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Momo shoots another anxious glance at her phone and almost on cue, hears another embarrassingly loud growl from her stomach.

It's only been two days since their much needed and even more short lived vacation and already their schedules had filled up with events that had them rushing across town for the entire day. And while all the members had it pretty rough, easily the worst for today was Nayeon, who still had yet to come home nearly three hours after the rest of them had finished due to a last minute appearance scheduled for an evening variety show. 

And so, being the good girlfriend that she is, Momo had decided to have some food ordered for them to eat together the second she got home. She’s timed it pretty well, based on the last text she'd received, Nayeon really should be coming through the door any minute now, but even just a couple minutes of sitting in the living room with the intoxicating aroma of all the takeout she’d gotten is basically torture for her. And looking at it now, she thinks to herself that she may have gone a little overboard between the fried chicken, pad thai, pot stickers, three different kinds of kimbap, and of course, an order of jokbal. All in all, there’s probably enough to feed the nine of them for the next week. 

Or, given how much her stomach is growling right now, maybe she just eats all of it tonight. 

"You know I'm sure Nayeon-unnie would understand if you ate like a piece of chicken or something."

She looks up to see Dahyun standing in the hallway leading to her room, lazily rubbing her eyes and dressed in an oversized set of pajama pants along with a large pink hoodie that definitely belongs to Sana.

"Thought you were taking a nap." She says, turning back to sneak another glance at her phone.

"I was. I just woke up." Dahyun grumbles. "Like… a minute ago."

Momo narrows her eyes, something about the girl's evasive tone setting off a few alarms in her head. "Is that why your neck is covered in hickeys?"

The ensuing blush creeps up Dahyun's face in an instant as she sputters a series of half formed excuses and denials. 

"Well," Momo interrupts, deciding that the poor girl had suffered enough, "Nayeon should be back any minute now so I just need to… stay focused."

"Wow… I don't think I've ever seen you exhibit so much self control around food before. You must really love her."

Apparently it’s now Momo's turn to blush, as evidenced by the heat creeping up the back of her neck. Luckily she doesn’t have to stammer her way through a response the same way Dahyun had as the front door suddenly opens and she turns to see Nayeon finally stepping inside. 

“My god.” Nayeon groans as she kicks her shoes off, “I’m going to die if I have to go through that again.” 

“What happened?” Momo asks, instinctively rushing over to give her a hug. 

“It started out just fine!” The girl grumbles, melting into her arms with a contented sigh, “just your typical excessively high energy variety show stuff, nothing we haven’t all done a thousand times before.”


“But then for like the entire second half of the show one of the guys just wouldn’t stop asking questions about whether or not I’m dating anyone!” 

Momo can’t help furrowing her eyebrows. “What? Why?”

“I don’t know!” Nayeon huffs, deciding now would be a good time to bury her face into Momo’s shoulder, “I kept trying to deflect it with jokes but he literally just wouldn’t let it go! God… sometimes I hate that we all have to be so secretive about this.” 

She hears Dahyun letting out a sympathetic hum as Momo gently runs a hand through the girl’s hair. Because of course Dahyun understands just as well as anyone how hard it can be having to hide your feelings from the world when almost every minute of their lives is spent with a camera pointed at them. 

And she feels absolutely useless right now. She’d never really been particularly good with words… or cheering people up. Honestly whenever someone was having problems in the past she probably would’ve sent them to talk to Jeongyeon or Jihyo or something. But it’s not like she can do that with her own girlfriend. 

“Well,” Dahyun says, probably sensing exactly how lost she's feeling right now, “I think your day might at least have a chance of being saved.” 

She feels Nayeon perking up in her arms, looking over at the shorter girl with a bit of confusion. “What do you mean?” 

“Momo-unnie had a freaking feast prepared for you.” 

Nayeon’s eyes go wide as she finally takes in the scene in the living room, with every inch of their coffee table covered in styrofoam containers from at least five different restaurants.

“Momo!” she shouts, turning back to shoot a half-hearted glare at her girlfriend, “I thought I told you not to wait for me!” 

“Oh come on.” She responds with a roll of her eyes, “did you really think I was going to leave you to eat alone after the day you’ve had?”

“But… you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast this morning, you must be starving!” 

“It’s… really not that bad.” She mumbles, shyly shifting her eyes down to her feet. 

And of course her stomach picks that very moment to let out the loudest growl she’d ever heard, leaving her with no option other than giving a sheepish smile in response to Nayeon’s concerned frown. 

“Okay,” Momo continues, “maybe I’m a little hungrier than I expected. But... I just really wanted to eat together.” 

Nayeon shakes her head in disbelief before leaning forward to press a light kiss to her lips. “You’re ridiculous. But thank you, it’s very sweet.” 

Not wanting to waste any more time standing around, Nayeon finally peels herself out of Momo’s arms and the three of them make their way back into the living room. 

"Oh my god it smells amazing!" Nayeon says, leaning over to give Momo another quick kiss on the cheek, "just give me a second to change, I desperately need to get myself into some sweatpants right now."

"Alright, don't take too long!" She calls, seeing that Nayeon is already halfway to her room.

With that she takes her seat back on the couch, already reaching forward to open the nearest takeout box when she notices Dahyun kneeling at the other side of the table, sporting a beaming ear to ear smile that would probably blind her if she looked too long. 


She doesn't get a response other than the girl shooting a quick glance at the table, still not relenting with the grin that would probably put the cheshire cat to shame.

"Okay fine," Momo sighs, "you can have some, there's probably way too much for just me and Nayeon anyway."

"Thank you unnie!" Dahyun beams, "um… and also…"

"Yes, you can tell Sana to come eat with us too."

Without warning the girl is practically tackling her into the couch. "You're the best!" Dahyun shouts. 

"Yeah yeah," she grunts, "just help me with all of this."

It turns out to be a bit of a challenge figuring out how to set everything on the table, and just as Momo is starting to wonder if it's worth just packing some of the food in the fridge, she sees Nayeon slowly shuffling back into the room, sporting a fresh set of comfortable sleepwear along with a dreamy, far off look on her face.

"Hey," Momo says, "I might've gone a little overboard with the food so I told Dahyun that she and Sana could eat with us."

"Oh yeah that's… fine." Nayeon answers slowly, biting down on her lip in a vain attempt to stop the dopey grin from spreading on her lips.

She shares a quick, confused look with Dahyun. "Nay? Is everything okay?"

"Um, yeah." Nayeon replies, sitting down next to her and gratefully accepting a pair of chopsticks from Dahyun, "just… did something happen with Jeongyeon and Mina?"

"Oh! Well…"

She's cut off by a familiar high pitched squeal that can really only belong to one person.

"Dahyunnie!" Sana cries, running up to join them on the couch with her phone held loosely in her hand, "I was starting to worry that you had forgotten about me!"

"Sorry, I should have texted sooner, but I figured you might be hungry."

"I am! You're so considerate Dahyunnie!"

"Yah!" Momo cries, "I’m the one that bought all this food in the first place."

At that Sana lets out a small giggle and slides over to give her a hug. "Thank you Momoring."

"Hey hey, keep your hands off my girlfriend!" Nayeon teases, throwing in a good natured poke to Sana's side that has her squeaking in surprise and launching herself back over to hide behind Dahyun. "And you never answered my question."

"Eh?" Momo replies, "what question?"

"About Jeongyeon and Mina!"

"Oh!" Sana cuts in, "are they still watching Avengers?"

"Yes!" Nayeon answers with an excited nod, "What’s up with that? I went in there to change and they were in Mina's bed together."

"Oh they're so cute!" Sana squeals. "I've spent the whole night hiding in Dahyunnie's room just to give them some alone time."

"But let me guess," Momo adds, not bothering to control the disappointed look on her face, "Jeongyeon completely wasted Sana's honorable attempt at being her wing-woman."

"What do you mean?"

Momo turns back to her girlfriend. "I mean were they being intimate at all? Did Jeongyeon even have her arm around Mina?"

Nayeon pauses, taking a second to shoot a thoughtful look back towards her room before shaking her head. "No, I don't think so."

"Of course not." Momo sighs, "she was too shy to do anything the other night too and we freaking watched like three Marvel movies!"

"What? When was this?"

"On our day off." Dahyun answers through a mouthful of noodles, "you were still visiting your parents unnie."

"Wait what?" Nayeon says, furrowing her eyebrows, "you're telling me that not only is this not the first Marvel movie that Jeongyeon's seen with Mina, but that she actually spent her entire day off watching them?"

"Yup, Mina-unnie's taking her through the whole marathon." 

Nayeon turns back to Momo with another confused look. "What the hell?"

Dahyun's eyes grow wide, flicking back and forth between the two of them, and Sana who's already started giggling, having apparently figured it out on her own. "Is something wrong?"

"Jeongyeon hates superhero movies." Momo explains with a light chuckle.

"She hates all action movies really." Sana adds. 

"Haven't you noticed that she never joined us for our Marvel marathons?" Nayeon asks.

"Um… no? I mean I guess I did. But I just…" 

"You were too busy freaking out about every time Sana's leg touched yours." Nayeon finishes, giving an exaggerated roll of the eyes at the furious blush that washes over the younger girl's face. "God you're just as bad as Jeong. All this time I've been saying that she should just tell Mina how she feels, but no. Instead she'd rather suffer through hours and hours of movies that she doesn't even like just to have an excuse to sit next to the girl."

"And not make a move." Momo adds.

Nayeon lets out a frustrated huff. "I swear I’m going to have an aneurysm."

"Oh cut her some slack unnie," Sana says, "Jeongyeonnie has it really bad for Mina. You can't blame her for being nervous. It’s perfectly normal." 

"Oh, right, because you were so nervous confessing your feelings to Dahyun." Nayeon responds sarcastically. 

"Who says I wasn't?"

"I'd say Jihyo and Tzuyu considering that they came home to you two doing it right on this sofa."

On the other side of the couch Dahyun slams her face into the table in a vain attempt to hide her embarrassment, sending Momo into a fit of giggles as Sana leaps up to voice her protest.

"For the last time! We were just kissing!"

“Right.” Nayeon deadpans, “it just so happened that Dahyun’s shirt had slipped off.” 

“That was a different time! And who are you to judge? Just the other day Chaeyoung walked in on you two actually having sex in the dressing room on our last press tour!” 

There’s another loud thud on the table courtesy of Dahyun’s forehead that Momo only barely hears over the sound of her own embarrassed groan. 

"Oh come on." Nayeon counters, "that was like the fourth show that day that asked Momo to do a solo dance number. You know I can't resist when I see her shaking that…"

"Can we please talk about something else!" Dahyun whines into the table. 

Nayeon falls back into the couch, cackling at the younger girl’s embarrassment as Sana quickly leans in to press an apologetic kiss to her girlfriend’s cheek. 

"She's right," Momo says, "we should be talking about Jeongyeon and Mina."

At that, Dahyun finally sits back up to allow a soft smile to spread on her lips. "Are they really getting together?"

"Not if the ball's in Jeongyeon's court." Nayeon replies flatly, "that girl is so in her own head, it would be a miracle if she made the first move."

"But I don't know if you can say Minari is better." Sana muses, "she's just so shy."

"Jeongyeon is too."

"Yeah but at least Jeongyeon made the movies happen." Momo says.

"As if that's a good thing."

"It's still a step."

"Yeah, if her goal is to ask Mina out when they're forty."

"Maybe Jeongyeon-unnie just wants to take things slow." Dahyun suggests.

Sana shakes her head. "No… you can see it in their eyes that both of them want something to happen, they're just too scared to do anything about it."

"God," Nayeon huffs, "the amount of times I catch those idiots staring at each other when they think nobody's looking..."

She doesn't have the chance to get much further when the front door opens again, this time revealing Jihyo, Tzuyu, and Chaeyoung.

"Hello!" Sana greets, "how was the movie?"

"Pretty good." Chaeyoung says simply, "but these two cried the whole time."

"You're just heartless!" Tzuyu protests.

Jihyo throws up her arms as well, "I don't understand how you can not cry during a movie like that!"

"Maybe because I had to run out every five minutes to grab tissues for you two."

For a second Tzuyu looks like she's about to argue, but after a brief internal debate, decides instead to turn to the side to give the girl an adorable pout that looks to be taken straight out of an anime.

Momo watches this all unfold with a raised eyebrow as Chaeyoung holds the gaze for a moment, before she inevitably relents, responding with a playful roll of the eyes and wrapping an arm around Tzuyu's waist as she reaches up to press a kiss to the girl's cheek. 

"Well," Jihyo says, quickly averting her eyes from the intimate display, "that's my cue to leave. It's been such a long day and I seriously need a shower."

But she only manages a couple steps towards the main bedroom before Sana jumps up in front of her, arms stretched wide to block the path with a high pitched "No!"

Jihyo raises her eyebrows in confusion, shooting a brief look at the rest of them on the couch. "What? What do you mean no?"

"You… can't go into our room right now." Sana stammers.

"And why not?"

"Jeong and Mina are busy not getting busy." Nayeon answers, not bothering to look up from her food.

"Still?" Jihyo says incredulously, "they were watching movies for like an hour before we even left!"

"I know, I know." Sana replies, "but we have to give them time. You know how they are."

Their leader shoots a pained look over Sana’s shoulder. “But but but… I really want a shower.” 

“You can use our shower unnie.” Tzuyu says.

“But I would still need fresh clothes to change into.” 

“You could borrow some of my clothes.” 

“You’re way too tall for me to fit into anything you own.” Jihyo answers. “And I’m pretty sure anything Dahyun or Chaeyong has would be too small for me.” 

The living room falls into a relative silence as a few resigned nods are exchanged, admitting that Jihyo is probably right and they really don’t know how much longer the seven of them can keep stalling to give Mina and Jeongyeon their alone time. But just as Momo is about to volunteer an alternate solution, Sana’s voice hesitantly pipes up. 

“Well…” the girl says quietly, “I… actually might have some clothes in their room that would probably fit you…” 

Suddenly all eyes are on Sana, except for Dahyun’s who’s already planted her face back onto the table. 

“You… keep clothes in our room?” Chaeyoung asks. 

“It’s not like I store them there!” Sana mumbles shyly, “there just happens to be a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt in there.” 

Momo narrows her eyes in confusion. “What does that even mean? Why are your clothes in their room?” 

“Well… I… left them in there this morning… on… the floor.” 

There’s just the slightest beat of silence before the entire living room erupts. 

“I knew you didn’t wake up early to take a shower!” 

“-in our room??!!” 

“- while I was sleeping in the top bunk!”

“-I’m going to throw up.” 

“-Jihyo can’t wear that !” 

“-that is disgusting...

"-way too clumsy to be trying to sneak back into our room at five in the morning…"

"-I'm asking Jeongyeon-unnie for a crate of Clorox wipes."

"-how did neither of us wake up?"

"-you guys are going to have to start sleeping out in the living room."

"-your hair wasn't even wet!"

"Okay okay!" Jihyo shouts, bringing a hand up to pinch at the bridge of her nose. "Sana… are the clothes… clean?"


Nayeon lets out an incredulous scoff. "How can they be clean?"

"Surely you at least slept in them all night." Tzuyu says.

"They're clean." Sana insists, "I put them on that morning when I woke up…"

"-At like five in the morning?"

"Yes. And then… I took them off... like a few minutes later."

"But why would you leave them in our room?" Chaeyoung asks.

"Because you started waking up!" Sana cries, "and I panicked and ran back to our room but I didn't have time to grab the clothes so Dahyun hid them."

"Okay." Jihyo huffs, putting an early stop to any further outbursts before they start up again, "Dahyun, can I ask you to find the clothes for me so I can go take a shower?"

The girl perks up for the first time since the conversation started, face still flushed bright red as she quickly gets to her feet.

Jihyo lets out another deep sigh before following Dahyun to her room, muttering under her breath about how much Jeongyeon owes her for putting up with all of this.

And with the two of them taking off in search of Sana's discarded clothes, the living room falls into an awkward silence, filled only by the occasional sound of someone slurping up a mouthful of noodles.

"Well." Momo finally says, right as Dahyun decides to take back her spot on the floor next to Sana, "I'm sure Jeongyeon and Mina will appreciate you guys taking a bullet for them like that."

"They better," Sana grumbles, taking a second to shoot an apologetic look at her girlfriend. 

Momo fights back the grin that's threatening to spread on her face. "Because I was going to suggest that Jihyo just borrow some clothes from me and Jeongyeon's room. But your sacrifice was much more meaningful."

There's another empty beat as her words sink in. And Momo makes sure to remember the look of shock on Sana's face, jaw hanging open halfway through a bite of kimbap, before the living room once again erupts, this time with thunderous laughter accompanied by the sound of two heads slamming into the coffee table.