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Clicking the end call button on his phone, Midoriya sets it to silent mode and leaves it on the table. The energy he acquired from having a lengthy sleep seems to depleting quite rapidly, all thanks to the nosy nature of people. Sometimes he wonders if it would have been better if he stayed quiet about his affinity. Omega heroes are likely to hide the fact that they’re omegas. Because despite the advancements in the society concerning omegas, there’s still lingering stigma about omegan pro heroes. 

Midoriya declaring that he is one, and claiming the number one spot is a huge punch to the knot at those stodgy traditionalist/sexist alphas.

He absently rubs the side of his neck. It bears no bite and he plans on ensuring it stays unmarked for at least another two years or so. Like what he mentioned to Uraraka a few minutes ago, he does dream of starting a family — but hero work is his priority right now. 



Lunch is...well, he originally planned to go out and dine at his favourite restaurant but he lacks the energy to play ninja with the reporters that are surely hounding the vicinity of his apartment.

A text from Iida pops on his notifs, asking if he was alright. Groaning, he replies with a short ‘yeah. thank you for asking’. He must have seen the news too, which sucks. His friends know how much he hated gossip. Switching to GooberEats, he browses through the list of nearby restaurants and fast-food joints. A steaming bowl of katsudon sounds fantastic right now.

A loud, incessant knocking distracts him from placing his order. He wasn’t expecting anyone. He squints at the door, hoping it’s not some lucky paparazzi who managed to pinpoint his apartment among others. He trudges towards the door, regretting that he didn’t take Hatsume’s newest disguise tech.

Midoriya slowly opens the door and yelps in surprise when a familiar hand shoots out, forcefully swinging the door wide open.

”— how callous, Bakugou —“

”— shut your mouth, icyhot shithead —“

“K-Kacchan!? T-Todoroki!? Why are you both here??!”

Bakugou and Todoroki snap their heads toward him. Midoriya feels his heart leap, it’s unfair how these two still manage to look beautiful despite their ruffled appearance. Bakugou’s (slightly!) mellowed out after becoming a pro hero. His body’s toned perfectly. Todoroki’s the same. His elegance has only grown through the years.

(The Ideal Alphas, as Vogue magazine labelled.)

(It doesn’t help they their scents are fantastic.)

To his mortification, he feels his cheeks heat up.

Todoroki steps forward, “Midoriya, you look a bit red. Are you alright?”

His hand move to reach for Midoriya’s face only to be slapped away by Bakugou. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Checking if he has a fever -”

Bakugou scoffs, “- are you an idiot? We’re outside.”

Todoroki seems to realize his mistake. He  turns his gaze towards Midoriya and apologizes, “My bad. We checked the area and there wasn’t any press but it’s better to take precautions.”

“Ah yes. It’s fine, I-I’m fine.” Midoriya clears his throat, “Shall we head inside?”

Bakugou snorts at him before handing a brown paperbag to Midoriya, “Here.” He says briefly and then proceeds straight to the omega’s couch. His footsteps felt heavy, that’s how it’s always been.

Midoriya peeks into the contents of the paper: it was the premium katsudon from his favorite restaurant.

He smiles, touched at the gesture of the other man. A warm hand combs through his hair and he turns to see Todoroki staring warmly at him.

”You were always fond of those, even back at UA.” 

Midoriya clutches the paper bag closer, his heart feels tight at the mention of their beloved school.

“Yeah, I love them.”



“I’m not pregnant.” Midoriya declares after consuming his lunch. “Contrary to the rumors, my reason for hiatus is well, it’s All Might.”

“Obviously. We ain’t the ones you should be saying that to, nerd.”

Todoroki nods, “We already know that.”

Midoriya scratches his face awkwardly. Perhaps the reason why his friends are here is because — ah.

“I’m sorry I got you two involved in this.” The smaller man says in a solemn tune. It’s true; he does feel bad that his friends’ names are dragged into this mess. Will these affect their ranking? Oh shit, because of him, Dynamight’s and Shouto’s reputation are damaged. 

“I should have addressed those leaks months ago.” There’s a frown forming on Midoriya’s lips, feeling remorse at the trouble he has caused.

Bakugou rolls his eyes, “Are you stupid? Since when did those bastards listen to you?”

“Midoriya, no matter what you statement you release, the press will always find a way to twist your words and create false assumptions.” Todoroki adds.

“That’s...true, I guess.” Midoriya concedes. A cloud shadows over his expression, the ones he usually gets when he’s about to get into the usual lengthy spiels.

“Still, I should have done more. Maybe check my surroundings? Or maintain a distance whenever we hangout? I could wear one of Hatsume’s tech or will a simple pair of eyeglasses suffice? Kaminari says cap and hoodies are better but is it really? Maybe I should flash my nape at the cameras? But then, showing that I’m unclaimed wouldn’t really help our case. That move will only —“

”Hey. Shitty nerd, you’re supposed to be resting aren’t you?”

Midoriya blinks at the interruption. 

“All Might told us that it was him who convinced you to take this hiatus.” Todoroki explains. “He told us that he trusts us to take over while you’re recuperating.”

”Duh. Of course we will. Just wait and see, next year’s number one hero will definitely be me.”

“That’s still up for debate.”

“Got some problem? As if you’ll be number one, you barely caught that easy villain last month.”

“And you had that shouting match with the teenager you were supposed to rescue in your latest mission.”

“Listen here, you fucker —”

“Besides,” Todoroki cuts him off, gesturing towards the omega, “Midoriya isn’t going on a nine months hiatus. He’ll return soon and he’s been number one for two consecutive years now.”

Bakugo clicks his tongue, “...Unless he gets knocked up for real.” 


“Whatever, you always spouted some nonsense about wanting brats. Figured you have plans to get fucked someday.”

Todoroki throws a sharp glare at Bakugou, “Don’t be crass, Dynamight.”

Bakugou raises a brow and returns the glare, “What’s it to you, Hero Shouto?”

“I still don’t understand why you’re both here.” Midoriya intervenes, sensing the growing tension between the alphas.

Todoroki and Bakugou ignore him and continue to exchange murderous looks at each other. Todoroki breaks it off, opting to take a sip of his tea which has gone cold.

”To tell you the truth, I almost believed you were pregnant.” Todoroki admits. He runs a finger through his hair, a habit whenever anxiety crawls at his spine. Midoriya wonders what exactly is making the alpha nervous.

“When the lady screamed, asking if I was the one who got you with child or was it this explosion idiot, for a moment I thought it was real, that you were really pregnant.”

Midoriya grips his cup tighter. Why would it bother Todoroki if he got knocked up?

”Perhaps you slept with Bakugou, or this hothead forced you to —“

“— fucker, what did you say —“

“— Or perhaps, you two were in a relationship and you didn’t tell me.” Todoroki continues. He presses his lips together, “That, that pissed me off.”

Bakugou slams his fist on the table, “Oi, half-and-half bastard. Stop saying shit.”

”I wasn’t talking to you.” Todoroki coolly replies.

Midoroya hears the telltale crackle of sparks flying from Bakugou’s hand. Oh no, no no no. Absolutely not, he won’t have them destroying his home with their weird knot-measuring contest. 

“Kacchan! Todoroki!” Midoriya interjects, standing up to emphasize himself. “I am glad that you’re concerned for me, or for yourselves. But I refuse to allow you two to go on a rampage inside my home. If you cannot behave yourselves, I can frankly throw you both out. Literally.”

The alphas begrudgingly complies, seeing the familiar flash of the greenish light that comes with Midoriya’s quirk. The omega’s not one to mess with, especially now that they’re pros. Needless to say, he wasn’t just proclaimed as number one solely because of his big heart and endearing personality.

Midoriya warily glances at the alphas, then clears his throat, “S-so, the problem remains: how should we move forward with this scandal?”

Bakugou slumps down on his seat, “Just tell ‘em you’re a fucking virgin.” He smirks at him, “Or has that changed, slutty nerd?”

Midoriya turns beet red. Kacchan is really— “That’s none of your business!”

“Are you?” 

Midoriya tilts his head at Todoroki, “Am I what?”

“He’s asking if you’re still unfucked.”

“Why are we even talking about that?! What, you wanna have sex with me or something?”

Bakugou’s answering grin reminded Midoriya of a cat who caught its prey. It sends shivers down Midoriya’s spine.

”You offering, nerd?”

Fucking Kacchan.

“Bakugou, cut it out.”

Relief blooms on Midoriya’s face at Todoroki’s intervention. Teasing from these alphas isn’t doing anything good to his feelings for them. Besides, it’s not as if they’re serious with mating him. It’s all good, harmless fun...right?

(If it stings when he tells himself that, well that’s Midoriya’s own business.)

“I ain’t kidding. If you want to get knocked up, just bear my pups, shitty nerd.”


”If Midoriya’s carrying a child, it should be mine.”




Just hours after showing up at Midoriya’s place, the high quality shot of a flustered pro hero Deku inviting both Dynamight and Shouto inside his home is immediately on the Twitter’s Top Trending.

In hindsight (and if they’ve got any ounce of common sense!), visiting Midoriya amidst the pregnancy scandal is definitely suspicious.

Uraraka shakes her head as she scrolls past another repost of the picture of Bakugou and Todoroki hovering over Midoriya. 

They’re all idiots.



“Oi, my old hag wants to know if we’re having a girl or a boy.”

“There’s seven missed calls from my stupid old man. And a text from my sister, asking if it’s twins.”

Midoriya bangs his head on the table as his phone blow up with even more notifications.