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The last people in the world

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Walking into the sekai and finding Mafuyu was nothing unusual for Kanade.She spent most of her time there with Miku, so it was a normal sight. But today it was kind of different.Today she found her spread on the ground, looking at the endless gray sky, not acknowledging her getting closer. Kanade stopped beside the unbothered girl and started to talk.

“Where is Miku?" She asked

“I don’t know. Maybe she went on a walk.” Mafuyu didn't move an inch “I haven't seen her since i got here”

“I see.”

Kanade’s gaze didn't move either, admiring Mafuyu's features from an angle she hadn’t got to see before. She looked… peaceful. The most she had ever seen. What was about this that made her look so relaxed?

She needed to know.

And there was only one way to do so.

“Can I lie with you?”

“If that's what you want”

So she did it, She spread herself besides Mafuyu far enough so their limbs wouldn't touch. After some seconds struggling to get comfortable she found a fair enough position and stayed like that, looking at the sky.

Everything surrounding her felt cold. The floor. The temperature. The colours. Mafuyu.

Kanades gaze shifted.

If she ever doubted this was her companions heart this would be the moment her doubts ceased. She was just another part of the scenery here, so perfectly merging with her surroundings. Had she got into the sekai from another angle she could have missed her and kept walking. Or maybe she wouldn’t. It was Mafuyu after all, Kanade didn't want to believe she would ever lose her in any circumstances. She had to find her, how was she going to find someone she could not see?

So she would look at her for as long as she could, you cannot lose someone in your sight after all.

Time passed as she observed the girl. Neither of them tried to start a conversation in the meantime, and words were not needed. The atmosphere between them felt calm, this was probably the most relaxed Kanade had been in a while.

But this was not enough, as much as she liked how they were right now she had to keep getting closer to Mafuyu, and chances like this one were too few to waste, so she had to take them.


A quiet hum, She was listening.

“Is this comfortable? How are you feeling?”

Once again, everything went silent.

Silence made a thousand questions rise in Kanade’s head. Was she uncomfortable? Should she have asked the question a different way? Maybe she should try a different approach, yes, she w-

"I guess I am? I am not sure myself" All her worries were dismissed when an answer came "And as about how I feel, I…" She stopped, deep in thought " There is no weight on me here so this is fine I think"

“I'm glad”

"How about you?"

"Huh?" Kanade was taken by surprise, she wasn't expecting Mafuyu to talk at all after answering her.

"How do you feel when you are lying like this?"

Kanade had to take a few seconds to think, but as she gazed at the girl beside her the answer became clear.

"I feel like we are the only people left in the world" A soft smile appeared on Kanades lips. These moments with Mafuyu were special, it was not often when they got to relax together without anything occupying their minds. It was just them against the long forgotten coldness of this world, basking in each other's presence.

Mafuyu's gaze shifted to her.

"Miku is also here though"

Kanade chuckled.

"You are right but this moment is only ours to enjoy"

They stayed in a comfortable silence staring at each other. Anything mattered right now. Mafuyu found herself lost in Kanade’s soft expresion. She couldn’t comprehend why the girl was looking at her like that, but she didn't feel like thinking about it. She was just going to keep matching her stare.

This felt… nice. That wasn't something that happened often, but the amount of times it happened was starting to increase thanks to Kanade. Each time they were together she felt so weird. Not in a bad way though, it was in a way she looked forward to. These little moments were the peace she needed after all she had to put up with on a daily basis. The tiredness went away as fast as it would come back, but it went away.This was Kanade’s effect on her.

Kanade’s last words crossed her mind.

“If we were to be the last people in the world…. I think I wouldn't mind it one bit”