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All the time I'm with you

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 3rd POV


Wanda Maximoff

Everytime Natasha looked away and back it was still there, she's tried washing it off, Nail Polish remover, she's even tried burning it off. None of it worked now she just has a wet arm and a 2nd degree burn. She doesn't want to go and ask anyone what it is so she does what she does best.

Hide it



Wanda Maximoff

That's the new kids name...the same name that's on her arm, it can't be a coincidence. right? Natasha has to talk to this kid....alone, no one else can here this because then they'll ask and she doesn't have the answers.

"Hey kid, I need to talk to you" Natasha says as she sidles up next to Wanda

"Oh really what about?" She doesn't know what it is about Wanda's accent but it makes her feel a bit closer to home

"I need your help" Natasha says as she pulls Wanda into the nearest clear room, she immediately pulls up her sleeve to show Wanda the words

Wanda Maximoff

"You're my soulmate! This is good....right" Wanda asks but slows down as she sees the confusion and slight fear on Natasha's face

"What do you mean soulmate, is that what this means" she points to the words

"Yes means we are destined!" Wanda starts to get a bit hyper again as she finishes her sentence but just as she finishes Natasha hauls ass out of the room and down the hall

"What just happened" Steve pokes his head round the door after just seeing a red blur, Wanda just shrugs not having any clue.