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waiting (for you to wake up)

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Nobara is stuck and she doesn’t know what to do. She can hear people’s voices but she can barely move her body. She can’t open her eyes, move her arms and legs, or even respond to the voices. She can’t remember the last thing that happened to her - not exactly. Mahito had touched her? On the face? Did he use idle transfiguration on her? That explains the sharp bursts of pain and the blackout she experienced right after. But what happened?

How is she doing Nitta?

Not good. She lost a good amount of blood and nearly died. But we brought her back thanks to Shoko-san. Now it’s just all up to her…

Nobara fades into unconsciousness. The next time (how much time has passed?) she wakes up to Yuji’s voice.

Hey Nobara. How are you? I hope you can hear me talk. I miss you and Megumi so much. I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. Yuji starts crying and Nobara just wants to jump up and give him a hug. She also wants to kick him if he dares to say this is his fault again. I’ll be going away for a while. Don’t worry about me once you wake up okay? I’ll be fine, away from hurting everyone. I love you. She feels a soft press of chapped lips on her forehead and hears the sound of his footsteps fading. Nobara wants to yell out to Yuji, to stop him, but her body won’t listen and soon she fades back into unconsciousness. What the fuck happened to her? Why is Yuji acting like this?

Nobara gets her answer the next time she wakes up. She feels Megumi clutching her hand and inhaling and exhaling slowly. His breathing is erratic and Nobara desperately wants to comfort him.

Megumi had confided in both Yuji and Nobara a few weeks back after their clash with the death painting brothers. In an effort to open up more, he told the duo of his panic attacks and how often he gets them, how he developed a coping mechanism of shutting down his emotions and body to control it. Yuji hadn’t experienced something akin to a panic attack and it’s evident from the way he tried to reassure Megumi. Nobara still remembers the tired but fond smile Megumi gave to Yuji when he started fretting over him. On the other hand, Nobara understood; Fumi had frequent panic attacks back in the village due to bullying and Nobara had spent hours comforting and helping her.

So after that night, Nobara suggested a sleepover with the guys. Yuji was the first to fall asleep (that black flash must have taken a lot out of him). Nobara remembers how comfortable he looked on Megumi’s lap and how that prompted her to bring up the topic of his panic attacks. She remembers taking Megumi’s hands in hers and holding them as she promised that she and Yuji will be there for him, that he always has both of them to rely on. Megumi had kissed her cheek in response and patted the pillow next to him. Just before she fell asleep, Nobara watched Megumi gently shift Yuji in a more comfortable spot before he turned off the TV and went to sleep as well. The three of them had slept in a mess of blankets that night.

It takes Megumi a few moments to calm his breathing down and Nobara wants to squeeze his hand back so much, to show him that she’s here. Nobara I hope you can hear me. I miss you so much. The doctors said that they’ve done all they can for you. Mahito had used his technique on you and you lost your left eye. Shoko-san had done her best in healing you. It’s all up to you now. Please wake up soon okay? Don’t disappear like Yuji. I don’t know where he is. He’s gone. The idiot probably thinks that everything is his fault. But I’m going to try to find him. I’m going to bring him back to us and you’ll need to be awake when we come back, okay? I love you. And again she feels the press of lips on her forehead. Nobara feels herself slipping back into unconsciousness before hearing Megumi mention something about Maki-senpai. Wake up soon Nobara. Maki-san is waiting for you too.