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Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

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It's 9:15 and somehow Megaera is already having the day from hell, which is only made worse when she arrives at the coffee shop and realizes it's the height of the midmorning rush.

She's debating whether to brave the line when she spots someone in a familiar fuzzy green sweater waving at her from the corner. She shoulders her way through the crowd to find Dusa sitting at a tiny table, slurping an elaborate drink that may have coffee somewhere underneath the whipped cream. There's a second chair blocked off with a backpack and a second drink on the table, an espresso cup with a small foam heart on top.

Meg groans in relief and sits down. "How many shots are in this?"

"Four." Dusa looks pleased with herself. "I told them my girlfriend likes her coffee strong enough to kill a man. But, y'know, with a heart!"

"You're the best, thank you." Meg takes a long sip before relaxing back in her chair. "Sorry I'm late, I've had to rush everywhere today."

"No worries! You know I've got your back."

She smiles and reaches across the table to take Dusa's hand in her own. "Yeah, you always do."