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“Yoonah!” Jimin called after his squealing pup as she ran through the thick grass and jumped over fallen branches. Little yips indicated that she was having the time of her life despite Jimin’s obvious concern. “Yoonah, how many times do I have to tell you to stay close to me?”  

Jimin braced himself on his hind-legs before he jumped forward in pursuit of his young pup. She was getting further and further away by the second, entranced by all the different smells and sounds coming from this unexplored part of the forest. She was too naive to understand the dangers that could lurk around any corner, despite the fact that Jimin and Hoseok had both warned her many times in the past. 

Yoonah was fast in her wolf form, especially at her young age of only a year and a half. Jimin guessed it compensated for her lack of willingness to do much in her human form. Her fur was a light silver, practically white, and an almost direct match to Jimin’s own fur. He had hoped, when she was still just a growing pup in his belly, that she would be dark as midnight—like Jeongguk. As it turned out though, it was for the best that she ended up with fur identical to Jimin; she would blend right in with him when he was looking to hide her from potential threats. 

Jimin pushed himself faster as his pup continued to run further into the woods. He could see her fur sliding through the tall grass as she moved back and forth, and he was quickly gaining on her. Once he was close enough, he pounced, landing above her. He quickly crouched down to cease her movements and possible get-away, trapping her between his belly and the ground. 

“Daddy,” Yoonah whined from beneath him. 

“Silly pup, how many times have I told you not to run away from me? There’s so many dangerous things out here and I would be so sad if something ever happened to you.”  

Jimin bellied back slightly so Yoonah’s head could pop out. She let another small whine before tilting her head up to nose at Jimin’s scent gland and Jimin released calming pheromones to soothe her. The air started filling with Jimin’s citrusy lemon scent almost instantly, and he could smell how it started to blend in and take over Yoonah’s milky pup scent. She was quick to lick over his scent gland to leave behind her own milk and honey, even though his more prominent scent would overpower hers in no time. Yoonah had yet to develop her own scent, mostly consisting of milk and honey like all pups, and slight notes of Jimin’s lemony scent and Jeongguk’s strong eucalyptus if someone was close enough to notice them. 

Jimin felt small vibrations against his belly just a moment later as Yoonah started to purr in contentment, and he nuzzled his nose into her neck as he released his own purrs of happiness. Jimin knew that without this pup below him, and without all the help from Hobi, he wouldn’t have made it through these last two years. His heart longed and ached for the mate he hadn’t seen since that fateful day when their pack had been attacked. He had hoped and prayed every day for Jeongguk to walk through the trees surrounding whatever part of the forest Jimin and Hobi were inhabiting, ready to take him home. 

Jeongguk had shut down their bond almost instantly after Jimin had left their territory. He remembers stumbling over his own feet and falling to the ground at the feeling of pain that ripped through his chest at that moment. He remembers having to stop himself from letting out a howl of despair at the thought of not being able to feel his mate—of not being able to tell if Jeongguk was alive. He wouldn’t have admitted it back then, but he knows now that Jeongguk had been smart to do that. Jimin had needed to run, he had needed to get away and if something bad had happened to Jeongguk that Jimin would have felt, he would have turned around in a heartbeat. 

Jeongguk had promised to look for Jimin the moment he could. He had told Jimin to run north and to not look back while he had simultaneously begged Jimin to promise to find a pack to settle down with while waiting for Jeongguk to find him. He had told Jimin how much he loved him and that he would never stop looking for him with desperate eyes and hands that were holding on too tight to Jimin’s waist before pulling him into a quick, but strong, embrace and giving Jimin one last longing kiss that Jimin had reciprocated with tears streaming down his face. That was the last time Jimin had seen Jeongguk. 

At first, Jimin had intended to listen to Jeongguk’s requests, hell bent on making sure he settled somewhere to make it easier for Jeongguk to locate him, cause in Jimin’s mind there was no possibility that Jeongguk would not survive. However, when days of travel turned into weeks and Jimin got weaker, all he could do was send broken apologies into their severed bond. Apologies for not doing as Jeongguk had asked. Apologies for not making it to a pack. Apologies for not being strong enough to continue on. Apologies for the pup growing in Jimin’s belly that neither of them had known about on the day of the attack—the day of Jimin’s departure. 

That was how Hoseok had stumbled across Jimin all those years ago, devastated and whining for his lost mate, cradling his barely there bump, wondering if he would ever get to look into the eyes of the baby created by his and Jeongguk’s love. If Jeongguk would ever know about their pup.

Hobi had approached tentatively, his mellow beta scent enough to prevent Jimin from attacking him, but not enough to prevent him from growling and scuttling backward into the tree trunk he had been leaning against. All his instincts told him to defend and protect his unborn pup. It had taken a lot of weeks and experimental conversations, mostly from Hoseok’s side, divulging his past and making sure Jimin understood why he was alone now and that he certainly meant no harm, before Jimin had decided that he could trust the beta and that he would stick with him. 

Hobi had helped him through the rest of his pregnancy and the birth of his pup, and had promised, once Yoonah was older and able to shift into her wolf form, that he would do everything in his power to reunite Jimin with Jeongguk and any of his other pack members that were still alive. Eventually, Jimin had made Hobi promise that he would stay too. Hobi had agreed without a second thought and Jimin had slept easier that night. 

Below him, Yoonah started pawing at the ground and coaxing her body from underneath Jimin, relinquishing him from his memories. Jimin let out a playful warning growl and nipped at her ear before pushing himself onto his paws and letting her crawl out from under him. Once free, she yipped and jumped, all four paws leaving the ground in her excitement. Jimin looked around curiously during his pup's playfulness, sniffing the air in an attempt to see if Hobi was on the verge of returning. He was currently out scouting the nearby forest before they made their way on their journey to find Jimin’s old pack.

When Jimin didn’t see any sign of Hobi in the nearby trees, and with the impatient call of “Daddy, daddy!” coming from his pup in front of him, Jimin directed his attention back to Yoonah. He leaned his head down to nudge at her flank to get her to quiet down.

“What is it, pup?” 

“Smell something bad,” she replied in her young, wavering voice. Immediately, Jimin tensed, head raising and tail curling taut over his back. He moved forward to place himself above his pup who, sensing the sudden duress in Jimin’s scent, cowered into the ground below. Jimin raised his snout and sniffed at the air to try and detect where the scent that was suddenly invading his senses was coming from. He wasn’t sure how he had missed it in his initial attempt to look for Hobi. It smelled spicy and tinged in bitterness, enough so that Jimin knew this wolf was mad, though he wasn’t sure what for.

Though he couldn’t determine the exact location of the rogue wolf that was suddenly in their vicinity, Jimin was aware that it was coming from ahead of them and he was certain that the wolf had already caught his scent and would be coming to investigate—no matter what its intentions were. Jimin quickly bent his head forward, clasping his teeth around Yoonah’s nape and lifting her off the ground. She didn’t fight against him, instead letting her body fall limp as he started to rapidly back up in the direction they had initially come from. Once he hit the denser tree line, Jimin turned and ran. 

The moment he took off, he knew he had made a mistake. There was a sudden spike in the rotten scent of the rogue wolf, one Jimin determined to be a beta. Heart-racing, Jimin thought of nothing but getting back to the small, temporary camp he and Hoseok had created in hopes that Hobi would be there waiting for them and could help Jimin defend them against the wolf that was now pursuing them. 

Below him, Yoonah started to whimper, seemingly understanding the sudden danger that they were in. Jimin tried to send consoling thoughts through their bond to ensure his pup that he would do everything in his power to protect her from the oncoming threat. Jimin could feel the rogue gaining on them. Could hear the pounding of the beta’s paws on the Earth as it chased after him. His heart was racing as he approached their settlement, could see the break in the trees leading to their temporary home, thoughts calling out for Hobi, hoping he was somewhere close enough to hear. 

“Hoseok, please! I need you, I need help, someone is chasing us! Can you hear me?”

Behind him, Jimin could hear growling coming from the rogue that almost soundedl like a chuckle. Like it knew that Jimin was alone and that he was scared, worried for him and his pup. 

“Omega,” he heard suddenly as he broke the tree line into the encampment. He looked around frantically for Hobi, but did not see him anywhere, his faint rainwater scent indicating he hadn’t been back since he left this morning to scout. “Omega.”

Jimin dropped Yoonah on the ground and pushed at her bum with his nose, urging her to move forward. “Go, Yoonah. Hide in the base of the tree, just like you always do when Daddy is looking for you. You go hide in there and close your eyes. Yoonah, don’t you dare come out until Hobi or Daddy come for you. You stay in there like a good pup for Daddy, okay? I love you so much, baby.”

Yoonah whined in front of him, stopping to look back, but listening nonetheless to Jimin’s urgent command. “Love you, Daddy,” he heard her whisper as she ran. Jimin’s chest tightened and he let out a distressed and devastated whine in response before shaking his head and turning around to face the oncoming rogue, nothing but the protection of his pup on his mind. 

Jimin watched as a russet brown wolf appeared from the trees, mouth pulled back in a snarl as its eyes scanned over Jimin before it moved to watch Yoonah disappear into the tree trunk at the back of the camp. Jimin could see the wolf’s fur which was clumped together in some spots and all together missing in others, its tail bent at a slight angle like it had been broken.

“Dumb omega, what do you think you’re doing out in these woods all alone? Especially with such a small pup to look after,” the beta, a female, chuckled. Jimin could sense the hostility and anger rolling off of her in waves, though he didn’t know what he might have done to cause it. 

“Please, just leave us alone. We mean you no harm, and we are just trying to move on from this place. We will be gone before nightfall.”

“Brave words for a wolf whose nerves are rolling off his body in waves. You are roaming in my territory, you filthy omega. Probably part of the reason there’s nothing of sustenance left in these woods to keep me alive. I don’t care about you or your wretched pup, I will get rid of you just like I get rid of all intruders. That little hole in the tree won’t save your pup from certain death.” 

Jimin was shaking, nerves turning into anger the longer the unknown wolf talked. “You and I both know these are unclaimed lands and that anyone is free to roam them, you would be breaking code to harm a wolf who is no threat to you. You will not harm my pup.” Jimin knew his words were empty, meant nothing to the rogue standing in front of him, could tell that the wolf didn’t care about anything but death and destruction. He was just hoping he could buy himself enough time to have Hobi return, thinking that perhaps the rogue would back off if it saw it was out-numbered. 

Jimin’s luck didn’t seem to be with him though as the wolf didn’t even bother with a response, but instead laughed and growled as she moved forward, closing in on Jimin with each step. Jimin took a step back from the female beta every time she made a move forward, his haunches raised as he started to growl deeply in the back of his throat.

“Dumb omega,” the rogue repeated. She paused briefly to contemplate her next move.

Then, she lunged.

“Yoongi,” Jin spoke aloud, glancing slightly to the left to look at the alpha wolf standing about five meters away. The wolf turned its head toward Jin to acknowledge that he was listening. “Do you hear that? It almost sounds like… fighting?”

Jin wrung his hands together and looked around nervously. He and Yoongi had traveled a rather far distance from their pack in search of specific herbs that the healers were running low on. Jin had tried to insist on going alone, but Namjoon would have none of it. It’s not that he didn’t trust Jin to take care of himself, but Joon knew of the creatures that lurked along the borders of pack territories just waiting for a member to be caught alone. So with a huff of frustration, but ultimate understanding, Seokjin had appeased his mate by agreeing to bring Yoongi with him. He would have rather chosen Jeongguk, or his own mate himself, but Jeongguk was off again looking for his long lost mate, and Joon had to attend to pack matters. Jin was still not used to his alpha being the Head Alpha, even after two years. After everything that had happened in the attack at their old settlement where Joon’s father, the previous Head Alpha, had lost his battle with a rogue amongst others of their pack, Jin had been quick to step in to the Head Omega role and do his best to support his mate in the aftermath. Together, and with the remainder of their pack, they were learning to rebuild together.

Yoongi let out a low growl, now closer than Jin remembered him being before. Jin reached a hand out to clasp around the fur at Yoongi’s nape, the soft fur brushing between his fingers. “Should we go check it out? It sounds—,” he started, but stopped when Yoongi let out a warning growl. Seokjin looked down at the wolf and when they made eye contact, he could see the alpha begging with his eyes for Jin to shift into his wolf form. Jin nodded in understanding and quietly stepped back, stripping from the pants he had put on for modesty and shifted into his sandy brown wolf form. 

Yoongi’s gray wolf looked at him apprehensively. “I’m not sure it’s a good idea for us to go check that out. We should just return to camp and let Namjoon know. Once Jeongguk returns, me, Joon, and Gguk can come back to scout the area and see what happened.”

Jin’s gut twisted, something unsettling filling his head with worry. Rationally, Jin knew Yoongi was right, but something was telling him that this needed their immediate attention. Jin bent down to grab his discarded pants and basket of herbs he had placed on a fallen tree trunk earlier between his teeth and turned to look at Yoongi again.

“I know you’re right, but something seems off. I feel like we need to go take a look.”

Yoongi shook his head. Jin huffed in aggravation. The sounds of the fight in the distance growing fainter the longer they sat here discussing their options. Jin was still trying to get used to Yoongi and his mysterious ways even after a year and a half of being in a pack together. Their pack had met him a few months after the attack and on their journey to find a new settlement. He quickly had proven to both Namjoon and Jeongguk that he meant them no harm and that he would be more than happy to help them find a settlement and then be on his way. That plan had floundered when he had met Taehyung. 

The now mates had been in the middle of their courting by the time the pack had settled down in their new territory, and though everyone knew Yoongi preferred the loner lifestyle, they also knew that Taehyung had wrapped the alpha around his finger completely and that Yoongi wouldn’t go anywhere without his future omega. 

Yoongi had stayed pretty closed off to most in the pack outside of Taehyung, mostly keeping to Namjoon and Jeongguk’s company, partly because Joon was the Head Alpha and Jeongguk was one of half of Taehyung’s best friends. He didn’t normally offer up much about himself or his ideas unless directly asked, and even then it was usually vague. 

“Well, I’m going,” Jin retorted, starting to make his way in the now silent direction of the previous scuffle. Yoongi growled in warning again, and Jin was sure he was about to cut him off and force him back when suddenly loud, anguished whines came from the same direction as the fight had been. Jin’s omega instincts flared up instantly at the infantile sounds.

“That’s a pup crying!” Jin yelled out before dropping the basket and taking off in the direction of the sounds. He could hear Yoongi calling after him, telling him to stop and come back, that it could be a trap and that he could be heading in to most certain death. Jin didn’t care. He didn’t care who or what that pup belonged to, he would protect an innocent life with his own. 

He could hear Yoongi gaining on him, aggravated growls getting louder and more aggressive the closer he got to Jin. Jin braced himself, waiting for the moment Yoongi lashed out with his teeth, grabbing his tail or his scruff to stop him. Jin was prepared to fight him off. However, Yoongi surprised him when, instead of stopping Jin, he overtook him to lead the two of them in the direction of the crying pup. Jin imagined the alpha’s own instincts were coming to the surface in the midst of the pups cries of terror, thoughts of his pregnant omega at home blooming in his mind. Taehyung was approximately six months into carrying his and Yoongi’s pup, but the whole pack had noticed a change in the alpha the moment Taehyung had announced the exciting news. 

Jin shook his head clear of any thoughts except moving forward to save the pup, could see the trees thinning out ahead, and could tell as they got closer that there was what looked to be a small encampment in the open clearing of the forest. Rogues? 

Yoongi broke through to the settlement only seconds before Jin, and he came to halt almost right away. Jin had to dig his claws into the Earth below to skid to a stop without running into Yoongi from behind. Once settled, he approached Yoongi's left to take in the scene and assess what made Yoongi stop so abruptly. 

The first thing Jin took notice of was the two adult wolf bodies laying on the ground covered in their own blood. One, a beta by the faint smell, seemed to not be breathing. Dead then , he thought to himself. He wondered briefly if this was something to worry about for the sake of their own pack, despite the fact that they weren’t in the immediate vicinity. The other one, omega maybe, definitely a male, with such light silver fur that it looked white underneath all the dark red pooling around it, was breathing very shallowly. It looked on the brink of death itself.

The second thing Jin noticed, and what he decided had ultimately made Yoongi stop his pursuit, was the beta wolf standing in front of the omega and growling viciously, head lowered and teeth bared. It was a growl of warning, worry laced underneath the ferocity, letting Yoongi and Jin know that it would attack at the slightest movement from them. It was clear to both Jin and Yoongi that this beta was protective of the fallen omega. 

The third thing Jin noticed was, nuzzling up the fallen omega, a pup, blending in so well Jin hadn’t noticed the first time he had looked. The pup was also the source of the distress and upset whines and yelps that had caused Jin to come looking in the first place. The pup seemed to be alternating between bumping its snout against the omegas own snout, rubbing along the omegas scent gland, or pawing at his cheeks, begging him to wake up. Jin could feel his chest ache as the pup started to produce mournful and confused howls in between her loud whines. Jin wondered if the omega was the mate of the beta currently growling at them, and if that was their pup. However, as the scents of each individual started to make their way through the clearing, Jin picked up a faint rainwater smell coming from the only coherent wolf, the milky scent, soured in sadness, coming from the pup and lastly—.


No, no, it can’t be. Please, not Jimin. 

Before him both Yoongi and the beta startled at the sudden cry coming from Jin. Suddenly, Jin’s human form took the place of the sandy wolf and he was falling to his knees, tears streaming down his face. “Please, please , let me near him. I’m from his old pack. I have to—fuck, he can’t be hurt, please no. My name is Seokjin. Jimin, he—he’s mated to one of our alpha’s, Jeongguk,” Jin stopped briefly when the beta in front of him stopped growling, head tilting to the side in a question. “We haven’t seen him in two years, please. Let me help him. Oh, God, Jimin, please.”

Seokjin felt like his throat was closing up, his chest tight. Breathing felt harder and harder as Jimin’s muted lemon scent hit him, disturbed by the sheer amount of blood covering his coat and the ground around him. He must have looked absolutely grief-stricken as he shouted, voice turning hoarse. “He’s dying!”

The beta before them shifted quickly after that, and no one made comments about the lack of modesty in the height of the omega that was currently dying, his pup doing her best to bury herself into Jimin’s underbelly.  The beta before them was slim; his skin nice and tanned, covered in superficial cuts and bruises, light brown hair matted around his forehead, supposedly from the fight with the rogue beta.

“You said you know Jeongguk?” he asked Jin quickly, eyes hard.

“Yes! He’s one of my packs alpha’s. He’s been looking for Jimin, they’re mates and he—fuck! No, why does this even matter? Jimin is dying!” 

The beta did not respond, but instead rapidly made his way over to Jimin’s limp form and grabbed hold of the distraught pup, shifting her into his arms until her small wolf form was cradled against his chest, nose pressed to his scent gland to most likely help calm her down. She cried out loudly, struggling in the arms of the beta desperately, but giving in when he continued to strengthen his grip around her.

Meanwhile, during this whole interaction Yoongi stood next to Jin, still tense in his wolf form, assessing the situation in case the beta decided to change course and attack. 

“Is it your pup, too?” Jin hiccupped quietly through his on-going tears, already understanding that the pup must belong to Jimin. 

The beta looked away from Jin, back toward the crying pup in question, before sending a short look toward the omega. “No,” he sighed. He offered no further information about the pup as he continued on. “How far away is your territory? I don’t know how much longer he’s going to survive.”

Jin sobbed out once more and took that as an invitation to run to Jimin. 

He was just as Jin remembered him in his wolf form, slight in his frame but strong. There was so much blood that Jin couldn’t tell where it all was coming from at first, but he noticed most of it quickly pooling around Jimin’s flank. As he leaned closer, behind him he heard a very small, nervous growl come the pup curled up to the beta’s neck. “Do you have some sort of clothing? I need to wrap his more serious wounds. It looks like there’s one on his side and his neck that are causing most of the bleeding. We can’t move him until I stop some of the bleeding.”

“And then what?” The beta asked as he quickly maneuvered over to their makeshift home, pulling a few blankets from one of the beds. Once he handed it to him, Jin could smell the lemon and milk scents coming from the blanket, and he knew then that they belonged to the omega and the pup. Jeongguk’s pup , he thought forlornly after having caught a slight whiff of Jeongguk’s signature eucalyptus scent permeating off the young pup now that he was closer.

“Then, we run like hell,” Jin offered in return. The beta nodded and Jin got to work, knowing every second from here on out would count. 

I promise I will reunite you with Jeongguk. I will make sure you survive this, Jeon Jimin, if it’s the last thing I do. 

They were almost back to the heart of the Kim territory when the beta finally spoke again through his wolf form. “I’m Jung Hoseok, by the way. I’ve been with Jimin for almost two years now.”

Hoseok had the still whimpering pup hanging by her nape from his mouth. She was facing Yoongi who had Jimin’s wolf form hanging off his back. Yoongi’s own gray fur was quickly becoming matted with Jimin’s blood as they ran toward the healer’s hut in the center of their village. “By ‘been with,’ you mean—,” Jin cut off quickly, pushing himself to run faster as Yoongi moved.

“Oh no,” Hoseok exclaimed quickly. “No, no. I have just stayed with him and been a companion. Helped him through his pregnancy and delivery and taking care of Yoonah. Jimin is absolutely devoted to Jeongguk.”

Good , Jin thought to himself bitterly, even though he never doubted Jimin’s dedication. He has been there since the beginning, watching as their shy gazes and tentative touches turned into heated kisses and stolen moments in the woods. He’d be damned if something ever came between them.

Then, as an afterthought, her name’s Yoonah .

As Yoongi broke through the center of the village, Jin raised his head and let out a warning howl, calling for his mate and the other healer, Soomi, hoping they would follow the sound. Seconds later, he received a howl in return from Namjoon, indicating that he was coming. 

They approached the healer’s hut and promptly helped Yoongi lay Jimin’s wolf down on one of the lower beddings designed specifically for those who could not shift back. They made sure to be mindful of the temporary wrappings Jin had fashioned out of blankets from Jimin’s nest, not wanting to risk causing more injury to the already life-threatening wounds. Jin and Yoongi quickly shifted into their human forms after ensuring Jimin’s placement, donning the closest pair of pants they could each find. Jin then ran the cabinets and far right wall to start gathering salves and tonics to help with Jimin’s injuries while Yoongi carefully started pulling the blankets away from Jimin’s wounds. He knew Soomi would be better suited to stitch Jimin’s deep gashes along his side, having done this more times than Jin could count. 

“Yoongi, hurry! Please, I need you to start wiping the blood away from his injuries so I can start preparing for Soomi to stitch the wounds back together!” Jin could hear the panic in his own voice as he felt rather than watched Yoongi grab the items already clasped in Jin’s hand. “God, where’s Jeongguk?” he added as an afterthought. 

Jin felt like he couldn’t keep his thoughts straight. On one hand he was hoping Jeongguk would barge through the door to the healer’s hut right this second because he could heal his mate's wounds faster with his saliva. At the same time though, Jin knew if Jeongguk was here he would probably go feral in an attempt to protect his found mate. There was also the matter of Jeongguk not knowing about the pup he had created with Jimin and Jin did not think he could handle consoling an overwhelmingly fraught alpha wolf. 

No, no, he needed time. He needed to fix Jimin first, prepare Jeongguk for what he would walk into, and only then could Jeongguk show up. 

“Jin,” Yoongi yelled frantically from behind him. “I don’t know what I’m doing!” 

Dammit, where are Joon and Soomi? 

Jin turned toward Yoongi quickly, showing him the salve and pushing a clean rag into his hand, explaining to him to start cleaning around the wounds. “Where are-,” he started, but was quickly cut off by the head alpha and the head healer busting through the door. Jin briefly caught sight of Hoseok standing outside the entrance to the healer’s hut trying to unsuccessfully soothe Jimin’s sobbing pup, now in her human form. 

Despite the door shutting and quieting the pups cries, Jin thought that they were the loudest thing in the world at that moment. 

Soomi, for what it’s worth, didn’t ask questions as she assessed the situation, noticing the severely injured omega laying on the cot next to Yoongi who was doing his best to clean the wounds with the supplies Jin had given him. 

Namjoon turned to Jin the moment he had looked at the wolf, no doubt noticing the faint lemon scent swimming in the air around them. “Jimin?” he whispered, astonished. 

Jin’s lips pulled taut, and he nodded grimly before making his way over to Soomi with the needle and thread so she could start stitching the wounds together. “What,” Joon began, but stopped to clear his throat, clearly confused and concerned. “What happened? Where did he come from? Who’s the beta and the pup?” 

Jin glanced up at Yoongi from where he was holding Jimin’s silvery fur back for Soomi as she worked the needle back and forth. He pleaded silently for Yoongi to debrief the situation, his mind focused on nothing but ensuring Jimin’s survival. 

Yoongi nodded slightly and grabbed Joon by the arm to pull him from the hut. Jin glanced back down and noticed that Soomi, who hadn’t said anything since arriving in the hut, was halfway done with the wound on Jimin’s side. Jin’s stomach rolled slightly as the omega twitched underneath him, blood still seeping through the stitches, breathing shallow. “Soomi, can you save him?”

“I’ll do everything I can, Head Omega.” She didn’t offer anything else as she continued to work. 

“Yoongi, what the hell is going on?” Joon shouted once they were safely outside, frustrated that he didn’t have an answer even though only moments had passed. 


The beta to the left of the entrance had made the offended noise, coddling the young girl closer to his chest and covering her other ear with his free hand. Joon rolled his eyes and waved at him dismissively, eyes focused on Yoongi.

Yoongi recounted the story from the moment he and Jin had left the village up until the moment they had returned with Jimin, Hoseok, and Yoonah. He made sure to emphasize the fact that he did not condone Jin’s actions about going toward the scene of a fight, but instead had tried to urge him to return back to the village and that the three alphas could go investigate upon Jeongguk’s return. Joon hissed quietly at the mention of his mate running toward danger instead of away from it, but his mind waged a war over it as he rationalized that Jimin, already on the brink of death in capable, healing hands, would definitely have passed on out there of Jin hadn’t gone against Yoongi’s orders. Ultimately, it had worked out for the better and Namjoon pushed his wolf’s snarling to the back of his mind.

“So I guess that, in turn, makes you Hoseok?” Namjoon questioned, turning toward the beta who had yet to utter another sound, focusing solely on lessening the pup’s sobs. “And she’s… Yoonah. Jeon Yoonah.” 

Hoseok made eye contact with the Head Alpha, pressing Yoonah’s face into his scent gland while releasing calming pheromones. “Daddy,” she whispered brokenly, tears streaming down her red face, nose clogged. Hoseok quickly shushed her, bouncing slightly in his place. 

“Yes,” Hoseok finally responded. “I’m Hoseok, though you may call me Hobi. This is Yoonah. I have known her since she was just a bump in Jimin’s belly.” 

“How did you meet Jimin? Why were you alone? What are you to him?” Joon vaguely realized that his questions were coming off hostile, though he needed to ascertain that this beta was not going to be an issue upon Jeongguk’s return. 

“I stumbled across him in the forest many moons ago. He was cold and hungry, cradling his bump while sobbing. I offered protection and shelter for the remainder of his pregnancy and promised to help reunite him with his mate once his pup was strong enough to travel. She’s just recently turned one and a half, and we deemed it safe for her to travel. We’ve been moving slowly across the lands, usually staying in one spot around a month before we move on. This was only the third stop we had made, and I was scouting the area when that rogue must have stumbled across Jimin and Yoonah in the tall grass. I got there as soon as I could, but by that time, the rogue had already inflicted most of her damage to Jimin. He would do anything to protect his pup. I finished her off just before your omega and this alpha arrived.”

At first, Joon made no comment, though he felt relieved by the words of the beta for Jeongguk’s sake. “Thank you,” he finally muttered, eyes moving from Hobi’s down to the little girl in his arms. Tentatively, Joon stepped forward, putting himself in the eye line of Yoonah. 

“Hi, Yoonah,” he said softly, not wanting to upset the hiccuping girl further. “My name is Namjoon, I am a friend of your daddy’s. We are going to make him all better okay?”

Yoonah stared at him, eyes wide and curious despite her obvious sorrow. He couldn’t help but notice how wide and dark they were, almost an exact replica of Jeongguk’s own doe eyes. She shook her head after a moment and whispered, “Only Hobi.”

“Yoonah, Namjoon is also friends with your daddy,” Hobi cut in swiftly and then, as if debating his next words before speaking, softly added, “and your appa, yeah?” Joon startled slightly, glancing back at Hobi to confirm he heard him right. “She knows all about Jeongguk. Jimin made sure to talk to her about him since the day she was born. She knows we are looking for him.” 

Joon hummed appreciatively, amazed by her young mind understanding. 

“Appa?” Yoonah perked up slightly, wiping her snot covered nose on Hobi’s bare shoulder. Namjoon saw the look of disgust flash through Hobi’s eyes briefly before he nodded at the young pup. 

“Yes, Yoonah-ya, your appa. Jeongguk is—he’s my best friend,” Joon replied, hoping she understood. 

“Excuse me, I would beg to differ, Namjoon-hyung!” Taehyung, who Joon just noticed appearing from the direction of his and Yoongi’s hut, cried indignantly. “Jeongguk is my best friend, since we were pups and I will not take this slander in my—wait!” 

Yoongi did not hesitate to run to his pregnant mate who was still making his way over to the small group. Taehyung’s eyes flashed briefly to Hoseok before landing on the pup secured in his arms who was looking at Taehyung with eyes full of wonder. 

“Did you say appa ? Jeongguk?”

Shit, was the first thought that Namjoon had. Taehyung had no idea that one half of his two best friends was lying just beyond them all in a cot, hopefully being healed by Soomi and Jin. 

Yoongi stared at Joon frantically, knowing Taehyung was two pieces of information away from going into absolute hysterics. “Taehyungie,” Yoongi said cautiously, “this is Hoseok, or Hobi, and Yoonah. Jin and I found them in the forest earlier after they had been attacked by a rogue beta wolf.”

“No offense, but they look,” Taehyung paused briefly to gauge Hobi’s appearance, noticing some battle wounds, “mostly fine.” 

“Hobi save daddy,” Yoonah piped up unhelpfully. Joon groaned lowly, knowing they only had a mere second left of their somewhat calm demeanor.

“Oh? And who would your daddy be?”

Yoonah’s lip started to wobble immediately, tears cascading down her face almost simultaneously. Taehyung suddenly looked horrified as he took a step toward the girl. 

“Jimin,” Hobi whispered, deciding to unleash the floodgates. 

Taehyung faltered, eyes going wide in shock before whipping around to Yoongi before he thought better of it and looked toward Joon, the only other person present who grew up with Jimin. “What?” he shrieked. 

“Taehy—,” Yoongi tried, reaching out for his mate, who was starting to shake. 

“Namjoonie-hyung,” Tae looked almost desperate to hear his confirmation. 

Namjoon nodded solemnly, confirming Tae’s question. “It’s Jimin, Taetae. And he has—,” but he didn’t get to finish his sentence as Taehyung tore past him, as fast as his pregnant body would let him, to push into the hut. A moment later, a scream erupted from the hut and Yoongi ran after his mate. 

Jin looked up at him abruptly as Taehyung entered the hut in a frenzy. He stopped, eyes focused on the still wolf on the cot, whose head was blocked by Soomi leaning over him. Taehyung recognized the fur at once and promptly burst into tears, a scream escaping him as he dropped to the ground. 

He was vaguely aware of arms wrapping around him soon thereafter, Yoongi sending calming pheromones his way, though they were doing nothing to help Taehyung’s body-wracking sobs at the sight of his best friend’s lifeless body. His best friend who he hadn’t seen in two years. 

“Is he alive?” Taehyung asked loudly, voice wavering. 

Soomi spared Taehyung a brief glance before leaning back over Jimin to finish working with the wounds all around his neck. Jin looked at the mated couple from where he was carefully moving fur out of Soomi’s way. “He’s alive,” he responded gently. 

“Is he going to stay alive?” 

“I—,” Jin paused in his response, eyes flickering to Yoongi, grip tightening on the fur between his fingers momentarily. 

“Don’t you lie to me, Kim Seokjin!” Taehyung threatened, though it seemed empty as his body deflated further into Yoongi’s arms. 

“We are almost certain, but we cannot say for sure at this time. Jimin has lost a lot of blood, and we believe he has broken at least one rib and twisted his wrist. He’s also sustained damage to his head where we believe the rogue wolf who attacked him may have pinned him down roughly. We are going to take care of his wounds and continue to give him medicine, but after that the rest will be up to Jimin and time.”

Soomi pulled back from Jimin’s neck, wiping her hands with a rag before turning to Taehyung and Yoongi. “It’s my understanding that this is one of your old pack mates, young one. Also the one who our alpha Jeongguk has been looking for tirelessly. Rest assured I will see to it that Jimin lives, both for his pup and his mate. He is stabilized for now, you may come see him.”

Taehyung choked back a sob as he stood hastily. He took a step toward Jimin, then paused. He started to remove his clothes almost instantly, Yoongi making an indignant grunt behind him as he did so. He shifted quickly into his white wolf form as soon as all his clothes were off and then he ran toward Jimin. 

He approached cautiously, nose running along Jimin’s body from his flank all the way to his neck. Taehyung could smell the blood and salves mixed with Jimin’s citrusy scent. He also noted the sour edge to Jimin’s scent, most likely due to the pain he was in, though he was still unconscious. Taehyung whimpered softly as he closed in on Jimin’s scent gland that donned Jeongguk’s mating bite. 

Taehyung lowered himself to the ground slowly, careful of his own protruding belly, which again caused a low grunt from his alpha behind him. He closed his eyes and he moved closer to Jimin, letting his deep breaths calm him. 

He listened as Yoongi slowly left the hut, addressing Namjoon and Hoseok softly as the door closed. Soomi and Jin were moving around the hut quietly, Soomi cleaning up the mess they had made in their haste and Jin gathering some extra blanket to lay near Jimin’s unconscious figure. 

“I’ve missed you, Jiminie,” Taehyung whispered softly. 

Taehyung must have dozed off slightly, cause the next thing he was aware of was four small paws moving around him and wiggling onto the cot Jimin was laying on. Taehyung opened his eyes to look at the young pup as she cuddled up to Jimin’s underbelly, shoving her nose into his scent gland. He heard her let out a distressed whimper when Jimin didn’t react to her movements. 

Taehyung lifted his head from his front paws as the young wolf adjusted herself before her eyes landed on his. She pushed herself further into Jimin’s belly once they made eye contact. 

“Hi, little one,” Taehyung said softly, not breaking eye contact. She stared back at him but said nothing. “My name is Taehyung, what’s your name?” he asked, though he already knew.

“Yoonah,” she said, so quietly Tae almost didn’t hear it. 

“That’s a pretty name. This is your daddy, huh?” Taehyung asked, though he had already put it together from the earlier conversation outside. He could almost smell the mixed scents of lemon and eucalyptus coming from her beneath her milky baby scent. 

“Daddy friend Taetae,” she said instead, disregarding his question. Taehyung felt his heart bloom at her words while he nodded his head a little frantically. “Appa friend Taetae?” she then asked tentatively. If Taehyung was in his human form, he would have been smiling at her words. Instead, he bellied slightly closer to Jimin and Yoonah’s form, a soft hum of agreement coming from him. 

“Your daddy and appa are my best friends,” he responded to her, rolling slightly onto his side to relieve some pressure on his belly where his pup was starting to move around. Yoonah watched his movements carefully, seemingly debating her next words. She shuffled slightly in her own spot, wiggling a little closer to Tae, nose about six inches away from his now. 

“We look for appa, long time,” she said finally, sentence broken. 

Tae blinked at her in understanding. “Your appa lives here with Taetae, little one. He will be back so soon and he will be so happy to see you. He missed you so much.” He didn’t think she would be able to acknowledge and understand the fact that Jeongguk was still unaware of her existence. Taehyung knew, despite his initial emptiness at not knowing she had been born, Jeongguk would absolutely be elated to find out about Yoonah and that he would love her alarmingly fast. 

“You have a puppy in your belly, Taetae?” Yoonah piped up suddenly, staring at the now obvious movement coming from his stomach where his restless pup was located. He didn’t get the opportunity to answer her before she was moving down off the cot with Jimin and cautiously approaching Taehyung’s form. The older wolf made sure not to move as the young girl made her way over, stopping once her nose touched Taehyung’s snowy fur covered stomach. 

Tae saw movement out of his peripheral vision as Yoonah moved closer, and he rolled his head back just slightly to see what it was. It was then that he noticed his mate, also in his wolf form, lying close to the front door of the hut, eyes wide open and watching Taehyung attentively. The movement Tae had noticed must have been him lifting his head from where it had been resting on the ground. How didn’t I notice him before? he wondered, but was quickly drawn from his thoughts by Yoonah nudging her nose against his bump where his pup had pushed. 

Behind him, Taehyung felt more than saw Yoongi bellying closer to him before he rested his head over Taehyung’s neck, nosing faintly at his scent gland before directing his eyes to where the pup was close to Taehyung’s stomach. Yoonah glanced up at Yoongi, eyes a little startled at first to see him looking back at her, but she must have decided he was no threat and she went back to nudging at his belly. Tae’s chest constricted as he watched Yoonah silently, feeling his pup react to her movements and the excited gleam in her eye every time she saw his stomach bulge out. 

At a particularly rough push, Tae winced and Yoonah squealed, moving back just a few inches, eyes wide and afraid, moving to look at the adult wolf. Tae chuckled lightly, “It’s okay, Yoonah, my puppy is just happy to see you! Maybe it wants to be your friend? Would you like that?”

Yoongi huffed in his ear, but otherwise stayed silent. 

Yoonah relaxed at his words, looking back at his belly for a moment, but not moving closer. Instead, she backed up until she was climbing back up onto Jimin’s cot and pressing herself against his body again. “Yoonah friend,” she whispered after she settled, voice sounding a lot sleepier than it had just moments before. Tae preened in approval at her words, but said nothing further as she twisted to push her face into Jimin’s neck once more, her breaths evening out.

“You did so well, love,” Yoongi suddenly spoke from behind him. Taehyung curled into him further, his mate's words warming his body as he spoke. “You’re going to be the best dad to our pup, I can’t wait until they get here.”

“I love you,” Tae responded contently, shutting his eyes in hopes of falling back to sleep with his best friend and his mate by his side.

Yoongi whined quietly behind him. “I love you, too, my Tae.”

Three days later, Taehyung woke up in the healer’s hut in a cot with Yoonah’s wolf form curled around his protruding belly. Soomi is in his immediate line of sight, doing her daily morning routine of surveying Jimin and his injuries. Taehyung can vaguely see Jimin’s abdomen rising quickly with his still shallow breaths. There’s no other signs of changes either as Taehyung does a quick once over. He shuffles back on the bed where he was laying slightly, trying not to disturb the sleeping pup. He sits up as best he can and swings his legs off the bed, standing to stretch out all his limbs. 

“You know, you’re gonna have to go home and sleep in your own bed again eventually. I don’t think Yoongi enjoys sleeping at the door in his wolf form while you cuddle up to Jimin’s pup all night long.” Soomi’s voice broke the peaceful silence of the morning, causing Yoongi, who was in fact laying by the door of the hut to stand up, bristling at her comment before exiting the hut without giving anyone a second glance. 

Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Well maybe if someone stopped being so overbearing and protective, he could sleep in his own bed!” he shouted loud enough, hoping Yoongi would hear it from outside. The resonating growl he received in return confirmed his hopes. In front of him, Soomi chuckled as Jin walked into the main room from the back of the hut. 

“I’m sorry, but are you talking about Yoongi, or yourself in this case?”

Taehyung sputtered, eyes going wide at Soomi’s comment. He thought he might have heard laughter coming from outside the hut this time. Just wait until I get my hands on you, Min Yoongi .

“I resent that! I haven’t seen my friend in—,” Tae started loudly, but cut off quickly when Jin gave him a pointed look, eyes shifting to the pup sleeping still where Taehyung had left her. “You know what, I answer to no one and I will be pretending you didn’t say anything to me.”

“Tell that to Yoongi,” Jin muttered under his breath, quickly moving to the other side of the hut to pretend to look for something when Taehyung glared at him, crossing his arms over his chest. 

Tae looked back at Soomi, who was running her fingers gently over the stitches in Jimin’s side, coaxing some of the fur away from the wound. Taehyung’s eyes furrowed as he watched her movements. “Will it be safe for him to shift when he wakes up?”

Taehyung moved back toward the sleeping wolf pup, leaning down to gently scoop her into his arms before laying her down behind Jimin’s back, making sure she wouldn’t wake up alone. 

Soomi sighed. “Unfortunately, I can’t give that a sure-fire answer right now. If he wakes up within the next week, then no. His stitches won’t be ready to remove for at least another two weeks and his broken ribs haven’t healed yet either. He cannot shift until these stitches have been removed, and even then it still might be dangerous. We don’t know the severity of his head injury.”

Tae opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by a loud howl of a wolf announcing their arrival. All three wolves in the room looked at each other in panic at the sound, recognizing who it was immediately. “Fuck,” Jin whispered to himself urgently. 

“Jeongguk’s back.”


Jeongguk moved slowly through the foliage on the outskirts of their village, pace matching his beating heart—slow and dejected. Jeongguk had gone further north than he ever had before in search of his mate, asking any and all he had come across if they had seen him. No one was able to confirm Jimin’s whereabouts, stating that no omega had approached their territories asking for protection.

Jeongguk had snarled at one wolf when, upon finding out Jimin hadn’t been seen in over two years, they had suggested that perhaps Jimin was dead. No, Jeongguk had thought desperately, I would know, I would know. He’s stronger than that. When the wolf had just looked at him with eyes full of pity, Jeongguk had turned away. He has to be.

Once the battle of their old territory had ended, Jeongguk had re-established the bond he had severed with Jimin to try and find his mate as quickly as he could. What he wasn’t prepared for was for nothing to change. His chest didn’t fill with warmth, he couldn’t feel Jimin’s soul sitting beside his own. He couldn’t sense Jimin’s presence at all. In fact, he had felt exactly the same as he had before he had linked their bond back together. The absolute desolation he felt in that moment was indescribable. His wolf howled inside him, trying to rip its way through Jeongguk’s chest, determined to stop at nothing to look for Jimin. 

For the last two years, Jeongguk’s wolf had relentlessly paced, impatient and unwilling to wait any time there was a lull in his search for Jimin. The longer he was away from his mate, the worse it seemed to get, always in a constant state of despair. It seemed worse when he watched the other surviving members of his pack diligently moving through their day-to-day tasks, happy and content with their new lives while it felt like Jeongguk was falling apart. 

Once he passed into the main center of the village, Jeongguk shook himself from his thoughts and lifted his head, howling into the morning air to signal his arrival. 

There was a moment of silence where no one responded to his call, and he temporarily considered that everyone was still sleeping. Though the more he thought about it, the less sense it made. The sun was high enough in the sky to be shining brightly through everyone’s window. He worried for a moment, until finally, he heard a response come from Namjoon. 

Jeongguk picked up his pace, now trotting through the village outskirts, moving between huts that had yet to be inhabited. Once he made it to the main square, he noticed Namjoon and Yoongi waiting for him near the center hall. He shifted quickly, sliding into a pair of pants that Namjoon threw at him. 

Neither alpha said anything as Jeongguk settled back into his human form. The silence was wildly out of form for Namjoon, though it was pretty usual from Yoongi. Jeongguk was used to hearing apologies almost instantly from the Head Alpha every time he returned without Jimin by his side. The usual woeful expression Joon regarded him with was still there, though Jeongguk thought that maybe this time it was slightly different. 

“Uh… everything okay?” he asked cautiously, bending over slightly to ruffle his longer hair. He let the wind take a few loose strands off his fingers as he straightened back up, tucking his hair behind his ears. 

“Define okay,” Yoongi responded gruffly. 

Jeongguk appraised him with a long look. “You define okay.” Yoongi’s mysterious words weren’t out of character for him, though this didn’t seem like the time for it, in Jeongguk’s opinion. The longer he stood there though, he noted the slight twinge of bitterness lacing Namjoon’s scent. Yoongi still seemed mostly indifferent yet thoughtful. 

“Gguk, there’s—,” Joon started, taking a deep breath before a shout cut him off. Taehyung emerged from the healers hut on the other side of the village center, being sure to squeeze himself through the littlest space possible in the doorframe, pausing to fully pull the door shut behind him. Jeongguk also noted Jin staring at him from the window, though he was quick to turn and shut the curtains once Jeongguk made eye contact. 

Taehyung smiled brightly, albeit a little tightly as he shuffled toward the three alphas. “Gukkie! I missed you!” 

“Um,” is all Jeongguk could offer back in return, confused by everyone’s reaction to his reappearance. He was usually met with questions about where he went, who he saw, if anyone had seen Jimin to give him a solid lead. This time though, it was as if none of them remembered why he had been on such an extended ‘vacation.’  

As Tae finally approached their small group, another person, one who Jeongguk didn’t recognize, appeared from the center hall. Jeongguk’s hackles rose slightly when he took in the appearance of the beta wolf, half healed cuts and fading bruises littering his skin. 

“Who are you?” the strange wolf inquired. 

Jeongguk was affronted. “I beg your pardon, this is my pack, who are you?”

Namjoon raised a palm, “Jeongguk, please—,”

“You’re Jeongguk?” the beta interjected, eyes focused solely on him. Jeongguk noticed the betas rainwater scent, also carrying a slight scent of milk, like maybe he had a pup, fading quickly. Jeongguk narrowed his eyes at the intruder. 

“Who’s asking?” he responded roughly. 

“Jeongg—,” Taehyung tried this time, but was quickly interrupted by the beta once again. 

“My name is Hoseok, or Hobi. I’m a friend of Jimin’s.”

“Hobi-hyung!” Taehyung hissed at him, though if he said anything further Jeongguk didn’t hear him. It was all static-sounds suddenly, one thought quickly consuming him. 

Friend of Jimin’s. Jimin’s. Jimin, Jimin, Jimin. 

Losing all semblance of patience, Jeongguk reared forward, grabbing the beta by the shoulders and shoving him viciously back into the doors of the center hall. He snarled at the beta. “How do you know Jimin, where is he?” His voice was loud, echoing around the empty village square. For what it was worth, the beta in front of him seemed to remain calm in the face of the alpha who had just heard the first words in years pertaining to Jimin. “Where is he!?

“Jeongguk, please calm down,” Namjoon pleaded from somewhere behind him. 

“Don’t tell me what to do, don’t tell me to calm down, he knows Jimin!” 

“Gukkie, we know,” Tae whispered, approaching the hostile alpha slowly. Jeongguk’s grip loosened on the beta he was holding, grip slipping from his shoulder as Taehyung hesitantly reached out, grabbing his bicep. 

Jeongguk’s voice was weak, almost completely silent. “What do you mean you know?” 

“When Jin and I stumbled across him in the woods, he,” Yoongi took a deep breath, glancing at his mate with concerned eyes, before continuing. “He was with Jimin and we brought them here.”

All coherent thoughts left Jeongguk’s mind as he registered Yoongi’s words. He was with Jimin. We brought them here. Here. Here. Here. 

Where, where, where, was the only word replaying in his head, his alpha coming to the forefront, promises of his mate close by being his only driving force. 

Marginally, Jeongguk realized that all four wolves around him were watching him with guarded expressions, eyes dim. Jeongguk’s head was swimming with thoughts, not being able to focus on more than one thing at a time, a repeated mantra of where, where, where as his only thought.

It was in the silence as Jeongguk frantically swung his head in different directions looking for his omega that he remembered Taehyung’s tight smile, Namjoon’s apprehensive behavior, and Jin disappearing into the shadows of the healer’s hut. 

Suddenly all their trepidation made sense. 


Taehyung’s hold on his arm slipped away as Jeongguk jerked back, eyes brimming with tears as he started moving toward the healer's hut, feet moving much faster than his mind. 

“Jeongguk, wait! He’s not alone!” Taehyung screamed fiercely as Jeongguk left. Jeongguk paid him no mind as his alpha wolf pushed its way out, causing him to shift into his huge, black wolf form mid-stride. He was operating on pure instincts of save, protect, heal. 

“Jimin,” he cried out, voice broken as he made it to the door of the hut, nose starting to pick up the faint scent of lemons, something he hadn’t smelled in so long. My omega, his wolf whined as he pawed frenziedly at the door, on the verge of forcing his weight against it and busting it down. Jin opened the door just in time, as the alpha was preparing to do just that, and Jeongguk wasted no time pushing past the omega and into the hut. 

He scanned the room, heart beating wildly out of his chest as he was overcome with lemons, lemons, lemons and—,

“My omega,” he wailed again, this time out loud as his eyes finally, finally , landed on the silvery fur of his Jimin. 

Soomi cried out, disgruntled noises following as Jeongguk’s large wolf form pushed through the room, knocking tables and beds out of the way to get to his mate. Though he knew he was moving very quickly, it felt like time had slowed as Jeongguk approached Jimin’s lifeless form. He scanned his eyes over his mates body, noticing the slight up and down of Jimin’s breathing, one ounce of relief hitting him because at least Jimin was still alive

Jeongguk’s heart clenched, breaths coming in quicker as he observed his beloved omega. It was tempting to look the other way, turn around and come back, just to solidify Jimin’s presence. However, watching him, his chest rising and falling in time with Jeongguk’s unbelieving breaths was like finally finding the moon behind a bunch of dense clouds. 

He moved closer, a little more slowly now, and when he was within just feet of his mate, he noticed a small bump protruding from Jimin’s back that hadn’t been there the last time he’d seen him. He tensed, nose moving closer to Jimin’s mating mark and scent gland when suddenly the bump moved, and a small head of silvery fur identical to Jimin’s poked up over his omega’s spine. 

Jeongguk stilled instantly, eyes glazing over as he watched the small pup apprehensively sniff at the air, trying to scent Jeongguk from where he was located, her own milky scent starting to permeate throughout the air in confusion. A small whimper escaped her as Jeongguk breathed her scent in deeply, the milk and honey scent cloying on his tongue, followed by Jimin’s sweet citrusy lemon scent and… his own. 

Jeongguk’s paws gave out, body falling to the ground as he realized with a tight chest and a spinning head that the pup who was looking at him with wide, curious eyes was his own. His and Jimin’s. 

Jeongguk leaned his head back, nose to the air as he released a howl of absolute longing and despair. 

A high-pitched, broken howl started up beside Jeongguk’s cry of sadness. He cut off quickly, bringing his head back down to look at the small pup in front of him who now had her head lifted toward the ceiling omitting her own infantile howl to match Jeongguk’s. Behind him, he heard the door to the hut shut and presumed that Soomi and Jin had decided to leave to give him some privacy with his mate and pup. 

The pup quieted down and lowered her head to rest on Jimin’s back, eyes fixed on the large, black wolf. Jeongguk blinked slowly as he watched her, not sure what part of her body to focus on first, wanting to take her all in at once. He knew that if he was in human form, he would be crying. He had so many questions he wanted to ask her, though he knew she was so young that she wouldn’t be able to answer most of them. He would have to wait for Jimin to come back to him. 

Jeongguk imagined Jimin, belly round and swollen, creating and nursing their pup until she was ready to enter this world. He pictured her as a newborn as best he could, wondering if he would have counted every finger and every toe as she squealed in the harsh weather around them. 

The absolute agony that plowed into him at that moment was almost unbearable, as he pictured Jimin, his perfect omega, bringing this beautiful, beautiful being into the world, all alone, without the help of his alpha, and the relentless thoughts of how could I not know he was pregnant, how could I have let him leave?

He looked at her, her taut ears and eyes wide, thinking, despite only knowing her for mere moments, that she was the most breathtaking thing in this universe. 

Jeongguk watched her as she grew weary, ears settling back on her head as gazed at her in wonderment. He needed to know her. 

“Hi,” he finally whispered, afraid to scare her with his rough voice. She tilted her head, looking at him curiously, almost as if debating whether or not she should respond. She raised her ears back up and inched minutely closer, placing her small paws alongside her head on Jimin’s resting body. Jeongguk tensed, eyes moving to where he could barely see a stitched wound on the omega’s side, worry clouding his thoughts, wondering if his pup knew to be careful. 

She stopped moving, however, once she was propped up a little more, now able to clearly see him from his position on the floor. “Smell like me,” she replied. 

Jeongguk whined, ears flattening against his head as he bellied just slightly closer to her, emanating his calming eucalyptus scent to show her that he wasn’t a threat. He so desperately just wanted to touch her, to press his nose to her small scent glands and cover her in his scent. He couldn’t believe that she was here, that she existed in this world alongside him. 

She pressed herself into Jimin’s side a little further as Jeongguk approached, lips pulling back slightly. “Daddy hurt,” she said this time. Jeongguk’s heart broke at this, watching his smart, young pup try to protect her omega parent. 

“I know,” Jeongguk offered, adjusting quietly into a sitting position. “What’s your name?” He had to know. 

The pup perked up at that, tail wagging behind her just a little. “Jeon Yoonah!” she squeeked happily. She made a gesture toward Jimin, followed by, “This my daddy!”

Jeongguk was overcome with a fierce feeling of love as he listened to his daughter, Yoonah , talk excitedly. Her young, baby voice thick as she tried her best to formulate the words she so desperately wanted to say. He felt so fond as he watched her pull away from his mate, moving around Jimin’s body to come sit in front of him on the floor with rapt attention. He lowered himself back down, resting his head back on his paws.

He observed her movements, picking up how slightly unstable she was on her feet, body still unsure of itself, but her mind prepared to overcome the hesitance. Determination in each motion, like nothing would stop her from achieving her goals. 

So strong, just like my omega, his wolf murmured in amazement. 

“What’s your name?” she asked him curiously, sniffing at the air a little after she was finished. Jeongguk was trying to keep his scent mellow and calm, not wanting to disturb her with the hints of despair and longing he felt just looking at her and Jimin. He didn’t even know her yet and he had missed her so much. 

Jeongguk metaphorically cleared his throat before answering. “Jeon Jeongguk,” he replied. 

And silently, please know me, puppy, for I so desperately need to know you.

“That’s my appa’s name!” Yoonah yelled happily. Her cheers rang like bells in Jeongguk’s mind, the sweetest sound. “We look for my appa in all the places.” 

Another piece of Jeongguk’s heart broke as she continued to talk. Jimin had talked about him, had made sure she knew about him and that they were looking for him, and Jeongguk was so delighted, he wasn’t sure how to react. She knew about him.

I need to know you.

“Taetae said my appa live here... ,” she paused to consider her following words, and Jeongguk braced himself for what he thought was coming next. You’ve got this, baby. “Are—are you my appa?”

Jeongguk mewled quietly, absolutely elated that she was putting things together on her own. So smart, my pup, his mind supplied. 

“Yes, my puppy, I’m your appa.” 

Jeongguk waited with baited breath for her next move, hoping and praying that she would come closer, that he could finally touch her. He just wanted to curl his body around her and protect her from the world, shelter her from all things good and evil. He pushed his alpha roughly to the back, going against the instinctual side of him that just wanted to go to her, that just wanted to love her. 

Yoonah appraised him, and he could see her eyes shining, almost hopeful as she moved closer to Jeongguk, stopping only once her nose was cautiously pressing against his. Jeongguk’s wolf whined internally, wanting more, wishing for more, but he pressed down on his instincts again as he nudged his nose against hers gently. 

She squealed, a small giggle escaping her as she brought one of her little paws up to rub at her nose. Jeongguk’s heart bloomed at the sound, his wolf settling back in his mind at his pup’s happiness. 

Yoonah laid down, looking at Jeongguk with sparkles in her eyes as she crawled in his direction, coming to a quick halt when her nose hit his jaw, pausing to nudge at him to lift his head. He did so without question and she moved to rapidly crawl underneath his head, curling her body around him before pressing against his scent gland roughly. 

Jeongguk preened as he rested his head against her body below him, angling his own nose to her scent gland. He felt lighter as he breathed in deeply, letting her milk and honey scent consume him, body thrumming. He nosed around her scent gland for just a moment before moving along her spine, trying to map every part of her form, memorize every bump and curve. He could feel, as he continued to move, a small vibration coming from her as she started to purr, nuzzling her face into his own scent gland. He maneuvered his way back toward her head, nipping gently at her ears before leaving a long lick across her neck, stopping just behind her ears once again. 

A deep rumble started in his own chest as his scent bloomed across her body, indicating to anyone that would come in contact with her that she was his pup. Yoonah purred louder below Jeongguk, lifting her own head to return his licks, though she missed her destination and licked along his jawline. 

He huffed in laughter, tilting his head back toward her and rubbing his cheek along hers. “My sweet pup,” he hummed in contentment.

“Appa, love you,” Yoonah replied, voice gentle as she gave him a tentative nip at his jaw line. Jeongguk whined lowly, almost guttural, happiness and longing coalescing inside of him. He wondered what he might have done right in the world to deserve something as special as the pup snuggled up to him. How is she so perfect?

“My baby, Yoonah, I love you too. Oh, how I’ve missed you.”

His alpha beamed with pride inside him, proud of their mate for being so strong and so loving, so protective and so caring, enough to bring such a joyous pup into his life.

He brought a paw up, placing it around Yoonah’s small body to pull her further into him and he nuzzled against her persistently, though she seemed more than happy to return the favor. He couldn’t help but notice just how perfectly she molded to his body, like a missing puzzle piece. 

A sniffle came from the direction of the door, followed by, “Oh my God, what the hell, that was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life.”

Jeongguk whipped his head around, a growl ripping from his throat at the sudden intrusion, not aware that anyone else was with him and his family. Yoonah whimpered below him at the sound before going quiet. 

“Don’t you growl at me, you stupid alpha. I am pregnant and emotional, I will cry if I want to,” Taehyung said fiercely, voice breaking in between his sobs. 

“Taetae!” Yoonah shouted, though Taehyung couldn’t understand her since he was in his human form. 

Jeongguk stood from his position, bending down to pick his pup up by the fur at her nape. She made small sounds of protest, but otherwise went willingly as he moved to place her back with Jimin. As he went to move away from her after setting her down, she cried out. “Appa, don’t leave!” He could practically hear her oncoming tears. 

He shushed her quickly. “Puppy, I’m not leaving, I just have to shift to talk to Taetae, yeah?”

She watched him apprehensively as he backed away, moving to the spare cabinet full of clothes to find a pair of pants he could slide on. Once he had found some, he shifted and pulled on the loose sweats quickly, making sure to hide as best he could from both Taehyung and his pups eyes. 

He wandered back toward Yoonah and Jimin’s forms once he was back on two feet, reaching out to run his hand along Jimin’s side, careful to avoid the stitches that he could see. “My omega,” he said brokenly, tears welling up in his eyes. He blinked swiftly, willing the tears away so that Yoonah wouldn’t see them, although he still certainly felt like crying when he looked at her. 

“I think she’s going to shift, she’s got that look in her eyes. Here,” Tae said, holding out a hand with some fabric in it. Jeongguk reached out mindlessly to grab it, only realizing that it was some sort of dress looking item once he had it in his hands. 

Jeongguk opened his mouth, ready to start asking his best friend questions when suddenly, just like Taehyung had predicted, a petite human form took place of the small silvery pup laying next to Jimin. Jeongguk choked, eyebrows raising in wonderment as he took in his daughter's human form for the first time. She was beautiful, black hair billowing down to lay softly across her shoulders, eyes identical to his own staring up at him with longing, lips a perfect mirror of Jimin’s, plush and supple and fitting perfectly with the rest of her. 

Looking at her now, in this form, was nothing short of magical. She was innocence and goodness personified and Jeongguk appraised her in blissful adoration. He thought to himself that perhaps he could never love someone as much as he did in that moment. 

“Appa,” she cried, extending her arms in his direction. Her milky scent was quickly turning sad the longer she sat there without Jeongguk picking her up. He moved into action immediately, pulling the fashioned dress over her head to protect her delicate skin from the air surrounding them. Once the clothing was secured around her, the alpha wasted no time scooping her into his arms and pulling her to his chest, relishing in her warmth as it encompassed him. He guided her face to his neck, his calming pheromones instinctively releasing into the air as she started to mouth as his scent gland, small hands forming fists against his bare chest. 

Jeongguk growled softly in approval, a continuous rumble forming his chest as he laid his head down to press against Yoonah’s, grip tightening around her body as if she might disappear. Yoonah calmed down, purr erupting from her small frame once more as she closed her eyes and continued to nuzzle to his neck, her little tongue darting out intermittently to run along the indent from Jimin’s mating bite. 

“Okay, someone find Soomi, I need this baby out of me right now because what the fuck,” Taehyung piped up once more.

“Taehyung!” Jeongguk hissed, gesturing to the pup in his arms. “Must you use such vulgar terms in front of my child.”

“Don’t act all high and mighty with me Mr. I-cuss-every-other-word-just-for-the-sake-of-it. I’ll have you know she has heard plenty of cuss words and she is doing just fine.” 

Jeongguk watched as Hoseok entered the hut behind Taehyung, choosing to ignore his friend.

“Yeah, from you,” Hobi said in response to Taehyung’s retort. “Jimin doesn’t ever cuss in front of Yoonah, and quite frankly I think he’d be none too pleased to hear you doing it behind his back.”

Jimin, Jeongguk’s mind sunk. He was faintly aware of Taehyung’s protest directed at the beta wolf.

“What happened to him?” he asked tentatively, changing the subject before Taehyung could come up with another sassy remark. He needed answers and at this point the strange beta seemed to be the best place to start if his earlier words held any truth. 

Hoseok sighed, glancing at Jimin’s sleeping form before coming to rest on Jeongguk and Yoonah. “I found Jimin in the woods when he was still just a few months along with Yoonah. He was cold and starving, practically on the brink of death.”

Jeongguk’s wolf whined desperately inside him at the thought of losing his mate and unborn pup. Jeongguk tried to shush the alpha inside him, but had to bite his tongue to avoid making any sounds, not wanting to disturb the pup on the verge of sleep. The beta had paused briefly as Jeongguk stewed in his thoughts, but continued once he realized the alpha was ready to listen again. A small snore came from the pup he was cradling as Hobi’s voice filled the hut with their story, and Jeongguk pulled her closer, heart skipping a beat. 

Hobi recounted everything up until the moment they were currently in, telling Jeongguk about the rogue who had stumbled across Jimin and Yoonah, and how she had attacked and Hobi had only just arrived in time. Jeongguk was aggravated, wolf upset that this beta had decided to leave his mate and pup to fend for themselves instead of staying to ensure their safety. 

We can do much better, must always protect. Will do much better than this beta, his alpha supplied. Jeongguk was inclined to agree with his inner wolf. If Jimin lives, his wolf added.

“He’s going to make it, Gukkie,” Taehyung whispered, answering Jeongguk’s thoughts. From his peripheral, Jeongguk saw Hobi bow before backing out of the door behind him and exiting the hut, seeming to think he was no longer needed. 

“Don’t say anything you can’t guarantee, Taehyung,” Jeongguk countered, turning away from the pregnant omega, pulling the bed he was standing next to closer to Jimin’s cot before sitting down, all the while making sure to not jostle a sleeping Yoonah in the process. 

Taehyung grimaced when the alpha looked back at him, but said nothing further as he exited the healer’s hut himself, shutting the door roughly behind him.

Jeongguk sighed. He shuffled his pup in his hold to get a better grip on her with his left arm, checking to see if she was still comfortable and asleep before he reached his right arm out towards his mate. He was slow in his movements as he finally placed a hand to the fur on his head, petting gently at the soft, warm fur he hadn’t felt in so long, stirring the air with Jimin’s lemon scent that he hadn’t smelled in just as long. He tangled his fingers into the fur on the side of Jimin’s neck, pulling slightly to reveal the mating mark he had left all those years ago. Next to it, Jeongguk could see more stitches lacing the omega’s body.

Jeongguk whined remorsefully, throat feeling clogged at the vulnerable and fragile state of his omega. “Jimin, pl-please, omega.” He paused to wipe roughly at his eyes, willing the burning of tears away. “Please come back to me. I’ve missed you so much, I need you. I’ve been so lost without you, and I have looked everywhere for you. If I—,” he stopped abruptly, tears cascading down his face suddenly, voice broken and head pounding as he was overcome with such emotion. 

“I need you to wake up. I need you to wake up so I can thank you for this beautiful pup in my arms. You are so strong, baby, I’m so proud of you. You are the best mate I could ever ask for, please, Jimin, please. I can’t do this without you, I don’t know what to be without you, my omega, please,” Jeongguk cried desperately, sliding off the bed onto his knees, clutching tightly to his cherished pup and mate.

He laid his head against Jimin’s back, ear resting along his fur, listening to his quiet breathing, and sobbed.

A week and a half later found Jeongguk outside in the middle of the afternoon with his pup, watching as she sniffed her way through the pack garden, stopping to admire each flower. Jeongguk was sitting at the edge of the garden, on a perfectly placed boulder, in his human form, watching Yoonah’s small silver wolf streak through the different colors surrounding her. Little yips and barks were coming from her sporadically, indicating her happiness. 

Jeongguk was smiling, heart light and body relaxed as his pup moved around without a worry in the world. Over the last ten days, Yoonah had quickly wrapped him around her finger, and he’d be damned if she didn’t know it. She had warmed up to Jeongguk immediately, clinging to him in a way that made him believe she was making up for the lack of affection she usually received from Jimin. 

Despite Jeongguk’s own yearning, he did his best to keep his emotions in check when he was around his pup, which at this point was almost constantly. Taehyung joked with him one day that he couldn’t possibly make up for a year and a half of missed time in just a few days. Jeongguk had dismissed his friend irritably, not appreciative of him reminding the alpha of how much time he had lost. 

He found himself often imagining what the first moments of her life had been like, how she had formed into the little person she was today. He pictured Jimin nursing her and coddling her, nesting her into his bed to shelter her, keeping her wound tightly in blankets scented by him. Letting her know he’d always be there. Jeongguk pined for the time he had missed, wishing more than anything that he could have been there alongside Jimin to ease into parenthood. 

After he had woken up on the bed next to Jimin after that first night, with Yoonah clinging tightly to his chest, he had left the small pup in the care of Taehyung and Yoongi to seek out Soomi and Jin, asking them to go over the severity of Jimin’s injuries, and when they expected him to wake up. 

Jeongguk’s vision had gone blurry and his knees had gone weak upon hearing how many injuries his mate had sustained in his desperation to protect their pup. His alpha had scolded him internally for not being there to protect them, though he knew rationally that it was out of his control at the time. 

Jeongguk had vowed from that point on to never let anything harmful befall his family again. 

Every night, Jeongguk spent it lying next to his comatose omega and squirmy pup. Most of the time they slept in their wolf forms alongside Jimin, Yoonah cuddled up between her two parents purring in contentment. He had learned quickly that his daughter preferred to be in her wolf form more than she liked to be in her human form. He knew her development was further along and she had more motor skills when she was just a ball of fur and she liked being able to keep up with the older wolves. 

Every day, Yoonah spent some quality time with Taehyung, Seokjin, and Jin and Namjoon’s pup Sungho, who was pushing five years of age. Yoonah was still suspicious of the vivacious pup, watching him skeptically as he darted around the village in a frenzy, tongue lolling outside his mouth more often than not in his small wolf form. Jealousy would sometimes flare in her scent when she caught sight of the wistful pup, begging to be able to do the things he could do. 

During her time with his omega friends, Jeongguk would stay glued to his omega’s side, speaking to him relentlessly, trying to coax him to wake up and just be with him . The longer Jimin lay there unmoving and unchanging, the more desolate Jeongguk felt. He refused to consider that possibility that maybe Jimin wouldn’t wake up because Jimin is stronger than that.  

It was especially hard when Yoonah went through her moments, crying out for Jimin with such longing and aching, pawing at his unresponsive form and pulling at his ears with her teeth, begging for attention. More than once Jeongguk had needed to pull her growling and quivering form from his mate, pressing himself down on top of his pup and scenting her aggressively until her whimpers and whines had quieted down into confused hiccups. 

Hobi had explained at one point in time that Yoonah’s favorite method of rousing Jimin from sleep was in fact pulling on his ear and pawing at his face; therefore, when she continuously didn’t receive a response like she usually did, her increasing panic turned into a full blown hopelessness.

Jeongguk was pulled from his thoughts by the pitter-patter of Yoonah’s little paws running rapidly in his direction. Disregarding the pants currently around his waist, Jeongguk stood abruptly, pushing off from the small boulder and shifting mid-air. He soared over Yoonah’s head, landing five feet back from where she had previously been in the body of his black wolf.

She yelped in alarm, spinning briskly to face her alpha father. Jeongguk pressed down onto his front legs, butt raised in the air with his tail wagging while looking at his pup. He let his tongue roll out of his mouth, ears perked in excitement, waiting for her next move.

Yoonah narrowed her eyes at him. “Appa, not fair!”

Jeongguk didn’t offer a response, just tilted his head to the side slightly and wiggled backwards a little. Yoonah’s eyes narrowed even more if that was even possible, and she pawed at the ground with her front feet, lowering her body to prepare to pounce, feet unsteady. Suddenly, Jeongguk jumped forward to her, startling her enough to cause her to stumble backwards. He did it again before she could regain her footing, this time landing in front of her and nudging her underbelly with his nose just hard enough to knock her gently onto her side. 

“Appa!” she cried sharply, rolling to nip at his paws as he moved to stand over her. He feigned injury by yelping at her bite before licking roughly at her head, causing a tiny squawk to escape her mouth before she jumped at his throat, biting down hard on his fur. He rolled down onto his own side, and his pup took the opportunity to climb onto him, starting to aggressively dig into him with her little paws and claws, growling. 

Jeongguk rumbled back at her, rolling further onto his back, watching as she resituated herself onto his stomach, bellying across him quickly to nip at his jaw. He shifted his head in her direction, nosing against her scruff before grabbing it gently between his teeth and rotating back onto his feet. 

“Caught you,” he whispered to her in humor. She growled at him again as she dangled from his jaws, unable to move. 

“Appa mean, daddy nice,” she supplied in return and Jeongguk almost dropped her in shock. “Daddy always let Yoonah win.”

Jeongguk snorted before he started walking back in the direction of the main square, intending to return to the healer’s hut with Yoonah for a small lunch beside Jimin. “Wanna know a secret?” he asked Yoonah curiously. 

“Yes!” she replied enthusiastically, her previous animosity having vanished. 

Jeongguk stayed silent for just a moment. “Daddy always let appa win too.”

Yoonah preened below him, wiggling in his hold, asking to be let down. Jeongguk relented as they had just passed into the main center, the healer’s hut about a hundred feet ahead of them. As they got closer, Jeongguk could smell a mix of his and Jimin’s scents, as well as Yoonah’s soft scent, floating around the air, digging into every crevice around the hut they had spent so much time in. 

Once they were within feet of the hut, Jeongguk grabbed Yoonah’s tail with his mouth, silently telling her to stop. She looked back at him briefly, deflating slightly before shifting into her human form, promptly falling to her butt on the grass below. Jeongguk shifted right after her and grabbed spare clothes for them from the small table right outside the hut. He dressed them both in bare minimum clothing and swung Yoonah into his arms once finished. She grappled at his neck, digging her fingernails into as she got comfortable. 

“Are you ready to eat, puppy?” Jeongguk asked as they approached the door. Yoonah opened her mouth to respond, but was cut off by a sudden commotion coming from inside the hut. He heard Taehyung exclaim in surprise, Soomi yell out, and Jin gasp loudly followed by a loud crash before there was a thunderous scream of frustration and pain. 

Jeongguk tensed and pushed at the door in a rush to find out what was going on, and was completely unprepared for the scene that met him. 

Jin and Taehyung were pressed up against the back wall on the far side of the hut, eyes wide and mouths open. Soomi was standing nearest to the door and the line of beds, a wet rag hanging from her hands, dripping onto the floor at her feet. She looked at Jeongguk and Yoonah as they entered the hut in a frenzy—speechless and frozen. 

“Where’s my puppy?” came a frantic yell in the direction of the beds, voice cracking due to lack of use. Jeongguk sucked in a harsh breath as his eyes landed on his mate, who had a wild look in his eyes, his human eyes, as he glared at Soomi, who still had yet to move. 

“Jimin,” Jeongguk whispered, the words escaping him before he knew what was happening. The distraught omega, who was curled into himself while clutching tightly at the wound on his side, blood seeping through between his fingers, scanned the room for the source of the voice before landing on the alpha at the open door of the hut.

Jeongguk watched as tears rapidly flooded into Jimin’s eyes, spilling over and down his face in less time than it took Jeongguk to blink.


“Jimin,” Jeongguk, his mate, his mate, said again, moving in the direction of Jimin rapidly, Yoonah, oh my puppy, clutching onto his neck tightly, squealing in excitement. 

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, I missed you!”

Jimin reached out for Jeongguk as he got closer, but hissed in pain when he released the bleeding wound in his side. Jeongguk growled in distress, pausing to look toward the woman who was standing close to Jimin, “Soomi, help him.”

The healer, Soomi, Jimin now knew, jumped into action at Jeongguk’s command. The omega noticed resolutely as two other people escaped out of the hut, more than likely noticing the intimacy of this moment. He couldn’t be asked to care though because Jimin was looking at Jeongguk like he was seeing the world in color for the first time, eyes looking at every inch of his face, not sure on where to focus first. Inside him, his omega was howling in happiness, pawing at his chest, begging the alpha to come over here and just touch him.

Jeongguk stopped just short of Jimin, however, just out of reach as Soomi approached him. Jeongguk’s expression held guilt and longing in them as he gazed right back at his mate without blinking, eyes glassy with unshed tears. Tears were still falling down Jimin’s face freely, his nose becoming clogged as the female healer reached a hand toward Jimin’s side. 

Jimin followed her movements, breaking eye-contact with Jeongguk, to watch as she carefully ran a wet rag along his side, the white of the fabric coming back red and white-hot pain steering up his frame at the touch. He glanced down more to see stitches weaving in and out of his skin along his side, red droplets forming in some places. Jimin sucked in a rasping breath, belatedly realizing just how much it hurt. 

He groaned in pain, tossing his head back and letting his body fall back toward the soft bedding below him. As he did so, he felt a strain in his neck and his head throbbing as it hit the surface below. A hiss of pain escaped him again as Soomi followed his movements. “You’re okay, Jimin, you’re gonna be okay. You pulled at your stitches when you shifted so abruptly after waking, but they did stay intact for the most part.”

“I think I should take Yoonah to Taehyung. I’ll be right back,” Jeongguk interjected suddenly, already prepared to move toward the door. Jimin looked from the corner of his eye as Jeongguk stepped in the opposite direction of Jimin, only registering the words take Yoonah and be right back . The omega whined loudly, one of confusion and yearning at the thought of his mate and his pup leaving him. 

“Alpha,” he wailed, reaching his right arm out toward Jeongguk.

Behind his mate, he saw the door that must have led outside open, and a lanky omega with gray hair walked in, frame swollen with a pup. The intruder spoke quietly. “Jeongguk, give her to me,” and gestured toward the pup in his mates arms.

“Taehyungie,” Jimin croaked as he recognized the wolf now standing next to his mate, a brief thought of home passing through his mind. He watched as Jeongguk handed a struggling Yoonah to Tae, said wolf gripping her tightly once he had her in her arms. 

“Daddy,” Yoonah called sadly, tears of her own forming in her eyes as she realized Taehyung was backing away from Jimin and Jeongguk. “Daddy, appa!”

“It’s okay, puppy,” Jimin whispered softly, clutching his hand around the air in the direction that his best friend and daughter were going, not fully comprehending what was happening. 

Taehyung shifted her slightly in his arms and looked back at Jimin once more before he exited the hut. “Gukkie and Soomi will take care of you, Jiminie, it’s okay.”

Jimin tried to nod, mind fuzzy and his eyes suddenly heavy as Soomi continued to work. He breathed in deeply again, pangs running through his body at the motion, but satisfied when his alpha’s refreshing eucalyptus scent filled his lungs for the first time in so long. The omega’s eyes closed and he rolled his head in the direction of Jeongguk, reaching out for him again blindly, this time making contact when Jeongguk grasped frantically at his hand, grip firm and strong, like he was afraid Jimin might vanish. 

“Jeonggukkie,” he whispered, not sure if he had actually said anything at all as he succumbed to sleep once again. 

Jimin blinked awake slowly, birds chirping from somewhere nearby, most likely coming from an open window. The light of the sun shined brightly all around him, and Jimin had to blink multiple times before he was able to see the room surrounding him clearly. 

Directly in front of him, he could see shelves stacked to the ceiling that seemed to be sitting on top of a series of cabinets. Jimin could vaguely make out bottles and jars of all different shapes and sizes adorning the shelves from one end to the other. 

A healer’s hut, he wondered, amazed.

He shifted in his spot, trying to maneuver enough to see the other side of the room. He was quickly stopped by a large hand falling gently onto his shoulder. 

“Careful, my love,” a deep voice said, slowly slipping along his arm, caressing as if in disbelief. Jimin clenched his eyes shut tightly, the timber of his alpha’s voice cutting through his heart like a knife. It’s been so long, a consideration, and then, so it wasn’t just a dream. 

The omega remembered waking up, not recognizing his location, with a strange female omega leaning over him. He had growled ferociously, shifting in his spot almost simultaneously. Agony seared through Jimin’s body, and he shrieked loudly, voice gravelly from disuse. In spite of all the pain, he had only wanted to know where his pup was, and it felt like a fever dream when he watched his mate storm inside holding his pup. Said mate who was still desperately holding onto Jimin.

Jimin opened his eyes again, this time lifting himself gently onto his forearms, the warm hand that had still been grasping lightly at his wrist falling off. Pain shot through Jimin’s torso at the small movement, and he was instantly reminded of the stitches laced down his side. 

“You’re almost healed there, but you pulled some stitches hard enough to elongate the initial cut when you shifted,” Jeongguk rumbled beside him. Jimin turned toward him as fast as his damaged body would let him, deciding after a second to just lay back down and roll onto his side. “Your broken ribs are stealing healing though.”

Once Jimin was situated more comfortably on his side, he looked into Jeongguk’s brown eyes, ones filled with so much mangled sadness that Jimin’s heart constricted. “My omega,” Jeongguk hiccuped brokenly as he started to cry, body shaking as he reached out toward Jimin’s face. 

He cupped Jimin’s cheek so tenderly, like he was afraid he might break, and Jimin felt as tears burned in his own eyes, spilling over and splashing against the pillow and Jeongguk’s fingers. As the omega gazed at Jeongguk, noting his slightly darker skin tone, his hair—longer than it had been the last time the had seen each other—curling around his face, and the rough calluses on the fingers running along his cheekbone, Jimin realized the pain of parting was nothing compared to joy of meeting again. 

“Jeonggukkie, alpha, my alpha, I’ve missed you,” Jimin gasped. Jeongguk’s eyes softened even more, his grip on Jimin’s cheek tightening a miniscule amount. Jimin whined, a call for his alpha to be closer and he did not disappoint. The hand on Jimin’s cheek disappeared and Jeongguk was quick to move around the bed, Jimin’s lethargic stare having a hard time keeping up with his movements, but still able to admire the strong muscles in Jeongguk’s back as he passed the end of the bed. 

Jimin hummed in surprise as Jeongguk climbed gently under the blanket and into the bed behind him, slipping one arm under the pillow cushioning his halo of blond hair, while using his other hand to slide and caress softly across Jimin’s bare back. Jimin sucked in a sharp breath as his mate's fingertips shifted across his shoulder blades, making their way down his spine before circling around his hips and tickling against his lower stomach—where evidence of Jimin’s pregnancy still showed. Jeongguk splayed his hand across Jimin’s abdomen and pressed faintly to pull him toward the younger male. Jeongguk moved with Jimin’s body and stopped only once his chest was flush with Jimin’s back, hips and legs aligned perfectly to the omega. 

When the soft cotton of Jeongguk’s pants rubbed against Jimin’s bare bum, the omega flushed upon realizing that he was completely naked with only a thin blanket covering him from the waist down. The omega inside him perked its head up excitedly and Jimin had to forcefully put the wolf at bay, trying to tell himself that he was too injured and it was too soon, despite how invitingly attractive his alpha looked in that moment. 

“I’ve missed you so much, baby. Fuck, I could just die hearing your voice, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you. I love you so much, please don’t ever leave me.” Jeongguk’s tone was intense, laced with vehemence. 

“I love you, too,” Jimin cried. He could hear his heartbeat thudding in his ears, hands shivering and shaking as he moved to grasp tightly at Jeongguk’s, one on his stomach and one under his pillow. “Are you okay?”

Jeongguk chuckled in disbelief. “You’re lying here before me, broken and bruised, and you have the audacity to ask me if I’m okay. My omega, you never cease to keep me on my toes. I am fine. My only concern is you and your health, Yoonah and I need you to recover quickly.”

Jimin choked on a sob, voice thick as he asked, “What do you think of her?”

Jeongguk was silent, and for a moment, Jimin was worried, wondering what Jeongguk was thinking and why he couldn’t vocalize it. Jimin shifted, ready to turn and face his alpha, but Jeongguk’s strong grip tightened even more, freezing Jimin in his place.

Jeongguk then proceeded to bury his face into Jimin’s neck, nosing gently along his scent gland, eucalyptus embalming him for the first time in years. Jimin’s own citrus scent bloomed in happiness, twirling in the air around the mated couple to spin together, how they were meant to. It was with guilt that Jimin recognized Jeongguk to be sobbing, tears splashing along Jimin’s neck, tickling as they slid down his back. 

“She’s perfect,” Jeongguk preened wetly, words etching right into Jimin’s skin. “Jimin, oh God, I don’t deserve you. How could I when you have single-handedly created the most exquisite thing on this planet?” Jimin made an indignant sound of protest, but otherwise kept quiet. “She is so beautiful and sweet and funny, so caring and down-to-earth, though how couldn’t she be when she had someone as admirable as you raising her? It kills me to know how much time I missed, how much I will never be able to get back, but dammit if I don’t spend the rest of my years making it up to you both.”

“You created her too. She’s just like you,” Jimin whispered.

“No,” Jeongguk shook his head in refusal. “She’s just like you, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.”

The omega trembled in Jeongguk’s hold, not being able to hold in the silence anymore as his sobs wracked through his body. His baby, his perfect, effervescent baby had finally gotten what Jimin had always wished for, what he prayed for every night for the last two years. “Where is she?”

“She’s still with Taehyung,” Jimin wailed again at the name, “and Yoongi. They’ll bring her here soon.” 

“Taetae,” Jimin pleaded gently. 

“Soon, my love. So so soon. They didn’t want to overwhelm you, and I will admit for my own selfish reasons that I just needed you all to myself. Just for a little while. I cannot even put into the words how much I have longed for you, how much I have cried for you. I have moved Heaven and Hell to find you, my sweet omega, and to think, in the end that it wasn’t even me who found you. I have prayed to the moon every day for your return, promising to do anything she needs of me to make sure I am never parted from you again.”

Jimin felt the emotional rollercoaster he was riding dip as he shifted back, indicating to Jeongguk that he wanted to roll onto his back. Jeongguk relented, and once Jimin was firm on his back, the alpha lifted himself up onto his right forearm, and grazed his fingers from Jimin’s temple to his cheek, before stopping and cupping his jaw. Jimin took him in, watching the way Jeongguk’s eyes flickered constantly all over his face, not settling in one place for long.

“I will never stop losing my breath every time I see your beautiful eyes looking back at me,” Jeongguk whispered gingerly. Jimin whimpered below him, heart thudding and lungs constricting at the raw emotion flooding Jeongguk’s voice, dried tear tracks adorning his face. His eyes were red-rimmed and swollen from crying, but Jimin thought that maybe he had never been more beautiful.

Jimin reached up slowly, running his hand along the mating bite resting on Jeongguk’s neck, being sure to press lightly on his alpha’s scent gland as he went, coating him in a faint lemon smell. He continued up, cupping at the back of Jeongguk’s neck tightly, fingers tangling into the dark hair at the nape. “You still know how to get my heart racing for you.”

Jimin could feel the rush of helplessness, the sinking swoop in his belly as Jeongguk paused his movements, gauging Jimin’s reaction temporarily before he bent swiftly to connect their lips together.

Heat blossomed across Jimin’s skin as Jeongguk’s lips captured his in a desperate but serene kiss. He pressed back just as hopelessly, wishing to convey all of his emotions in their kiss. Their lips moved together magically, pushing and pulling so perfectly, like they were designed for each other. The sheer joy and elation that sparked in his chest as Jeongguk shifted, parting his lips to nip gently at Jimin’s plush lower lip, had the omega clutching onto the alpha tighter, bringing his body closer, closer, closer, until there was just Jeongguk and Jimin. It was like a breath of fresh air, fireworks glowing inside him from the touch.

Jeongguk rolled, bracing his body on top of Jimin in a way that didn’t put any weight on him, but kept their lips connected in their passionate reunion, emotions sparking like colors in a rainbow in the most sensual way. The air around them shifted, pheromones releasing into the air, kiss turning headier as Jeongguk whimpered into Jimin’s mouth, tongue moving to run along Jimin’s lips, pulling the citrusy taste with him as his lips consumed Jimin’s.

Jimin moved the hand clutching at Jeongguk’s nape to rest on his cheek, bringing his other hand up to mirror it, pulling away from their kiss slowly, as not to alarm Jeongguk. The alpha followed, pressing more soft kisses on his lips, moving across his face, caressing each cheek delicately before nosing down Jimin’s jawline, licking at the mating mark displayed proudly on his neck. Lemon and eucalyptus wove together even tighter, embedding itself into the sheets around them as Jeongguk fixed his teeth over Jimin’s mark, biting softly. 

A moan escaped Jimin before he could stop himself, and he tenderly removed Jeongguk’s head from his neck, bringing him back up to look into his eyes. “You’re one of the only reasons I fight for this life,” Jimin confessed.

“You’re the best thing in my life, baby,” Jeongguk said before pressing another kiss to Jimin’s lips. “Alongside our precious pup.”

Jimin’s omega howled in satisfaction, pleased to hear how all-encompassing Jeongguk’s love for him and their pup was. You caused this, you made your alpha happy, his omega made sure to note, and who was Jimin to disagree. Jimin leaned toward Jeongguk again, prepared to kiss him once more, when suddenly a throat cleared from the doorway. 

Jeongguk jolted backwards, a growl tearing from his throat in surprise as his eyes landed on the guest. 

Taehyung stood in the door frame, haloed in sunlight, with his hip cocked to one side and Yoonah, in her human form, held tightly in his arms. “Innocent eyes are here and they are determined to see their appa and daddy. Also, I told you to stop growling at me you dumb brute of an alpha.”

Yoonah was looking at both Jimin and Jeongguk with eyes of eagerness, fist clenching and unclenching where it was laying on Taehyung’s collarbone. Jeongguk groaned, falling back onto the bed beside Jimin at the sight of the omega waddling closer. Jimin giggled, doing his best to sit up, with Jeongguk’s belated help once he realized Jimin’s intentions. 

Once he was sitting, Jimin reached urgently for his young pup, who reciprocated his movements as Tae got closer. Jeongguk wrapped an arm loosely around Jimin’s waist as their friend handed Jimin their pup, and Jimin felt like he could start crying all over again as his baby settled instinctually into his grasp, hand clutching hungrily at Jimin’s skin, nails digging in just enough to cause Jimin to wince. “My puppy, my puppy, my puppy,” he repeated frantically as he pulled her closer to him, pressing his face instantly into her neck so take in her comforting scent. 

He heard Jeongguk rumble from beside him, his alpha version of a purr, at the sight of the omega coddling their daughter. 

Taehyung stepped back, intent on leaving the family to bond some more. “Minie, I have missed you so much. I’m so glad you’re okay.”

Jimin looked back up to stare into his best friend's misty eyes. “Taetae, I’ve missed you, too. I want to hug you so much, but I’m in no shape to move and you’re carrying around a beach ball. Oh, Tae, I can’t wait to hear all about it,” Jimin sniffled, tears finally reappearing, admiring his soulmate with eyes of astonishment, for the last time he had seen Tae, he wasn’t even being courted. 

Taehyung didn’t look much better as his lip wobbled, hand knuckling at his eyes like a child. “I’ll come back tomorrow,” he promised, before departing as fast as his body would let him. 

Yoonah wiggled in Jimin’s arms excitedly, seemingly unaware of the dejected atmosphere around them. “Daddy, you were sleeping for a long time. I found appa!” Yoonah giggled into his neck.

Jimin chuckled wetly, clutching at his pup tighter, brandishing her head with a kiss, leaning back into Jeongguk’s chest and presenting his neck for his mate to nudge into.

“Yeah, you did, baby. I’m so proud of you.”

Time passed like sand in an hourglass, each individual memory and experience, each day, occupying its own grain in Jimin’s mind. He was so overcome with emotions most days that he would have to take a minute to himself to collect his thoughts. 

Though he had begged and pleaded every day with anyone, anything, who would listen, Jimin would admit that he had started losing hope before they had made it back to his pack. The days had dragged on, and the nights had seemed longer still as him and Hobi had migrated through different areas of the grand forest looking everywhere for Jeongguk. 

The beta had been so relieved, showing up first thing the morning following Jimin reuniting with his family. He had stayed and blabbered on to Jimin about how sorry he was and that he never should have left and he didn't know what he would have done if he hadn’t made it in time. Jeongguk, who had been clutching onto Jimin’s frame the whole time, had growled lowly in his throat during Hoseok’s unyielding apology, only ceasing when Jimin had elbowed none too gently in the chest. 

Jimin had dismissed Hobi’s apology swiftly, “You couldn’t have known, of course I would never blame you. I’m just so grateful that you did make it in time.”

Jeongguk had huffed in disapproval and Jimin had pointedly rolled his eyes in the beta’s direction, who had stifled a laugh.

Hobi’s morning reconciliation had been cut short, however, because not long after the wolves in the healing hut had finished breakfast none other than Kim Taehyung (who Jimin had learned soon thereafter went by Min Taehyung now, thank you very much) barged his way into the hut. He came in like a ball of electricity, whizzing and sparking, smiling like the sun was shining out of his ass. 

“Minie!” he had exclaimed so loudly that it had jolted Yoonah from her slumber against Jimin’s chest. Jeongguk had relented then, groaning as he stood from the bed, grabbing their young pup and Hobi’s arm, pulling them from the hut. Jimin had frowned at their retreating forms, trying to prevent his eyes from glossing over before looking back at Taehyung. 

Taehyung shuffled closer, plopping himself none too graciously into the chair closest to Jimin’s bed, and it was then that the injured omega noticed another figure in the room. He was short for an alpha, probably not much taller than Jimin, leaning against the wall right next to the door, arms crossed over his chest, sinewy muscles crawling across his exposed forearms, black hair dangling in front of his narrow, cat-like eyes.

“Oh, Minie, this is Yoongi-hyung, the love of my life and father of my unborn child,” Taehyung had introduced boisterously, the alpha—Yoongi—grunting in acknowledgement, but otherwise saying nothing. Jimin had bowed his head at the alpha, offering a tentative smile before looking back at Taehyung, who was rubbing his belly affectionately. 

It was then that his friend had dismissed the alpha with a wave of his hand, stating, “you can be protective some other time, I’ve got shit to do.” Jimin had giggled lightly into his hand at his audacious friend as the alpha furrowed his brows with a grimace before promptly leaving, the door slamming shut a little harder than necessary. 

Finally in privacy, the pregnant omega had unleashed his story, outlining every detail from start to finished about how he had met Yoongi, to how the wolf had courted him (down to the color of each ribbon on each gift), describing with great enthusiasm their mating ceremony and how the alpha had rocked Taehyung’s world (in more ways than one), to the moment in which the couple had discovered that Tae was pregnant. 

“That tsundere alpha, he sobbed like he was the baby when he found out, babbling on about how perfect and amazing and beautiful I was, like I didn’t already know,” Taehyung had paused in his assessment of the alpha, “what a sap.”

Taehyung had continued on, letting Jimin intercede every once in a while with his own story, but only for short periods of time. He had eventually been stopped by Soomi, who had appeared after the sun had passed the highest part of the sky. She had shooed Taehyung off, insisting that she needed to check on Jimin’s injuries and that he needed rest. The omega had been too shy to admit that she was right, he just wanted to sleep, still exhausted and recovering. 

Jimin had cried when Jin and Namjoon had showed up just a few days later with Sungho, the toddler clapping his hands and smiling at Jimin with a repetition of “Minie. Minie, Minie, Minie.”

“He’s just so big now!” Jimin screeched, voice full of despair. Jin had to console him while Joon held their squirming pup in one arm. The Head Omega had taken time to remind Jimin that it was only natural that Sungho had gotten bigger, and yes it was okay that Jimin had missed some of his growth because he had been out in the woods raising a pup of his own while searching for his mate and trying to survive. 

Jimin had continued to hiccup viciously, asking for and cradling the boy that Namjoon was all too happy to hand over tightly to him, rocking back and forth and humming like he used to when back in their old home. Yoonah had been mortified, growling and glaring from her position on Jeongguk’s lap, jealousy emanating from her in milky sourness. 

“Come here, baby,” Jimin had acquiesced, shifting so that he could hold both children in his arms. Jeongguk had cautiously handed Yoonah over, and Jimin had laid back with both pups, talking softly and assuringly until all three of them had fallen asleep. 

Now, a week and a half after Jimin had regained consciousness, he was finally cleared by Soomi to start moving around and leaving the healer’s hut, even moving into his own hut with his mate and pup. She had removed the stitches in his side and his neck a few days prior, and had told him to take it easy with any heavy lifting to let his ribs finish healing. 

She had been delighted to know that his head injury was not serious when he had woken up, but she warned him to come to her immediately if he started feeling dizzy or his head started to hurt badly. 

Jimin had agreed in a rush, eager to leave this hut and stand in the sun. 

Jeongguk pushed off from his place against the wall, coming over to help Jimin stand from the bed. 

“Gukkie, I’m okay, I can stand on my own,” Jimin insisted. He braced himself on the frame of the cot and pushed himself to stand on his feet. He wobbled slightly in place, feet unused to the pressure after being out of commission for so long. Jeongguk touched the small of back to brace him, and Jimin shivered at the warm touch. It was getting harder and harder to ignore the burning desire felt for his mate, especially when he would walk around shirtless or with their pup in his arms. 

Jimin’s omega was constantly running through thoughts of provide, protect, please, provide, please, mate, mate, mate, mate until Jimin’s scent was cloying with arousal and Jeongguk was looking at him with stormy eyes and a white knuckled grip. It had been so long and their bond was still so broken that Jimin’s omega was begging for Jeongguk to dig his teeth into their mating mark hard enough to break skin, to re-establish their link so that Jimin could feel his alpha’s warmth constantly.

As soon as possible, was the promise Jimin made to himself. Already planning ahead on who was going to watch Yoonah so that their time would be uninterrupted. Jimin had counted and recounted the days in his head multiple times since he had woken up, and had come to the glaring realization that he should be getting his heat within the next month.

His omega had preened and purred inside him once he had noticed this, pacing in his chest at the thought of finally, finally, being able to spend his heat with his mate for the first time in years. Jimin’s omega had also been happy to slip in the idea of Jeongguk impregnating him once more. Jimin had pushed those thoughts violently to the side, body flushing with heat at just the mere thought. Now is not the time, he thought to himself, although it sounded weak. 

“What do you think about seeing our home? I made sure to make it special just for us, and I have even enslaved the help of Yoongi to create a bed for Yoonah, in her own separate room that she can make all her own,” Jeongguk stated from beside him. Jimin turned to look at his alpha, whimpering in approval, head nodding frantically.

“I would love nothing more than to see the home you have provided for our family, alpha.”

Jeongguk’s eyes darkened slightly, pride swelling his chest at the omegas words. Jimin thought he could feel a dull throb in his chest from their mating bond. 

“Let’s go then,” Jeongguk urged, leaning down to scoop their sleeping daughter from the bed Jimin had just been laying on. Jimin followed his alpha without protest. 

The house was immaculate, a stone pebbled path leading to the front porch, wooden rocking chairs on either side of the door. The kitchen was an open concept, laid immediately to the left when you walked in the door, and the living room directly on the right, a fireplace taking up the adjacent wall, big enough to warm the entire floor. There was also a small door tucked behind the fireplace that Jimin had quickly found out led to a bathroom, one with a small stone-basin tub for quick rinses and baths. 

The rickety stairs that separated the kitchen and the living room led up to a narrow hallway that had one door on the left, two on the right, and one at the end of the hall. The one on the left held an empty bedroom, not yet decorated or claimed. The first door on the right was another small bathroom, with a much larger basin for the times when the omega wanted to lay in the water and soak his body.

The second door on the right, the one closest to the end of the hall, held Yoonah’s room. There wasn’t much in it yet, just a small bed with a nest created by Jimin that tangled Jeongguk and Jimin’s scents in with Yoonah’s to provide comfort while she was sleeping. There was a dresser and a toy box as well, though the toy box had yet to be filled with anything, all of Yoonah and Jimin’s previous belongings having been left at the scene of the attack when Jin and Yoongi had found them. Jeongguk had promised to supply her with all the toys she could ever need, even if he had to make them himself. 

The last room belonged to Jimin and Jeongguk. There was a large bed directly in front of him when he entered, large enough that Jimin was sure both him and his mate could fit comfortably on it while laying right beside Taehyung and Yoongi. Not that they would try, Jimin’s omega absolutely not okay with the thought of another mated pairs scent messing with the ambiance of his nest. 

Jimin had spent countless hours pushing and pulling, folding and unfolding, blankets and pillows and various articles of clothing that Jeongguk possessed until he got their nest just right. Jeongguk had entered the room fondly once Jimin announced his completion, admiring their new nest with deep-rooted happiness. Jimin had promptly pushed him onto the bed with a sharp command of, “scent,” only content once the room filled with Jeongguk’s eucalyptus scent, borrowing itself into the fabric and the wood of the walls surrounding them. 

That bed is where Jimin found himself now, impending heat causing a pink flush all across his body. There was sweat gathering across Jimin’s forehead, rolling down the sides of his face as he took deep, heaving breaths of pain while his tummy cramped up. Jimin had woken up earlier that morning with a groan as a particularly vicious cramp had roused him. Evidently the noise had been loud enough for Jeongguk, who was downstairs with their pup, to hear because he had entered the room panic-stricken, eyes full of worry, searching out a possible threat before stopping in his tracks. Jimin had watched as his mate’s pupils had dilated, gaze darkening.

“Yoonah,” Jimin had moaned, pain in his abdomen causing him to curl up into the fetal position. He hoped his words were enough for Jeongguk to understand that he needed to take Yoonah to Taehyung now. 

Jeongguk had seemed to understand, cause he had disappeared immediately and it was the reason Jimin was now in his current predicament. 

After hearing their front door slam shut, Jimin had been quick to push the covers off his rapidly heating form, pulling the shirt and shorts he had slept in from his frame, lemon scent amplified abruptly. He had turned his head, reaching his arms out for the pillow Jeongguk slept with and pulling it closer until he could shove his face into the fabric, breathing in deeply the scent of eucalyptus. 

Jimin’s stomach lurched as the scent filled his lungs and clouded his mind. It had been so long and dammit he needed Jeongguk. Images broke though his cloudy thoughts, pictures of Jeongguk next to him, on top of him, inside him and Jimin whined petulantly, crying out for the alpha. 

He could feel the phantom fingers of his mate as they caressed his body, and Jimin moved his own hands down his body to mimic them. He slid them along his sides gently, just a feather of a touch, running along his lower belly. He pressed back into the bed and moaned when he brought a hand up to his nipple, rubbing tenderly over the swollen bud, cries of “alpha, alpha, alpha” leaving him in quick succession. 

The omega craved it, body thrumming in pleasure at the thought of Jeongguk coming to relieve him of his pain, to satisfy him and fill him up. It had been so long but Jimin’s mind wasn’t shy in picturing his alpha’s perfect body, conjuring up images of exactly what Jeongguk could do to him. Exactly how he could ruin him. 

Jimin’s blond locks stuck to his head as he continued to sweat, heat rolling off him in waves, hands slipping across his skin faster. 

Thoughts of his alpha, of Jeongguk, were quickly becoming not enough, his omega longing for the alphas' hands to touch him, to assure him, to hold him. 

“Jeonggukkie,” Jimin moaned out in desperation, hoping it was enough to entice his alpha, to just get him here because he was losing his sense of rationality and why isn’t his alpha here yet?

He felt a pulse in his belly. Uncomfortable. Felt his body clench tightly, fingers gripping the pillow in his hands fiercely, before relaxing, slick suddenly sliding from his hole.

The omega mewled, loud enough that he knew someone could hear it from outside if they were there. Hoped his alpha was there. 

Please, his omega begged internally. Need you.

And as if someone was listening and answering his prayers, there was a loud crash as the front door was roughly pushed open. Jimin sat up frantically, discarded Jeongguk’s pillow and gripped at the blankets near the foot of the bed, hoping for the real thing to come through the door. 

Come he did. Not seconds later did the alpha in question come falling through their bedroom door, pulling roughly at the shirt adorning his chest. Once free of the fabric, Jeongguk went to discard the item on the floor but stopped when the omega let out an indignant sound of protest. He tossed it aimlessly onto the bed instead before crawling onto the foot of the mattress. Jimin lunged for the piece of clothing, taking a moment to place it perfectly in his nest, before he turned back toward Jeongguk.

He whimpered, arms reaching for his mate. “Need you. Need you, alpha.”

Jeongguk’s chest rumbled, wasting no time as he crawled further up the bed toward the omega, pressing his knees apart to settle into the space between them, arms coming around to cage Jimin in, body pressing down, down, down, until Jimin was laying on his back. The alpha hovered over him, eyes swimming with both lust and love as he gazed sincerely at Jimin.

“I have wanted this for so long, my omega. You have no idea how good you smell right now. I’m going to worship and devour you,” Jeongguk said huskily, moving his head down to press his nose to Jimin’s scent gland, taking in the sugary sweet lemon scent before he licked roughly at the skin.

Jimin groaned, back arching as Jeongguk continued to lick and suck along his neck, alternating between one side and the other, causing Jimin’s heat laced citrus to hang in the air heavily. 

“Alpha,” the older boy cried, hands releasing their grip on the sheet and finding their place on Jeongguk’s torso. He ran his hands down the ridges of Jeongguk’s abdomen and the alpha connected their lips in a searing kiss. Jimin whined into the kiss, meeting Jeongguk’s intensity with the same vigor, desperate for release, wanting to become one with the alpha.

He was getting impatient as Jeongguk made no further moves outside of rotating between long, drawn out kisses and bites and licks along his neckline. Jimin took it upon himself to move this along faster, so he grabbed at the waistband of Jeongguk’s pants, tugging roughly to free what he craved most.

Jeongguk growled above him as Jimin pushed at his chest with one hand and wrapped his other one around Jeongguk’s leaking cock. The alpha leaned back just enough so that Jimin could look at what he was doing. His hand was small, barely able to fit around his mate’s cock, and he moaned in delight when it twitched in his touch, hole clenching at the thought of the impending intrusion, a fresh wave of slick falling from him.

Jeongguk’s nostrils flared as the scent of Jimin’s slick permeated the air and he pulled back even further, enough to have Jimin letting go of his swollen, red cock. Jimin whined at the loss, watching a precum dribbled from the tip, desperate. Desperate to taste.

Jeongguk placed a hand on either of Jimin’s knees and pushed them toward Jimin’s chest until they were touching and Jimin was quick to grab hold on the bottom of his thighs to keep them up. Jeongguk groaned loudly as he took in his omega on display.

“Jesus,” the alpha whispered harshly. “Look at you, look how pretty you look covered in your own slick, begging for your alpha. So pretty, omega, so perfect. Alpha’s going to ruin you.”

Jimin bit his lip roughly as Jeongguk slid both his hands down Jimin’s calves, rounding them around the underside of them before maneuvering them down the length of Jimin’s legs, only stopping once he reached the crevice where the omega’s thighs met his pelvis. Jeongguk ran his fingers along the line where his thighs met his ass next, getting closer and closer to the spot where Jimin wanted him most.

The omega threw his head back into the pillow below him, releasing the hold his teeth had on his lip and moaning loudly. “Alpha, Jeonggukkie, please .” 

“Please what?” the alpha teased, though he knew what Jimin wanted.

“Please touch me,” Jimin choked, tears welling in his eyes as Jeongguk hummed, fingers moving to circle around Jimin’s slippery rim, causing more slick to slide from his entrance. Jimin’s whole body shook as Jeongguk finally, finally pushed a finger in, pressing in as far as he could go and wiggling it slightly. It was astronomical, the way Jimin’s body felt at the first touch of his alpha, how after all this time he still lit a fire inside him. 

“Yes, yes, alpha, please more,” Jimin begged, eyelashes coated in tears as he started to cry. 

Jeongguk cursed to himself, pulling his finger out only to press back in with two this time. “So fucking beautiful, doing so well, Jiminie. I’m gonna take care of you.”

Jeongguk worked Jimin open slowly, cautiously like he was afraid he might break. Jimin huffed, thrusting his hips down towards his mates fingers roughly, signifying for him to please just hurry up

Jeongguk scissored his fingers apart, groaning at the slight resistance he was met with as Jimin clenched around him. “So tight, even after all these years, even after birthing our pup. Can’t wait to feel you wrapped around me,” Jeongguk snarled, working his fingers faster in and out of Jimin’s hole, slick dripping down his wrist and onto the bed below. 

Jimin preened as Jeongguk inserted a third finger, the pleasure wracking through his body as his mate started to search for Jimin’s prostate. 

“Oh God, right there,” Jimin howled, pushing once more onto Jeongguk’s fingers when he brushed the pads of them against the sensitive spot. All he wanted was more, more, more, stomach coiling and chest flushing as he pictured Jeongguk’s knot. 

“Knot, knot,” Jimin wailed suddenly, taking Jeongguk by surprise. The omega sat up suddenly, pushing Jeongguk back onto his haunches and rolled over onto his stomach, lifting his backside into the air and dropping his chest on the bed, presenting. “Gukkie, please, need you, need your knot. Hurts.”

It was like a complete one-eighty, Jimin going from mewling and pliant to begging and pleading, frustrated.


Jeongguk cursed, cock jerking at the sight of his omega presenting for him. He backed off the bed temporarily to remove his pants fully, taking his leaking cock in his hand and pumping it a few times. Jimin watched him from over his shoulder, wiggling his hips back and forth enticingly to prompt the alpha to move faster. “C’mon, alpha, said you were gonna ruin me, so ruin me .”

All inhibitions seemed to be thrown out the window then as Jeongguk climbed back onto the bed swiftly, grabbing forcefully at Jimin’s hips. Jimin moaned, pushing himself back toward the alpha in anticipation. Jeongguk leaned over him, lips finding Jimin’s nape, and bit down softly before smoothing over the marks left behind with his tongue. 

Jimin whimpered into the pillow, drool falling from his mouth as Jeongguk worshipped his back with his mouth. He left kisses across his shoulder blades before moving down his spine, leaving bruises every so often when he would bite and suck on Jimin’s milky skin. Jeongguk gripped Jimin’s hips tighter, his long fingers almost meeting in the middle of Jimin’s stomach, thumbs pressing into the dimples at the base of Jimin’s back. So small. 

“Please,” Jimin sobbed, pleading. He felt his hole clench around nothing, empty, empty, empty, and slick sliding down his thighs just begging, pleading for something, anything .

Anything that could simmer this burning desire inside of him. 

Jeongguk leaned back up and promptly flipped Jimin over onto his back once more, spreading his legs so that he could fit himself between them, large cock rubbing against Jimin’s leaking member. Jimin mewled at the sensation as Jeongguk slipped his cock further down to rub between Jimin’s cheeks, coating himself in Jimin’s syrupy slick. 

“As much as I would love to take you from behind,” Jeongguk rumbled, “I want to watch as I fuck you again, as I bring you to the precipice and watch you come undone. As I claim you again.”

Jimin choked on a sob as he brought his hand around Jeongguk’s neck, bringing him closer so he could press their lips together. “I love you,” Jimin cried wildly. 

“I love you so much,” Jeongguk whispered in return, reaching down to align the head of his cock with Jimin’s dripping hole. “Since the moment I met you.”

Jeongguk mouthed at Jimin’s throat, and Jimin leaned back for him to have better access as the alpha pushed his hips forward. They groaned in unison as Jeongguk sunk in further, Jimin’s warmth encasing him and rim sucking him in. 

Jeongguk paused, listening to the soft sounds the omega was making, letting him adjust to the intrusion. Jimin was squirming beneath him, ready for release and Jeongguk bit down faintly on his mating mark to stop his movements. Jimin was so tight around him, heat coalescing from everywhere, shrouding Jeongguk from all sides. 

“You feel so good, baby. Fuck, l-let me know when—,” he stuttered, body wavering above the omega.

“Move,” Jimin commanded, picking up on what Jeongguk was trying to say. Jeongguk pulled back from the crevice of Jimin’s neck and looked into his eyes, watching as they swam with tears, begging for relief. 

Jeongguk growled softly and complied with Jimin’s request, pulling out slowly, almost completely, before pushing back in, savoring the feeling of Jimin’s walls wrapped around him. Jimin moaned below him, legs coming up to wrap around Jeongguk’s slim waist, as the alpha began to thrust more—faster, desperate.

Jimin grasped at Jeongguk’s neck pulling him down into a sloppy kiss, mouth’s wet and hungry against each other as Jeongguk started to pick up the pace, moving his hips harder, stretching Jimin open on his cock. 

“Alpha,” Jimin moaned as his mate continued thrusting into him, their skin slapping together where their hips continued to meet. His heat consumed him, tears streaking down his face, fingers digging into Jeongguk’s neck hard enough to have the alpha hissing above him. “Claim me.”

“Fuck,” Jeongguk grunted, thrusts stuttering briefly at the omega’s words. “Fuck, yes, I will, I will, my omega.” 

Jeongguk leaned back, hands grappling at Jimin’s waist aggressively, and the omega let his legs fall, feet landing back on the mattress below. The omega’s fingers tangled in the bedding, head lolling to one side, exposing his mating mark for Jeongguk. The action alone was enough to nearly make Jeongguk cum. He felt his knot starting to swell at the base of his cock as he fucked into his omega brutally, fingers holding onto Jimin’s hips in a bruising grip. 

“Knot me, claim me,” Jimin gasped as Jeongguk’s knot caught on his rim. Jeongguk thrusted roughly, pressing his knot into Jimin, causing the omega to cry out and spill all over his stomach, overwhelmed as Jeongguk knew he’d found his prostate. The alpha continued to move his hips wildly, slamming repeatedly into Jimin’s sweet spot as his knot continued to grow.

He kept going, driving into Jimin so desperately as the omega sobbed below him, scratching his nails down Jeongguk’s back, marring the perfect skin. Jeongguk snarled, pace faltering as his knot became too inflated to pull out, hips stuttering a broken staccato as he moved shallowly in and out of his mate. 

He pressed his face into the space of Jimin’s presented neck, fitting his teeth into the marks he had previously left behind and bit down, breaking through the scar tissue, and his hips jerked as is knot popped, spilling into Jimin spurt after spurt, filling his mate to the brim.

His mate. His mate, his mate, his omega. 

Jimin clutched tightly at Jeongguk as the alpha laid down on top of him, chest heaving in broken breaths as a different kind of warmth bloomed through his chest. One so unrecognizable yet so familiar, bleeding into every crack and crevice of Jimin’s broken heart, repairing and pulling their shattered bond back together. It swam through his veins, igniting him in ways Jimin had only wished for.

My alpha, my alpha, my alpha, the omega whined as he felt Jeongguk’s soul nestle itself back into its home beside Jimin’s.

“Home,” Jimin mumbled as Jeongguk licked over the reopened wound on his neck. 

“My omega, my mate, I would have counted every star in the sky if it would have brought me back to you,” Jeongguk said softly, rolling their bodies to lay on their sides, facing each other on the bed, bodies still connected by Jeongguk’s knot.

Jimin whimpered, looking into the galaxies shining in Jeongguk’s eyes, and thought to himself that yeah, I would have, too .

“I love you, Jeonggukkie,” he said instead, voice unsteady as he shuffled closer to press himself against the alpha, pausing to press a soft kiss to Jeongguk’s lips. 

Jeongguk wrapped his arms around his mate tightly, praying his thanks to the moon for the return of his precious omega. He listened to the omega’s breaths subtly evening out as he started to drift slowly to sleep.

“I love you, too, my omega,” he whispered into Jimin’s hair, inhaling the mix of lemons and eucalyptus that covered his body. 

Jeongguk settled more, shifting into his back and rolling the omega on top of his body. He reached down, searching for the edge of their blanket and, once finding it, pulled it over their naked forms, to burrow them until Jimin’s heat roused them from sleep.

His alpha hummed inside him, settling down and curling into a ball, knowing his mate was finally safe in his arms and that nothing would separate them again. 


“Appa, why Eunjae not play with Yoonah and Sungho yet?” Yoonah asked from her restless position next to Jimin. 

Jimin, who was laying in the grass letting the sun warm his fur in the frigid autumn air, lifted his head to look over at his pup. Jeongguk, who was laying directly beside Jimin, and had his head resting over Jimin’s back while sleeping, startled slightly. 

“Baby, she’s too little, you know that. She can’t shift into her wolf form yet. She still needs her daddy,” the omega replied and nodded his head in the direction of where Taehyung was sitting on his front porch, rocking his fussy pup back to sleep. 

Jimin admired his best friend and his mate as Yoongi moved to stand above Tae, staring down at Eunjae with love in his eyes. 

Yoonah whined from next to him. “Well, tell her to get big! I want to play, Sungho is mean.”

Despite her about to reach her second birthday, Yoonah still acted like a baby to get her way most of the time. Jimin was more stern, not giving in when she threw her tantrums. Jeongguk, however, was more than willing to bend over backwards for their daughter, meeting her every need. 

“She’ll be big enough soon. Why don’t you go talk to her, so she can get to know you better, hmm?” the silver wolf suggested. Yoonah was quick to agree, an excited hum coming out of her as she zoomed off in the direction of Tae and Yoongi. 

Jimin watched cautiously as she approached, stopping just in front of Taehyung and waiting for his nod of approval before resting her little paws on his knees and nosing at the baby. 

The omegas heart warmed at the sight. 

“Do you think she’ll love her sibling just the same?” Jeongguk wondered groggily from beside him. 

Jimin turned his head to look at the alpha, eyes shining brightly as they made eye contact. Jeongguk’s gaze softened as he looked back at his mate. 

Jeongguk bellied forward and pushed his nose against Jimin’s throat, spilling his scent into the air. The lemony scent was laced with a powdery smell, the first indication of the little light growing inside the omega. A light that was created while Jeongguk and Jimin became one again. Jimin’s heart stuttered in his chest at the images, omega so proud of itself for providing more pups for his alpha. 

“Yes,” Jimin answered after a moment of silence, shaking the pictures from his head. I think she’ll love them just the same.”

Jeongguk’s chest rumbled in appreciation as he shuffled closer to the omega. Jimin rested his head back on his paws, letting his alpha lay his head back over his neck, mirroring their earlier position.

Behind them, their tails tangled together, wrapping them up in each other so completely, love burning through their bond.