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The Doctor's Needs

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Joker has a lot of lady friends - a lot of hot lady friends, in Futaba’s opinion. Her hormonal teen mind was always on overdrive around the gorgeous babes that made up their team, but admiring them was the most she was capable of. There was no way she could talk to them or, god forbid, flirt with them; no, that wasn’t Futaba’s style at all. Plus, it was readily apparent that each one of them had eyes for Ren himself. It was googly-eyes and blushing cheeks all the way like it was a cheesy anime, and the orange-haired girl knew enough about those to know not to get in the way between the girls and their leader.


Futaba had her ways to get her fix, though. Sure, maybe it wasn’t the most ethical or proper way to go about things, but she’d never actually taken down the cameras she had in his room, and she figured she might as well use them. It was a shame not to, in her mind. Unfortunately, whenever Ren got close to anyone - whenever it seems like he’s right about to seal the deal - he pulled away. It didn’t matter who it was: gorgeous Ann with her model body, Makoto with her incredible backside, Haru with her large chest, or any of the other half dozen girls Ren had somehow roped into his scheme; he let them all down and effectively friend-zoned him.


She had no idea how he could get so close to having sex with the hottest girls she’d ever seen in her life and just pass it off. It certainly left Futaba blue-balled and needy each time, and she was forced to immediately turn to hentai just to relieve herself - while Ren seemed totally cool and calm through it all. She had a working theory, though, and that was that Ren had a special someone. After some subtle observation and spywork on his many, many ‘dates’, she’d deduced that his beau was the strange and somewhat scary back-alley doctor that worked nearby. He spent much of his time there, and the two seemed close, if that was the right way to put it. 


Regardless, Futaba was ninety-percent sure that Tae Takemi was the one for Ren, and that the reason he had invited her up to his room was to bang her. After all, the way they talked in hushed tones was heartwarmingly intimate, and the shy smiles were surely an indication of feelings. That had to mean that they were going to fuck, and Futaba was ready to observe it all. Her cameras were set to record, her finger anxiously scrolled through the various different angles her spyware offered, and her other hand was clamped down around her stiff erection. Jerking off to her team leader and his (potential) girlfriend was a tiny bit odd, she could see that, but it was the closest thing her sheltered and needy teen mind got to sex, and she wasn’t going to pass it up.


Unless Joker was, which seemed to be where things were going. Tae sat on his bed right next to him, close enough that her breath was sure to be washing over his face and their eyes were tightly locked onto one another’s. They exchanged words that were simple and light, almost conversational, but Futaba could detect the underlying suggestiveness in Tae’s tone and phrases. She shed her leather jacket and idly played with her choker as she leaned in ever closer, folding one leg over the other both elegantly and suggestively. The ripped tights hugged close to her shapely legs and displayed enough of her pale skin to make Futaba’s dick throb.


One of her hands went to rest on Ren’s thigh as her words took on a teasing lilt, and Futaba found herself entranced by her shiny lips and dark, feathery hair. Her eyes drifted down her pale, slender neck that was marked only by the outline of her slutty, studded choker, and down her lowcut top to her nicely-propped up chest. She had to be wearing a push-up bra, or something of the sort to make her modest C-cups look so appetizing. The longer Futaba stared at her, the hotter she seemed to be in her horny eyes. She was never really Futaba’s first choice when it came to Ren’s potential sex partners, but right now she seemed like the hottest woman the redhead had ever seen.


It was probably just her dick talking, granted, but she was downright sexy. Futaba really wanted to know what she looked like without her clothes on, what kind of faces she made in bed. Hentai told her that Tae would likely be the rough type, but would she instead mellow out and get all cute? Futaba had no idea, but the thoughts made her dick pulsate in her hand.


And yet still, Ren remained as stiff as a board. He took all of Tae’s affections with his same calm smile, and infuriatingly didn’t reciprocate anything. Futaba wanted to yell at him and urge him to react to Tae. If it was her there she’d be a bumbling mess, sure, but at least she would be happy to give the doctor what she wanted. At one point his hand rose up, only to brush at his dangling, messy hair, or to adjust his non-prescription glasses. She felt her eye twitch as she watched her team leader be all but caressed by a downright sexbomb, until finally, he said the six words that Futaba just knew was coming:


“I just want to be friends,” he said, and both Futaba and Tae deflated like hot air balloons.


Futaba let out a long, pained sigh and spun around on her gaming chair, sending herself into a whirl. Every single time Ren got close to anyone, this happened. There was no way a hotblooded man could reject so many advances like that; sure, Futaba knew that it was somewhat impressive that he had enough self-control to hold himself back from a half dozen or so chicks and friendzone each one, but still . It was silly, and it was driving Futaba insane. All she wanted to do was see some skin and masturbate to a hot babe getting fucked, and instead, she was treated to a live-action dating sim - and Futaba hated dating sims!


She stopped and banged her head on her desk, dejected and annoyed. Those feelings didn’t extend to her dick, which was still throbbing hard and at-attention, jutting out to her navel and stiffer than it had ever been before. With another sigh Futaba switched off the feed of Tae pathetically storming out of Ren’s room, with her being surely as needy as Futaba felt, and pulled up her favorite hentai. She had a selection of manga and videos for the express purpose of satisfying her whenever something like this happened, and while it was nothing close to what her needy mind wanted it would have to suffice.


It was surprisingly difficult this time around, though. Tae had put on a good show and Futaba had worked herself up enough that staring at pictures - no matter how well-drawn - or watching animations was doing it for her this time. Her fingers were tight around her hard dick as she pulled up and down on the stiff flesh while rapaciously clicking through a multitude of porn, but none of her go-to's were helping her. She clicked twice and pulled up her terabyte-sized archive of futa porn and started sifting through it, biting her lip as she tried to find one that would do the trick and get her off. However, as minutes past and turned into tens of minutes, Futaba continued to come up blank while her cock grew hotter and needier. Her fingers got ever tighter around in response as if to squeeze away the pressure, and her clicking grew ever more frantic as she sought something that would do the trick.


She came up blank, and as the minutes passed it got harder and harder to think about things as her dick burned and demanded satisfaction. Her entire archive of hentai was failing her; she’d known that for a while, in truth, as every time she got close to seeing Ren get it on with a hot real-life babe made it harder for herself to get off, and now it seemed to reach its apex. Thoughts of Doctor Takemi filled her mind, both in her usual lab-coat style and her goth-punk persona. Her dick pulsated with gratification, and Futaba found that it was easier to think of Tae and rub her girthy girlcock than it was to stare at pixels. She wondered idly if she could get one of her artists to draw a lewd picture of Tae, or get something animated - 


-All of a sudden, a lightbulb went off in Futaba’s sex-starved brain, cutting through all the dim thoughts and the sexual haze. She was horny and needy, her porn was unsatisfying, and she had Tae on her brain and blazing as the source of her sexual frustration, and Tae herself was almost certainly similarly horny and needy after her altercation, and - and - okay, Futaba wasn’t sure where her brain was going with this, but it seemed to make sense to her stunted and hormonal teenage brain. They were both needy and put out by Ren, technically speaking, so they could solve their mutual need together. 


Futaba wasn’t the bravest or most socially adept girl, but in her lusty haze, she couldn’t fault her logic. She was already jumping out of her chair and sending it rolling into her bed, while her hand hastily shoved her fat, throbbing meat-pipe into her small shorts. It barely fit, which was usually an ever-present concern for Futaba in public or at conventions, but at that moment mattered little as she hastily tore through her room. She pulled on her jacket as she stormed out of her room, forgetting her usual headphones and leaving her stockings off-kilter while attempting to tug on her boots - all in a desperate attempt to find Tae ASAP. 



Futaba faltered as her last knock echoed off the cool, battered metal that was Tae’s clinic door. Now that she’d had some time to relax and some of the blood left her cock and made its way back to her brain, she could see how stupid of an idea this was. Tae would surely laugh at her or something like that, and she hadn’t even thought of what to say to broach the subject at all. Was she going to say, ‘I know that Ren left you out to dry and I’m happy to fuck you like he was supposed to?’ No, that was both stalker-ish and creepy, and besides, Futaba totally lacked the confidence for that. She -


The door swung open, revealing a very irate-looking Tae in her doctor’s outfit. Her lab coat was open, her signature choker was snug around her slim neck, but she’d changed into a dress with a spider-web pattern on it. The top was as low-cut as her last shirt, and equally as scandalous was the hemline, which barely reached mid-thigh; Tae had forgone her stockings, leaving her sinfully long legs on full display. Futaba wasn’t sure she’d ever seen legs that long before, and it made her swallow hard as her eyes traced over them.


Her eyes shot back up to Tae’s face a long moment later, revealing that the doctor had a finely-maintained black eyebrow raised up as she stared down at the shorter girl. Futaba blushed hard as she realized that she’d been caught checking Tae out, and she opened her mouth to try and keep the situation from falling apart or embarrassing her further. However, her mind was just as blank as it was before, and she couldn’t think of anything subtle that would get her intentions across. Her mouth flapped open a few times as Tae seemed to grow more and more annoyed, and Futaba scrambled for anything that might be suitable. 


“I’m, uh, sick, doctor,” Futaba nearly squeaked out, and Tae gave her the dryest, blankest look of her life. Her arm crossed under her chest and pushed out her breasts even further until it looked like they might spill from her top, and Futaba gulped audibly as she realized that the doctor hadn’t taken off the push-up she’d been wearing earlier.


“Oh? With what, kid?” Tae drawled, and Futaba nearly swooned at the sound of her alluring voice. 


Okay, Futaba thought as her panic rose up, play is straight.


“S-sick with love,” is what she said instead, and Tae blinked slow and lizard-like.

“I’m not a relationship counselor -”


“No, really!” Futaba stuttered, panic welling up in her chest “you should take my temperature, b-because you’re making me hot!”


Tae immediately slammed the door on her face. It was so fast and casual that Futaba instinctively flinched back, eyes wide, and after a moment of staring she started to rub furiously at her hair. She cured internally as she wondered just what the heck had possessed her to say something so dumb, and then cursed again as she realized she was throwing away her only chance to get laid. But she didn’t know what to say at all or how to broach the subject without coming off as creepy, and swore loudly at all of the stupid anime that made stuff like this seem so simple. 


Picking up chicks totally isn’t! She thought furiously, how does Ren do it?!


She stood there for another minute, chewing on her lip, before letting out a frustrated and plaintive whine. Her mind struggled to piece together a coherent sentence that would get Tae to go for her, someone that was basically the polar opposite to Ren, and she just couldn’t think of anything. All of her internet experience was utterly failing her right then, and it drove her mad. The only thing she had was honesty, and that was hardly the most appealing option. However, as another full minute passed and her heart pounded against her chest with nervous anxiety, she realized it was probably her only option to get someone like the doctor to listen to her.


Futaba immediately rapped on the door, brisk and firm, but also tentative and nervous. “L-look, I - I know what’s going on between you and Ren! I know he friend-zoned you like he did to everyone else, and I know he left you super needy!”


She was greeted by silence, but she swallowed and pressed on. “And I, uh, I’m needy too, and I can give you what Ren won’t. I want to satisfy you - really want to satisfy you - in ways that Ren can’t. You totally deserve it.”


There was a pregnant silence, where Futaba shifted awkwardly on the doorstep of the shifty clinic. The wait is painfully long before the door clicks open again, and it revealed the doctor bearing an unreadable expression. She did not say anything as she opens the door a smidge wider and gestured for Futaba to enter, and the redhead did so hesitantly with her eyes glued to the ground. She walked nervously a few meters into the small doctor’s office while Tae slammed the door shut once again, but this time bolts the door shut and flipped around a neon sign.


She turned to Futaba and walked up to her slowly and purposefully, an added sway to her ample hips. Tae smirked as her hand touches Futaba’s chin, tilting her face up and then to either side as if examining her for any sign of medical illness. “My, aren't you just adorable.”


Tae ran her tongue over her lips and leaned in, her mouth just a centimeter away from Futaba’s ear. She was so close that the orange-haired youth could smell her perfume, and it made her shiver - but soon, something more like fear was passing through her spine as Tae whispered into her ear, “I’m going to fucking ruin you, cutie.”


Futaba audibly gulped before Tae abruptly grabbed her by the waist and hauled her up, as if she weighed literally nothing at all - which wasn’t too far from the truth, as Futaba knew she was small and slight for her age, and weighed very little, but still , it was super weird to be picked up like a toy by a goth-punk doctor. Less than a second later she was tossed on the examination table, which wasn’t all that soft and hurt Futaba’s backside. She was too scared to groan, however, and the look on Tae’s face as she bore down on her was particularly ravenous.


“Now,” Tae purred, her hands tugging at Futaba’s jacket and pulling it off quickly, “let’s see just what’s wrong with you, hm?”


Futaba was not sure what was going on or what Tae was doing, but she couldn’t object to the doctor as she clearly took control of the encounter without delay and ran her hands over Futaba’s slight frame as if she owned it. She tugged at various articles of clothing and loosened them, all the while smiling her predator’s smirk. Her hand mockingly crept up to the teen’s forehead and rested there as if checking her temperature, and hummed to herself.


“You’re warm,” she noted, the glee evident in her dry tone, “let’s get these layers off and cool you down.”


She started to roll Futaba’s sleeveless shirt off from the bottom-up, efficiently stripping it off her slender body and revealing the tight black tank top underneath. Futaba barely even lifted her arms before Tae tore the fabric off and tossed it aside before immediately getting to work on the second layer, and the intimidating doctor cooed as she peeled up black fabric to reveal the pale smoothness beneath. Her eyes ravenously stared as more and more of Futaba’s flat tummy was revealed, but Tae did not take her time in the least and quickly stripped the girl’s torso bare. Her tank top and sports bra came off in the same rugged motion and were similarly discarded on the cold tile floor.


Futaba shivered, but it was less because of the cold or shame of being nude, but rather Tae’s predatory stare. She was practically glued to the table as Tae’s hands roved over her torso, pushing and prodding at a slow, languorous pace, in a clear mockery of a proper medical examination. It was an excuse to feel Futaba up, and the girl bit her lip as her breathing grew deeper while the doctor’s hands cupped her breasts, swept down her slight curves and pushed into her perfectly flat belly at her own leisure.


“Hm,” Tae hummed, “no signs of abrasions or swelling. Now, just what might be the issue?’


Her hands traced along the waistband of Futaba’s shorts, brushing the black cloth with a sly smile. They went lower, slipping over the massive bulge that stretched them to an obscene length. Tae seemed even more excited as her hand moved over the outline of Futaba’s oversized girlcock, and soon the doctor was plucking at the button that kept her shorts together. The very moment the topmost button was undone her fly popped apart, unable to hold the sheer amount of cockmeat contained inside. 


Tae let out a deep, husky breath of eagerness as she pulled down the orange-haired youth’s shorts and allowed her fat, throbbing cock to rest over her abdomen. “Oh, I see. Well, cutie, I regret to inform you that your cock is painfully engorged.”


Her fingers tapped along Futaba’s swollen girth, causing the girl to let out a plaintive moan, and she grinned. “I think- yup, you definitely need a treatment of oral sex, before it gets any worse.”


She didn’t ask for Futaba’s permission, or her approval, or anything of the sort. Her fingers closed around her huge, throbbing length and held fast, squeezing it as hard as Futaba had done earlier. Her tongue ran over her lips as she pulled on the dick and held it upright, visibly pleased by the girl’s size and girth. Futaba knew that she was fairly large by any standard, perhaps intimidatingly so, but Tae looked at her like she was a tasty piece of meat. Her hand idly pumped up and down, stroking the full length of her long cock with a single deft motion of her wrist, and Futaba sighed at the sudden burst of pleasure.


Tae lowered her mouth over Futaba’s cock, plush lips curved into a grin, and the girl’s breath stuttered as she realized that the sexy doctor was about to give her a blowjob. It was an almost unbelievable notion, but less than a second later Tae’s mouth was wrapped around her fat cockhead, and the girl let out a loud yelp. The doctor lowered herself down, sliding along the first few inches of hard dick, and Futaba’s eyes went wide. Her mouth was hot and warm and so unlike anything she’d felt before, such that it was almost out-of-this-world; it was amazing, and her cock instantly pulsated with gratification.


The black-haired woman lowered herself further, swallowing a few more inches of dick. As it went further into the damp cavern of her mouth her tongue flipped up and surrounded the throbbing crown, coiling around the rubbery organ and stroking it with shocking deftness. It was like she was controlling the movement of Futaba’s dick with her tongue alone, and the odd slithering motions made her bit down hard on her lower lip. Tae’s lips went tight around her fat meat as she bobbed her head, pulling up and down on the pale-skinned obelisk stroking the aching meat with her mouth and tongue. Her pendants and necklaces tinkled as she moved, and the cold metal brushed the girl’s slender thighs.


Doctor Takemi popped off and immediately ran her tongue down the underside of the vascular cock, moving from bottom to top in a full lick. Her tongue flattened out so that the flat of it was able to caress the entire girth at once, and the sides flexed up so that she was almost cupping it. Futaba groaned again, the sound little more than a girlish whine as she was subject to Tae’s ministrations; the doctor clearly knew what she wanted to do and how to work her cock, and did so with gusto. She eyed the fat dick as if it was the first time in forever that she’d had one of such size, and treated it to a lewd smattering of licks and sucks that made it tingle.


Another full lick was delivered to her heaving flank, and Tae’s tongue curled near the end and she traced patterns into the stiff flesh with the tip of it. She weaved a web up to her rubbery crown before lashing over it, barraging the now hyper-sensitive head with too much sensation for Futaba to properly bear. She jerked her hips involuntarily, moving on instinct, but Tae’s hand clamped down around her prick and squeezed her to prevent movement. It was hard enough to be considered painful, but Futaba adored it and the way the older woman’s hot tongue slipped and slid over her girldick. 


Her whines grew more frequent and the pointless pumping of her hips more repetitive, but Tae continued entirely at her own pace. Futaba’s antics seemed to please her, as she smiled at every sound and ragged jerk as if it was music. Her lips moved down to press against her cock, planting sloppy kisses along her length and depositing a generous amount of saliva that began to roll down. Her tongue slipped over those patches and ran up and down in teasing licks as if she was painting the shaft with drool, and her hand rose up and quickly pumped along the meaty prick in a full stroke. Again her lips moved up and cupped her cocktip, surrounded them in a cushiony embrace before, with a lewd slurp, she pushed down on it. 


Her neck curved and choker bent as her head bobbed and curled, while her hand moved up in tandem and rolled along the saliva-dripping cock. Her fingers squeezed down so tight that her throbbing cock felt constricted, but that didn’t stop her arousal from growing or her dick from swelling; Futaba knew how horny she was and how close to cumming she was, but found herself totally unable to speak or warn Tae of it. Only gasps left her lips as Tae’s head descended, gobbling up inch after inch of hard cock as if it took no effort at all. She went down past mid-cock, her velvety lips wrapped tight and forced wide around the bulging girth, but she took those six inches as if it was nothing.


She pulled up as her hand rose up to massage the saliva she’d left behind, and Tae continued to bob and dance her head on the turgid dick while her tongue swirled and licked. Her cheeks alternated between going concave and convex as she filled and emptied her mouth of cock, and Futaba sighed at the hot sight. Tae’s eyes were constantly on hers, happily drinking in her ever lewd reaction, and even through her hot, dripping mouth was filled with dick she was still able to smirk around the throat-impaling obelisk. Futaba groaned even louder as her balls shivered and cock swelled, and Tae dragged herself back up to the girl’s cockhead and wrapped her lips snug just under the bulbous tip and sucked hard


Futaba came explosively, sending ropes of semen splashing over Tae’s tongue and right into the back of her throat with the force of a high-pressure hose. Spurt after spurt was coaxed free of her balls and sent shooting into the doctor’s mouth, filling her throat and cheeks with thick cream. Her tongue eagerly lapped it up and she continued to suck, pulling it all down into her stomach greedily, and Futaba let out yet more whines and sighs as she was effortlessly milked by the doctor. Tae did pull off eventually, however, and did so with cum dangling off her smiling lips. She licked it up with her tongue while her hand continued to slide up and down the sticky shaft, coaxing out a few more spurts of cum that shot up and splattered against Futaba’s pelvis. 


No amount of masturbation could have prepared her for something as heady as a real blowjob, nor one executed with as much skill as Tae Takemi had. It had really only been minutes from start to finish, and Tae had played her like a lewd hentai game. However, her quick ejaculation didn’t seem to bother Tae at all, who seemed pleased by the amount of cum she’d produced, and even more pleased by how hard she still was. The doctor’s finger pushed down on her over-sensitive dickhead, sliding through the cum glazing and rolling down the shaft, eyes shining.


“Wow,” Tae murmured. “You’re still hard. Was my treatment inadequate?”


“N-no, it was great.”

Tae smiled. “Oh, I know. But this?” She slapped Futaba’s still-hard cock, sending it bobbing, “is really impressive. Did I ever tell you I like big dicks?”


Futaba swallowed. The question was certainly rhetorical, but Futaba was too intimidated not to answer. “U-Uhm, no.”


“Well, I do. Especially big dicks on adorable little things like yourself.” Tae winked, and it sent a shiver through the redhead’s body. “But enough wasting time - your treatment will only work if we follow the proper medical procedure.”


There was nothing proper about it - unless Tae had a habit of dominating all of the futas that came by her office - but Futaba wasn’t going to gainsay her. “And, uh, that is…?”


“Medication,” Tae said simply, pushing herself away from the examination table. She let her white coat fall off her shoulders, leaving her in just the short green dress. “Liquid medication, drip-fed into your mouth.”


Futaba wasn’t sure what that entailed, exactly, but was too distracted by the sight of Tae stripping. The doctor slipped her arms through the dress and brought it down over the swell of her dress, which was wrapped up in a lacy push-up bra that made the creamy, lush mounds look just perfect. The dress was dragged down her midsection and toward her thighs, baring more and more of her nude, lightly toned body to Futaba’s eager eyes. Her panties were just as lacy and meant entirely for show rather than practicality; she’d certainly intended them for Ren, but now it was all for the redheaded girl lying flat on her back.


Her dress hit the ground, as did her panties. Her bra stayed on momentarily, but Futaba was caught up in staring at Tae’s smooth, plump folds, which were flushed wide and glistened from her arousal. Ren had made her terribly needy, that much was clear, and because of that, she scrambled on top of the table and over the redhead in an effort to please herself. However, she didn’t sit down on her dick as Futaba expected, but continued to shimmy forwards until her bare cunt was aligned with Futaba’s face. She was close enough that the girl could smell the tartness of her arousal, and she gazed up questioningly.


“Time to drink your medication, you adorable thing,” Tae drawled, and Futaba just blinked at her slick cunt and then blinked up at her. After a moment Tae rolled her eyes and sighed, and very suddenly grabbed Futaba by her smooth orange hair and gripped them tight. She pulled on her head, stretching hair as she dragged on her head, and Futaba found her face unceremoniously shoved right against her needy snatch.


Futaba had no idea what she was meant to do - she’d never licked, nor watch anyone lick, a pussy before - and was entirely in the dark. However, it was clear what the scary and domineering doctor wanted, and she couldn’t hold back. That, and a part of Futaba really wanted to please her, because she was downright sexy and entirely worthy of satisfaction. Her first lick went entirely off-kilter as she clumsily stuck her tongue out and ran it over Tae’s slick core. Her taste was tangy and strange but not unwelcome, and Futaba continued to drag her tongue back and forth as she struggled to align herself with the vivid pink folds being shoved against her face.


Tae’s hand remained locked in her orange locks and kept her in place, and occasionally shoved her in further. Futaba didn’t mind at all, and attempted to try her best and lick the doctor’s pussy as she so clearly wanted. She racked her brains for any memory of some porn or hentai she’d seen that might help her, and internally lamented that her yuri folder was so lackluster compared to the rest of her stuff; she was working entirely off instinct, and without any guidance, her movements were inexperienced and clumsy. Her tongue moved and slapped around like it was swollen, doing very little, but even she could figure out to trace the woman’s puffy labia and follow it around.


The doctor continued to jerk her hips and mash her cunt right against Futaba’s lips. She tried to follow the motions, though she struggled as Tae moved recklessly and with her own pleasure in mind. Her drooling lips left sticky wetness against the younger girl’s mouth and made her chin and cheeks go shiny with fluid, and Futaba could only mash her lips and lick with her tongue as best as she could. She moved her tongue like she was licking a popsicle, and lashed out with the very tip and dragged it through the silky folds. Tae made small hissing noises with every jerk and jab of her hips, almost growling when Futaba licked in just the right way, and that was how the redhead guided herself along.


She tried her best, sliding her tongue along puffy folds and pink membranes, and slurped away at any juices that ran free of her core. It was pretty clear that Futaba’s ministrations weren’t very effective, but Tae was doing most of the work on her own judging by the way she jerked her hips at an increasingly frantic pace. She was also clearly needy, and Ren’s abandonment had obviously worked her up more than Futaba could have believed; regardless, any amount of stimulation that Futaba provided was enough to help Tae along. Her fingers tightened in the girl’s hair as her hips jerked raggedly, her cunt drooling a healthy amount of fluids that washed against Furaba’s mouth.


The girl was forced to slurp it up lest it spill over her chin, and the movement of her mouth and lips seemed to help Tae along. The dark-haired woman groaned and tossed her head back as her other hand curled around, unsnapping her bra and letting it fall away from her pert breasts. The doughy mounds bounced free, and Futaba could only stare at the rippling flesh and rosy red nipples that crested them. 


Her fluids flowed out at an ever greater pace, spurred on by Futaba's clumsy movements and her own needy desire. Futaba kept up the mashing, kissing motions of her lips, struggling to gulp it all down. Tae smiled through tightly grit teeth, tossing her head back with a low groan of desire as her hips jerked back and forth. Her movements were quick and sharp, rubbing herself to completion even as she tugged Futaba's head into her core. She shivered and her hips undulated as another healthy outpouring of juices flowed from her cunt, and Futaba could do nothing but keep on working as Tae did as she pleased.


Tae was utterly in control as she moved, and Futaba did nothing but hold on for the ride. Her breath came in short gasps and shallow inhales, for her mouth was almost entirely covered by her slick twat and preoccupied with sucking and kissing rather than breathing. Tae held on to her head as if for dear life while her hips moved ever more frantically, and her breathy hisses grew louder and louder. She ground herself down until her cunt gushed out a waterfall of fluid, and continued grinding herself as Futaba struggled to contend with it all. Tae even made sure to shove her fleshy clit against the girl's nose, using the hard cartilage to pleasure herself. 

It was over eventually. Tae hadn't quite reached her peak yet, but Futaba could tell the woman was close and eager for more; Futaba, though, was still contending with the sticky river of juices in her mouth, and her lungs that demanded that she breath. She had no idea how Tae had held on without breathing while also gobbling up half of her dick, but Futaba had a newfound appreciation for her blowjob skills - she was already out of breath after just licking her pussy.

Tae smiled as she slid down Futaba's body, leaving a clear line of juices down her torso. She planted her ass down on her pelvis, just ahead of the girl's jutting girlmeat, and the turgid pole rested on the lush globes of her rear. "Tired already, girl?"


"N-no," Futaba stuttered, but bit her lip as she struggled to regain her breathing. She'd never once in her life regretted her lack of physical activity, but right now she wished she had way more stamina to keep up with Tae. "I just -"


"Take a moment," Tae all but commanded, "Doctor's orders."


Futaba gulped and complied. Tae lowered her shaggy head of hair down and leaned fully over the girl, eyes fixated on her small, A-cup chest. Her lips descended down on the right one while her hand moved up to the left, and Futaba let out a small gasp as those soft lips touched her breastflesh. Hers were inadequate by comparison to Tae's gorgeous mounds, but that didn't seem to bother the older woman at all; her lips kissed a path up to a rosy nipple and closed around it, sucking it into her mouth and wrapping it in the cushion of her cocksuckers while her fingers pushed into the flesh of the other. She rolled the small breast in her hand, thumb pushing into the sides of the supple mass with relish.


She sucked hard on her nipple, and occasionally applied the use of her teeth - sudden, strong bites that left Futaba groaning. Nothing about Tae was what Futaba would consider chill, and it was clear she liked rougher and more masochistic sex than Futaba could provide right then - but damn, did Futaba want to. If she got through this she needed to do plenty of research at home, but with the way Tae was going she wasn't sure if she could last. Her left breast was being pushed and massaged it like it was dough, and though it was tiny Tae knew exactly how to manipulate it. 


Tae's hand pulled back and her fingers captured a stiff nipple between them, and she squeezed the tender nub and drew a squeak out of Futaba. Her mouth continued to suckle on the other, and she very purposefully grazed it with her teeth to get more cute noises from her. She switched it up only after she'd left her right breast a red-marked mess with the faint impression of her mouth, and swapped over to the other to repeat the motions. Her hand came up just as it had before and rolled over the soft mass, pushing into the saliva-slicked skin and tracing circles around her areola in purposefully teasing motions. 


Futaba squeaked and groaned, her face totally flushed and as red as a tomato. Tae smiled wickedly as she pulled back and shifted herself, utterly content with what she'd just done to the girl. She had ended everything abruptly enough to make Futaba groan for more that wasn't coming, and the doctor immediately went to her final medical procedure of the day as she raised her hips and dangled them over Futaba's fat cock. Her hand had to go down to align it properly with her flushed, leaking folds, but she did so easily.


“Oh, you are so sick, you poor thing.” She rubbed herself there for a moment, dragging her flushed folds over the fat cock-tip, ever-smiling. She ground against the bulbous head and over the underside of the vascular behemoth, eliciting little sighs from Futaba’s lips. “Looks like we’ll have to move on to part three, then.”


Still she continued to grind herself, leaving the promised heat of her cunt just out of reach for the moment. Futaba sighed, and Tae’s grin grew wider. “Are you ready, cutie?”


 Futaba opened her mouth to reply, but any chance of such was totally stolen from her as Tae abruptly slammed herself down on the redhead’s fat cock, and nothing but a loud moan left her lips. Tae grinned down at the girl, whose eyes and lips were wide at the sudden feeling of being buried inside a warm, sopping snatch. The feeling was intense, hot and steamy and vice-tight all at the same time, and had her groan with impossible pleasures. The doctor seemed pleased by her reactions, and greedily drank it all up - but she was also there for her own pleasure, and that much was clear when she began to move.


Futaba had seen and read enough porn to know how things worked, but as Tae settled herself into her sexual rhythm, everything the sheltered teen knew was thrown out the window. Tae began to bounce herself on her lap, swivelling her ass and rolling her hips as she worked her snatch on and off the cock at a brisk pace that shouldn’t have been possible given her tightness and Futaba’s size; she took every inch of the girthy dick like it was nothing, slamming down on the prick and taking it to the very base. All nine inches made a home inside her, stretching her out fully and getting the rubbery head right against her cervix, and all Tae did was moan with pleasure.


“Nice and big,” she groaned under her breath, and Futaba inwardly preened. She, too, however, was left a groaning mess as Tae picked up the pace and found her rhythm. Her hips rolled and jerked as they had earlier, and she sank her snatch on the fat rod over and over, continuously seeking a better angle with which to impale herself. Her movements were fast and hard, and she pulled herself all the way off before slamming right back down again. Their hips collided with loud, fleshy smacks and lewd squelches, flesh clapping and juices being churned about by the pistoning slab of cock-meat.


She seemed to want it rougher and actively shoved herself down as hard as she possibly could. Whenever the throbbing cockhead bashed her womb with all the force of a race car she would let out a pleased yelp and grind herself down, chasing more of that pleasure before seeking it out again. She bucked her hips furiously and tossed her head back, twerking herself on the meaty obelisk of cockmeat that continuously slammed into her flush, leaking folds and forcing them wide around her girth. Her breasts wobbled on her chest as in timing with her movements, forced into a series of jiggling ripples as her bodily thrusts shook her body entirely.


Tae grunted as she rode Futaba for all she could, using her cock like a saddle with which to properly fuck herself. Her pacing was relentless, her desperation clear. It was a combination of how needy Ren had made her and her own desire for a good lay, and she let it all out on the girl writhing beneath her. Futaba could barely comprehend how fast and how powerfully Tae was moving, and hot damn sexy she looked while bouncing on top of her meaty shaft. Her pussy was the most delightful thing she’d ever felt, hot and warm and painfully tight, and each push inside her drew groans from her lips and a rush of juices from her cunt.


It felt so good that Futaba’s mind was thrown into overdrive in the first few minutes alone. It blew masturbation out of the park and rendered Tae’s expert blowjob as a close second, and the girl could barely comprehend it all. Her inexperienced brain and sensitive cock couldn’t handle the awesome pleasure of being buried so deeply inside a plush, silky cunt that hugged her length in just the right ways, and instinct told her to blow her load right then and there; but logic told Futaba to hold back, to give Tae the pleasure she deserved. She’d already cum too quickly during the oral, and she didn’t want to leave the older woman out to dry.


She grit her teeth as she struggled to hold on despite the luxurious feel of her silky cunt and the warm, tightly hugging walls that surrounded her member. Tae’s breathing came out in heavy grunts as she rolled her hips and still slammed down, her ass clapping and jiggling from the force of her movements. Her cock swelled up, eager for release, but Futaba fought against her own rising climax as Tae became increasingly frantic in the speed and intensity of her bucking hips and jerking pelvis. Her spongey cunt slurped and squelched as she moved fast enough to churn her copious amounts of girl-juices, her walls bending out at harsh angles as she moved without relent.


“Good girl,” Tae sighed, her voice husky and ragged. It was dripping sex, and it made Futaba shiver with lust. “You’re learning already.”


Her cunt began to spasm in time with her motions, rippling around the invading slab of cockmeat as she continued to slam down. It wore at Futaba’s self-control as if the newfound assault was designed to wear her down and make her cum, and she fully bit her lip hard enough to draw blood as she struggled to stop from cumming. Her hair whipped around her and her glasses were fucked askew, hanging off her face as Tae’s movements got reckless and heady; Futaba was sure that her pelvis and cock would be red from the friction of her blows when they were done.


“But just a bit more,” Tae urged, “Just a little longer, cutie -”


Again and again her hips slapped against Futaba’s, her insides squeezing hard enough to make the girl wince. It was like fucking through a fist, and the vice-like tightness was almost unbearable, but none of that mattered to Tae. She forced herself wide with her desperate drops, content to stretch herself out to the max by the swollen girlcock, and never once stilled her frantic pace. She got faster, in fact, working herself until her hips were a blur and her breathing was ragged. Her hair bounced and bobbed around, her necklaces tinkling as they slipped against one another in the midst of her bulging cleavage, her eyes locked onto Futaba’s with an almost wild stare as she fucked down harder and harder.


“Cum,” Tae ordered; it was just a single word, but one that Futaba could not resist. She doubted she could resist anything the woman said to her, if she was being honest. She came as she was ordered, instantly letting loose her entire load and pumping it straight into the doctor without a second thought for anything like repercussions. Her cum, having been held back by force of will, spurted through the fluttering pink tunnel like a volcano as Tae slammed down one final time and let out a long, lewd groan. Spurt after spurt of semen filled her chasm as her own orgasm swept through her, and Futaba was left a similarly gasping mess as a new surge of clamping and milking sensations assaulted her cock.


She writhed underneath the doctor as her spasming cunt began to milk her dry of all the cum she could give. Her balls spasmed and unloaded every last drop of creamy baby-batter directly into the older woman’s womb, and Tae took everything she had with a needy smile and breathy moans. Her own orgasm ripped through her violently, sending the doctor’s body into shivers, with her eyes nearly rolling all the way back into her skull. Futaba was proud to note that she’d been able to do that for Tae, though she’d essentially been ridden into the ground by the dominant woman.


It was several minutes before either of their peaks subsided and they were capable of rational thought again, and Tae eventually slumped down atop the much smaller girl. She smiled lazily, her eyelids droopy, clearly content in her post-orgasmic haze. She pushed her lips to Futaba’s, kissing the girl long and slow. She moulded their mouths together to fully taste her lips, and did so at a languid, tender pace that was at odds with her previous disposition. At the same time her hand reached out to the counter and gripped a marker, and she smirked against Futaba’s lips.


She pulled away and uncapped the marker with her teeth, and grinned. She set the felt tip to Futaba’s chest and began to scrawl something, with the black of the marker harsh against her pale skin. It was a series of numbers parked out by slashes, and it took Futaba a shamefully long moment to realize it was a date for early next week.


“That’s your follow-up appointment,” Tae explained, her voice back to its dry drawl. “Don’t be late, and definitely don’t miss it.”


Futaba could only manage a nod. She didn’t know if it was possible to be both scared and aroused at the same time, but somehow Tae managed to elicit both responses from her feverish mind.


“And if you get better,” the older woman continued, “then maybe I’ll see about making you my… ‘emergency contact number’.”


Futaba blushed, and Tae laughed.