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false assumptions

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At the height of his career, Hero Deku announces sudden hiatus. 

With the swirling gossip around his supposed affairs with fellow Heroes Dynamight and Shouto, the timing of the announcement is perfect for the birth of another equally, if not more, salacious rumor: 

Hero Deku is pregnant.

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Uraraka swallows nervously as she clicks on the link to read the rest of the article. Social media has been buzzing nonstop about yesterday’s huge press release concerning Midoriya. Crazy theories have been thrown everywhere but the most common (and most sensible, considering the paparazzi pictures that leaked months prior) is that Midoriya is pregnant.

Closing the tab, Uraraka opens her messages and types Midoriya’s name. She shakes her head, her cheeks flushing red. It’s normal to be concerned for a friend! It’s not like she’s curious if Midoriya’s really having a baby or not. She’s just checking up on him because she’s concerned.

Yep, that’s definitely it.




Todoroki never paid any attention to the photos of him and Midoriya that were leaked. In his opinion, there’s nothing to say about it because it’s their own business. Being pro-heroes doesn’t give the public the right to shove their faces in on personal matters.

Besides, the pictures were just Midoriya dozing off with his head on Todoroki’s shoulders. 

Patting his jacket, he walks towards the backdoor to exit from the agency’s building. He’s greeted by the irritating flashes of cameras and the cacophony of reporters demanding a statement:

”— Hero Shouto! Have you —“

”— does this mean for —“

”— Dynamight is not —“

”— hiatus? Will you be —“

Todoroki sighs and pushes through the rowdy crowd. If there’s one thing that he hates about being a pro hero, it’s the incessant invasion on his private affairs. His hand twitches, the instinct to use his Quirk and clear a path is rising, but he doesn’t want to get another scolding from Midoriya.

He’s almost at his car when he hears a lady reporter’s shout,


...The what now?



If you ask Kirishima and Kaminari, they’d say that Bakugou is shit at handling the press. That it’s for the best that Bakugou isn’t the one handling his official Twitter account. They’d joke about his mouth having an explosion quirk too.

(which is, true. There’s no filter to that guy.)

“Hey, Kirishima? I think you should see this.” Kaminari hands his phone over to Kirishima, his hand trembling. 

“— Oh, shit.” Kirishima slumps down beside Kaminari, furiously scrolling through the article. This is bad, this is so so so bad. He feels sorry for whoever will be around Bakugou’s vicinity when he finds out about this.


Dynamight vs Shoto: Who’s the Alpha of Deku’s Progeny?

Mamma Mia! Who Put the Bun in Deku’s Oven?

Guess Which Hero #DelawareSmashedDeku (and Got Him Up the Duff!)


Kirishima rubs his face and laughs with Kaminari. Poor Midoriya, looks like even in hiatus he’s still gonna be in the public’s eye.

Kirishima chooses the most wildest articles, copies the links to his phone, and presses send.

Kaminari shoves him, “Kirishima, you are the devil!” 



The screen cracks on Bakugou’s phone. It’s the third one that breaks just for this month alone. 




Midoriya lets out a huge yawn as he stretches his arms and legs. It’s rare that he got a full eight hour sleep. The bags under his eyes are terrible nowadays. Kacchan had shouted at him several times to get some shuteye but with the continuous flood of hero work, he can’t really take a breather.

All Might even had to intervene to persuade (force!) him to have a vacation. The hiatus is only a month long but it feels like an eternity to Midoriya, and it’s only just his first day!

His phone is off, he must have forgotten to charge it last night. Grabbing the charger from the night stand, he plugs it in and leaves the room.

Breakfast is a bowl of All Mighty Honey Stars special edition cereal soaked in cold milk. He’s just too hungry to cook. 

He’s tempted to check his phone for any notifications for hero work. It’s ingrained in him, the need to help others. Despite fatigue wrecking his body, there’s still fire in him urging him to get up and save people. He breathes deeply and shakes his head. This won’t do, All Might will be upset if he doesn’t rest.

Shoving a spoonful of sweet cereal in his mouth, he then picks up the remote and turn on the television. His face hidden by the green cowl is plastered on the screen.

”— with his delicate situation, I think it’s better that he remains on hiatus until late next year.”

Midoriya raises a brow, delicate situation? Also him taking a year and a half hiatus? No way!

The picture on the screen changes to the image of him sleeping on Todoroki’s shoulder and the other image with Kacchan’s hand curled over the side of his neck. Midoriya snorts, this is ridiculous. There’s no affair going on. Both are amazing alphas with legions of fans.

Also, can’t an omega hangout with an alpha without the unnecessary rumors of blooming romance?

(Okay, sure. He has...feelings for those two. But still!)

Lost in his thoughts, Midoriya doesn’t hear the commentary. The screen changes once again and this time it’s a picture of him in the orphanage, carrying the little girl up on his shoulder. It’s a nice picture, the little girl rarely smiled according to the staff at the orphanage. 

“— there’s no question that Hero Deku will be a good father. It’s not just his omegan instincts, his colleagues often showered him with praises —“

”— he does appear to have a soft spot for children —“

Midoriya smiled, he does have a fondness for children. Uraraka and Iida had remarked before that he was great with both Kota and Eri. He scoops the last bits of cereal in his mouth and raises the bowl to hips lips. Cereal milk is the best.

”— the question that remains is whether Dynamight and/or Shouto will be a good alpha to Deku’s child.”

Midoriya sputters and coughs as he choked on milk. Tears form on his eyes and his nose gets clogged with mucus. He thumps his chest several times to recover. 

Him. Pregnant. Mated. To Kacchan. To Todoroki.

To Them Both.

Midoroya struggles to regain his breath. Choking on his breakfast and dying because of snorting milk isn’t a great ending for the number one hero.

False assumptions can be deadly.