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Facing Soulcrusher

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Steel met steel. There were sparks flying and Pirotess could feel the aura of the sword meeting her rapier again and again.

Soulcrusher hungered for her soul.

Powerful strike by powerful strike she was driven backwards, no match for the furious force behind each strike.

With a normal sword she might have stood a chance, might have been able to evade and summon her magic, but not with Soulcrusher clouding her mind, leaving her nothing but a frantic defense.

It was only a matter of time till she faltered, the rapier clattering to the floor, herself ending up against the rampart.

Soulcrusher's point rested against her neck, forcing her to meet the gaze of the one who defeated her.

The slightest nick of skin, whether by accident or by design and Soulcrusher would rip out her soul. Furthering its own power and Ashram's for as long as he could stay master of the sword.

She was in Ashram's hands now.