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Tales of Love

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The Doctor leaned back into his comfortable chair in the quietly dim library, staring blankly up at the intricately painted walls. He still wore the soot and dust-covered clothes he had worn during the whole "Zygon situation". Only a couple of hours had passed since then, but he hadn't bothered to even change his torn up jacket. Instead, he had wandered his way into his library and settled in to one of his comfiest chairs, allowing himself to think in peace for a while. Although, regrettably, he had left Clara alone instead of comforting her--he just couldn't face her yet. A month he had gone wondering whether or not she was dead, arguing with Zygella and convincing himself over and over and over that she was alright and he just had to find the right words to save her. And because of all of that time he spent without her, he couldn't bear to be in the same room as her. He hated the way his stomach twisted with anxiety and the way his mind came up with the worst outcomes, what if Clara wasn't really Clara and it was just some cruel trick created by the zygons? The Doctor shook his head, sighing heavily and running his fingers through his salt and pepper hair, closing his eyes and swallowing thickly. He had wanted to tell Clara so many things after he had finally found the right words and ended the Zygon invasion. But when he stared into her caramel eyes and felt her touch hot on his arm, his mouth had suddenly grown very, very dry and he couldn't squeeze a single word out.

"Well," The Doctor eventually muttered out loud, standing up, "This is very human of me," He slowly left the library, cautiously peeking around corners in order to avoid bumping into the short brunette. Soon, he found himself in the bottom level of the console room. He approached a shelf and carefully grabbed a glass bottle full of a golden brown liquid. He then grabbed a glass and poured himself a sizeable amount of brandy. The Doctor sighed, "Bottoms up," Before quickly swallowing all of the alcohol and hissing slightly in pain as it burned his neck and warmed his stomach. He shook his head and poured himself another glass, it took a lot for a timelord to get even a little bit tipsy--he would be here for a while, day drinking 

He was three glasses down when he heard someone clear their throat behind him. The Doctor yelped a bit in surprise and quickly spun around on his heels. Clara stood there in front of him, cocking an eyebrow. She was still wearing the same outfit she had been wearing earlier that day, but she had lost the black coat and a few of her buttons on her white blouse were unbuttoned, revealing her clavicle and a hint of cleavage, "This isn't really the proudest moment  in your life, is it?" She asked, crossing her arms and smirking a little 

The Doctor hesitated, looking away from her quickly, "Not really no," He answered honestly, shrugging and grinning sheepishly before dropping the smile. He was starting to grow tipsy, but he was still perfectly aware of what he was saying and how he was behaving. He should stop now so he could continue this level of consciousness 

"Gimmie," Clara snatched the bottle from his hand and one of the glasses. She poured herself a cup before taking a sip, "Brandy, seriously?" She scrunched her nose up at him

The Doctor shrugged, taking another long sip from his glass. He watched curiously as Clara did the same, grimacing a little before pouring more of the dark liquid into her clear glass, "If you don't like it, why do you keep drinking it?" He questioned. Human and timelord taste buds were completely different in many ways, one of these ways was how they tasted alcohol. Brandy--to the Doctor--tasted like caramel and settled in his stomach with a pleasantly warm feeling. However, he knew that to humans the drink was bitter and burned terribly 

"Nobody gets drunk because they like what they're drinking," Clara retorted, rolling her eyes and downing her cup of brandy once more. The Doctor slowly sat down, pressing his back against the tardis wall, Clara did the same, "So why are you drinking, Doctor?" She filled up her glass once again, wincing a bit as she downed the liquid 

He stared at her for a few minutes, his eyes trailing from her caramel eyes, down to her ski-slope nose, pausing briefly on her lips that were still tinged slightly pink with faded makeup, then her exposed chest. The Doctor coughed, looking away, "Its been a stressful month," He replied shortly 

"I'm sorry," 

The Doctor was caught off guard and he quickly looked back over at Clara, "Why are you sorry?" He demanded

Clara frowned, "I got captured by the zygons like some kind of amateur," She sighed, "I should have been there with you and Oswin," 

"That wasn't your fault," The Doctor replied, shaking his head stubbornly, as the alcohol reached his brain--he felt less inclined to lie to her now, "I should have been there to protect you, I have a duty of care," 

"Which you take very seriously," Clara chuckled softly, smiling a little at him, "But you can't be with me all of the time, Doctor,"

"I wish I could be," He sighed, closing his eyes before opening them and staring at her longingly. Clara stared back at him, her eyebrows raised slightly in surprise as she blushed. The Doctor quickly realized what he had said and he awkwardly looked away from her, taking another long sip from his glass. They were silent for a while, the only constant sound was the noise the glass bottle made every time it clanked with the cups as they refilled their drinks. But eventually, he broke the silence 

"Have you ever heard the saying 'a drunk mind speaks a sober heart,'" She tilted her head while looking at him as he spoke

"Once or twice," Clara replied, staring at him, "Why?" 

"That's why I'm getting drunk," The Doctor rolled his shoulders, placing his glass down, "Being without you for so long, Clara..." He swallowed, looking away from her. Despite all of the brandy muddling his mind, he still couldn't spit out the words he had wanted to speak to her since he wore a much younger face. But Clara seemed to catch onto what he was saying as she placed her own glass down, standing up and holding out her hand to him. Silently, the Doctor accepted it and stood up. Without any hesitation, Clara stood on her tippy toes and planted a kiss on the edge of his lips

"Clearly you're not drunk enough," Clara smirked 

The Doctor hummed, nodding, "Guess not," He stared down at her, raising his hand and gently running his fingers through her hair, lightly resting his forehead on hers. She exhaled sharply as he carefully ran his fingers through a small knot in her hair, "Have I ever told you how beautiful I think you are?" He asked softly, "Gods..." He closed his eyes, squeezing them shut, "Because you are so beautiful, Clara Oswald. I've seen hundreds of thousands of supernovas, millions of dying stars and the incredible deaths of universes that display such amazing explosions of colours. I have seen every incredible sight humanity has built, and I have seen each and every star in the milky way. But nothing--nothing I have seen compares to you, you are more beautiful than the any death or birth of a star that I have ever seen," The words slipped out before he could stop them as he pulled away, staring into her brown eyes which were comparable to that of a supernova. No matter how long he stared, or how many times he saw them he was still amazed each time. He was left breathless each time he saw her 

Clara stared at him for a few moments, her eyes wide with shock as her cheeks became very red. She looked down at her feet before she looked back up at him. Without much of a warning, she captured his lips with hers. The Doctor was caught off guard but he greedily kissed her back. Her kiss was desperate, as if she broke for even just one heartbeat he would vanish. And the Doctor was happy to match her desperation. Almost three years of pining was poured into that kiss as he trailed his hands up her back before eventually resting them on either side of her face, cupping her cheeks gently. Clara's own hands were buried in his shirt, but she would occasionally tighten--then loosen her grip. However, even though her kiss was desperate and greedy, she was the first to break it. The Doctor rested his forehead on hers as she breathed heavily, letting go of his shirt and cupping his hands with her smaller ones

"Loving you is impossible," The Doctor continued softly, his voice barely more than a whisper as it was only meant for her ears, "Human lives are so fleeting, it's like loving a sunrise,"

"Can you imagine how it is for me to love you?" Clara asked, just as quietly as she stared up at him with her doe eyes 

"We should stop," He muttered, "I'll just end up hurting you in some way. A timelord and a human could never be together,"

Clara shook her head stubbornly, "Do you think I give a damn?" She demanded, still whispering, "I don't want to think about the future, Doctor. You have a time machine, the future can be whenever we damn well, please. I only care about the here and now," She softened her voice, "A sunrise can last forever if you can go back in time and witness it before it ends,"

The Doctor stared down at her, sighing a little, "I was never supposed to fall in love with you," He chuckled drily 

"But you did," She rested her hand on his cheek and he nodded, "And I never wanted to fall in love with you--let alone fall in love with you twice. And yet..." She trailed off. He smiled a little before kissing her once more. This kiss was still just as desperate, but far more heated. Now that their feelings for one another were out in the air, this only left room for their unaddressed sexual tension between them. And the only way to relieve that tension was to talk about it--which the Doctor was fervently against--or act on it, which the Doctor was all for. Clara wrapped her hands around his neck and drew him further into the kiss and the Doctor took a step forward, pressing her back against the Tardis wall and gently trailing his hands up and down from her hips to her bustline, before resting them on her upper waist. She pulled away sharply, undoing the buttons to her white blouse and allowing it to slip gracefully off her shoulders and crumple to the ground below. The Doctor did the same with his jacket, pointedly avoiding looking at her breasts which were held in an elegant bra that was the same colour as his tardis. Clara seemed to notice his hesitation, as she rested her hands on either side of his cheeks, "You're aloud to stare, Doctor," She murmured breathily, her voice edged with laughter 

He chuckled a little, "I'm just trying to be respectful, Clara," He trailed his hands up her now bare waist, feeling goosebumps rise as he did so. He pushed her back up against the tardis wall and began to attack her neck, nipping at the gentle skin and leaving behind marks that would certainly bruise tomorrow--letting the universe know that the brunette woman was his, and his alone. However, their height difference made it difficult when he began to work his way towards her clavicle, "Couldn't you have been taller?" He sighed, only half-joking, "This is proving to be very difficult," 

Clara stared up at him, her eyes narrowed and her cheeks dusted over with pink, "Lift me up then, you stupid old man," She retorted, chuckling a little 

"Yes ma'am," The Doctor replied, quickly hooking his hands beneath her arse and hoisting her up against the wall. He grunted a little at the effort, silently hoping that Clara wouldn't want to have sex in the awkward position. Holding her for maybe five minutes wouldn't be much of a problem, but any longer and well...the pleasurable carnal act wouldn't be pleasurable for either of them. Clara wrapped her legs around his waist and rested her hands on his shoulders. The Doctor began to kiss down her neck once more, more firmly pressing her back against the wall to make it a bit easier to hold her. He worked his way down from her neck quickly as they were already covered in love bites. He planted butterfly light kisses on her clavicle before he did the same to her cleavage, tightening his grip on her arse. Clara buried her fingers into his shirt, squeezing her eyes shut. With this positive reaction, he continued to kiss her breasts, which were still mostly covered by her bra. After a few minutes, he stopped and gently let go of her

"Why'd you stop?" Clara demanded, her blush had spread across her cheeks and made its way down to her upper chest

"If I try to hold you while having sex, Clara. It's not going to end well," He replied bluntly 

Clara smirked, snickering a little, "I didn't think I'd have to worry about your age affecting your sexual abilities, Doctor,"

He huffed, biting back a rather rude comment, "I'll have you know that timelords don't age like you humans, and besides I don't even look that old. Have you seen yourself?" 

She cocked an eyebrow at him, crossing her arms, "Wow, it's like you don't even want to have sex with me," She scoffed, although the Doctor could see her fighting back laughter. The Doctor huffed a little but before he could say anything, Clara added, "I've seen your browser history, I think there's an easier way we can do this if you're hellbent on doing it in here,"

The Doctor felt himself blush and he quietly reminded himself to delete his browser history once they had finished, "Well, Clara Oswald, as always you're the boss," 

Clara giggled a little, kissing him lightly on the lips before helping him remove his shirt. She tilted her head a bit, ghosting her fingers over his bare chest, "So its grey all the way down," She looked up at him 

"Yeah that's how hair works Clara," He muttered, feeling his trousers tightening almost painfully as her fingers ghosted over his growing bulge. She slowly removed her own black trousers and undid the buttons to his. The Doctor watched as she slowly pulled down his pants as she got down on her knees. He bit back a hiss of pleasure as her very warm hand ghosted over his eagerly awaiting cock, "C-Clara," He managed to utter softly. She looked up at him with those beautiful brown eyes before wrapping her lips around the head. The Doctor grit his teeth, waves of pleasure rolling through his body as she began to blow him. He rested his hand on top of her head, knotting his fingers in her brown hair. She hummed lightly in response and this caused a quiet groan of pleasure to escape his lips. This continued for a few minutes, occasionally her teeth would graze over his shaft or she'd hum ever-so-slightly. As his pleasure hit its peak, he squeezed his eyes shut, "Clara I'm about to--" He cut himself off as he came right into her mouth. Clara pulled away, staring up at him as she swallowed sharply, "To be fair, I gave you a warning," He muttered, the high of his orgasm slowly fading 

"Such a gentleman," Clara chuckled sarcastically, slowly standing up. She wobbled a bit and the Doctor quickly caught her. He trailed his fingers up her bare thighs, using his other arm to hold her gently against his chest. Who was he to receive, but not give?" He moved his fingers to her inner thigh and she let out a soft gasp, her fingers curling over his forearm. He ghosted his long fingers over her clothed sex, gently rubbing circles on a, particularly sensitive spot. She whimpered in response, "Doctor," She pleaded, suddenly sounding far less bossy and controlling. The Doctor chuckled a little at this sudden change and he hooked his fingers around her pants and pulled them down to rest on her thighs. He began to rub between her folds, feeling his fingers grow wet as soon as he touched her. Clara whined desperately 

"You humans are so needy," He commented 

"Says the one who was just begging for me not to stop," Clara retorted breathily 

"Point taken," The Doctor hummed quietly. He carefully slipped one finger inside of her and she instantly tensed, gasping quietly. At first, he was worried that he had hurt her but she tightened her grip on his forearm, she whined his name once more. The Doctor pushed another finger inside and began to slowly pump them. Clara's fingernails dug into his arm as she pressed the back of her head against his chest, gasping and letting out a quiet chorus of desperate whimpers and moans. The Doctor began to use his thumb to expertly circle her clit. Clara trembled at this action, and the Doctor did it a bit quicker. His fingers suddenly struck a bundle of nerves and she cried out quietly, further burying her nails in his forearm

"Doctor--" She whimpered, "P--please," She begged, "I need you,"

The Doctor slowly removed his fingers and Clara breathed deeply for a few minutes before slipping away from him and taking off her bra. The Doctor pushed her gently against the Tardis wall once again, her back pressed against the wall. The Doctor firmly gripped her left thigh and she wrapped her leg around his hip, allowing him easy access to her needy sex. The Doctor pressed himself against her entrance. He hesitated, "Are you ready Clara?" He asked quietly, staring down at the beautiful woman. Her dark brown hair had long since fallen out of her half-up, half-down hairstyle and a few stands had formed a halo around her head. Her eyes were sort of hazy with lust, but still full of the same stars the Doctor had fallen in love with. Her lips were parted and bruised somewhat. Her neck was covered in love bites and already forming hickeys

"Show me the stars," Clara replied breathlessly, resting her hand on his cheek. The Doctor nodded and pushed himself entirely into her without hesitation. She cried out in pleasure, tensing and pressing her head up against the wall behind her. The Doctor gritted his teeth, resisting to let out his own noisy declaration of pleasure. The Doctor remained still for a few seconds, allowing Clara to adjust to his size before he began to slowly pump himself in and out of her. She enveloped him pleasurably. Every part of the human body was so warm. The Doctor pressed his forehead against Clara's, grunting quietly and cursing under his breath as he steadily picked up speed. Clara's cries of bliss echoed through the once quiet room, as she held onto him with a vice-like grip. The position wasn't necessarily comfortable for either of them due to their height difference, but both were so concentrated on their desire and desperation for that orgasmic high that they didn't really care. the Doctor gripped Clara's thigh tighter when he suddenly struck a bundle of nerves that made Clara cry out his name to the endless universe behind the Tardis doors. The Doctor made sure to continue to strike her sweet spot. Clara shuddered a little, whimpering and desperately clutching onto his shoulders as her whole body tensed, "Hnk--Doctor--ah!" She whimpered, sounding as if she was choking on her own words, "Hng--" She grit her teeth, "--I'm go--going to--" The Doctor cut her off with a fierce kiss, that was only broken by the twos moans and gasps of pleasure. He didn't need to hear the end of that sentence, he knew what was coming. His thrusts grew more and more erratic, more concentrated on his own pleasure rather than keeping up with his regular pace. Clara's breath hitched as her whole body trembled and tensed, her fingernails burying themselves deep into her shoulder blades. She cried out his name just as he gave one last firm thrust and came inside of her. He gave a few final thrusts before pulling out and letting go of her thigh

Clara panted softly, leaning heavily against the wall and still holding onto his shoulders. She smiled tiredly at him. Her mascara cascaded down her cheeks and what was left of her lipstick was smudged. The Doctor cradled her cheek, resting his forehead against hers once again, "I love you, Clara Oswald," He murmured 

She leaned into his touch, gently cupping his hand with hers, "I love you too Doctor,"

In that moment, the differences between the two were forgotten. The Doctor briefly forgot that Clara, no matter how beautiful she was or how much he adored her, was just a fleeting sunrise. And this brief moment of pure bliss and joy would be disturbed and forgotten when Clara would have to face the raven. But as the Doctor held the most beautiful specimen--her beauty comparable to that of a dying star--he forgot that even with a time machine he couldn't avoid the inevitable end to Clara Oswald