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Keigo's Husband

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Hawks stretched out his wings and shook the numbness away, watching as Endeavor left the meeting to the private car waiting for him. The UA faculty was always something else but the meeting was pretty boring. Take precautions against the League of Villain during internships. Pretty simple, not sure why they couldn't just email them.


As all the heroes left the meeting room, a strong grip around his shoulders stopped him from following Endeavor's lead and leaving.


"Come on chickadee. We are going to Kugo's place," Rumi said, grip tightening when Hawks tried to wiggle away.

"Uhh.. Why?" he asked eyes darting for a way out.

"It's been a while since we all had free time. Don't try to deny it, the commission had all of us clear our schedules for this."

"How 'bout Endeavor?" he tried, "Also no one told me."

The rabbit hero snorted, "Well Endeavor is an old grump and you would try to escape."


Keigo was in fact not free. He wanted to spend time with a certain space heater at home but with no legal excuse he accepted his fate and texted Dabi about the situation, getting a 'just make sure you come back' from the pyro.



When they got to his house, Kugo insisted that they do not have any wild games, not wanting to clean up a big mess when they were done. They settled on just drinking and chatting. Kugo and Tsunagu refrained from drinking alcohol to 'supervise' them and Ryuko too since she was gonna bring the rest of them home.


"Hey, Hawks, how come you never go to our mixers? You don't have a secret girlfriend, do you?," Kayama asks, it was at least two hours in so she hoped the tipsy Hawks was a bit loose lipped.

"Don't be silly," Rumi laughed, clearly more than a little tipsy, "Of course he doesn't. If he did he wouldn't always be working."

"I have a husband," Hawks slurred, clearly affected by the alcohol, "I mean had. I'm technically a widow."

"I- What?" Rumi frowned.

"Oh. I wasn't supposed to say that. Lemme just... Uhh-" Hawks mumbled, turning red. 

"No no no. I wanna hear about your husband. What do you mean 'technically a widow'?" Kayama leaned towards him.

"I- I can't tell you," he stuttered, wings fluttering nervously.

"Why not? Come on, you can trust us. We're not gonna tell the papers," Rumi leaned in too, rabbit ears twitching.

"Damn it Rumi. I can't because there was a cover up!" horrified at what he revealed Hawks snaps is jaw shut, eyes widening.


There was a pregnant pause before anyone tried to talk.


Aizawa narrowed his eyes at the nervous hero, "How 'bout you tell us first how you got married?"


Closing his eyes Hawks tried to calm down before speaking, "It was new year's eve and our only unsupervised day off. We've been dating for sometime so we kinda just decided to make it a bit official?"


Yamada smiled a bit at the thought of a spontaneous decision made by young love.


"Mrs. Re- His mom had been in the hospital for a while so we decided to take her out to be our witness. The guy we found told us they didn't really make anything official on big holidays in case it was a drunken decision but they could give us an unsigned certificate and we can come back to make it official. We didn't really bring anything so his mom taught us how to make a paper ring," Hawks sighed, clenching his gloved hands together, "I remember he wanted to design it a bit and that he'd get me a real one with the same design. We didn't really stay there long. Just vows and kisses then signed our names."

"What happened to the certificate?" Kayama asked, still curious about the 'technically a widow'.

"We were just gonna keep it a secret so the unofficial thing was perfect for us. We signed our real names anyways and mine wasn't in the system anymore by that time. We asked his mom to keep the certificate and the rings."

"What happened to him?" Yamada asks, his husband frowning at how blunt he was.

"Officially? It's a training accident and it really checks out since his quirk is not compatible with his body. I found out what really happened though. His dad overheard he was gay and tried to kill him."

"Tried?" Rumi prompted.

"Yeah... He got away but it's a miracle he's still alive. It hurts so much when I see his father everyday but can't do anything about it," Keigo frowned, remembering how his husband's body is forever scarred and a giant infection risk.

"What do you mean?" Kayama asked.

"His father is... a hero, I suppose. Really powerful and has connections with the commission. They helped his cover up the whole case. I'm sure they won't blink an eye to cover up mine as well."

"So they faked his death?" Aizawa's gruff voice asked, his frown deeper than usual.

"Not really. They think he is dead. They just covered up the details."

"Do you contact each other?"

"I guess you could say that. He always makes it a point to be there when it gets closer to his death anniversary. It was always the hardest time."

"Where is he now?"

"Uh- I'm not sure if I should say-" Keigo says only to get cut off by his own ringtone.


He fumbled with his phone a bit before being able to answer the call.


Kugo, being the only sober person with good hearing, was able to pick up some of the caller's words.


"... coming home?" the caller asked.

"Uhh- soon?" Hawks replied, clearly unsure.

"... sure?" he asked skeptically.

"Tou I accidentally told them about us."

".... my full name?"

"No? Just some things..."

"... stay put and give the phone to someone who is still sober. M'kay, pretty bird?"


Hawks scanned the room, eyes briefly considering Rumi before landing on him and handing him the phone.


"Hello?" he said upon getting the phone.

"Hey sorry about my husband. He's pretty lightweight so can you give him some water. I'm gonna come and pick him up," the voice replied.

"Sure. May I know any identification just to be sure?"

The man let out an amused huff, "My husband recognizes all my disguises you won't need one. Thanks."

Handing the phone back to Hawks, Kugo tells him, "Your husband will come and pick you up. He also said you need water."


Out of nowhere a water bottle smacked him in the forehead, Rumi giggling maddly, drunken state clearly having not fully digested Hawks's story yet.


Kugo sighed, making eye contact with a frowning Aizawa.



Hawks was a quarter in with the water when the doorbell rang.


"Tou?" he asked with a curious chirp, following Kugo when asked.


The rest of the heroes didn't need prompting, all curious about the husband.


What Kugo expected when he opened the door was some tall lanky man with a smirk, his imagination because of the low raspy voice.


What he got was indeed a tall lanky man but instead of a smirk he got very recognizable scars poorly covered by a mask. The man was in a hoodie with sunglasses over his eyes.


The heroes froze but Hawks pushed passed Gang Orca to throw himself at the 'possibly a villain' man.




The force made the sunglasses slip lower and reveal bright turquoise eyes and even more identity identifying scars.


His eyes danced with amusement at the frozen heroes before softening at Hawks, "Hey, Kei. Is my pretty bird ready to go home now?"

Hawks nodded as he clung to Dabi's shoulders.


Dabi bent his knees a bit to gather Hawks into his arms. Nodding to the heroes as he walked away with his bird half asleep, face buried in his neck.


"Hey-" Rumi started trying to go after him only for them to get warped away.

Rumi turned to Kugo, "A villain just took him?"

"... yes."

"The villain is his husband?" Kayama piped up from the back.

"It was the same voice. We can stay up all night but I'm sure no one else will come claiming to be his husband," Kugo sighed.

Tsunagu calmly steps forward to make a suggestion, "Why don't we go home and we can check on him together tomorrow morning?"


The heroes nod and those who are not staying pile into their respective rides to be brought home.



After being dropped off by Kurogiri on Keigo's balcony, Touya quickly made his way inside, putting his drunk lover on the bed. He grabbed a warm wet towel and a change of clothes and quickly stripped, wiped and changed Keigo, bundling him in their blankets so he could do his own nightly routine.


A slender hand snagged his sleeve, "Don't- don't leave me..."

"I won't. I just need to change. I'll come back," Touya reassures, brushing Keigo's hair and kissing his forehead.


After quickly changing, Touya climbs under the covers, pulling Keigo to his chest and curling around him.


A few seconds passed before he decided to bring up the growing wet spot on his shirt.


"What's wrong, Keigo?" he asks, warm fingers combing through blond hair.

There's a sniffle before he gets an answer, "I'm sorry for telling them. Please don't go. Don’t leave me," Keigo says voice cracking towards the end.

"I'm not mad, baby. I just wish it wasn't like this, but I'm not going to leave you okay?"


Keigo sniffled again before burrowing his face in Touya's chest.


Touya sighed and gently grips Keigo's left hand, long fingers caressing the gold band there, "We are in this together. I gave you this because I love you and nothing will change that."

Keigo nods, wrapping his arms around Touya as he does the same, threading careful fingers through his wings, repetitive motion putting them both to sleep.



The doorbell that wakes Touya up is not unexpected.


Groaning he carefully extracts himself from his birdie's grip, quickly replacing his presence with a pillow for Keigo to cling to. Not wanting to go unarmed, he grabs a disinfectant spray just in case he needs to catch them by surprise. He hopes they still have some kind of hangover so they don't have to fight.


Seeing the poorly disguised heroes when he opens the door, he points at a sign in the doorway saying 'this is an anti-fight zone'.


"This was meant for cottontail over there but I guess it applies to all of you now," he says flippantly, waving them in with his one free hand.


Eyeing each other, they cautiously followed him into the kitchen and watched him prepare his coffee.


"So why are you here?" Dabi asked, his back to them, using his quirk to heat the water.

"Why are you?" Miruko immediately asked back, pointing at him.

Dabi snorted, "I live here duh."

"So you are the husband?" Midnight inquired.

Turning to face them, Dabi raised an eyebrow, "I guess you could say that."


Hawks's story and Dabi's confirmation kept the heroes quiet, Dabi drinking his coffee as he watched them.


"What is your real name?" Jeanist asked, trying to be polite since they are in someone else's house.

Dabi smiles, a concerning action that pulls on his staples, "Why don't you look at my eyes and tell me?"


Gang Orca's red eyes focus on Dabi's familiar blue ones as everyone else stares at him trying to get some sort of clue from the way he looks.


Suddenly there's a loud thud and a whine from deeper into the apartment.


Dabi quickly put his coffee down and grabbed a random pot, running over to the bedroom.


The heroes seem to be having a sluggish day because by the time they peered into the bedroom Dabi already had Hawks sitting sideways in his lap and clutching the pot containing vomit as he rubbed his back.


"Wings hurt," Hawks whined, leaning onto Dabi's shoulder.

"You need to stop rolling around when you can't find me," his husband sighed, warm hand gently brushing over the arcs of his wings.

"Was cold," he complained, further burrowing into his neck.

"I know the pillow isn't warm but your hero friends decided to come very early to check on you. Why don't you go back to sleep? It might make you feel better."

Hawks nodded and Dabi easily lifted him off the floor and back onto the bed to tuck him back in.


The heroes quickly padded back to the kitchen not wanting to intrude more than they already have.


"What is wrong with him?" Ryukyu asked, wondering why Hawks is still so affected by the alcohol.

"He's a bird, hollow bones and stuff," Dabi sighed, "What did you give him? He doesn't get like this with wine or beer."

Mic's eyes widened, "It was vodka mixed with fruit juice. I thought we could all handle it since we all go to the hero celebrations."

"Ugh, worst choice," he said, pausing before continuing, "So why are you here?"

"Uhhh... Hawks?" they tried.

"Well you've seen how he is so you can all leave now."


Next thing the heroes knew, they were being herded and pushed out of the apartment by a worn out Dabi and he was closing the door on them.


"Wait," Aizawa called.

Dabi stopped, "What?"

"Who are you?"

Dabi smirked, "Touya. Todoroki Touya," then closed the door on them.