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Boon of Barbatos

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At this point in Kaeya Alberich-Ragnvindr’s life— wow that name had a nice ring, he would need no time at all to adjust to using it— he should be well aware of how impossible it is to make Diluc Alberich-Ragnvindr skip out on any formalities. Especially if that formality happens to be his own wedding. 

“We can set a record quickie time.” Kaeya whispered as he leaned into Diluc’s ear mid dance. 

The following glare from those brimstone eyes sent shivers down Kaeya’s spine. And straight to his groin. 

“Is that how much you value our first night of marriage?” 

“A simple oath,” Kaeya pulled Diluc flush against him “has nothing in regards to how highly I value you.” 

“If it means that much to you, then surely a few hours wait is a worthwhile sacrifice?” 

“It seems I have married into a cruel fate.”

“You knew what you were agreeing to.” 

Diluc huffed as he was led into a spin. 

To that, Kaeya had nothing. He had known every little thing that would come with a marriage to Diluc. The good and bad of it, the things that would likely lead to them sleeping in different cities for some nights before desperately craving the other’s presence again, and the things that would cause their hearts to leap out of their chests. 

As Diluc came out of the spin, he had been the one to put himself back against Kaeya. Not even a piece of paper could fit between them. The billowing of Diluc’s dress as they weaved around the dancefloor would catch Kaeya’s attention briefly, he could imagine how much it accentuated Diluc’s waistline. He was sure many of their guests had their eyes glued to it, but Kaeya had the exclusive privilege of being able to wrap his hands around that waist. Only his touch could make Diluc shiver and flutter his eyelids. 

That expression would fade as the music came to its end, their first dance at its end, and they would reluctantly pull away to reconvene with their valued guests. Everyone had been gathered around watching them, but some had some particular words. 

“Damn Kaeya you couldn’t have grabbed his ass just once?” Venti slurred. Diluc had proclaimed no open bar for this wedding. Diluc let out a low laugh at Venti passing a fairly hefty looking pouch to Lisa. 

“Sir Kaeya is able to exercise quite the self control when he feels the need. Or if requested.” Lisa chuckled. It had taken a moment for that quick exchange between Kaeya and Lisa to register in Venti’s mind. 

“Hey! You cheated!” 

“I was not provided any explicit details. I only received a request to mind where I placed my hands.” Kaeya responded as he rested a hand on the small of Diluc’s back. Then slid it down to lightly squeeze Diluc’s ass. 

Vent grumbled as he downed another drink that Diluc would pretend was non-alcoholic even if he caught the scent of familiar wine that had definitely not made its way out of the winery of his accord. 

“Whatever. You’re lucky I still like you enough to give you my blessing.” 

Neither knew exactly what that meant, if it were merely a wish for a good marriage, or if that were a blessing of an Archon. Neither wanted to ask in honesty. 

The forethought had been given for Diluc to let every staff member have the night off. Also an explicit order to avoid the winery unless it were a dire emergency. 

With that knowledge, the two newlyweds barely made it through the door before Kaeya sank his teeth into Diluc's neck. Step by step, with each of Kaeya's pushes, the pair moved back until Diluc bumped into the long table beside the stairs. Kaeya didn't hesitate to push Diluc down onto it. 

"So eager for me already?" Kaeya blew icy breath as his hand dove between Diluc's thighs. 

"You teased me all night." Diluc groaned as Kaeya lightly palmed through the dress. The dress that had leg slits specifically intended to spend things along. Kaeya's suggestion. 

"How could I not when you get like this?" Kaeya sucked hard on Diluc's collar while his hand crept towards one slit only to swipe back over before any skin contact happened. 

The moans and gasps as Diluc keened into the touch were well worth the suffering on Kaeya's part. Nails dug into his shoulders, hips jutted against his, and Diluc's half lidded eyes only ever left Kaeya's view when he would throw his head back in a particularly loud moan. Loud, but still quiet compared to what he could do. 

"No need to hold back." Kaeya murmured between feathered kisses along Diluc's jaw. 

"Still have to work for it— Gah, Kae—" Diluc's head fell forward, his hands falling as Kaeya lowered himself. 

"Really made this easy for me I see." Kaeya chuckled. When he had pushed the skirt up, bunching the fabric around Diluc's hips, he expected to still have a piece of clothing to remove. No other fabric rested between him and the sight of Diluc's fully erect and dripping cock. Small and slender, and a perfect fit for Kaeya to encircle his fingers around. 

"I wasn't intending for you to waste the spare time running your mouth." 

"Oh, I'll keep running my mouth." 

Diluc huffed, ready to fire back again at Kaeya wasting time, except his words died and twisted into Kaeya's name when Kaeya dove forward and had his lips against Diluc balls. Kaeya could nearly fit his lips around both at the same time. If he could angle differently, he could. Or if Diluc didn't use his thighs to hold Kaeya in a headlock.

While Kaeya continued to press his tongue around Diluc's ballsack, he reached into his pocket for a small bottle of oil. A wedding gift from Venti; "It'll make the sex better. Archon's promise." In retrospect, Kaeya should have known better than to blindly trust that. 

The liquid felt warm on his fingers, but it was nothing compared to the heat of being buried in Diluc's amazingly tight hole. Truly amazing Diluc stayed so tight despite how often Kaeya left him unable to walk. 

"Mmm did you prep yourself." 

"N-no...what are you— oh archons, Kaeya—" 

Diluc's moans had gone up a whole octave with Kaeya only having half a finger in. 

What exactly this oil was composed of Kaeya would have to ask later. Spurred on by Diluc gripping the table so hard there was an audible crack, Kaeya smeared a gracious amount around Diluc's hole and spread the excess over his cock. 

So much for taking this slow and running his mouth all over Diluc first, Kaeya had already shoved his pants down enough that he could pull his cock out. He leaned over, pressed their chests together, pinned Diluc's wrists to the table, shoved his tongue against Diluc's, and slammed his entire length into the wet warmth all in one motion. 

Diluc trembled beneath him, moans and screams reverberated against their lips. Kaeya tried to pull his hips far enough back so that only the head would remain in, but he only got half way before Diluc's legs wrapped around his waist and forced him back in. Caught between Diluc's legs, and his hands that had weaseled out enough to interlock their fingers, Kaeya hardly had a choice but to change angles as he rotted against Diluc. 

Every so often he would choose that angle that would get his cock brushing against that bundle of nerves and get Diluc clawing at his back all the more. 

"Kaeya, fuck...harder…"

"Heh, I'd love to but you're not letting me." 

There was heavy reluctance in Diluc unwinding his legs, but the moment Kaeya had the range of motion, he proceeded to ram into Diluc. Over and over and over, even after Diluc had become a sobbing mess screaming that he was close. Even when Diluc's seed shot up to Kaeya's cheek, the tempo never lessened. 

Despite the visible exhaustion on Diluc’s face, he still arched into Kaeya’s hands on his chest, into the continued thrusts. It all pushed Kaeya closer to the edge. Diluc’s eyes rolled back as Kaeya hit another sweet spot. Ragged, gasping breaths and pants came from Diluc as his grip on Kaeya slackened more and more until he was a disheveled mess against the table. 

“I’m almost there, love.” Kaeya bit against the front of Diluc’s throat, listening to the almost sobs that bubbled past Diluc’s lips. Each moan was more strained than the last, until Diluc took a shuddered breath as his arms slid around Kaeya’s neck and nearly suffocated him. 

Once Kaeya had ridden out his orgasm, he pulled his throbbing hips back and noticed just how much Diluc was leaking. Diluc barely seemed conscious as Kaeya scooped him up and trudged towards the bathroom upstairs. 

Two months into married life, Kaeya was still blissful. Living at the Dawn Winery again had taken some getting used to, more so than adjusting to having Diluc beside him every morning. 

Two months into married life, Diluc suffered. Not because of the marriage oh know, but he had spent a hand full of days with odd sick spells. And worst of all,

Some days the scent of grape juice would make his stomach lurch. 

One particular morning with his pale skin seeming even more pale, he had done the unthinkable. 

He had asked Kaeya to cover his shift at Angel’s Share. Kaeya had stepped in here and there with the tavern, when he wasn’t preoccupied by knightly duties. Being asked to cover an entire shift? Diluc Alberich-Ragnvindr taking an entire sick day? Now that was something new. 

Kaeya had tucked Diluc back into bed and ensured Adelinde would check up on him frequently, and then headed off to work. 

Sure, the drinks weren’t as masterfully crafted with Kaeya, but no one would outwardly complain. Although, every smirk and side eye from knights was noted and Kaeya would make them regret their entire lives later. 

As Kaeya was busy serving up a round of drinks, the door swung open to the tune of a bard and a lyre. 

“Ah, no Diluc tonight. That’s odd.” Venti remarked as he took a seat at a table. 

“He’s been sick for...weeks now.” Kaeya threw on his best unconcerned voice. But it fell flat to trained ears. 

“Oh oh, is he vomiting? Nausea particularly after getting out of bed? Adverse reactions to food?” 

“What are you not telling me?” Venti had hit too many nails on the head. Kaeya hadn’t disclosed anything about Diluc’s symptoms. 

“Congrats, you’re gonna be a dad.”

“Excuse me?” 

“Huh? Did Diluc not tell you?” Venti pawed for a glass, refusing to say anything else until his greatest desire was filled with a tall glass of Dandelion Wine. 

“I gave you my blessing, remember? And that oil.” Venti down his glass in one go. And seven more. 

“C’mon. Diluc had to have told you. Poopy wife if he didn’t tell you how the Boon of Barbatos translated to Ragnvindr blood.” 

Kaeya grew visibly more uncomfortable. He had stopped cleaning glasses, stopped caring about filling new orders. He had become a shitty bartender and Diluc would hear about it. 

“Ughhh lame I have to say it. Because of things and stuff from way back in the day, when a Ragnvindr gets my blessing it becomes the Womb of Barbatos. What I’m saying is, you knocked up Diluc. Have fun being parents.” Venti slammed down another seven glasses, all of which Kaeya poured on auto-pilot as his brain processed the words that had just come from Venti. 

Kaeya refused to believe anything the ex-archon had uttered. How could Diluc be…


“Pregnant?” The word felt foriegn on Kaeya’s tongue. 

“I swear I thought Father was exaggerating. That it was fantastical tales he told me for entertainment.” 

“You’re telling me Venti told the truth.” 

“We got his blessing and he gave you the oil. We’ll damn well find out in the next seven months.” Diluc tried to sound angry, tried to curse Barbatos himself, but there was only so much intimidation one could hold while slouched over a toilet with their husband holding back their hair.