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February 14, Valentine’s Day. It was a Sunday, the day she usually takes to herself, but she was streaming anyway. And she dared not invite him to join?? Childe huffed, he thought they had something special.


Quickly taking to her stream, he started typing in the chat. 


Tartaglia: wow ojou-chan. this is really hurtful u know.


Her attention was immediately caught by his message among the rest. Him having VIP status on her channel meant he could troll her that much more easily.


She read out his message and giggled. “Hey, Childe! Sorry, I thought you might be busy today. I told you I was streaming today, though! So that’s on you.” 


Oh, right. She did tell him. He must’ve been distracted by her smile, or something. He’s noticed that’s been happening a lot lately, for whatever reason. 


Tartaglia: ur gonna regret this


He typed, grabbing his coat and practically dashing out of his house.


The drive from Snezhnaya to Mondstadt was a familiar one to Childe at this point, yet today it felt to take longer than ever even though the roads were clear. What was he gonna say when he got there? That he wanted to spend Valentine’s with his little ojou-chan?


That would probably be weird, considering they weren’t even dating. But the clips would be delicious. Aether would blow up. He would get to see her smi-- I mean, what? 


He’d get to fluster her. That’s what he meant. Right.


Childe stepped out of his now parked car, deciding that he should probably get flowers from that shop below her apartment. 


After he got the bouquet of glaze lilies, the Harbinger entered the apartment building, practically racing up the stairs to Lumine and Aether’s apartment. He knew they kept the door unlocked, so as usual, he simply let himself in. There was a perfect view of the front door from the living room, where Aether was enjoying his evening. He was on the phone with a girl, Childe assumed by the smile. Probably that cash register-noise girl Lumine kept complaining about, stealing her big brother and whatnot. 


With the smuggest smile ever, Tartaglia waved at his rival, who was now looking just as dumbstruck as one would expect. He dashed towards Lumine’s room, only vaguely hearing Aether’s muffled ‘I’m gonna have to call you back Ke-’ before barging in. 


“Ojou-chaaaaan~” he called, catching her off guard. She was playing Teyvat, as usual, and the surprise caused her to jump.


She didn’t really stream a variety of games as he did, but who cares? She was good and entertaining, and if anyone had a problem with that they could go choke on one of Morax’s stupid pillars. 


“Happy Valentine’s Day, pretty girl!” He smiled, holding out the bouquet.


She was so red. It took Childe everything he has to not start laughing right then and there. 


Aether finally caught up, the look in his eyes as murderous as ever. “You're dead, Tartar. I’m going to kill you, burn you on an open fire, and then use your ashes in compost to grow glaze lilies.”


Childe laughed, not even bothering to look in his direction. “Relax, your highness. I’m just here to spend Valentine’s with my lovely ojou-chan. Nothing more.” He approached Lumine, smile never leaving his face. “Are you winning, ojou-chan?”


“Yes, I’m winning! And Ae, be nice! I don’t bother you when your not-girlfriend is here!” 


Childe poked his tongue out at the twin, taking a seat in the chair next to Lumine. The one Aether always sat in. 


He looked slightly offended. What a treat.


“Won’t you take the flowers, girlie?” 


Lumine huffed, “I’m a little busy, Childe…” 


“I can take over for you,” he offered, putting his hand over her shoulders. “I’ve been told I make a pretty sick mid laner.” 


“Get your hands off my sister, lowlife.”


“Go away, Ae!! I love you, but I’m streaming,” she sighed, putting on her best puppy face and looking in her brother’s direction. “Please?” 


Aether frowned, “Fine. But the door stays open and I’m pulling your stream up on the TV.”


“Fair enough! It’s not like we’re doing anything bad.” He finally left, leaving the door wide open. Childe got up as soon as he was gone and took the liberty to close it. 


“You are awful.” Lumine chuckled, leaning back from her monitor while she waited for her character to respawn. That was her first death all game. There was no way his presence distracted her that much… right? 


“And you haven’t answered my question.” He took the seat next to her and once more wrapped his arm around her shoulders. 


“What, you really want compliments that bad?”


“From you? Always.”


She blushed, looking back towards her monitor. The chat was losing it, as they often did when he was around.


“Well then, yes. I’ve heard the stories of your many triumphs, mister reigning world champion.”


“And season 7 MVP,” he added.


“Right, and season 7 MVP.”


She respawned, resuming the game. They entertained each other, as well as the chat, with some idle talk until she finally won the game. Then, she switched her stream’s category to ‘Just Talking’, deciding to fully shift her focus to her guest.


Lumine stood, picking up the bouquet from where it rested on the desk. “Thank you for the lilies, Childe. They’re wonderful. I’m gonna put them in water, will you keep them entertained for a minute?” She looked down at him, her eyes glinting with the dim glow of her LED lights.


“Of course, ojou-chan. Leave it to me.” 


And with that, she ran out of the room. 


Childe leaned closer to the monitor, making sure he was completely in frame. “How’s it going, guys? She’s kinda cute huh?”


“CHILDE!” An angry yell from his rival. Guess he was serious about watching the stream.


“Sorry, ‘Ae’, you might have to share her soon! What do you think, chat? Should I make a move?” 


It’s not like that part was up to chat to decide. A move was going to be made at some point.


This little ‘conversation’ he was currently having with her viewers wasn’t completely random. He often played around with them when she left him to babysit. It always got ‘ #Tartarix ’ trending. He knew Lumine was too scared to check Twitter when that happened, so she was often oblivious to what they were trending over.


Innocent. She was too innocent


She finally came back to the room, carrying a small pink pouch behind her back. The look she wore made Childe concerned. She was anxious about something. He hated that look on her face.


She got back behind her seat, though she didn’t sit down. He rose up to face her instead, now noticing the massive blush that crept up her neck. 




“Umm… Childe..?” She began, gulping. 


"Yes, princess?" He teased, putting his hand on his hip in an attempt to lighten the mood.


“Please don’t take this the wrong way. I…” 


She was taking too long to speak. He was getting nervous. Wait, why was he the one getting nervous? What a weird feeling. 


She held out the small pink bag, her blush worsening. “I made these for you. Just… as a thank you. For helping me so much. I really appreciate it.” She handed him the pouch and immediately looked away. From the corner of her eyes, she could see her chat becoming a wall of text.


“Hmm? What’s this, ojou-chan?” He asked, undoing the knot holding the bag closed. Childe’s smile immediately fell. 




His heart clenched. Why did it do that? He got enough chocolate today to last a year, but this bag of heart-shaped chocolates was enough to make it flutter.


He turned to her monitor, once more flashing his famous smile. 


“Thanks for joining Lumi tonight, lovelies!” He mimicked her signoff, and she smacked the back of his head. “I think Viatrix and I have some things to talk about. Wish me luck and happy Valentine’s to all of you!” He ended the stream immediately and turned back to Lumine. 


“You made these?” 


She nodded, still refusing to meet his eyes. “D-don’t take it the wrong way…”


He put a piece of chocolate in his mouth. It tasted heavenly. 


“It’s sweet…”


“Is it?”


“You should try it.” He said, closing the space between them. He put his hand on her chin, tilting it up. 


Childe pressed his lips to hers, and it took her a second to comprehend what was happening. Even then, she was too shocked to kiss back.


He pulled back, grinning. Soft kisses weren’t exactly his style, but this one felt better than any kiss he’s ever had before. Again, for whatever reason. He definitely didn’t like her in that way. 


Her flushed face made him want to go in for seconds, so that’s exactly what he did. This time Lumine kissed back, wrapping her arms around the taller male’s neck. 


When he pulled away again, he smirked. “Sweet, isn’t it?” 


Lumine nodded, speechless as she returned her arms to her sides.


“Alright, well, I better get going. Thanks for the chocolate, ojou-chan. See you!” 


And without another word, he left, leaving Lumine wondering what the hell just happened.