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I Kissed A Girl

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“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Midari cackled, slamming her hands on the desk obnoxiously.

“It’s not as uncommon as you think.” Sayaka’s face turning a bright shade of red as the surrounding students turned their head towards them, trying to discreetly divert the attention to someone else.

“HEY!” Midari shouted. Sayaka sunk into her chair with a groan, not a fan of the attention.

“Who here hasn’t had their fir-” Sayaka slammed her hand over Midari’s mouth, muffling her. Midari’s eyes widened at the aggressive contact, her cheeks flaming. She stuck her tongue out and licked the hand blocking her mouth. Sayaka pulled her hand away in disgust.

“I don’t know why I expected any different,” Sayaka muttered, wiping her hand off on Midari’s sleeve. In the corner of Sayaka’s eye, a flash of white jolted by.

“Well, fuck.”


Ririka Momobami wasn’t immune to the loud chatter and chaotic noise of Hyakkou Academy. In all honesty, she found it amusing. The mask was able to hide her expressions so she could secretly indulge in the surroundings of normal teenagers. The normalcy provided a comfort that even she could not explain. It didn’t help that her sister was the exact opposite of normal. Kirari was the chaotic noise even without making a sound. But one noise stuck out from the others, the deranged screeching of one Midari Ikishima. Instead of ignoring the sound like she probably should, she found herself walking towards the location.


Well, that was strange, Ririka thought. Maybe some sort of unauthorized gamble? Ririka fastened her pace, peering her head around the doorway. Igarashi?.

“Who here hasn’t had their fir-”

Her first what? Her first time? No, that wouldn’t make any sense, of course Sayaka hadn’t had her first time. The girl was the embodiment of anxiety. Their first… Oh. Ririka knew that Hyakkou ran on gossip and had no doubt that word of it would reach Kirari, but how would she react? That, Ririka could not predict.


Sayaka walked down the halls to the Student Council room while anxiously playing with her side ponytail. She didn’t know whether or not Kirari had heard of the rumor but had a feeling she was about to find out. She considered dragging her pace down but couldn’t bear the thought of being late. She had a reputation to uphold, gossip or no gossip. As she approached the entrance of the room, she took a deep breath. Her shoulders rose up and down and she stood up straight, trying to force herself to be ready for what lies beyond the door. She cautiously took a couple of steps in the spacious room. Thankfully it seemed to be only Kirari in there, but it was an odd sight, for the other council members should be at their assigned seats.

“Sayaka,” Kirari greeted with a smile, her eyes glowing with mischief.

“P-President,” Sayaka’s nerves were getting the best of her. She bowed her head slightly. Kirari studied her, trying to figure out what was wrong with her secretary. Something seemed off. Sayaka walked towards her, the usual bounce in her step was missing.

“Come,” Kirari softly spoke, “is something the matter?” She gestured at the chair next to her, offering the seat. Sayaka sat timidly, her eyes avoiding Kirari’s.

“Darling Sa-ya-ka,” Kirari couldn’t help but smirk at the obvious embarrassment on Sayaka. The girl looked so adorable when she was flushed so prettily.

“Please don’t tease, President. I’ve had enough of that today,” the grumpy tone of Sayaka’s voice was hilariously adorable. Kirari looked at her with amusement, Sayaka’s bottom lip was poking out in the cutest pout.

“Oh? Does it have to do with…” Kirari gently touched Sayaka’s lips with the tip of her finger, feeling its soft texture. Sayaka’s cheeks blushed a rosey pink.

“President…” Sayaka tried to move out of Kirari’s hold but she felt hands firmly grasp her waist, keeping her in place. She shivered at the contact. Every emotion seemed to flash in her head, her mind confused of what to make of it. She felt Kirari’s hand begin to gently stroke her hips.

“Hmm?” Kirari whispered, her voice as smooth as silk. "There's nothing to be ashamed of, Sayaka." Kirari's hand cupped Sayaka's cheek, relishing in the warmth radiating from it. The girl sure was beautiful in every emotion but Kirari was fond of when she seemed to fluster so easily in her presence.

“It’s just a kiss,” Sayaka’s brows furrowed as she tried to gain some sort of dignity even though she knew she was at a loss.

Kirari giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. Pushing the stray hairs out of Sayaka’s face she leaned down and pressed her lips to her forehead, holding them there for a quick moment. She could feel Sayaka’s frown lines begin to form in surprise.

“Just,” Kirari kissed the tip of Sayaka’s nose, “a,” Sayaka’s left cheek, “kiss?” and finished her question by kissing the other cheek. At this point Sayaka was at a loss for words. Was she dreaming? Her body began to lightly quiver.

“Kirari…” Sayaka’s voice trailed off, her eyes beginning to glaze. Kirari took hold of her chin and guided her towards her lips. Their lips met in the softest brush of a kiss, if it could even be called that. Kirari’s heart pulsed with affection at the cuteness of it. She pulled back to check if Sayaka was okay. Her eyes were still closed.

“And now you’ve had your first kiss,” Kirari teased playfully, but Sayaka still seemed to be in shock. Her eyes had never opened.

“Saya-” before Kirari could finish her name, Sayaka crushed their lips together with a messy ferocity. Kirari let out a moan, the noise making Sayaka whine with want.

Sayaka was then guided onto Kirari’s lap. Kirari took control of the kiss, sucking on Sayaka’s bottom lip and tugging on it with her teeth drawing a moan. She deepened the kiss with a tilt of her head, tracing Sayaka’s bottom lip with her tongue. Once Sayaka opened her mouth for access, Kirari glided her tongue in and then pulled back, both girls panting heavily.

“Suck on my tongue,” Kirari commanded, her voice was husky with lust. Sayaka’s reaction was nothing but ecstasy as she connected their lips once again. Kirari placed a hand on Sayaka’s neck, squeezing lightly. She dove her tongue into Sayaka’s mouth and Sayaka obediently sucked. Overwhelmed by the sensation, she placed her hands on Sayaka’s ass and squeezed.

“Ah! Fuck!” Sayaka laid her head on Kirari’s neck as she began to grind on her lap, unable to control her urges.

Bang! The door opened with a slam as none other than Midari Ikishima walked in the room. Her jaw dropped as she took in the scene in front of her.

“Holy shit, Sayaka! Can I join?”

Sayaka froze her movements and buried her face into Kirari with embarrassment. Kirari soothingly rubbed her back.

“Leave,” Kirari ordered, her tone filled with ice. There was no room for misjudgment or defiance.

Midari’s head fell back with laughter as she winked at Kirari and ran out of the room cackling like a maniac but they paid her no mind. Both were in a trance, although Kirari would never admit it.

“Should we…?” Sayaka motioned towards the door, her voice barely a whisper. She felt like she was on cloud nine.

“No, and that's an order,” Sayaka’s body shuddered at the response, meeting Kirari who had already been leaning towards her in a kiss.