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Holy Days

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"Forgive me, Father, for I have—"

Diluc tried to finish. He really did. But Kaeya's bruising thrust knocked him against the altar he bent over and punched the words right out of his throat.

"There's no repenting now, Father," Kaeya rasped, breaths hot on Diluc's back as he rocked into him.

Diluc's prayers descended into moans. He leaned his forehead onto the cool stone of the altar. It didn't help. Everything within him burned with a fire neither stone nor prayers was going to snuff out.

Kaeya's fingers dug into his hips. He flipped Diluc's ponytail over his shoulder to nip at his shoulders and back as he hunched over Diluc and drove deeper into him.

“Demon,” Diluc said.

Kaeya laughed. “Ooh, Father, are you going to exorcise me? It seems I’ve found my way inside you, body and soul.”

He thrust deep to punctuate his point. Kaeya’s claws prickled against Diluc’s skin. A long, long, inhuman tongue snaked out of his mouth and licked along Diluc’s neck, sending shivers down Diluc’s spine.

Curse his mortal body for responding so obviously. Curse this weak, sinful mortal form for giving in to greed, to folly, to lust. Diluc was supposed to destroy demons like Kaeya. That’s why he’d come to this run down old church in the first place. The villagers needed it cleansed so they could return to their worship.

But this... This wasn’t cleansing anyone, least of all Diluc.

Kaeya jolted him out of his thoughts, grinding over a place inside him that made Diluc cry out as though in prayer. This was no holy supplication, however. Instead, it was a foul hymn, a horrible confession of the evil that had taken hold of him and turned him from his righteous path.

Kaeya pulled out of him suddenly. The sound of desperation, of need, that tore out of Diluc’s throat would shame him unto his death and likely beyond. When he faced his god, they would make him relive this, every moan, every moment of damning pleasure, every tremble of his legs. And that sound as well, that sound he’d just made to confess the ache that throbbed within him when Kaeya removed his cock.

Kaeya spun Diluc around, hoisting him onto the altar. Now, Diluc had to face the demon in all his horrifying beauty. An eyepatch covered one of the creature’s eyes, but the other glowed with blue light. Kaeya showed off sharp teeth when he smiled. Pointed ears poked out of his long, cascading hair. A single dark, leathery wing flexed, spreading over both of them like the depth of night rolling in thick and black to choke them.

“I want to see you when you succumb,” Kaeya said.

Then he shoved his cock back into Diluc, so swift and hard that Diluc’s shout rang through the abandoned church.

Kaeya pounded into Diluc, rocking him atop the altar. The demon’s claws scratched at Diluc’s thighs as he gripped tight, driving a thick, ridged cock deeper with every push.

And Diluc responded. Oh, how he responded, moaning, arching, sweat slick on his naked back. The demon knew it. That long tongue emerged again, this time flicking at Diluc’s nipples.

Diluc yelped, straining to see the demon licking at him.

“W-what are you—”

He did not get to finish. When Kaeya caught him watching, that tongue darted up, stuffing Diluc’s mouth. He choked around it, suddenly full in two places at once. Kaeya’s tongue pumped like his cock, fucking Diluc’s mouth, striking the back of his throat until he gagged.

Diluc tilted his head back, limp, relenting, pliable in the demon’s hold. His legs flopped. His body lay spread before Kaeya, no resistance left. Tears spilled from the corners of Diluc’s wide eyes, but they were not tears of pain or fear. Rather, with everything else so full, his eyes were simply the last place from which liquid could spill.

Kaeya withdrew his horrible tongue. Diluc gasped, dragging air down his ravaged throat.

“Mmm,” Kaeya said. “Holy men always taste the best.”

“Nnn.” Diluc couldn’t resist, couldn’t fight, couldn’t snarl. The only thing that emerged were those echoing moans filling the hollow church.

“Tell me,” Kaeya said, “tell me that you like it. Confess to me, Father.”

Diluc squeezed his eyes shut, more tears spilling forth, and shook his head. Kaeya thrust hard, knocking out a moan, stirring Diluc’s insides with that ridged, spiny cock.

“Confess,” Kaeya said, “or I’ll just keep going. I am not a mortal, Father. I can fuck you for as long as it takes. Tell me how you love it, how it makes you scream with wretched desire. Tell me how you crave my cock inside you or I’ll keep you here forever.”

Diluc couldn’t even if he wanted to. Each punishing thrust slammed the air right out of his lungs. He was drowning and suffocating all at once, despite how he gasped in every breath, chest heaving.

Kaeya didn’t let up. Every time he rocked inside Diluc, those ridges ground over some new part of Diluc, some place that had waited forever for this hateful touch. A bead of precum flecked his abdomen as Kaeya pounded into him and his cock struck his own body.

Diluc scrabbled for breath. He had to end it. He wouldn’t survive the pleasure much longer.

“Forgive me, Father,” Diluc said, “for I have sinned.”

“Yes,” the demon said, dragging out the word into a silky rasp that grated every secret out of Diluc.

“It has been—” A thrust interrupted him. “It has been three weeks … since my last confession.” He ground his teeth around a moan. “These are my sins...”

How could he name them? How could he list them when they were here, plain for anyone to see? His sweat gathered on the stone of the altar beneath him. His cum dirtied his skin. The demon rammed him, mixing its own sweat and spend inside him, soiling him with its foulness. What need, then, for words when the evidence was all right here?

“Go on, Father,” Kaeya said. “Say it.”

Diluc squeezed his eyes shut. Water spilled down his cheeks, earnest tears this time. He knew what he had to say, what he would say. It lurked in his throat and with each thrust jumped closer to his mouth.

“I...” Diluc said.

Kaeya fucked him harder, driving those words the last few inches up his throat and out into the church where they rang like sweet, silver bells among the barren rafters.

“I love it,” Diluc said. “Oh God, God, forgive me, I love it. It feels so good. Please, more, more, more.”

The demon made a noise between a pleased hum and an inhuman snarl. He slammed into Diluc, who no longer bothered muffling himself. The words had been said. The evidence was here, right here, before God and demon and man. There was no pride left to keep, no sin he hadn’t committed. He belonged to Kaeya, body and soul.

“Harder,” Diluc moaned. “God, please, harder. I need all of it.”

“And you will have it,” Kaeya said.

He hunched over Diluc and that long tongue snaked out once more, invading Diluc’s mouth. He didn’t fight this time, kissing Kaeya back as that tongue probed down his throat. Every part of him full, Diluc threw his arms and legs around the demon and endured his pleasure. It beat inside him, thunder crashing closer. Soon, it would break and with it, Diluc, too.

Kaeya pulled away abruptly. “Amen,” he said.

Diluc gasped as his whole body shuddered, clenching around the demon inside him. Cum splattered his torso. His legs shook. He tilted his head back, arching on the stone of the altar like a possessed man convulsing through an exorcism.

Kaeya thrust into him a few more times as Diluc rode out his release, then the demon’s seed filled him, so voluminous it started to spill back out even before Kaeya dragged his cock free. Diluc just lay there atop the altar, limp and quivering, eyes rolled back in his head, mouth and ass ravaged.

Eventually, Kaeya strode to his side. He was oddly gentle as he brushed Diluc’s hair off his face and smoothed it away from his sweaty brow. He even placed a kiss on Diluc’s cheek, a soft, nearly human kiss.

“There, now, that wasn’t so terrible, was it?” Kaeya said. “A lot more fun than anything your god offers you, at least from where I’m standing.”

Diluc moaned. He squirmed, covering his eyes with his arm before the tears could return.

“Oh, don’t be dramatic,” Kaeya said. “A little holy water and you’ll be right back to your pious buffoonery.”

But the demon was wrong. There’d be no going back, no washing this stain from his soul.

Especially not when he already knew his body wanted more.

Cum still dribbled out of him and already Diluc was certain this was not the end, that he’d trespass again, that this sin would haunt him for the rest of his days.

And so was Kaeya.

He traced a clawed finger over Diluc’s chest. “Don’t fret, Father. I’ll come back. Maybe next time you’ll manage to vanquish me, hm?”

He laughed and stepped away, disappearing in a poof of smoke that reeked of sulfur.

There would be no vanquishing this. Not now. Not ever.

“Forgive me, Father,” Diluc whispered. But in that empty, deserted, desecrated church, there was no one to hear him.