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sex with a ghost

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Mary couldn't take it anymore. Each bite of her neck, arms crushing her hips, fingers pumping into her. It was all so good. 


A low and seductive voice whispered into her ear, "C'mon Mary~"


She hid her head in her mattress to muffle her cry as she came, "Yumeko-"


The ministrations didn't stop as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body, but the woman on top of her seemed to know when she was completely finished. 


That's how Mary knew it was a dream. 


"Good night," the woman whispered those final words before the weight on her back disappeared, and Mary turned around. Nobody. Nothing but the darkness of the night.


With weak limbs, Mary lied back in bed. She was almost disappointed her dream friend wasn't real. It was some of the best sex she's had. Well, she hasn't had much comparisons.


Flashes of the events that just occurred flew through her mind as her eyes closed. Something was off. 


What was that word she said?




She needed a new alarm. Her phone buzzing in her ear was going to make her go on a sleep-deprived rage one day. Luckily, she was conscious enough not to throw her phone at her wall. As she silenced the alarm and stretched out of bed, she winced. Her inner thighs were tight and made walking to her bathroom feel like her feet were ten feet apart. Her shoulders ached when she opened the shower curtain and pulled the handle. 


This soreness definitely didn't come from an intense workout, so what caused it? 


She stripped down and walked into the shower, relishing in the warm water hitting her skin. It sucked that she couldn't enjoy it much longer. University and all those responsibilities, so she reached for her soap and loofah. As she washed off, her eyes bulged at the red mark on her shoulder. There were slight indents that almost looked like teeth marks. 




Mary froze. Her head darted in different directions. What the actual fuck. It had to be her ears playing tricks on her. The shower rushing must've made her think she heard something. She didn't have time to worry about it anymore. 


After rinsing off, she wrapped a towel around herself and hurried to the sink. When she came up from her cabinets with her toothbrush and paste in hand, she immediately dropped them and screamed.


In the mirror, she saw her. A translucent woman with midnight black hair that fell to her waist stood behind her. As she pressed her body against Mary's back, the lace and wiring of her black corset top tickled her exposed shoulder blades. Mary wasn't staring at the long leg now wrapping around her waist or the way her ample breasts delightfully squeezed together. No. She was staring right into her devilish red eyes, partially covered by even bangs. They bore into her soul finding every temptation and sinful thought. 



"I hope you don't mind," The woman licked her lips. "You don't mind right?"


Mary was so entranced she forgot the question. "M-mind?" Shit. It wasn't like her to be scared. Whatever the woman was, she didn't seem to want to hurt Mary. There's no reason for her to be scared. Right?


Instead of verbally answering, she drew a red fingernail across multiple dark red marks on Mary's neck, shoulder's, and chest making her shiver. She raised an eyebrow and tilted Mary's chin up. 


The words caught in her throat. She couldn't deny this woman, or whatever she was. It was impossible. "No," she squeaked. 


The finger stopped. Her gleaming red eyes drew Mary in a final time before they suddenly smiled. "Good! I was worried you would get mad." Her voice took on a new light and cheerful tone that was a polar opposite of the one she used previously.


With the same hand she used to trace the marks, she now used to pat Mary's damp hair; then completely retracted her limbs and sat on the counter, but all Mary could see was her backside in the mirror.


Mary blinked her eyes. Every time she rubbed them, the woman's hair still slightly brushed against the mirror, but nobody to create the reflection. Words couldn’t explain how confused she was.


"Mary, you don't want to be late for your classes," The woman chastised playfully leaning into her right shoulder. Her black hair fell like water to the side. On her shoulder blades, there were scarrish vertical indents. 


Abruptly, a force pulled Mary's chin forward. In the mirror, Mary could see that the woman caused it. "Maybe, if you aren't late to your first class, I'll let you touch me, and if you're early, I'll definitely let you touch me."


Even if nothing was in front of her, Mary could feel the chill of the woman's breath on her lips. 


"Now say, 'Yes, Yumeko,' and hurry up," She pushed Mary back and almost automatically Mary picked up the dropped items continued her routine. 


"Yes, Yumeko," Mary breathlessly said.


In the mirror, Yumeko's hands clapped.




Once Mary left the bathroom, she was still processing the events that just occurred. Was she still dreaming? Her question was answered when she felt a tickle on her cheek as she was leaving, and a cheery "bye" was heard as she closed her apartment door. 




"Do you believe in ghosts?" Mary decided to ask Tsuzura to hang out after classes.  Mostly because it'd been forever since they just hung out, and partly because she was terrified of what awaited her back home. 


Mary hadn't been early anywhere since her mom stopped driving her. What about today made it so she was 10 minutes early to her first class?


"What brought that about?" Tsuzura giggled as she stirred her tea with a small spoon clinking the edges.


"I remember, when we were younger, you used to be scared of that scary stories book we read for Halloween."


"Ahh, I remember that! Not much has changed I guess. I don't believe in ghosts, unless I see something scary about them like a video or a movie."


"So you've never had a real ghost encounter?"


"Unless you count the time my dog made me think my doll was possessed, I've never encountered a ghost. I'm guessing you have?" 


Mary prepared herself. She could tell Tsuzura anything without worrying if she'll believe her. They basically have known each other their whole lives. Telling Tsuzura about Yumeko shouldn't be this hard, but something warned her to keep quiet. "Well, I don't know what happened."


"Well, I'm there's got to be an explanation. What did you see?" Tsuzura took full interest just as always. Her reassurance instantly calmed Mary.


"Okay, I may sound crazy, but," Mary thought back to last night. "I think I got fucked by a ghost." Mary read the shock on Tsuzura's face right away. "Look, I know that sounds insane. I thought it was just a really weird dream. Until I woke up and she actually talked to me in my mirror, and," Mary fiddled with her thick hoodie, "I have evidence."


Tsuzura's eyebrows furrowed with concentration as she processed what was just said. Curiosity, confusion, but finally concern. "Oh my gosh, Mary. You were visited by a succubus!"


Mary sighed, "Good, so not a ghost."


"Worse, a soul-eating demon."




"They seduce you then slowly drain your soul! You have to get rid of her."  


"Hah, easier said than done, Zura. I didn't even know what a succubus was before you said something," Mary flopped back in her chair. 


"I'll help you, don't worry. I wish I could come tonight, but I promised Yukimi I would help out at the library." Tsuzura grabbed Mary's hand. "Tomorrow, we will sort this out."


Mary smiled. It was just like her to try to help in the craziest of situations, "Thanks, Tsuzura. It means a lot." 


"Of course. I don't want your soul to get eaten by some ghost," Mary could feel her hand shaking.


"You're terrified, aren't you?"


"I'm petrified!" Tsuzura hid her head in her arms on the table while Mary laughed.




Mary talked about how hot and cold Yumeko was and about the wager. Tsuzura advised Mary to lie, so that's what she was going to do. 


Once Mary got to her apartment door, she took a deep breath. Yumeko wasn't going to kill her right away. If she could persuade Yumeko to find another soul to eat, she could solve the issue. 


The only obstacle in her way: did she want Yumeko to leave her yet?


Cautiously, Mary walked through the door, locking it behind her. The lack of light made her nervous. "Yu-ugh~"


Suddenly, Mary was pinned against the door. With her hands beside her head, she didn't have to question who's lips were attacking hers. Before Mary could comprehend it, she was getting sucked into Yumeko's vortex. 


Mary lifted her torso to be closer to Yumeko. She shivered as the succubus licked her lips. Giggling she pulled away leaving Mary longing for more, "You were so good being early to class. I'll give you your reward."


The wall which Mary assumed where the invisible succubus would be started to form her gorgeous features. Crimson eyes pierced through Mary's distracting her from the task at hand. Now she was at a crossroads: talk to Yumeko or take her reward. Basically, get her soul eaten now or later. 


As she placed a knee in between Mary's legs the second option started to look  more appealing. "It's okay, you know. I offered. Why not let your desires take over, Mary?"


Tsuzura would be devastated if Mary got her soul eaten. "How do you know my name?" Yumeko's head backed up. "Can I at least ask a few questions before we start?" Mary asserted confidence in her voice. If Yumeko knew she was scared, then she wouldn't hesitate to dominate her.


Her skin crawled as the succubus dropped the blonde's left hand to squeeze her chin and raise it to be eye level with her. Mary held eye contact even with all her instincts screaming at her to look away. "Fine," Yumeko mumbled. 


Miserably, Yumeko removed herself from Mary and walked to her bedroom, hips unintentionally swaying. For a few seconds, she stood there dumbfounded and appreciating the succubus’s legs.


"Hurry up," she shouted impatiently as she walked through the door. Mary soon chased after her.


When she walked into the room, only her desk lamp lit the room like a spotlight on the succubus lying on her side. A lazy arm was tossed on the divet of her waist and top leg crossed in front of the other. After she was far enough, the door slammed behind her making her jump. "Don't do that," Mary's patience was starting to run thin. She wasn't in the mood to live in fear again. "And put on some clothes."


Yumeko smirked, "Am I distracting you?"


"It's your job, of course you are," Mary tossed her blanket over Yumeko's torso as she plopped on her bed. 


"My job?" Yumeko sat up to wrap the gray covering over her shoulder and snuggled into the warmth. 


"As a succubus-"


Yumeko's hair flaired as her eyes flashed red, "How did you know?"


Mary stiffened at the outburst, "I, um, did my research. Anyways, I j-just want to know why you're here."


Yumeko seemed to cool down with a hint of annoyance left, "Well, you summoned me, silly. You didn't repost that picture."




"The picture you found on Instagram. That was me!" Yumeko seemed to take pride in it. 


Mary scanned her mind and found the image in her memory. Someone had posted a "Repost or she will be in your closet at 3 am!" picture and like the intelligent person Mary was, she skipped by it. Now she wanted to bang her head on a wall then throw her phone out of the window for not clicking the repost button just that once. "You're telling me a ghost colored red marker on everyone who didn't repost?"


"No, I was the only serpent sent out that night," Yumeko said like Mary was supposed to instantly understand what she was saying. 




"Only humans call us succubi. True demons call all Jabami's serpents. I'm Jabami Yumeko, queen on the serpents."


"Fuck my luck, you're a queen."


"Don't sound too excited. I bet my name on a gamble and lost, so I also lost my wings. That's the only reason I'm seducing again."


"What, you have to eat a certain number of souls and you'll be queen again-" Yumeko pounced onto Mary knocking her on her back. 


"Ignorant human. That's not why we seduce. You're king got pissy when he learned serpents don't completely submit to idiots and ruined our reputation. We only eat the souls of humans who deserve it." Mary's eyes flinched close, and she tried to fold into herself. "Pfft- ahahah!" Yumeko flopped off of Mary and laughed into her hand. "You should've seen the look on your face!"


Mary snapped as she sat back up, “You lied?!"


"No, we don't expect that much from humans!" Yumeko chuckled. "But we don’t seduce for revenge or anything like that. It's just like you to expect the worse from what you can't understand," Yumeko cupped Mary's cheek. "Humans are so repressed. When was the last time you truly did what you wanted? Indulged in your cravings? Lived a little?"


As much as Mary wanted to deny, Yumeko was right. It'd been years since Mary truly did what she wanted. All she seemed to do now was go through the motions and make decisions she had too not wanted.


"That's why I chose you as my first subject. You have so many hidden passions, and I want to help you. Your profile also said I'm exactly the type of woman you would want. A match made in Hell!"


Mary wasn't sure how much of Yumeko's story was true. Something about the fire behind her words made her seem completely trustworthy. She was right about one thing. Everything about Yumeko was appealing to Mary, even the unpredictable mood swings. "So there's no incentive for choosing me? You just chose me because I seem interesting?" 


"Right," Yumeko leaned into the blonde. "You have a lot of hidden demons I'd love to unleash. Will you let me?"


One more time wouldn't hurt, right? Yumeko hadn't eaten her soul yet. She even claimed not wanting to eat her soul. Maybe it would be easier to ask her to leave if she gained Yumeko's trust. 


Yeah, that's why she caught the serpent's lips with her own, to gain trust.


But as she was pushed into Yumeko's lap, she couldn't help but think of how good a decision it was. Her hands got lost in the silky hair of the succubus. The latter pressed her body into Mary's while digging her nails into her thighs and caught the hiss in her mouth. 


Swiftly, Mary pushed Yumeko onto her back, staying connected during the fall. "I thought I got to touch you tonight?" Mary raised a sly brow as she pulled away from Yumeko. 


"That's your reward," Yumeko cupped the blonde's cheeks, then whispered, "Take it."


As her hands lightly ran across Yumeko's neck, raising goosebumps in their wake, she wondered if external forces made sure traffic was clear that morning. Yumeko's top disappearing brought her mind back quickly. More like froze it. 


"Your prize. Don't get scared now," The succubus teased. 


Trying to let go of her inhibitions, Mary lightly traced Yumeko's round breasts; the succubus shuddered and arched into the light touches. As the mortal started to massage the breasts deeper, she began to become intoxicated by the pleasured reactions. She experimented with small circles on her nipples, making the demon below tilt her head back with a sigh. 


Confidence surged through her veins, and she kissed Yumeko's neck. Her fingertips defined the succubus's curves down her body. 


"Mary," she breathed through parted lips. 


The girl in question ran her tongue over Yumeko's cleavage before replacing her right thumb on her nipple. That with the fingers now tracing her black lace panties made the succubus whine, "Come on, now."


Yumeko must've learned how to make people do what she wanted through encouragement manipulation. She obviously had the experience as she coaxed the mortal into her bottoms and rubbing gentle circles on to her clit. Mary was completely dead set on giving her serpent anything she wanted. 


Yumeko grasped onto the blonde's back under her sweatshirt moaning into the crook of her neck. Mary gradually made the circles faster depending on the succubus's pants and groans. 


Once Yumeko was at her peak, Mary added fingers to rub her labia, bringing about her crashing orgasm. The fingernails in her back sank deeper into her skin. Once the succubus stopped shaking, Mary removed her hand and mouth from her breasts. Her eyes were blazing red staring at Mary, "Did I help?"


She wasn't sure what she was expecting the demon to say, but it wasn't that. Now that she thought of it, this was her job. She's probably had sex ten times better, but Mary couldn't find it in herself to care as Yumeko played with a few pieces of her blonde fringe. "I don't know what you did, but yes, it helped."


She genuinely smiled, "I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had fun. I was scared I would have to use magic to loosen you up."


Mary's eyebrows furrowed, "You didn't?"


"Of course not, I always ask first. That was all you~" Mary took a moment to reevaluate those past moments. "It's called lust, darling. I stirred it in you, and you acted on it. I'm glad you did. I had fun, hehe."


That laugh. Devilish yet innocent. The same laugh she heard that morning, but it meant a lot more than just hoping it's the sound of the shower, but her curiosity was still present. 


There was still a lot she wanted to know about the demon behind that laugh. Question one, what's next?


"I'm sure you have a lot of humans to seduce before you become queen again," Mary fell onto her side.


"I'd already be done if I hadn't procrastinated coming back out here. The twin devils were threatening to sell my wings, so I had to start," Yumeko rolled to face Mary as she rabbled on. 


"Twin devils?"


Yumeko cocked her head, "Do humans not know Kirari and Ririka?"


"They have names?" Mary was awestruck to the truth. 


"One person can't rule the entire underworld," Yumeko laughed liked it was common knowledge. "How much do humans know about the underworld?"


"I didn't know serpents existed until now."


"Good thing I'll have plenty of time to tell you before I get called again!" She grabbed the blonde's hands enthusiastically. 


"How much time?" Now, Mary wasn't opposed to having the succubus around, but she also didn't want to be scared straight every five seconds. What did having a succubus around even mean?


"It all depends on who's name is going to post an invitation next. If I like them I'll be on my way, but I think I'd like to get to know you better first." Yumeko poked Mary's now pink cheek.


"Whatever, Yumeko," she mumbled.


"Mmm, I like it when you say my name," she leaned into the mortal's ear. "Almost as much as that first time."