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Once again, no chirp this morning.

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Girls screeching in the corridor, some heavy thumps as they were tossed around while fighting for a disappeared hairbrush. Tomori navigated through the chaos, dodging thrown objects and misaimed punches with natural grace. The long corridor where their cells, or rooms, were located was soon forgotten behind her, the buzzing sound fading in the distance as she quickened up her pace. Someone was waiting for her, and it wasn’t her parents. With a faint hope, the young woman thought about her little sister she failed to save a year ago, a grim anniversary for everyone.

She closed her book with an upset snap once she realised it was none of the people she held dear. Only a policeman Tomori knew too well for he was the one responsible for her predicament. Her grace turned into a cold poise, her steps echoing in the corridor like a threat, her eyes fixated in his placid ones. The book was neatly arranged to her right, her back straightened as much as she could, her hands neatly folded on her lap. Everything about her screamed uptight and good girl, from her sophisticated outfit to her neatly done bun. Even her glasses were sharp black rectangles.

- I assume you do want to know why you have been summoned.
- I believe you do want to tell me why I have been summoned.

Her dry throat and trembling voice were gracefully not touched upon by the policeman who gave her a light file. Tomori’s eyes skimmed through it at light speed, taking every information like a sponge holds water before snapping the file closed. She was visibly upset and shaking, her pink lips now a thin line threatening to turn into a frown. All contained spite and violence in a sweet doll disguise.

- I agree. I agree with the whole project. But I want a potted plant in my room.
- This will need to be discussed, it could turn into a weapon easily.
- And I want a lock to the bathroom.
- This seems reasonable enough.

A twist of fate led to a twist of pen and she was free.


His laugh echoed in the mountains as he was throwing rocks at high speed only to catch it back a few meters away to punch it into rambling blocks. Ryuubi almost wanted to join Touya to offer him a drink and catch up since the eldest Todoroki was the only one the battle-hardened dragon could stand, but his mother would be sad and hide it behind a brave smile if he were to do that. So instead, he wreaked havoc with unhidden delight, the loudness echoing between the mountains and terrifying the tourists, living his best life doing so. The locals just shrugged, it had been fifteen years already.

An helicopter easily approached the cleared zone, almost as if he was waiting for them and preparing a landing ground. Truth be told, the unfavorite child was expecting some officials and could almost guess why they were here. For him, that was a given. For him to help in some secret project seemed likely. Some secret project involving children soldiers for the greater good ? They’d fall this down for sure in light of recent events. Ryuubi squared his shoulders and crossed his arms, waiting for the three-pieces suit bastard to come down and talk to him face to face. The smell of the bastard’s fright made him smile, showing all his broken and yet sharpened fangs.

A quick look at the thin file and he decided he was in, at one condition. The file was turned into ash scattering in the wind as he departed, ready to pounce on whoever would be assigned as his target. Please please please let it be a family member.


- Overhaul this is madness ! You’re free, why would you risk it all again-
- I know, that’s why I’ll do it.

If Overhaul hardly felt anything, for once he squeezed the woman’s shoulder with gratitude before heading to the hospital in broad daylight. He didn’t have a mask, was still in his prisoner attire, his arms and clothes were covered in blood. He could smell it, taste it. And yet he didn’t react, only moving forward to his goal. People screamed, people aimed weapons or quirks at him, people cowered in fear. He didn’t care. For he served only one purpose now that he was out.

The room smelled good for his standards, a pile of childish drawings the only touch of color with the beeping machines’ lights. His father was there, unaltered, only with a few more touches of venerability on his calm and composed face. Overhaul stood there, blood dripping from his hair, chin and fingers, making little pools of red on the white tiles. A nurse screamed to the others to shut up in his back, and he almost thanked her. Father always hated when it’d become noisy. With a trembling hand, he dearly cupped his father’s face and brushed his temple with his fingers. A sinister crack, and two severe eyes opened in shock.

The patriarch stood suddenly and slapped his son’s hand away, no pain nor numbness in his body as if his coma never happened, taking the time to take everything happening into account. He never heard nor thought so clearly. He was in his office with Chisaki extending his hand to him and in the blink of an eye he was in an hospital room with Eri’s happy drawings of unknown heroes and his son, usually so proper and neatly attired looking like he had broke out of jail, his features sharper and his eyes haunted. A long silence extended between them, only broken by the now two nurses calming everyone down and threatening to physically take charge to prevent Chisaki from blowing them all up if they were to upset him with their useless screams.

- I want to know everything that has happened since that summer evening.

So Chisaki stood there despite the exhaustion, trembling with all the adrenaline his brain had pumped up in his body, both arms behind his back as he started to speak in a broken voice. How much time had passed since he spoke at all ? But the words flowed clearly, the report clinically precise as always. Even someone like Pop flinched hearing what had happened to his grand-daughter, and yet he didn’t stop the one he considered his son. The noise had receded in the corridor, the silence deafening once Kai stopped talking. It spread, making the both of them uncomfortable. The standing position was unbearably painful for Kai but he didn’t move, earning only a glimmer of respect for that. At the door, heroes were waiting with mixed feelings. Father was still ponding upon the matter at hands when an official from the government presented himself with a visit card and a file, shaking slightly when he introduced himself. The old boss returned the courtesy, Overhaul did not. He hadn’t been ordered to speak up yet. Both respectable men discussed with hushed voices, Pop scanning the file and knitting his eyebrows together.

- Are you sure about this ? I know him more than you do. He can be quite… reckless.
- We studied every option, unfortunately it is needed.
- Then he agrees to this. Take him with you once he’s done reading.

The file was thrown his way and clumsily caught between trembling hands, Kai’s vision blurry because of the pain and the pressure he could feel on his shoulders. Even though his father was quirkless, his bottled up anger, disappointment and resentment against himself and his son oozed in the room, making his breath even more labored and the salty sweat burn the rash on his face. He wouldn’t last long, but he had to. It was a test. Like he had been tested for all these years. The file was nothing fancy, observations they had made, a letter signed by that god forsaken geezer of a therapist, and a contract.

- I do not agree to this.
- You do and you will.
- I can’t !
- You will do your part-
- Kai.

His son's anguished and pleading eyes made his heart falter for a second. But Kai had gone too far for their sake and needed to learn how to become human again to hope to be forgiven, this time. As both his father and superior, he had taken pride in seeing the young child he found one summer afternoon bloom into a clever and dedicated young man only to ruin himself and everything in his wake for a goal nobody asked him to pursue. All his affection for the one he raised couldn't cloud his judgement.

Raising his hand, it is with a soft look that he saw his son falter too, closing his eyes and bracing himself for the impact, trembling and clenching the file like a lifeline. Only an IV-ed old hand softly patted the matted brown hair he used to ruffle to fluster the child unused to being loved. A tarnished golden gem appeared again, followed by the other once the patriarch smiled to reassure him. Deep down inside, the being who once was Overhaul was still the famished child craving for recognition and terrified to be abandoned again. He wasn’t abandoning him, it was for his own good.

- Kai. I accept your apologies, now is the time to prove how sincere you are. It is in your best interest, please understand.

He offered the child everything he once possessed and gave him everything he could offer as a man, a leader and a father. And yet he lacked the skill to properly teach Kai how to differentiate right from wrong and failed to raise a righteous child. It was his fault to begin with, in a sense, and Kai was now paying for his own mistake. With a sense of amae he always felt towards the child sobbing inside the fallen man in front of him, the old man finally let his hand rest on his lap, watching with a deep sadness the scar on his son’s temple and the gruesome, still fresh scars on both his sullied and bloodied arms. Kai was still livid and trembling when he followed the heroes and all his father could do was watch his hunched back and hear the click of handcuffs around the raw wrists’ flesh. Despite being a yakuza, never will the lonely old man forget the pain of seeing his own son hide a sob as he was torn away from his father to never see him ever again.