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"You're late," Gojo groans dramatically as he hears Megumi come through the door. The teenage boy sips off his shoes in the genkan and pads down the hall over to Gojo in his room, where he finds him flopped pathetically on his bed.

"What if I'd already been dead by the time you came?" Gojo adds, and Megumi has to wonder if the pitiful croak to his voice isn't just fabricated for the sake of garnering Megumi's sympathy.  

"The strongest man alive won't die from just a cold."

It's just another day of Gojo's antics to him. He's nursed Gojo through plenty of silly colds even back when he was still just a young child, Gojo being the more childish of the two and the ever useless adult who’d always rely on Megumi to baby him just because he'd thought it was fun. 

"Are you sure?" Gojo asks with a concerned frown and a dramatic cough, feigning the sick act he knows won’t work on Megumi anymore, but also knows Megumi is too kind to completely spurn, either.

"Yes, I’m sure." Megumi deadpans.

Gojo smiles and sits up, "You know me too well."

"I've known you most of my life."

Gojo laughs and moves to the edge of his bed, "That's right, you have! You've seen me at my best and worst. Through all my colds. Through all my staying up all night drinking and then sleeping all day! You even took care of me when I was hung over and puking my guts out!"

"Yeah..." Megumi’s seen plenty more of Gojo than that, through some real lows, but leave it to him to play it off like this.

"But you still love me!"

"..." Megumi gives him an unamused look, though he doesn’t deny it.

"Will you stay with me forever?" Gojo bats his eyelashes, making sure to follow with another theatrical, overly-pitiful cough.

"I'm not going to take care of you forever, you're not that sick," Megumi sighs, setting down the bag of medicines and supplements and miscellaneous things he’d brought, "You just need some rest and a little medicine." 

He comes to Gojo’s bed and sits down on the edge, reaching for the glass of water on his bedside table to change it out with a fresh one. He gently helps Gojo to sit up as he hands him the glass, though he has a nagging suspicion Gojo can get up just fine on his own and merely wants to be babied.

"You can't get rid of me that easily," Gojo smiles, but then he makes a grossed out face, "Ew, this water tastes horrible."

"No one said anything about getting rid of you," Megumi sighs again, and tries to ignore the way Gojo grins at that. "And also it's just water, maybe you just need to brush your teeth."

"That's mean, Megumi," Gojo pretends to be hurt, "Even while bed-ridden I can maintain basic hygiene. Everything just tastes funny."

Gojo sniffles pathetically as Megumi takes back the glass to set it down, and places the back of his hand to Gojo's forehead. He’s surprised. It's actually pretty warm.

"Maybe you actually are sick..."

"You didn't believe me before?" Gojo gasps, "You really are mean!"

Megumi sighs. "But not that sick, if you can still make stupid comments."

Gojo pats the spot beside him in bed, "If you cuddle with me I'll get better right away, I’m sure."

"You'll get me sick," Megumi makes a face.

"Then it'll be my turn to take care of you!" Gojo grins.

"As a teacher, you really shouldn't say something so irresponsible." Megumi scolds him gently with a sigh.

Gojo just continues to smile lovingly at him and pat the bed. “You used to do it for me when you were little.”

"Is that something you should admit to proudly as an adult? Making a little kid cuddle with you..." Megumi grumbles. "Besides, I'm not little anymore."

"But you're still cute." Gojo holds out his arms to him, "C'mooonn. Gimme my Megumi fix."

"You're such a pain," He tells him, but he climbs onto the bed and goes over next to Gojo nonetheless.

Gojo immediately wraps his arms around him and nuzzles his face into his neck. "Ah, that's better."

"Ugh," He half-heartedly tries to pull out of Gojo's grip, but Gojo just holds on tighter. His large hands move over his body, slowly stroking along his sides and back. "You're going to get sweat on me..."

"You can take a shower when you get up," Gojo nuzzles him some more before starting to plant small kisses on his neck.

"S-Sensei! Stop that.” He pushes at him a bit, starting to feel a blush creep up the back of his neck and onto his cheeks.

Gojo just chuckles and kisses along his jaw line. "You're so cute when you get shy."

"I'm not..." He starts to protest, but then Gojo's mouth moves up to his and presses a kiss to his lips.

Gojo's lips are warm, and gentle. He parts them slightly and runs his tongue along the seam of Megumi's mouth. Slowly, he yields to him and their tongues meet. The hand that was pushing at his chest slides up around the side of his neck as the other one goes into his hair.

They kiss for a while, Gojo's hands slowly stroking his hair, his neck, back down along his sides. He can feel himself getting warmer, his body reacting to Gojo.

Gojo pulls back and licks his lips. "You've gotten pretty good at that for a kid."

Megumi tries to hide his obvious pout, “And which no-good adult do I have to thank for that?” He grumbles. Gojo laughs.

"Me, of course." He starts to rub noses with him, until Megumi swats him away. 

"So cute," Gojo teases him. He kisses down his neck and along his collar bone, heading back towards his lips.


He stops just before their lips touch. "I love you."

"...Me too," he says quietly.

Gojo smiles and kisses him again, holding him close.

“If I get sick I’m gonna curse you,” Megumi says between kisses, though his words lack their usual scolding tone in favor of steadily increasing breathlessness as Gojo’s kisses suck the air out of his lungs.

Gojo laughs into the side of his neck, sending shivers down his spine. "You're so cute."

Megumi snorts softly at that but lets Gojo keep kissing his neck.

"Hey Megumi," Gojo says finally, mouth against the side of his jaw, "You should give me a treat, since I'm sick. You should ride me."

Megumi sits back a bit. "Huh?"

"You know. Straddle me. I'll lay down and you can sit on my dick." Gojo smiles cheekily up at him.

Megumi immediately frowns, blushing, “I know what it is, you don’t have to describe it...! That’s not what I meant. We shouldn’t be doing something like that while you have a cold.”

"It'll make me feel better! I'm sure of it." Gojo grins at him, and all Megumi can do is sigh.

"Oh, and let me watch you get yourself ready, too!" Gojo adds, too cheerfully for someone who supposedly has a cold, Megumi thinks.

Gojo hands him a tube of vaseline, which Megumi's reaches for automatically, though not without a dubious expression. 

"Do I even get a say in this?" He sighs.

"But you smell like you had a shower right before you came over, so I figured that was an invitation." Gojo says simply.

Megumi blushes, "...Thats a coincidence...! I was training before coming over and got sweaty.”

Gojo just smiles at him patiently, way too lovingly. It makes Megumi’s heart do strange things, the way Gojo can just look at him so openly like that.

“...Fine.” He swipes the vaseline from Gojo’s hand and unscrews the lid with one hand, reaching to tug down his pants with the other. Gojo grabs his wrist, and the touch makes him jump a bit.

"No, I want to see you do it slowly. Tease me a bit."

"...I'm not doing that. That's too embarrassing. I'll just be quick about it." He replies quickly, trying to pull down his pants again. Gojo's grip is strong though, and he doesn't let go.

"No, do it slowly," He says, smiling at him. That smile…

"Whatever, fine!" Why can’t he say no to Gojo’s face? Stupid handsome Gojo... His heart is pounding. Has Gojo really made him this much of a pervert?

He pulls down his pants and underwear the rest of the way quickly, but takes his time applying the lubricant. He's careful to really drag it out, making sure Gojo gets an excellent view of everything he's got, before he finally slowly slips the first finger into his own hole.

They've both been busy and haven't done anything in awhile, so it's a little harder to get the first one in than usual. Once it's buried in to the knuckle, Megumi lets out a slow exhale. He opens one eye to peer at Gojo, whose watching him quietly, eyes heavy-lidded.

"Nice view..." Gojo says, his voice sounding lower than usual.

"Shut up," Megumi breathes, pushing the finger in and out of himself slowly with more vaseline to loosen himself up. A second finger goes in with less difficulty than the first, and he spreads them apart inside himself as he gently thrusts them in and out.

Gojo has an annoying smile on his face, when Megumi finally looks at him again.


"Nothing, I was just thinking that you really do love me." Gojo smiles.

Megumi shoots him a look.

"You look so cute like this," Gojo adds. Without warning he licks one of his own fingers before sliding it in next to Megumi's two fingers.

Megumi gasps. The foreign intrusion feels strange next to his own two fingers, but in a way that makes him feel hot all over. He squirms as he adjusts to the third finger, which is noticeably bigger and longer than his own. Gojo starts to slide it slowly in and out of him.

"You like that?" Gojo asks, and then pushes his finger in deeper and rubs against something inside that makes Megumi's breath catch.


Gojo smirks a bit to himself as he rubs against that spot again, making the teen boy gasp and squirm.

“Don’t stop with your own fingers, Megumi.” Gojo reminds him in a low purr.

With three fingers in him now, it's a lot to get used to, but the way he is rubbing that spot inside is making it easier to bear. He starts to move his own fingers again, as well as his hips, pushing himself down onto Gojo's fingers. A moan falls from his lips.

"Good..." Gojo says, and Megumi can't tell if that hazy look on his face is lust or his fever or both.

"You're...ngh...!" He starts to say before Gojo pushes in a second finger without warning. With two of their fingers each—a total of four inside of him, it feels full, and strange the way they don't all move the same way. 

Gojo hooks his fingers inside Megumi without warning, making him lurch forward with a bodily shudder. He instinctively clamps his other hand down over his own cock to keep from coming right then and there.

“You-...ah!” Megumi squeezes his eyes shut, panting hard and trying to suppress the shivers that wrack through his body. “You said you wanted me to do everything...!”

Gojo laughs, “You can, in a minute. I just couldn’t help myself.”  He slides his fingers out of Megumi and lays back.

"Are you ready?" Gojo asks, pulling down his own sweatpants and underwear and kicking them off.

The sight of Gojo's swollen cock springing up makes him dizzy. It's so big and veiny, and he burns with shame at himself that his immediate thought is how he can't wait to have it inside of him. He’s never been with anyone else besides Gojo so it’s not like he has much to compare with besides his own, but he knows it’s big. He’s felt how big it is, still a stretch every time, but he’s gotten to the point where he knows that feeling well enough that he longs for it. Not that he’d ever admit that to Gojo himself.

Megumi takes some more of the vaseline on his fingers, slicking them both up one last time before he throws a leg over Gojo’s side and straddles his hips.

"Ready," he says, panting a little bit as he feels the head of Gojo's cock against his opening.

He holds his breath and pushes his hips down.

It slips inside of him easily enough, but not without a stretch that pulls the air out of him. He bites his lip and holds it for a moment, letting his body adjust to the width of it. Even with as much time as they've been spending together over however long it’s been since their relationship has changed to whatever they could call it now, he still hasn't managed to get used to it fully. Not that he's complaining.

Gojo's hands are on his hips, steadying him and he gives the go ahead to continue. He slowly eases himself down, sinking with it deeper and deeper until it's seated as far inside of him as it can go. He holds it there for a moment to let himself get used to it, then starts to lift up.

It slides out of him, then back in. He does it again, finding a rhythm as he rides Gojo. He moves his hips with the motion of it, lifting himself up and down in time with his thrusts. He moves faster, breathing hard now as he bounces up and down on it, tightening his grip over Gojo’s hand on his hip.

“Wow, Megumi...” Gojo smiles up at him, and Megumi’s had sex with him enough times at this point to know it isn’t just fever that’s making him blush. Gojo makes surprisingly cute expressions during sex, Megumi has always thought, and now is definitely no exception.

“You look so naughty like this.”

“Sh..Shut up,” Megumi says breathlessly. He puts his other hand on Gojo's chest as he bounces on top of him, his thighs burning a little from the exercise.

Gojo leans up to kiss him, and he leans down to receive it. His tongue pushes into his mouth, and his free hand moves up to tangle in his hair. His other hand slides down his back, past his hip and squeezes his ass, digging his fingers into the flesh there.

He breaks the kiss to pant, Gojo's eyes wandering all over his face and then down to his body as he grinds up into him.

"I wish you could see yourself right now," Gojo says in awe.

“You’re so...embarrassing...” Megumi grinds out.

Gojo can’t possibly be unaware of how he looks right now, either. It should be illegal to be so handsome even with a fever, or maybe the fever makes it worse—Gojo’s eyelids fluttering more bedroomy than usual, eyes shiny and blue under heavy lashes, cheeks and lips pink, and a faint sheen of sweat on his skin. Whatever messy hair isn’t fanned out over his pillow frames his face where it clings to his sweat, and his shirt collar hangs slightly to one side, revealing just enough peek of his muscular chest to stir the imagination. Not that Megumi hasn’t already seen it many times over. In fact he’s known Gojo long enough that he often takes it for granted, but he’s reminded now that, whatever or whoever Gojo’s done in the past, this is a Gojo only he now knows. 

“My, my, Megumi...” Gojo teases with a smile, though the strain in his voice is clear, “You’re really staring at me. Are you that in love with me?”

"Ngh, no," Megumi huffs, but he sounds more embarrassed than angry, "That's not it..."

"Then what is it?" Gojo stills Megumi's hips on him with his hands. 

Megumi whines before catching himself and choking back the sound. He desperately wants to keep moving, but he forces the feeling down.

"I just..." he feels his ears get hot, but wills himself to look Gojo in the eyes, "I just thought that, to everyone else you're ‘the strongest', but to me you' know. Just like this." He trails off with a mumble, feeling stupid.

Gojo smiles so wide he almost seems like he'll laugh. He strokes the side of Megumi's face, and leans up for another kiss. “Come here,” he says.

Megumi leans down to meet him again, slowly resuming the movement of his hips as he picks up the pace to ride Gojo's lap. Gojo's hands grip his thighs as he moves up and down, first slowly then more quickly. The kiss naturally breaks apart as the pace quickens steadily. Megumi hears himself let out a noise that's loud enough to make him burn with embarrassment, but Gojo doesn't seem to mind as he throws his own head back, gripping the bedsheets as he approaches his limit. 

“Sensei...” Megumi says breathlessly, “You’re sweating a lot. Are it okay to...keep going?”

Gojo just nods at him, gripping him tighter. His head lolls back against the pillow and he closes his eyes, but his grip on Megumi never lets up. “So good Megumi... so amazing. You’re so good.”

Megumi bites his lip, feeling his whole body tremble. “Sensei... Sensei...”

Gojo's eyes snap open when he feels the younger boy tense up and stop moving. He moves his hands to grip his ass, continuing to thrust up into him as he quickens the pace. "Come for me," he says, "Come for me like this. My cute Megumi...”

He plants sloppy, barely-there kisses to Megumi’s jaw and cheek as the teenager bows forward in ecstasy, unable to even sit up straight on Gojo’s cock as his orgasm ripples through him. A loud, strangled moan tears itself from his throat right into Gojo’s ear as he slumps all of his weight forward onto him. Gojo, even in a fevered state, has no trouble supporting the skinny boy, considering how much bigger he is than Megumi by comparison. He wraps his big arms around him and continues to buck up his hips, milking himself into the now totally limp and exhausted boy’s hole.

The pair of them lay there motionless for a few moments, before Gojo licks his lips and carefully eases himself out of the Megumi's ass. He pulls him up into his arms and cradles him close so that his head is resting on his chest, listening to the rapid beating of his heart slowly settling down after orgasm.

"You spoiled me. I feel better already.”

Megumi’s too tired to retort, just silently catches his breath with his cheek pressed to Gojo’s heart. He feels sweaty and sticky, but it’ll have to wait. The afterglow has made him feel sleepy, and he allows himself for once to wrap his arms around the older man, unwilling to let him go just yet. He doesn’t like to admit it even to himself, has always told himself he doesn’t need it, but ever since he was little he’s always felt safe in Gojo's strong embrace.

Gojo quietly strokes his fingers through Megumi’s hair.

"I like when you call me Sensei."


"It makes me feel like you still need me."


“But I’m probably the one who needs you, if anything...” Gojo lifts his head slightly off the pillow and Megumi feels his own shift with the movement, “If you don’t reply, Megumi, I’m just gonna keep talking you know?”

“...You have a fever. You’re just rambling.”

Gojo smiles, but doesn’t say anything more after that. He just continues stroking his fingers through his hair for a little while, but eventually he drifts off to sleep.

The fact that Gojo loosens his hold on Megumi enough that he can slip out of bed and start cleaning up for him is maybe the only testament that makes Megumi believe he really and truly is sick. Or testament that he loves and trusts Megumi enough to let his guard down with him for real. Somehow he feels like Gojo could will himself to stay awake or wake in an instant around anyone else. He might be the strongest, but one part of that is how effortlessly he can and does maintain constantly having his guard up.

After cleaning up both himself and Gojo's room, Megumi examines his teacher and once-guardian’s sleeping face, sitting down gently on the bed and pushing some of the sweaty hair out of his eyes.

"I don't care if I catch your stupid cold..." he says softly, to himself more than Gojo, "I'll take whatever you give me."