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Plot Bunny

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I sighed and watched the world fading around me, this is a truly hellish year.

A pandemic spread over the world and somehow with current technologies and the ability to closing off the border, we failed to contain it into a single town or nation, isn’t when you are embargoing another country you can do it better?

Somehow it spread all over the world, the technologies to travel distance become a curse that spread the disease over the sea

Its this pandemic will kickstart the extinction of human races? Nah I doubt it… Humans and cockroaches are best buddies afterall…

Why should I care? I am dying right now, not because of a pandemic but because…why the heck am I narrating this anyway?

It seems its true when you are dying, your thought wanders everywhere…

It makes me remember the one jerk in my class that mock me because I like anime and calling it a cartoon, it was one of my fondest memory.

“Haha, you already highschool but still watch cartoon”

“Do I ever disturb you?”

“No? What of it?”

“Do I ever mock you?”


“I see you are simply a jerk that wants attention”

“Grrr” The jerk raise his arm

“Truly uncultured people” I smile and laughing “can’t won an argument and resort to violence”

His vein popped up and pointed at me “You are embarrassing still watching those cartoon while in highschool!”

“It was my problem why are you bother? Why should I be embarrassed? I didn’t do anything illegal, aren’t you usually smoking after school? By our country law I can call the police and report you to sent you into the Youth Detention Center because underaged smoking, an illegal thing” I smiled brightly “The only reason police didn’t catch you because there are too many underaged smokers on the street and it simply a hassle to catch all of you but I bet If a report comes up you can spend your night in the and its really bad for your record”

“You won’t dare” He trying to threaten me

“Oh, I really dare, afterall thanks to my asthma the smoke is a really real threat for me and if you punch me I just need to report directly cause your punch will still a have mark on my body, a real evidence of violence”

“Grr” Is this guy voice lines limited to grunting?

“Why do you embarrassed anyway? Do I am embarrassing myself will shaming you?”

He grinned “Yes you are”

“Why? Am I even your friend? ”

“No? We are just classmates?”

“So what is the problem?”


“I see you are not a jerk, you are a moron”

Each time I remembering that guy face, I grinned, afterall his reaction is really hilarious, I am really confident at that time, cause that argument where I cannot lose

If he punches me I report and win, If he back down I am safe and still win

I wonder where is that guy now? I know not having a phone in highschool will bite in the ass sooner or later but its a good thing I managed to buy one after saving money by applying for the job as a school janitor

Its kinda awkward when one of my classmate arrive earlier than 7 a clock thought, one of the good thing is if somehow I forgot my assignment I can visit the school at night using my janitor key. I need to buy the old schoolguard some coffee to keep it silent thought…

With that last piece of fond memory, the world turned black…
“Congratulation!” A man in a suit appears in front of me and clapping his hand “You finally finished your own series”

I am really confused but somehow no matter how bizarre this situation I can’t freak out

Isn’t I already dead? Hmph?Why I cannot talk?

“Let me see your file” The man is suit-hummed “Oh, you are a sufferer of 8-grade syndrome! I like it, cause you guys is a bunch of open minded people, explaining anything to you will not be a hassle!”

How can this guy in the suit know my dark history?!

“So to keep it short did you ever hear Multiverse theory?”

I want to say yes but I can’t talk, so in the end I just nodded

“To put it frankly your life in another world is a TV show called ‘Real Life is Suck’ you are kinda the popular chuunibyou side character!” The man grinned “You even managed to get your own spin-off series! If I am not remembering it wrong is called-”

“STOP! I didn’t want to hear it!” I close my ear with my hand, are you saying my dark history is shown through the Multiverse into every corner of it?!

“Wow, you managed to overcome my silent passive field just through sheer embarrassment!” The man amused and amazed “but tell me, where is your happy go lucky popular side character self go?”

I calm myself and grinned “Isn’t the title of the main show is self-explanatory? Real Life is Suck!”

“Indeed” The man nodded and agreed “anyway I think you already know thanks to your Anime knowledge but you gonna get to reincarnate with the memory of your past life intact, this was the bare minimum that everyone get btw”

“Oh” And here I thought I am sp-arghh! This cliche situation is calling my Chunni self!

“And depending on your karma it can get worse or good” The man seemed amused at my inner struggle “If you are a saint you can get a cheat for your next life and if you are a scum we will value your next life with a penalty, in a way it can be considered Paradise and Hell”

“Anything you do in the world you are reincarnating will not added to karma value cause you will remember meeting us, so you literally just need to live with past life memory freely and when you die we will reincarnate you again without memory”

I see so its a free world, a paradise for saint and hell for scum, the saint will happy cause he/she know that he gained cheat cause his good deed, and the scum will suffer thanks to their penalty and know it was the punishment for being a scum

“Anyway you don’t need to worry to meet other reincanator, each one of you will reincarnated it your own multiverse.”

I nodded in understanding “So what kind of people am I? A saint or a scum? ”

“You are neither” The man shakes his head “Just like the majority of people in your world. So you will get the bare minimum treatment”

“I see”

“But let me give you a special offer” The man in the suit grinned “I will give you a random system as long you live interestingly because frankly, I really really enjoy the spin-off show.”

Hearing the offer I froze…and grinned. Maybe to this god-like being I am just an entertainment but isn’t my previous life is already become a show? The truth is won’t matter either I have power or not but I didn’t want to start fresh as an ordinary guy, I want power! There is a reason I am a Chunni you know!

“I swear in this sealed right hand of mine!” I posed in the famous sealed right arm pose “Consider your wish granted!”

The man in the suit laughed “Then it's a deal!”

This is the start of the adventure of myself in Fate world