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Hated By Life Itself

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A/N: Okay, so this fic has been sitting in my folder for months now, and I figure it's about time I start posting it. It will be a SLOW BURN. Be warned. I'm 15k words in at chapter 5 and we're only 5 days into the fic. I estimate this fic will be over 100k words.

Updates will also be few and far between once we've caught up. Note that I DO NOT HAVE AN UPDATE SCHEDULE. Namely because if I try to hold myself to one, I'll never write anything. Haha.

Warning for Death and descriptions thereof. This is your warning (and the warning tag on the story, but I've realized many people don't read those.)

Finally, I wanted to say that I love you all. I've missed the BnHA fandom, but the LU (Linked Universe) Fandom still holds me. I love all my fandoms (BnHA, Hetalia, and LU), but my muse goes where it will.

I kindly remind you all that once I post a story, I DO NOT ABANDON THEM. My posting them is my promise to you and to myself to stick with it, no matter what. Even if it takes time, rest assured that it will be finished. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

I cannot thank you all enough. I can hardly believe how many of you read my stories! Every comment makes my heart swell. Ao3 is such a kind site, and I love each and every one of you!! <3

Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa matched his pace with the twelve-year-old boy, Midoriya Izuku, as they left Aldera Jr. High. The kid was quiet, and he didn’t seem to really smile much. He’d expected him to want to hang out with friends or something, but the kid hadn’t lingered at all.

“So how’s this going to work?” The kid asked, raising an eyebrow as they walked.

“I’m going to follow you for a week. Every time you leave the house to run errands; to and from school; the only times I won’t escort you is when you’re at school or at home.”

“Remind me why this is necessary?”

“Because you have a terrible habit of showing up at the worst of times. This is to prove that you’re not a vigilante.”

The kid sighed and kicked a pebble. He glared at the sidewalk for a long moment. “I just have really bad luck, okay?”

The detective sighed as his Quirk—Human Lie Detector—registered that as a half-truth. “That’s why I’m here—to make sure that’s all it is. And maybe figure out how to keep you out of trouble.”

“This is going to get annoying fast, isn’t it?”

“Trust me, I’m not too happy about this, either.”

“At least you’re getting paid for this.” The detective held back a snort.

“I’ll stay out of your way. Just go about your daily life, and I’ll be nearby in case something goes wrong. But if you try to avoid me or give me the slip, we’ll have to start looking at you as a vigilante instead of a troublesome civilian.”

The boy looked up at him, green eyes dark with something the detective couldn’t quite name or grasp. “Fine. Follow me for the week, then. Just don’t go making a file on me or something—mom would have a fit.” The kid paused for a moment. “Did you tell my mother?”

“You’re a minor—of course we got your mother’s permission for this.” He remembered the woman—exhausted looking with dark bags under her eyes. Her green hair was short and thin, but she’d smiled and made him tea anyways. “She seemed rather relieved that we’d be following you around for a week.”

“She knows I have bad luck… just not how bad it is.”

He sighed when his Quirk registered that as the truth. “So where to?”

“I was thinking of heading to the park for a bit—I like doing my homework outside.”

“Lead the way.” He followed the boy and sat at a nearby bench while the kid opted to sit under a tree. He pulled out his books and quickly got to work.

Naomasa was in the middle of reading an email for work regarding a case he was working on, when movement caught his eye. Glancing up, he saw a kid with spiky blond hair and a scowl stomp over towards his charge.

The kid stiffened but otherwise didn’t react.

“Hey, Deku! You think you can ignore me?!” The blond boy snarled, and Naomasa’s eyes narrowed as he slipped his laptop into his bag. This didn’t look like a friendly conversation.

“Kacchan.” Midoriya’s voice was steady and monotone, but the detective caught the undercurrent of unease and fear.

“You think you’re better than everyone else?! Than me?” The blond grabbed the homework that Midoriya had been working on for the last half hour and blew it up with his Quirk.

By that point, Naomasa was heading over. “Hey! What’s going on over here?!” He demanded as the blond kid snatched his hand away from where it had come to rest on Midoriya’s shoulder.

His charge looked at him in surprise, like he hadn’t expected him to step in.

“Who the fuck are you?” The explosive boy growled. “This isn’t your fucking business. Beat it.”

Naomasa narrowed his eyes. “You know it’s illegal to use your Quirk in public, right?” He reached into his inner coat pocket and pulled out his badge. The kids stiffened. “Do it again, and I’ll be calling your parents. Leave.”

“Tch. Whatever.” The kid huffed as he shoved his hands in his pockets, but was quick to get away from the detective.

“T-thank you.” Midoriya wasn’t meeting his gaze.

“Is this something that happens often?”

“Kacchan… He’s an old childhood friend of mine.”


“But he’s become a bit of a bully ever since he got his Quirk, and… well… I didn’t.”


“That’s still wrong.” Naomasa said gently as he sat in the grass next to him. He noticed that several nearby adults never even glanced twice at the ruckus that this Kacchan had created. “Please let me know if he—or anyone for that matter—uses a Quirk on you again.” He winced when he saw Midoriya’s uniform smoking where the blond’s hand had been. “Are you hurt? Let me see.”

“I-I’m fine.”


“I suppose I should tell you…” He rubbed his eyes for a moment. “My Quirk is called Human Lie-Detector. I can tell when someone lies to me.” The boy stiffened a bit. “Please let me see?”

He hesitated for a moment before sighing. “Okay.” He took off his uniform jacket and pulled his collar to the side to show him the light burn mark on his shoulder. Though now he understood why the kid had been reluctant to show him—there were very obvious burn scars in the same location, all in the shape of a hand.

“He’s done this before.”

“Like I said—when I didn’t get my Quirk, he started bullying me.”


He spent the next hour with the kid, patching up his shoulder with the first-aid kit he always had on him, and talking about random mundane things. He even helped him with his homework a bit, which seemed to make the boy really happy.

“So… I hope this isn’t intrusive, but… How does your Quirk work?” He’d asked after the homework was done.

Naomasa had smiled as he answered each question the boy fired off. With every answer, the child grew more and more animated until he was grinning exuberantly. It seemed Midoriya had a passion for Quirks and how they worked.

It was a startling realization for Naomasa that this was the first time he’d seen the kid smile. Or speak so passionately.

“So you like Quirks, then?”

“Yeah! They’re so fascinating! I even started a bunch of notebooks to write down my analysis and observations in!” He grinned.

“May I see?”

“Oh… uh… it’s not that good, but…” He pulled out a notebook titled ‘Hero Analysis for the Future Vol. 11’

He hadn’t really been expecting much, if he was being honest. Maybe some interesting facts or questions… perhaps even some research.

But when he opened that notebook to a random page, he was greeted with a drawing of Present Mic, the Voice Hero. The left page had a very well done drawing of the man in his Hero Costume with little notes denoting his support items and costume benefits, alongside possible improvements to his gear. The right page had an extremely detailed list of his Quirk, Quirk’s applications and abilities, fighting style, personality, and other things that made it seem like he’d interviewed the man. He looked closer at the Quirk section, and found himself blown away.

This kid had listed Mic’s vocal range, decibel limit estimate (both low and high), drawbacks, lung capacity, and a list of methods to both increase and decrease Quirk effectiveness. He’d even created a formula for the rate of which the man’s voice would grow tired in long drawn-out battles. Though there was an odd series of numbers and symbols written on the side that the detective couldn’t make heads or tails of.

“This is absolutely incredible, kid! You wrote this?!”

“Y-yeah. It’s a hobby.”

“Hobby?! Midoriya this is professional-level Quirk Analysis, here.” He stared at the boy in disbelief. “You could make a living off this.”

“Really?” The boy looked as shocked as the detective felt.

“What’s this, though?” He pointed to the symbols.

“Oh… It’s a code I made. Even if it’s broken, it won’t mean anything to anyone else, but it’s made to remind me of a mental set of notes I keep on everyone I analyze.”

“Notes on?” Now he was curious. What did the kid not want to write down?

“How to take someone down. Notes on the best methods to defeat or incapacitate someone. You never know when a villain will have a similar Quirk, but sometimes Heroes can go rogue, too. Since I study their Quirks and fighting styles, I can come up with possible strategies to defeat them… And since I observe personalities, too, I can take that into consideration as well… I know it’s weird. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.” Naomasa shook his head in disbelief. “This is an incredible talent. And a very dangerous one, too.” He hummed to himself as he thought. This kid was really, really good at what he did. He seemed to be able to analyze people and their Quirks with very limited information. Maybe… “If you want, maybe I could give you a few files to analyze on some people we’re after?”

“Really?!” The kid perked up, an excited gleam to his eye. “You mean I can help you take down villains?!”

“You can help us come up with strategies for capturing individuals.” He corrected. “You seem awfully excited about the suggestion?”

“I… I wanna be a hero. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.” He looked down, earlier excitement gone. “But nobody thinks I can because I’m Quirkless.”


He looked up at the setting sun. “We should get you home before your mother worries.” He helped the boy gather his things. “And Midoriya?”


“Not all heroes use Quirks.”

He would never get tired of that smile.