird, smart bird. The woman flinched at the feeling of the blade.

She shrugged, “You don’t. I don’t know where he is. I know he’s within the range of my ability, but that’s all. A bunch of people just saw a hawk change into a naked villain, though.” She snickered. 

“A… hawk?” Hawks asked slowly, carefully. 

“Yes… I change people into whatever animal they think of.” She explained flatly, almost bored.

Hawks glanced in his direction. He was currently hiding behind the door, just out of sight of the woman if the blindfold were to come loose, but in Hawks’ view. He looked back at Anita. 

“You just lied to me.” 

She raised an eyebrow, “How would you kn--” a feather lodged itself in her other shoulder and she screamed. “Oh, fine!” She gasped. “Fine, I lied, I-- if I let him go, are you going to let me go?”

“Do you have Toga, too?” Hawks asked.

“No.” Anita snapped. “That little bitch got out of my range.” 

“Are you lying to me again?” Another feather flew at her. 

“No!” She squealed, “No, I have no reason to! I just-- I just wanted to show the commission how useful I could be! I just- I never got the chance to take a hero licensing exam, I-- you’ll tell them, won’t you? That I have potential? If I let your boyfriend go-- and I won’t tell anyone about that, I promise-- then you’ll tell them?” 

“He’s not my boyfriend. There’s nothing to tell.”

She scoffed, “Oh, yeah, sure. That’s why you’re ready to kill me for having his clothes in my flat?”

 “We just don’t approve of rape.”

“Ha!” She outright laughed, “You’d only be so sure it was rape if you knew he had a reason to say no. Lets be honest, I’m the more attractiv--”

“This is ridiculous.” Hawks snarled, clearly sick of this conversation. 

Her lips pressed into a thin line. When she spoke, it was quiet and even. “I’m sorry for insulting him. This is all beside the point, though, if--”

There was still an answer Hawks was missing, and he cut her off to ask, “So you had his clothes, because?”

She shrugged, “Maybe you’re not the only one who likes his style.” There was a distinctly flirty tone there, and it made Dabi cringe. 

Hawks launched at least ten feathers at her, too many and too fast for Dabi to count. She screamed again-- and then went limp.

Dabi felt his body beginning to change, and Hawks pointedly turned his back to him. Changing back was almost as bizarre as changing into the bird had been. It wasn’t as painful as he’d expect, just tingly and weird. 

When he finally had his voice back, he cleared his throat. “She’s wrong, about who's hotter.” He said evenly, a futile attempt to lighten the air. “I’m sure you know that though.” Hawks shrugged out of his flight jacket and tossed it over his shoulder, towards Dabi.

He grabbed the jacket. “You know I’m gonna ha--” he hacked a cough, his throat aching. Apparently, two full body transformations in the space of a few hours wasn't good for you. Who’d have thought it. He cleared his throat and tried again, “Even if I wear this there’s gonna be a lot on display, bird.” He wrapped the coat around his waist, like a towel. 

“Your clothes are on the table, in the other room. They’re kinda soaked though… raid my wardrobe if you want.” Hawks’ tone remained perfectly even, disturbingly so.

“...are we gonna talk about the elephant in the room, or?”

“Maybe after you’ve put some clothes on?” He responded, in the same, even tone.

“What's to stop me grabbing my phone and running? I could tell HQ you’re a traitor.”

“You could… but you know I’m on your side. So you won’t.” 

Dabi sighed. He was right. Besides, it’s not like he was particularly keen on taking Endeavour out alone, that was just the only path that was ever available to him. Hawks, though... Hawks was looking increasingly like a fork in the road. 

He silently slipped out of the room, going to the master bedroom and swinging open Hawks’ wardrobe. There were far too many copies of his stupid hero outfit, but then also a few sets of loungewear. He grabbed the closest one and tugged it on. The top hung a little loose on his much-skinnier frame, and the trousers were too short. They were clean though, and comfortable, so he counted that as a win and came out of the bedroom. Hawks was just outside the training room, arms folded as he leant against the wall. He looked up when Dabi stepped out, catching his gaze. 

“I’m glad you’re safe.” He said, quiet.

Dabi snorted, shrugging. “Like some stupid quirk like that was gonna take me out for long, anyway.” He moved into the sitting room, legs aching from the transformation, to fall onto the plush white sofa. He grabbed his phone from the coffee table; not a single message. Of course not, he hadn’t really been gone long enough for anyone to worry. He found himself wondering if anyone would worry, anyway. At the thought, Hawks words flooded his mind again, all concern and lies to the commission for him and-

Hawks came to sit beside him, snapping him out of his thoughts. “So… elephants.” He began, hesitant. 

“You’re a spy.” 

“I… am a spy. Like you ever believed otherwise, though.” Hawks shot back. 

“Not for a minute.” Dabi didn't say that actually, Hawks really was beginning to win him over. The warmth he treated them with was really starting to feel real. He also didn't say that, actually, he thinks maybe it nearly was real. Instead, he opted for, “Who the fuck decided you’d be good for covert ops, anyway?” 

Hawks smiled at him, something knowing in his rueful gaze. “Some idiots, higher up the chain.” 

“You really think that? They’re idiots?”

Hawks’ lips pressed firmly together, eyes narrowing.  “ I think they’re smart. I think they made you my point of contact for a reason… Touya.”

And there it was, bombshell number 2.

“Do they know? That you’ve figured it out.” He asked with more nonchalance than he felt. He leant back against the sofa, gaze drifting to the ceiling.

“No… at least, I don’t think so. I only found out tonight. I’ve been… chasing it, for a while, though. I had my suspicions as soon as I found out there had been a Todoroki Touya…” 

Dabi nodded, a churning in his stomach warning him the flashbacks would start soon if he wasn't careful. “Alright, elephant number three. You just killed a woman ‘cause she thought I was hot.” He forced a smirk, glancing over at Hawks.

When a blush blossomed across the bird’s cheeks, the smirk didn’t feel so forced anymore.

“I didn’t-- she’s not dead, shut up.” 

“Oh? I mean you sent enough fucking daggers at her to do the job, though, and--”

“Shut up, alright?!” Hawks snapped, turning to glare at him. “Look, I want to help you. For real. Don’t make me out to be some jealous perv, I’m not.” 

Dabi raised his hands in surrender, catching Hawks' eyes with his own. “I… wouldn’t exactly mind if you were some jealous perv.” Hawks' eyebrows shot up and Dabi barely bit back a snicker. “What? You’re hot. And it feels like I kinda know your” he gestured vaguely with his hands, “angle, now. With all the spy shit. So… yeah. I wouldn't mind.” He shrugged. “I have no idea why you would be, though, really. I always thought you had a boner for that rabbit girl you--” 

And then lips were on his, Hawks leaning over him. It’s short, over as quickly as it began, and Dabi thinks once again of how the damn bird really does move very fast.

“It really, really… when I saw your clothes there, and I thought she’d--” Hawks cut himself off, still hovering centimeters from the villain's face. His gaze flicked away, words stuck in his throat. 

After a moment's thought, Dabi decided perhaps this was a turning point. How he treated this man right now was probably going to determine where they went from here. What did he want? 

It’s a quick decision, but those were usually his best ones. 

He reached up to touch Hawks’ cheek gently, “I’m okay.” He said simply, before wrapping his other arm around the man’s waist and tugging him down for a hug. 

It seemed to be the right decision, because Hawks completely crumpled in his arms, curling up on his chest. He tangled their legs together and Dabi thought he felt his shirt beginning to grow damp with tears. 

“Fuck, it’s been-- it’s been one hell of a day.” Hawks mumbled. “I’m gonna help you though. One way or another, we’re gonna kick Endeavor to the dust . Hero commission be damned.”

“You sure about that?” Dabi asked. He believed him, because this was the exact tone he’d had when he thought Dabi wasn’t here, but there’s still something… “Don’t you have everything you’ve ever wanted right now?”

“No… all I’ve ever wanted is to help people. The commission don’t seem to be doing that.” He growled, and Dabi barely suppressed a shudder. This man really was criminally attractive. 

“So, what, we become… a third side, in this war?” 

“Yes.” Hawks said simply. He looked up at Dabi. “If… you want? You’re still with the league, right?” 

He snorted, “I’ve never really given a shit about the league, Hawks. I’d rather we avoided killing them, but that’s about it.”

Hawks laughed, “Yeah, I kinda figured as much.” He dropped his head again, snuggling, and Dabi wondered who’s benefit the affection was for. Both of them, perhaps? They both needed it today, after all. 

Dabi took a deep breath and forced himself to ask a question he wasn't sure he wanted the answer to. “How much did you… find out? About… me.”

“I… everything the commission has on file.” The bird answered quietly, voice a little muffled by Dabi's shirt. “Do you want to tell me the story yourself…?” 

“No.” He said, too quickly. He cleared his throat. “It’s… better. Easier, that you… yeah.”

Hawks nodded against his chest, before quietly asking, “Can I run a few things by you? I just… want to be sure how accurate it is… they have a habit of writing history their way, after all.” He sounded angry again and Dabi just- can’t say no, not when his voice goes all low like that. 

“Ask away.”

“They said… you were 14, and there was a training accident…?” 

Dabi snorted derisively. “If my dear father forcing me to burn my body up counts as an accident then yeah, sure. A training accident.”

“They thought you were dead until… until a villain with more burns than skin and blue fire hotter than Endeavor’s…” He trailed off. 

“Yeah… most my burns are visible, though.” He says. He shifted to sit up, nudging Hawks away just a little so he could pull his top up. “My arms got the worst of it. My neck went next, took my jaw with it.” The churning in his stomach was coming back. He rushed through to the end, “Daddy dear ran when he realised he might get caught up in it, and I ran when he did. I set the room on fire and then just--- ran.” 

“They thought you were ash…” Hawks murmured, gently touching the unblemished skin on his stomach.

Dabi nodded, suppressing a shudder. “Your fingers are cold.” He complained. Hawks pulled away instantly, laughing nervously.

“Sorry, I just-- I’ve… wondered. About, how much of you, uh… sorry.” 

Dabi rolled his eyes before grabbing both Hawks’ hands. He willed flame to his fingers, letting it heat his hands up. Hawks grinned. 

“Oh… oh that’s handy... “ 

Just then, Hawks’ phone began to ring from its place on the coffee table. He glanced at the caller ID and suddenly he was tense again. 

“Fucking commission.”

“Ignore it.” Dabi murmured, squeezing his hands. 

Hawks sighed, “I can’t, they might send someone here.”

He pressed a button, taking the call on loudspeaker. 

“Ma’am.” He greeted, “I said I would update you--”

“I noticed your searches in the database. Who is Anita Reya?” She asked. 

Hawks flinched, and then he looked like his brain was working at a mile a minute. “A lead. I tapped one of the league members for information but- ma’am you really can’t keep calling and tracking me like this, you’ll give me away. If they check my call log-”

“I know. Bring her in, Ha--”

“I will deal with her in whatever manner stops the league from suspecting me, ma’am, my life is very much at risk here. Goodnight.” Before she could speak, he hung up.

Dabi laughed. 

Hawks stared at him.

“What?” He said, barely managing to stifle the laughter, chuckles still escaping him. “That was funny, ain’t she your boss?”

“Yeah but-- sorry, I’ve… never heard you laugh.” He smiled that gentle smile and Dabi thought maybe, actually, it was just as hot as the anger. 

Dabi straightened up and reached for the phone, switching it off. 


“Hey, nothing. She ain’t interrupting us again.” He smirked, leaning across to capture the hero’s lips. 

Hawks grins into the kiss, “Not how I imagined this going.” He murmures, a hand coming to rest on Dabi’s waist. 

“You’ve imagined this then?” Dabi would’ve laughed if it wouldn’t make him a hypocrite. He pulled away to start walking to Hawks' huge bedroom, strolling lazily. 

Hawks laughed and ran past him, diving into the room with all the eagerness Dabi was feeling. “D’uh. I hope you have too, fucker.”




Dabi slipped into the room to see Hawks already stripping, grinning, and Dabi finds himself thinking-- 

Maybe his luck isn’t so terrible after all.